SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Dean Sikes. And Dean realizes to accomplish everything he’s supposed to he needs an airplane. He specifically petitions for a specific airplane based on the promises of God. And how many months later did you get your exact airplane?

DEAN: Ten months.

SID: Now after you got that exact airplane I imagine you were not a happy camper in, what was that, 2006, in October, you’re flying along and what happens?

DEAN: I had just ministered in Pennsylvania. I was heading to Kentucky to do an event, and as I was flying, I was in the back of the airplane. It was about 9:30 at night, just the pilot up front, me in the back. I was not bothering anybody and we heard a noise, and the plane kind of stuttered in flight. A very uncomfortable moment for me.

SID: I’m sure.

DEAN: Within seconds we realized the right engine, we had just experienced catastrophic engine failure. The right engine quit.

SID: So what do you do in an emergency situation like that? You can’t be prepared.

DEAN: Well you can only be prepared to the point of the Word of God inside of you. I had been confessing for months prior to this what the Word of God said about my safety.

SID: Okay.

DEAN: And so I immediately realized we were in serious danger. We were three miles up. We had one engine, unfamiliar territory, surrounded by mountains, and we’re gonna get one shot at our landing. And I began to literally just pray that the promises of God that I had been believing God would literally keep us alive that night. I stood on the Word. I learned a great lesson. When you enter into an unexpected moment and you need a miracle that’s not the time to start planting seeds. That’s the time to start calling in harvest. Everything in God’s kingdom will see time and harvest. And when you go through something like this you realize that the Word really works. Your faith is really tested and you see, you measure where you really are in life. We landed safely after that night, got off the airplane, called my wife, called a few other people. Ten days later coming out of Chicago I had leased an airplane. On take-off we lost the left engine at 6000 feet.

SID: Let me get this straight. Ten days previous you lose the right engine.

DEAN: In one airport.

SID: And you should have died. Ten days later you lose the left engine. You must have an engine demon. It must have been–

DEAN: One of the lessons I learned there is when you go through something you’d better know the origin of what you’re experiencing.

SID: Okay. Ten days later the engine goes out again. What was your first thought, oh no?

DEAN: The pilot and I looked at each other and it was like someone had turned marbles into the engine and were crunching into the engine. And as we’re flying along the airplane is now dropping altitude. The pilot’s giving it all the power it has left. The airplane’s trying to turn over because the left engine is a critical engine. There’s fog all over the area. We were in Chicago in October, so you know what that’s like. Well as I’m in the back of the airplane praying, the Holy Spirit says to me, “Gary, Indiana” very directly, very firmly. I didn’t blink an eye. I told our pilot, I said, “Find out where Gary, Indiana is.” We were about eight minutes away.

SID: Did you have any idea you were so close?

DEAN: I had no idea. But God does. He always knows where you are.

SID: Okay, you’re told where to land. You probably have that same problem again, one chance or you’re done.

DEAN: Yes. And we’re coming in, and it’s as if, the best way I can explain this is, is it’s as if God kind of leaned out over Heaven and blew a breath of air, and suddenly there was no fog, and the runway is right in front of us, and there’s no problem there. The pilot drops the landing gear, we’re coming in, it’s a little more nervous this time. But interestingly, my cell phone rings at this altitude, and it’s from my best friend that I said, “It’s happened again. Pray.” And I hung up on him. And we landed the airplane, and I got off the airplane. And you know what I did?

SID: What.

DEAN: I cried.

SID: I can understand.

DEAN: I did. And I said, “You know what God? I can’t do this any more.” And maybe right now you are feeling like you can’t do this any more. But I’m here to tell you that God will never leave you or forsake you. And He met me right where I was in that airplane, standing on that tarmac, and I can see myself right now, and His love just enveloped me. He said, “It’s okay. I got you covered.”

SID: Today, you fly all over the place. Have you seen God protect you again?

DEAN: Oh yes.

SID: Tell me something that you might see as far as angelic protection.

DEAN: You know what’s interesting about that one? We could be flying along, especially on a beautiful day, and I can literally look out my right window and I can see a reflection of our airplane in the sky when the son hits it a certain way, and there is a circle of light that we are flying inside of. I’m fully convinced it’s the glory of God and He’s protecting us. I’ve seen Him on radar on our airplane. I’ve seen Him move clouds out of our way, thunder storms out of our way just to let us scoot behind them and keep going instead of going through them.

SID: I want you to encourage someone there is a destiny on their life.

DEAN: Absolutely. There is. Let me just share with you the truth that God has never made a mistake and He’s not gonna start with you. God has a purpose for your life. He’s got a plan for your life. No matter where you are on this planet, God is for you. And if He can be for you, who can be against you? Who cares who’s against you? Irrespective of what you’re doing in your world, irrespective of where you are, no matter what you’ve gone through at this point, to this point just don’t give up. God’s got a plan for your life.

SID: And in these last few minutes, I’m going to draw on your prophetic gift. What are you seeing for either me or someone that’s watching right now?

DEAN: For you right now I see angels all around you. I see the hand of God directing your steps. I see promotion that comes from the north. I see people literally lining up wanting desperately to get into your life for access. But God by His spirit will give you great wisdom on who gets in and doesn’t get in. God by His spirit will lead you into and out of relationships that were designed to take you to the place, the ultimate fulfillment of the calling on your life. There are multiple years ahead of you. I’ve told you privately, the anointing on Hezekiah’s life, the 15 years is there on your life. God has given it to you. For someone watching right now, I’m telling you, for those, that person right now, and you’re in a foreign country. You’re not in the United States, and you’re wondering does God even exist where you are, I’m telling you in the next 73 hours, between right now when you’re watching this before 73 hours in this time span, God by His spirit is going to show up in your life in such a dramatic way that you’ll know that He’s real and you’ll never question the reality of God again.

SID: There’s such a peace that’s here right now. Do you feel that?

DEAN: Oh yeah.

SID: Do you feel that peace? It’s settling in. I believe it’s settling in, in your home. I believe that God is healing people right now, Dean.

DEAN: Yes.

SID: I believe that pains of all kinds are being taken away from you right now. And what I have found I don’t quite understand it, but when a word is spoken as it is right now, if you’ll do something like if you have pain in your fingers, move your fingers. If you have pain in your neck, move your head. If you have pain in your back, it’s very strong on backs right now, just bend over. Pain in your hip, do the hip-hop. I can’t believe I said that. [laugh] What else do you see, Dean?

DEAN: You know what? The other thing I see is I see a teenager right now who just happened, you think, to come across this channel. You didn’t just happen to. Maybe you’re on the Internet right now, wherever you are. And God, just like He spoke to me audibly when I was 21 years old, He’s gonna speak to you audibly. Don’t ignore it. ‘Cause when God speaks it’s undeniable. But He’s gonna give you, and it’s a young lady, by the way and you’re 17 years old, He’s gonna give you a very specific seemingly simple instruction. The most important thing you’ll ever do is hear God. The second most important thing you’ll ever do is obey what you just heard.

SID: And even more important than that is you can’t begin to really do what God has for you, accomplish your destiny unless you know God. The issue isn’t to say a little prayer. The issue is to know Him. This is eternal life that you might know Him. You start by saying a prayer. You start by telling God you’re sorry for your sins. That’s the doorway in. But there is so much more the eye has not seen and the ear has not heard all that God has in store for you. This is your moment. Choose life. He has a name, Yeshua in Hebrew, Jesus in English. Tell God you’re sorry. Believe the blood of Yeshua washes away your sins. Make him your Lord now.

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