SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with John Fenn. And John is a proven prophet. He’s prophesied many things, mostly personal things, but some on a national level. Tell me something on a national level you prophesied.

JOHN: Well in October, before the Iraq war started, I was in one of our house churches in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, a suburb of Tulsa, sitting there on a sofa in the middle of worship, and suddenly Jesus was standing there right in front of me. And he said, “Come with me.” And immediately I was out and up, and standing, I mean this happened, standing in the middle of an Iraqi city. I was looking over the shoulder of what was clearly a U.S. soldier, handing a track to a woman in a burka, a black burka. And I said, “Lord, what am I seeing?” And he said, “The U.S. military in Baghdad.” And I said, “Well how long will it take?” He said, “About three weeks.” And this was in October. Of course what happened was it was all over the news, the lightening fast attack lasted almost exactly three weeks. And so I was able to–

SID: So you knew this ahead of time.

JOHN: I knew that ahead of time. Several different things. Before the Challenger blew up, the day Ronald Reagan got shot, Pope John Paul. All different things.

SID: John, the Lord has told you that we won’t even recognize the United States in the next few years. Tell me exactly what He said.

JOHN: Sure. Driving down the road now I was just contemplating the changes between 1995 and 2005 when He spoke to me. So 2005, I’m driving down the road thinking about President Clinton’s presidency, Monica Lewinsky, all the different things that happened, and then 9/11. And here we are, the war in Iraq. And I said, “Father, I don’t even recognize the country for now, you know, over the past 10 years.” And He said this, He just interrupted my thought, and He immediately said, “Truly I tell you, you don’t think you recognize the country now. I’m telling you the truth when I say you won’t recognize it again in another 10 years.”

SID: And I’m sure that that’s true, unfortunately. John, tell me some of the things that the Lord has shown you about that will happen in the future. And did He give you any idea of timing?

JOHN: There is, before the election last Fall, He talked about the new president. And He said there will be a lot of policies put in place. And He said there was going to be a series of two hurricanes and then three earthquakes that are going to come against this country. He said, “First, the president’s policies will all be in place before any of that happens.” And that was, so what I’ve been doing is watching the progress as things happen, because it’s not gonna happen right now. We have some time. But when things are all set in place you’re going to see a couple of big storms and you’re going to see earthquakes, and two of them are not going to be in an area that you would normally associate with earthquakes.

SID: Now why is God telling you and others, I might add, about these house churches? In China, how many house churches are starting every month?

JOHN: Well, you know, nobody really knows. But we do know that I heard a Chinese house church leader say that there are a million Chinese coming to the Lord every single month. Now if you add that up, that’s, you know, a million a month more. That’s why they’re saying that the church in China is somewhere between 120 million and 200 million Chinese Christians. I heard one of the most fascinating things is they had read in the New Testament how China is undoubtedly one of the five kings of peace that will invade Israel at the End Times. And they said, “We want to take Jesus to Jerusalem.” And so they actually are spilling over their western borders into Kazakhstan and some of the other “Stans” and their idea is one house at a time to go across the southern belly of Asia to take Jesus into Jerusalem. It’s amazing. There’s so much happening. India, it’s exploding house churches.

SID: What is going on, according to your research, with people that are dead coming back to life? I mean, these are Biblical things that happened in the Bible. They happened in the first congregation of Jewish believers. Are you seeing this happen today?

JOHN: I’m seeing that there are reports are all over the place. In fact, a good friend, Jim Rutz, who wrote “Megashifts” has actually documented people being raised from the dead, and I believe it’s at least 70 countries. It’s either 57 or 70. It’s hard to track. Many of them, well what it is, it’s not church leaders that are raising these people from the dead. It is people who just realized Christ is in them and the name of Jesus is the most powerful name in the universe.

SID: Tell me about that one woman that has raised a number of people from the dead.

JOHN: Well for instance, in India, there’s the Dalit is the lowest, the untouchables, a woman who’s a street sweeper. And what happened in her neighborhood, in her church was a five-year-old boy got electrocuted. And the parents took him to the hospital where they worked on him for a couple of hours, and finally pronounced him dead. And they said, just take him home and bury him. The parents refused. They came to the end of the natural. They did what they could do in the natural. They brought him home. They called the church. And this little lady, what happened is they began praying at 10 p.m. At four a.m. this little boy woke up, completely healed, completely normal. He just has a little bit of a scar behind his left ear where the electrical line electrocuted him. And a friend of mine asked her, “How many of these resurrections, these raise from the dead have you been involved with?” She said, I believe it was 16, if I have my number right. So here’s this little street sweeper in India had no idea that it’s “a big deal”. To her it’s normal Christianity.

SID: Now what is the Lord’s desire to be happening in these house congregations?

JOHN: That the Book of Acts is normal. That there are supernatural relationships, supernatural moving of the Spirit. The gifts of the Spirit are not only the charismatic gifts. The gifts include people helping each other out, gifts of hospitality and mercy, people with mechanical experience.

SID: So everyone is a participant.

JOHN: Everyone participates.

SID: Everyone shares in the love, in the relationship.

JOHN: It’s dynamic. It’s dynamic. And the children are all part of it. Unlike the traditional church you send your kids away and some stranger teaches them about Jesus, the children are all included. So we become a community, a family of extended aunts and uncles, and grandparents, and handing the babies to one another, or the toddlers, you know, going around to one another. It’s rich in every area. And so there’s a flow of healing. There’s a flow of love when it’s done in the way that Paul practiced it.

SID: I have to ask you. Does God want to heal anyone right now?

JOHN: There’s healing especially in the area of hurts and emotions right now that’s going on. In fact, some of you out there are recognizing that you’ve been part of a system that you haven’t ever felt a part of, that you have felt wounded. You’ve been wounded and damaged, and just feel all alone, yet you’re surrounded by people. I’m really getting a word for loneliness right now. Loneliness and sorrow, and just feeling detached. And what the Lord is letting you know is there’s hope. There are believers out there. The traditional church reaches less than 20 percent of the population of any given town. One man who did some research said Houston, Texas, only 11 percent is reached by the traditional church. You may be part of that other 80 percent who are no longer going to church, yet you won’t desire to be the church, to link up with others. So I want to pray for you right now. Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask that you bring people across their paths, that right now there’s a healing anointing, and this is like a soothing oil. In fact in the Spirit I see oil going over the minds of so many different people, and that’s extending also into the physical realm, into the neck and into the shoulders, and into the upper back. And there’s a healing that’s going forth right now, emotionally, to realize that the Lord did not do this to you and you’ve been confused. But right now the Lord is letting you know that there is a place. It’s relationship based faith. It’s relationship based Christianity, and there’s just a healing anointing right there. So as you feel that warmth, as you feel that, let that warmth and let His presence–

SID: I’m feeling it right now. What does that mean? It’s just healing me?

JOHN: No. It’s just the general anointing. It just happens so often. You know, when I minister, and I know others as well, it’s just the general presence of God. What happens is at the end of the Gospel of Mark, it says, “The Lord worked with and confirmed the Word with signs following.”

SID: With signs following. Get ready. It’s yours.

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