SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Mel Bond. Mel, tell me about this woman in Switzerland that you prayed with your whole heart for.


MEL: Okay. She’s basically right around 33, 34 years of age, born without hearing or speech. Never heard an ounce in her life. And I just simply prayed with her whole heart and God opened up her hearing immediately and she started speaking. And I think you have a video of that.


SID: Let’s take a look now.


MEL: Okay.

[begin video]

MEL: Now we command healing and recreation in her ears to take place.

Female: [foreign language]

MEL: There it is. God anointing right there.

Female: [foreign language]

MEL: She heard nothing before.

SID: Now that was deaf, not being able to speak. Tell me about the girl in Mexico that was blind in one eye.


MEL: Okay. This happened up in the mountains in Mexico. And a friend of mine, Pastor George Corello, he set it up, a meeting way up in the mountains. And there was a little girl, probably maybe 10 or 11 years of age, and she was blind in one eye. And not only blind, but her face was deformed. The eye socket and the eyeball that was there was down probably at least maybe an inch lower than the other eye. And so her face was just twisted. But you know what? God gives glory when people are blessed and when the miraculous comes on the seen that no other God, no other entity, no other power can do. And God not only opened her eye where she had perfect vision, but her face, I watched her face be rearranged and be recreated by the power of God.


SID: Now you teach people how to pray with their whole heart.


MEL: Absolutely.


SID: But tell me about that medical doctor you taught that then prayed for a patient.


MEL: I’d like to say I taught him. He just bought the book.


SID: Okay.


MEL: He bought the book and he said he read it, and he said, “I want to try it.” And so he’s a heart surgeon from Kansas. And he bought the book. And so a guy comes in and he told him, he says, “Now I can do one of the two things.” He says, “I get paid for doing surgery,” and back in those years he says, “it’s gonna cost you about $45,000.” He says, “Or I can pray for you and God’s power will heal you and that’s free, and no surgery, no scars, no bills.” And so the guy says, “I’ll take the free one.” And so he prayed for him. And he came to our church, showed the X-rays in front of our whole congregation and told the story. The man was miraculously healed, got a brand new heart and didn’t need the surgery.


SID: Well you know, I meet many people that pray for the sick with their whole heart and many people get healed. However, I find in their own lives they have a lot of problems and they pray, and they don’t get healed. Tell me about your sphincter muscle. It literally wasn’t working.


MEL: Absolutely. I went to the doctor. I’m a human like everybody else. The devil attacks me, probably you and I more than most people because of being a great target for the devil, and being a blessing to God’s people. So the devil doesn’t like that. And so many things have happened like this in my life and my wife. But to this day, I’m 59 years of age. I haven’t taken any medicine in over 10 years. You don’t need it. If I need it I’ll take it. If I need a doctor–But anyway, I had this problem where the sphincter muscle was causing a lot of problems, a lot of acid coming into my mouth. And literally it was like having a heart attack. I would fall on the floor. So finally, I was believing God. I thought, man, I need to find out what this is. I went to the doctor and he says, “Well this thing is just dead. It doesn’t work. There’s nothing that can be done.” He says, “You’re gonna have to take this medicine the rest of your life.” And I thought that’s his opinion, but I’ll check with another doctor. His name is Jesus. And so I did.


SID: How did he like that?


MEL: Well I didn’t tell him that. That’s what I said.


SID: I can picture they way a doctor would react. Go ahead.


MEL: But anyway, so I started taking the medicine and things got better. And then I says, okay, now it’s time. After a certain period of time, a small amount of time, I says, I’m gonna trust God. And so I just took the medicine and I’d skip a day. Then I’d skip a day in the middle of the week until finally I wasn’t taking any. After about a month or two I wasn’t taking anything at all. And now it’s been over probably at least 10 years, at least. And I don’t need it. If I need it I go take it.


SID: Did the doctor say you’d have to take the medicine forever?


MEL: Forever. Well as long as I live.


SID: How about members of you family? What about your wife?


MEL: My wife, the doctors told her that’s she’s gonna take thyroid medicine the rest of her life. And so she took the medicine and she did the same thing. And then it was about a year or two that she wasn’t taking it, and she went back to the doctor, and the doctor says, “You know that medicine I’m giving you is working. I’ve never seen it work so good.” He says, “Your thyroid is just working excellent. Everything is excellent.” And he says, “What kind of medicine did I put you on?” She says, “I haven’t taken any in two years.” And she told him the story, “I trust in God.”


SID: Now you have learned how to pray with your whole heart.


MEL: Absolutely.


SID: I believe that you could pray for people right now with your whole heart and whatever is the matter with them God will start performing miracles.


MEL: Amen.


SID: Would you pray?


MEL: Amen. In fact, the spirit of God spoke to me just a little bit earlier and told me this is how He wants me to pray. I’ve never prayed this way before. I always pray with my eyes closed. But God told me that He wants to use my eyes and the anointing of God is gonna go out of my eyes. And there’s so many people watching this program that we would spend hours trying to name all the different situations. So it doesn’t make any difference what your problem is. If it’s mental, physical, spiritual, if it’s financial, that God hears and God cares, and God hurts when you hurt. And when I pray the anointing of God is going to out of my eyes. So look in my eyes. The anointing of God is going to go into your life and the situation is gonna be changed. You’re gonna literally feel the anointing of God, the love of God, the power of God. In Jesus’ name I take authority over all sicknesses, all diseases, all problems, all problems in Jesus’ name. And in Jesus’ name I command you to surrender, yield, relax to God’s love, to His miracle working power. If you’ll receive it right now, if you’ll receive it now start doing something you couldn’t do before and you’ll know that God loves you and has great things for you. God is gonna be glorified and you’re gonna be blessed.


SID: Now one thing I find interesting is when you pray for people you tell them to relax. Now sometimes when I lay hands on people and pray for them, they’re pray. And I tell them, “Stop praying. You can’t receive and transmit at that time.”


MEL: That’s right. Absolutely. James says in James, Chapter 1, that it says, “A double-minded person is unstable in all their ways.” You can’t turn a light off and turn it on at the same time. So there’s a time to worship God, a time to praise Him. But there’s a time to receive and a time to receive is to be single-minded. That’s one of the things Jesus taught me. When you pray with your whole heart that’s being single-minded, and when you’re single-minded then you can receive. Then after you receive, then it’s time to worship and praise God.


SID: And praying with your whole heart is not just for physical. It’s for every area of your life. You have people in your congregation that pray from the whole heart and they get jobs. They get cars. In other words, praying with your whole heart is the key to having access to Heaven.


MEL: Absolutely.


SID: And you know what else? There is something greater than a blob in your eye being transformed into an eyeball instantaneously, as you heard about in Nicaragua. You know what’s greater than that? When you experience the love of God for yourself.


MEL: Amen.


SID: What is greater than that is when God the Creator of the universe lives inside of you. And if you know God before you die, for sure you’ll know God after you die. But if you don’t know God before you die, for sure you won’t know God after you die. The only way to know God is through the God man, the Messiah, Yeshua, Jesus, who came and died for your sins. If you believe his blood washed away your sins tell him that and thank him that you’re clean, and ask him to come and live inside of you and become real. Experience his love. Don’t wait another second. This is your moment. You don’t know when your end will come. Right now is your moment. With your whole heart to the best of your ability tell Jesus, “I make you my Lord right now.”

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