SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Cindy Parton, and Cindy, I’ve been to your home, and I see the cars just lined up. How many people do you jam into your home on a Monday night?

CINDY: Well, it varies every week, but we can have anywhere from 40 to 50 on a regular basis.
The most we’ve ever had has been 110 packed in there.

SID: You were telling me about one person that had never been there before, and they knocked on the door, and what did they say?

CINDY: This man… The doorbell rang, and the doorbell never rings because everyone just
opens up the door and walks on in. Our son-in-law went to the door and he said, “Is this the place where God’s invited to come and he actually shows up?” And he’s like “Sure, come on in.”

SID: Well, you know what I find so amazing is they have so much fun there. Now you and your husband have full time jobs and you still do this?

CINDY: That’s right, we both work full time. We are just normal, everyday people that God uses.
Anybody can do this. Try this at home. You can do this. Everybody can have a soaking prayer center. You can have an intimate place with God in your home.

SID: Tell me about that psychiatrist that shared when I was there.

CINDY: Oh, he is just amazing. He’s been in practice for many years, but when he found out about the soaking, he started requiring his patients to come in 15 minutes early. He puts them in a room with soaking music playing, and for them to spend 15 minutes alone with God before he meets with them. Well it’s helped his practice, because things are happening, people get saved,
healed, delivered, and healed sitting in that 15 minutes alone with God.

SID: Someone yelled out to him “What does someone benefit from that soaks before they see their psychiatrist?” He said “Oh, about $25,000.” And I don’t think he was kidding!

CINDY: I’m sure he wasn’t.

SID: Cindy, marriages are getting restored. Tell me one.

CINDY: We have a couple that had seen a marriage counselor for many years, and they started
seeing a new one, and she had heard about us. So part of their counseling, she required them to come soak on Monday night. And every week, we have seen them just grow, and their marriage has improved, they have a closer intimacy with each other, and with their children. He just shared this past week how God is even increasing in areas of him knowing how to relate to his children better, how to pray for them better, how to discuss things with them. Through the soaking, all this has come.

SID: Now people are getting physically healed by just being in the presence of God? Give me an example.

CINDY: Well we have one couple that have been married over 16 years that were trying to get pregnant, and just couldn’t. They ended up adopting two little boys from Viet Nam, and they were perfectly happy and content having these children. They had their family. And she began to come in and she’d say “Just pray for me, that the pain goes away. I hurt so much. If the pain would just go.” We weren’t even asking for them to get pregnant anymore, we were just praying for healing.
And God healed her, totally healed her, and she came in pregnant, and now they have a beautiful little girl.

SID: You know Cindy, I still can’t get over watching your grandchildren having so much fun in that place, and being raised with, not so much dry tradition, but knowing God is fun. Tell me about people all of a sudden hearing God’s voice. You were speaking for a group of women recently.

CINDY: Right. We went into a restaurant, this restaurant was owned by Muslims that allowed us to come in and have a women’s luncheon. They knew it was a Christian women’s luncheon, in their private dining area. We had a beautiful lunch and we all shared, just normal people doing normal things. We found this is a normal way of life. And after we finished lunch, I began to share. I just taught them on soaking, the basics of soaking, what it is, what it’ll do for you. I put on Rohn’s CD and we began to soak. And I only had 15 or 20 minutes because of time constraints that we had to be out. As these women began to soak for the very first time, God came so powerful in this restaurant. And He doesn’t care where we are, He’ll come wherever we welcome Him and invite Him to come. He comes into this restaurant, and I asked them “What happened? What did you experience?” Every lady in that room had been touched by God. Some of them had received two visions, some of them had even gotten three visions just in that short period of time when the Holy Spirit fell. Because we asked Him to. All we had to do was just ask Him to come, and He showed up. It was incredible how they received insight. God refreshed them, revived them, and that’s what happens when you’re in the presence of God. We’ve been taught to do, do, do. We’ve never been taught just to be; just to wait on Him; be still and know that He is God. At our house I say “Shut up and soak. Quit talking and listen.” And Nana Fire tells us He gave us
two ears and one mouth for a reason, that we need to listen twice as much as we talk. And that’s what we’ve learned to do is listen to His voice. And we practice on each other. Every Monday night…

SID: Well doctors practice medicine, so maybe we should practice hearing God’s voice. But the peace that I received… Cindy, I had, literally, by going to your place, a jumpstart again. I needed a jumpstart. I repent, I needed a jumpstart, and I got that jumpstart. I believe that you could pray for people right now, and they would have that jumpstart. And then when they get the CD of the music and your teaching on how to have a soaking room… Could you pray for an impartation for the people now?

CINDY: Sure. Heavenly Father, I just ask You to come now. We are desperate for You, we are hungry for Your presence, we are hungry for our own encounter with You. We want our own experience with You. We don’t want to just hear others talk about their experience. So Holy Spirit, I invite You to come now. We welcome You to come to each person right now. Minister to them. I ask You to begin to increase wisdom and knowledge and discernment to them. I ask for an impartation of Your anointing to them, that they realize that they too can enter into Your presence. They can do this in their very home. All they have to do is welcome You, and You always come, because You are so faithful to minister to the needs of Your people. Because You want us to know You, and You want us to love You, and You want us to feel the love that You have for us. So thank You today for the impartation of the Father’s love, the Father’s heart, and that You’re refreshing and reviving people, bringing them back to life again, that there is hope being restored in every area of their life, that you can make it with Him and with His help. And as you get in His presence, He’ll show you what to do and what to say. And we thank You for it in Jesus’ name, amen.

SID: Cindy, last thought on having this soaking room.

CINDY: Just be comfortable with it. It’s not complicated, it’s very simple. We are the ones that try to complicate the message. Just be simple. Wait on Him, expecting Him.

SID: You know, it’s too simple! We want something really A, B, C, D, E, outlines, work five hours a day just to put the thing together.

CINDY: Right, and it’s not that way. When you come in, no plans and no agendas, allowing Him to do what He wants to do, it’s so much fun that way, and keeps you on the edge of your seat
just waiting to see what He’s going to do next.

SID: And you know what I found, this soaking is progressive. But before you can soak, you have to have everything removed separating you from the love of God. Oh, the love of God, there is nothing to compare. And He loves you, but there’s junk separating you. That’s called sin. And it’s so wonderful, God sent His son, the Messiah, to the world – Yeshua, Jesus, The Anointed One –
to take all of your sins upon Himself, to die for you, and by His wounds you were made whole and clean. It’s a fresh start, it’s a new beginning. Take that new beginning. And it’s not so much going to heaven. Yes you go to heaven, but it’s heaven on earth. Go for the gold. Do it now, right now.

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