TVBackground_Ayres_SHOW375SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Desiree Ayres, and it’s just unbelievable what’s going on in the world in reference to fat, and why you end up, people watch TV and they want to be thin like everyone else, they want to conform to everyone else, and Desiree Ayres, you were no different than anyone else except you were on the screen, you were one of the top stuntwomen in Hollywood, and you finally, through purging yourself, you’re bulimic, I mean really life threatening things, you got thin and you became a top Hollywood stuntwoman, your social life wasn’t so terrific, you had an alcoholic boyfriend that was abusive.

DESIREE: Yes, I was being beat up at the time, and I really hit an all time low, I think when women get themselves in abusive situations they are so embarrassed about it, I didn’t want my family to know because I know they think how did she get herself into this, and he threatened if I left he would kill himself, and I didn’t want his death on my hands, and so I stayed until the abuse got so bad I thought it’s okay if he kills himself, and so I thought I’m going to get out of here, but then he threatened to kill me, and I wanted to live so I stayed, but the abuse got so bad that I did not care if I lived or died. And that’s when I made that escape for my life, and I spent six months of my life living at one friends house to another to another to an apartment to a hotel, trying to escape this, and I was also into bulimia, anorexia, starving myself, not eating for ten days at a time.

SID: Ten days at a time?

 DESIREE: I’d go ten days without eating, and

 SID: How did you have the energy to be a stuntwoman?

 DESIREE: Well, I would check myself into fasting farms and I would just stay there and fast, and I would pretend like

SID: You went to acting school; I want you to tell me about that.

DESIREE: Well this was a big change, when I went to acting school I met this guy and just became crazy about him

SID: Now this guy is right here, Mel,

 DESIREE: This is my Mel Ayres.

 SID: This is the one you became crazy about; did you know she was crazy about you or just crazy?

MEL: No, I had no idea, I was just kind of, you know, trying to take acting classes and I had a really powerful experience with God so I was just trying to keep my focus on what I was doing, and Desiree was walking around as a little beach bunny in the class and trying to get my attention and I was

SID: Were you really trying to get his attention?

 DESIREE: Oh absolutely.

 SID: Why?

 DESIREE: Well, I wanted to marry him.

SID: You didn’t even know him 

DESIREE: I know, but I called my mom and said I met the guy I’m going to marry, this is it, he’s the one, I was just crazy about him, I, I just wanted to marry him, I would

SID: So was he interested at all? 

DESIREE: No, no. 

SID: How were you dressing back then?

 DESIREE: I was dressing leopard skins, low cut, high cut, trying to be all, you know, trying to get him to look at me and

SID: Did you know she was trying to get you to look?

MEL: Desiree, there was more cotton in the top of an aspirin bottle that what she had on her figure, so we would just go, oh here she comes again, and I would just try to keep my focus on what I was doing, you know, I just, God had made a difference in my life and so, Desiree is a wonderful person, she had a bad self-image at the time, but on the outside she was sweet and wonderful and kind, she had all those great qualities, she just didn’t see herself like that.

SID: Okay Desiree, you know, somehow you know that you are going to marry this man, he doesn’t know it, in fact he is not showing any interest in you whatsoever,

DESIREE: Not at all.

 SID: And one day your cousin invites you to go to church, you are not even a church type person, why did you go?

DESIREE: No, no, well I said, immediately when he said church I thought of Mel, and Mel carried a Bible, so I just thought of him, so I said what kind of church is it? He said Christian; I thought okay that’s good. And I said well where is the church located? And I thought if he says Westwood, that’s where Mel lived, I knew everything about him I was a stalker basically, so I thought if he says Westwood, I’m going. He said Westwood, I said I’d love to go to church with you Sunday, but I had never been in what’s called a Spirit-filled church, where the presence of God is, I’d been to everything, I mean I’d been to Catholic churches, I went to Temple Friday night, I’d been to all these different places, but what I walked in to was the literal presence of God, and during their worship I’m crying, I don’t know why I’m crying, and then all of a sudden I see on the front row, I see Mel there and his hands are up in the air like this, and I’m thinking why are his hands up in the air? I remember I just kept thinking why are they up in the air?

SID: Of course you wouldn’t know from a Jewish background, we know King David said lift holy hands to God, but it looked kind of weird to you?

DESIREE: Well I thought he must be a monk; he must be somebody very spiritual you know, who is this guy that I have fallen in love with? But then afterwards we ended up talking, and I think it was just our second date was to Crenshaw Christian Church with Dr. Fred Price, and from there, couple weeks later we were in a car off to Vegas and got married.

SID: That fast, Mel?

MEL: Yeah, we don’t tell people to do it that way,

 DESIREE: We don’t recommend that but

 SID: Okay, so you are off on your Honeymoon, and what was going on with this purging yourself, and weight control,

DESIREE: Well, I kept it hidden from him until about three months into the marriage, I think that’s one thing when you have the Holy Spirit, there was like conviction that started to happen, and I felt like, and I think this is the first step to be free of any type of addictive behavior, the first step is you tell someone, and I think this was a big part of

my recovery process, because I told Mel, I said, I was throwing up my food that night, he came home, I was crying, I said this is what’s going on, and he said, Desiree, we’re going to pray, and

SID: Wait a second Mel, I mean she was holding this back from you, you barely knew here, you’re married, why are you being such a nice guy?

MEL: I, you know she said I’m anorexic and bulimic, and I’d never heard that before, I didn’t know what it was, so I wasn’t, I thought, I don’t even know what that is, but whatever it is let’s just pray, God will answer prayer. and so I led her in a prayer, and she didn’t know how to pray, I told her to pray and she didn’t know how to pray, so I said okay I’m going to pray and you just, you just agree with me, you say amen and I agree at the end of the prayer. And so I prayed and just asked God to go into those places in her soul that needs healing and restoration, you know, everybody is broken inside, they have a hunger for God, and he did that, you know it didn’t happen overnight, but God started to move in her life by His Spirit.

SID: You know, I want to understand exactly what Desiree did because there are many of you that are having problems with addictions of all kinds, and there is, not some, the next diet coming down the road, there really is a God and He really does love you, He really does have a purpose for your life, and He wants to help you, it’s that simple, we’ll be back right after this word.

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