Find out how to pray ancient Hebrew blessings that will release miracles, healings and prosperity into your life.

Do angels exist? Are healing miracles real? Is there life after death? Can people get supernatural help from another dimension? Has the future been written in advance? Sid Roth has spent twenty-five years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid on this edition of, “It’s Supernatural.”

SID: Hello, Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it is naturally supernatural. My guests have an ancient secret; something that so few people understand but this is the secret why so many Jewish people seem to be so blessed, and it’s available to every one today.  My guests, Bill and Dorothy Jean Ligon, Bill when you approached a traditional Rabbi as a minister, a Christian minister, you wanted to find out about the spoken blessing, why?

BILL: God told me to do it, He told me that the church was deficient; the Christian church was deficient, whereas the Jewish faith had been able to experience God’s favor, because of the spoken blessing over them, and He told me to study and then to be a part of restoring the spoken blessing to the church.

SID: Well, just out of curiosity, I wasn’t that aware that so many Jewish Rabbis were close friends with Christian ministers, how did this happen?

BILL: He and I had been in the same city at one time and I befriended him and we became very close friends and as a result of that, when I called him, I had an immediate invitation to come into his home, and to study the principles of blessing with him.

SID: Now just out of curiosity, why, let’s say the parents of Christianity we know is Judaism, it’s Judaism, Jewish roots, and Jewish people understood the spoken blessing, how come Christians, who were all Jews initially anyway lost it?

BILL: Because by the third century the clergy, the leaders of the churches took the blessing away from the laity, and they said they were the only ones who could speak the blessing, and so the people stopped doing it, and then eventually many of the leadership in the churches stopped doing it too.

SID: You know, it’s almost like you happen to be a pastor and it’s the last thing you want, but there is almost like a separation between pastors, or rabbis, and the people that attend the churches, and attend the synagogues and, but the Jewish way is God, 24/7, scriptures 24/7, what do you mean by the spoken blessing?

BILL: That was God’s plan for releasing His favor upon His people, the first thing God died after He created man and woman was to speak a blessing over them:  It’s found in the Bible in Genesis chapter one, and then we find repeatedly through the scriptures through the Bible that people spoke blessing, Jesus did that with His disciples, Moses did it, Abraham did it, Isaac did it, Jacob did it, all of the patriarchs did it, and so that is God’s plan. God commanded Moses in, as recorded in Numbers chapter six in the Bible beginning in verse 23, to have Aaron and his sons speak blessing over His people, and in verse 27 he said and when you do you will invoke my name and I then will put my name on them, I’m going to bless them, so God has given us the responsibility of speaking blessing over people, and He says that He is there and by doing so we put His name on them, it’s pretty awesome to think that God has given us ability to put His name on people, and He says that He will be present and He will bless them.

SID: Okay, now you two have been doing this for many years, you have had time to find out is it just a nice religious practice, or does it really make a difference in people’s lives?

BILL: It’s supernatural; it transforms people’s lives, you see God has given the spoken word as the way to impart His favor upon His people.

SID: Okay, you have an example which I see in my notes that really, I think, is the most graphic example I have ever seen of the supernatural power from blessing people with words in the ancient Jewish manner.  And there was a woman with a very strange birthmark, tell me about that story.

BILL: That was interesting, she came to us a number of years ago, she had a “V”, a very distinct “V” on her forehead, a large “V”, she told us that when she was born her mother cursed her, said that she would live under the curse, and gave her a name that started with “V”. We asked her to forgive her mother, she did and then we began to lay hands on her and speak blessing over her and the more we did, the more the birthmark faded, until finally when she left the birthmark was gone.

SID: That is really amazing, in other words that spoken word was so powerful it manifested in the natural when the curse was being removed with the blessing, but then, it came back, tell me about that.

BILL: Well, she went home and she began to again entertain the thoughts of resentment and repentance, or anger against her mother, and I stayed in touch with her husband and encouraged him to have her go back and walk in the blessing, and for him to lay hands on her, as long as she walked in the blessing the birthmark continued to stay away.

SID: But when she would slip it would come back?

BILL: It would begin to fade back in.

SID: That is so phenomenal when you think about that Dorothy, I mean can you picture that “V”, I mean in a way it’s good, because I want to watch that I speak blessing with my mouth rather than curses because I understand the power of words. We’ll be back in just a moment but let me explain something to you, the Ligon’s have found out that people are blessed financially, they are blessed in their marriages, they are blessed in their health, just by restoring the ancient spoken Jewish blessing, don’t go away, we’ll be right back after this.

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