SID: Hello, Sid Roth. Welcome to my world, where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest has been a backup singer for such artists as Reba Macintyre, Wynonna Judd. But there was a point in her life where she was ready to get on an airplane that was going to crash. Certain death. And a voice stopped that. That voice was the voice of God. Suzy Yaraei, tell me a bit about that.

SUZY: I was at my house in Nashville, and I had been drinking quite a bit of vodka.

SID: You were an alcoholic at that point.

SUZY: Yes, among other things. I fell down on the floor and started crying out to God, and I heard His voice.

SID: What did He say?

SUZY: He said, “Get help and quit your job.”

SID: And what did you do?

SUZY: I went to the front door, because I thought somebody was there.The voice was pretty loud. And there was also a knocking. I went to answer the door and see who was telling me that, and nobody was there of course.

SID: You were a backup singer to some famous artists. Tell me about the makeup artist for Reba.

SUZY: At the time of that experience I had with His voice, I was singing backup for Reba Macintyre. So I called her right away. In that moment, I called her and told her that I heard a voice and I believed it was God, and that I should quit. So we decided that I should. Together, we decided. I quit and went to a treatment center, and two months later was when the plane crashed, and her whole band was killed.

SID: Every person in that plane died, and if you hadn’t heard that voice…

SUZY: Right.

SID: You know, when you worship God, every fiber of your being moves. I’m going to say something, you have to tell me… Is it because you just so love God?

SUZY: Yes.

SID: There’s something about worship. What is it with you and worship?

SUZY: I feel like it’s fresh worship. Whenever the spontaneous, fresh worship starts, and I starts feeling the music move into a freedom, I start singing what I feel that’s new, and that’s when I really start feeling the worship and feeling the sound, and I think it changes peoples’ hearts. Fresh praises.

SID: She literally gets songs from heaven. They’re fresh songs. I put her on the spot once and made a demand, and she sang the most beautiful song from heaven. And people get healed. Don’t go away, we’ll be right back after this word.

We’ll be right back to It’s Supernatural.


We now return to It’s Supernatural.

SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Suzy Yaraei. Suzy, your life really got transformed when you went to a Morning Star Conference. It’s as if the Spirit of God descended on you immediately. Tell me what happened.

SUZY: Well, I walked in… Someone invited me to go to a conference,which I didn’t know what a conference was. I thought it sounded like a business meeting or something. When I walked in, presence of God… The best way to describe it was it just fell on me, which I didn’t know anything about that at the time. I couldn’t walk real good, my legs felt real heavy and I just kind of crawled around. I laughed a lot, crawled around, but when the music started, I danced. And I cried, and I laughed.

SID: How did you feel?

SUZY: I felt so much joy, and so much love. I felt like it was something I’d been waiting for all my life. And I was freaking out. Really. Crawling around, weeping and crying. People were coming to me and saying things that they saw for me, like the love of God and the pure, fresh worship is hitting you in your body, spirit, mind, and soul, and setting you free, and getting out all the old stuff. They were kind of helping me a little bit in telling me these things. That’s really what happened.

SID: You know what I love? When you get songs from heaven.

SUZY: Me too! Ha ha!

SID: I can’t think of anything more spectacular than getting music from heaven. You’re so multi-dimensional; every fiber of your being feels that music.

SUZY: It’s amazing.

SID: You had a vision when you got the song “He’s Alive.” Tell me about that vision.

SUZY: Yes, I had a vision during someone speaking where Mary was pouring her oil on Jesus and wiping her hair, and I could smell the smells in the room and hear the sounds in the room, and I could feel the judgment in the room. Then it kind of cut and I saw her at the grave looking for Jesus. She had more oil and was looking for Him. Then I heard the angel sing .”He’s alive, He’s alive, And you’ve only just begun to worship Him.”

SID: Your music, people in my office, once they heard it, they just, it’s infectious. People just sing. And I believe, as a matter of fact, would you go to the set right now, and I want you to sing that “He’s Alive.” This song literally came from heaven. And I’m going to make a recommendation to you. When Suzy sings, it’s like a healing river just pours out, and it pours out. But you might want to, if you’re at home, just kick your shoes off and lay on the carpet and get ready to experience God. Let’s hear Suzy, “He’s Alive.”

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