SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Kathie Walters, and we’re having fun, and that’s what it’s supposed to be. When you have intimacy with God, you’re supposed to have fun. But some of the things we’re talking about, chariot rides to heaven, this kind of stretches you. And you say “Well, if all that is possible, maybe for Kathie, maybe for some of the people I see on television, but not for little old me.” What would you say to them, Kathie?

KATHIE: I would say when Yeshua died on the cross, He purchased for you an inheritance in the spirit realm that He had. In other words, He didn’t die and say “One day you’re going to be with Me in eternity and it’s going to be awesome. Meantime, do the best you can.” He made available the whole spirit realm, which is the supernatural realm, the chariots, the angels. It’s supposed to be a normal part of our life, because that’s our inheritance. And I think one of the biggest religious spirits in America, and if you talk about salvation, people know they’re saved by faith. But when you talk about the realm of the spirit, the supernatural, the angels, heavenly visitations, the chariots of God and all of that good stuff, people feel that’s for him and her,
cause they’re more spiritual than me.

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SID: They feel in themselves…

KATHIE: They feel like they’re not qualified. So I call this thing a qualifying spirit. You do not have to qualify. There’s nothing you can earn for your inheritance. Jesus qualified you one hundred percent, so how can you un-qualify from something you never qualified for? See, it’s very subtle, but while it’s there, while people have that in the back of their mind, they’ll never receive all of their inheritance, will they? Think about it.

SID: Speaking a little bit about inheritance, you were telling me about the young people that go out on the streets, and what happens when they minister?

KATHIE: In the revival we were in, the kids would stand outside the pub, the worst pub in our area, where all the Hell’s Angels were and the drug pushers and everything, and they would just stand outside, And as people went past, they’d just start giving out words of knowledge and praying. And I was there, I saw major drug dealers in our town hit the ground, and repent with 7 and 8 year olds praying for them. They got saved. A lot of those drug dealers became elders in our church. Not the next week, but you know…

SID: Now this is normal. Kathie recently had a vision from God about what is about ready to happen, or happening? No, it’s happening on planet Earth about the new angels. Explain that.

KATHIE: Well when I was in New Zealand in November, that was the same meeting that the pastor went on all the chariot rides, and actually, a lot of people did. But suddenly I looked up and I saw in the heavens it was like this portal opened, and I saw thousands and thousands of angels pour into New Zealand, but I found out afterwards the same thing happened in Australia, in England, in America, in South Africa…

SID: What are these angels here for?

KATHIE: The angels are here to help bring in this move of the Spirit that’s coming, and part of the process of that is God is pouring out an anointing that’s really getting rid of a lot of these religious spirits, a lot of the religious mindsets, because those are the things preventing us receiving.

SID: Kathie, the presence of God is so strong right now, would you pray for the people to be delivered of all religious qualifying spirits, and then pray for the same presence of God that is on you to be on them.

KATHIE: Ok, ready. Thank You Lord. Father, in the name of Jesus, I take authority, especially over that religious mindset, that qualifying spirit, that makes people feel they have to qualify to receive all of their inheritance, and I bind the power of it in the back of their mind. I bind it’s power right now in Jesus’ name, and I rebuke it, and I say no, you are a liar, and you are a thief and a robber, and I command you to leave the mind. I come against religious words that’s gone into peoples’ ears, that sown seeds in the back of their mind that’s made them feel that way, that they have to qualify. And Father, I rebuke it. You have to give it up though. And Lord, I just pray for Your anointing to begin to flood into peoples’ living rooms right now, into their car, into wherever they’re watching this program. Father, I pray the anointing would just come in like electricity, like power, like the love of God and the joy of the Lord. And Father, I pray that the joy of the Lord would begin to hit people all over that place, because people get healed then.
People get healed that way when the joy of the Lord comes. So Father, we’re believing You, and I thank You. Father, I pray there be a great receiving of the liberty, the liberty of God.

SID: You know, one of my favorite words, Kathie, is freedom.

KATHIE: Yep. Liberty. I use abandon.

SID: Now what does that mean?

KATHIE: Well, because I think people are hearing.

SID: I believe that there is a breakthrough that is coming right now. You told me, when we were having dinner yesterday, that there was an angel just for television assigned to me.


SID: And you also talked about an angel over Israel. How did you know this?

KATHIE: When I was talking to you on the telephone, I saw an angel, a media angel. See, different angels are assigned to a ministry, or different peoples’ ministry, and those angels have different purposes. So there’s an angel that comes to help you with finances so you can have the finances to do what God tells you to do. There’s an angel that also helps to see to the media part
of your ministry, which is mostly media. And so every ministry has angels that are assigned to that ministry to work. There’s angels that are assigned to minister to you, there’s angels assigned to minister with you, and they’re part of the ministry. They’re assigned to your ministry, and they’ll always be there.

SID: Does everyone have an angel?

KATHIE: Everyone has angels that minister to them, but as they move out in ministry and in the anointing, God releases angels, and as the ministry grows He releases more angels.

SID: When I was talking to you on the phone when we were doing a radio interview, there was an angel that literally, you said, was sitting on you. Is that true?

KATHIE: I couldn’t get up, yeah. See, things like that happen. Every sign and wonder is for a purpose. It’s because God is saying something. God doesn’t do things to entertain us, but He speaks. He speaks through the word, He speaks through signs and wonders. So when there’s signs and wonders, you have to ask God what He’s saying. So if an angel sits on you, like so many people, they’ve been out in the spirit, laying on the floor, and they can’t get up. And often, that’s an angel sitting there, because they’ll stay there till they’ll hear what God wants them to hear.

SID: You know what? This is such a delightful time. The reason it’s so delightful is there’s freedom. Do you have freedom? When you read the scriptures, are you normal according to the scriptures, or have you had so much tradition that you can even read the scriptures and think you’re ok? Well, there’s more. That’s what Kathie was saying. She knew that there was more, and she bumped into that revival. Who do you think these angels that have just come down on planet Earth are going to be gravitation towards, people that are hungry, or people that are saying “Oh, well, guess it’s time to go to bed. I don’t think I want to pray. I don’t think I want to have intimacy with God. I don’t think I want to hear God.” Come on now, we’re at the wrap-up of all things. Choose this day who you will serve. If you’re not sure, just say, “God, is Jesus the Messiah?” A simple prayer like that and He’ll reveal Himself. Things are happening quickly, very quickly.
But don’t miss. You know there’s more. You’re watching by divine appointment. This is your moment. Take it. Go for the gold.

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