Sid Roth Welcomes Steve Foss

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Steve Foss. And Steve, you were talking to a high school Bible study, but these were students that had no experience in the supernatural at all. And you had a couple of visions that I want you to tell me about. Take it from there

STEVE: I was praying for this, I spoke two weeks in a row. And for the second week, I was praying because I really wanted God to show up in power. And in this, I had two visions. The first vision, I saw one of the young, I saw a young man sitting in the crowd. I saw exactly where he was sitting, exactly how he was dressed, and I saw myself call him up in the vision and begin to speak over him and profess over him and told him that God had called him to be a preacher of the gospel. And then I prayed for him, and the power of God hit him. Well Sid, when I went to the meeting the next day, that young man, who I had never met before, was sitting exactly where I saw him–

SID: Dressed the same way?

STEVE: Dressed the exact same way. So I called him up. And I said, “God gave me a word for you, that you were called be a preacher.” He began to cry. He said, “Last night, I told my mother for the very first time, ‘I feel I’m supposed to be a preacher.’”

SID: Well that astounded him, but it must have astounded you, too.

STEVE: Well they were all, everybody was amazed. And I’m sitting back. And so then, I went and prayed. And I’m standing near him, but I didn’t touch him. And I set there and I called someone to help me out, and I turned to him, and I said, “Lord,” and this is a precious Baptist brother, you know, young man in the Baptist, never seen anything. I said, “God, touch him right now.” The power of God hit him. He literally collapsed to the floor right there.

SID: But did you put your hands on him?

STEVE: I was five feet away from him. I just spoke the Word and the power of God hit him, and he fell to the ground. And all 70 of those students, their eyes just turned and they went, their jaw was dropped. They couldn’t believe what was happening. But it was the second vision that changed my life.

SID: If there’s some areas in your life that you’re in bondage, that you’re going to be free. Some of you have never tasted this freedom before. Tell me about the vision.

STEVE: Well I was praying for these students and I was going into spiritual warfare, binding the spirit you would expect to find on a high school campus: drugs and violence, and these other, rage. And as I was praying, I kept feeling like I was hitting something in the spirit like it wasn’t breaking. And all of a sudden, my eyes were open and I was standing like on a field across from the school campus, and I could see coming up from either side of the campus there were these two giant tentacles, and they were wrapped together atop. Then connected to the tentacles were all these smaller spirits, and they had names on them: rage and violence, and perversion, and all these different spirits. So I thought to myself, aha, I see you! So I started to pray after them. And after I prayed and I would go after them and bind them, they literally got buffeted back like a leaf in the wind.

SID: So if you could get rid of them–


SID: –then you could have freedom on the campus.

STEVE: Absolutely. Because I knew that’s what was holding the young people captive, and it would be blown back like a leaf in a mighty wind. But as soon as I stopped praying, they strengthened back up, because they each had two legs tied into these tentacles. And I said, “Lord,” I realized they were getting their strength from what they were connected to. I said, “Lord, what are those tentacles?” And He said, “They’re the two demon spirits that every spirit gets its strength from.”

SID: Now I’ve never heard anyone say that before.

STEVE: And I haven’t either. And I said, “Well Lord, what are they?” Because I didn’t see any names on them. Sid, I continued to pray and pray 30, 40, 50 minutes. I don’t know how long. God, show me. God, show me. When all of a sudden, and I’m having the vision the entire time, I could see beneath the surface and I saw their roots, and I saw their names: insecurity and inferiority. I didn’t even really know what inferiority meant, so I had to go in the dictionary and look it up. And inferiority literally means “the feeling of being lowered in position or stature, or value.” And then God spoke to me and He said, “These are the same two demon spirits that attacked Eve in the Garden of Eden.” And I said, “Now Lord, I’ve read that story many times. I didn’t see it in there.” But God began to show me.

SID: But you’re telling me if we can get rid of insecurity and inferiority–


SID: –all those demons that are trying to hang on to people will have nothing to hang on to.

STEVE: They have nothing to hang to because their initial, the doorway they get in is through these two things: our insecurities and inferiorities. You see, Adam and Eve had total strength against the enemy. The enemy came and attacked them through Eve, deceived Eve, on the tree, the serpent. The first thing he did was attack her security. He questioned the validity of truthfulness of God’s word. See everything Eve knew to be true was based in the Word of God. What God said was true. Her whole security was based on that tree. When He said, “Hey, no, no, God is lying to you,” in essence, she became feeling insecure. Now she wasn’t really insecure. She only felt insecure. And then he hit her of the second rule of the dynamic duo of these two spirits. He hit her with inferiority. He said, “Eve, God knows when you eat of it you will be like God knowing good and evil. But that was a lie. Because in Genesis Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, God said man was already created in His image. What he was saying is, “Eve, not only is God lying to you, you’re not who you think you are. You are less valuable than you think you are. You’re inferior.” The moment she felt insecure and she felt inferior, she had to grab for something to give her a sense of security and value. He offered her a fruit. Now up and to that point, she hadn’t lost her value. She hadn’t lost her security. But when she grabbed the substitute and ate of that fruit, then she lost her security of God and they were driven from the garden, and she lost her value. They were no longer the image of God. The Bible says when Adam and Eve had a child it was after their own image, no longer the image of God.

SID: And they had to clothe themselves. I’ve often wondered about that.


SID: What does that mean to you?

STEVE: Well they were exposed. All of a sudden, the glory, they were covered with the glory of God. They were in the image of God covered with the glory of God. They lost that when they grabbed a substitute. And Sid, this is the same strategy that the enemy uses upon us all the time to make us feel insecure, to make us feel inferior, so we grab for something to give our sense of self a sense of value.

SID: Isn’t this what all advertising, what Hollywood operates under?

STEVE: Yes. Absolutely.

SID: They take advantage of our, of the deception that has hid us.

STEVE: Yes. You’re not valuable enough, attractive enough unless you wear these clothes, unless you wear this perfume. You’re not valuable enough. You’re not attractive enough, so you can’t have security in life unless you drive this car, unless you own this kind of house.

SID: Wait, wait ‘til you find out what happens to young people when they get set free of these two spirits that control everything else that gives them literally the power, the evil, that controls their lives.

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