SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Jean Blasi. Jean, would you share about a few miracles? This is normal for her to walk in miracles. It’s normal for everyone that knows God to walk in miracles.

That’s why I love your book, “Prophetic Fishing”, because I believe there’s an anointing on this book for people to hear God’s voice and walk in miracles. Tell me some.

JEAN: One thing I want to say to some of you out there that have had children that have been on drugs. Maybe they’re even in a state of a coma or things are so wrong with them. I went to the hospital one day, and there was a young black girl in a room behind a curtain. The Spirit of God in me, I felt gently pulled over to her. I did not know her, so I went out to the nurses station and said “What is the situation back there?” They said “Oh, she won’t even make it till noon today. She has overdosed so bad. We didn’t think she’d make it through the night.” Well I know that we’re spirit, soul, and body, and I know that our spirit man never sleeps, and our spirit man can hear even when our mind isn’t working right and our body isn’t working right. I’ve experienced it myself, because I died in 1992. I didn’t tell you that yet.

SID: No, you didn’t. But I know you came back!

JEAN: I came back. I had acute pancreatitis. You just can’t get any worse off than I was. So knowing the way this is, I said “May I go in and pray for her?” The say “Well, it can’t hurt anything. She’s going to die anyway.” I went in. Our spirit man, our heart, our spirit heart, is right here, and I leaned over and said “Honey, you don’t have to die. Life is worth living.” I didn’t speak to her head, I was speaking to her heart. I said “Jesus loves you, honey. You haven’t done

anything so bad that He hasn’t forgiven you. He loves you, and I love you too.” I know there’s anointing in our hands, and I just gently touched her arm. I just went like this, and said “Sweety, you can live. We love you. God loves you, I love you, and He wants to heal you. Now I command the spirit of death out of you in Jesus Christ’s name. I break it’s power. Now I speak life into you honey. Live. It’s worth it.” And I turned around and left. I went back the next day, and this curtain was pulled back. There was no one in that bed.

SID: That could be a bad sign.

JEAN: I know! I went to the nurses station and said “What about that little gal, that precious young teenage black girl?” They said “Oh, she just suddenly got up and we sent her home.” Now I’m telling you, we have a power of God in us that no one else has, not like the power of Jesus. I like to say it this way: We may look like regular human beings, but we’ve got the greatest secret on earth, and it’s Jesus Christ inside us. So that was an incredible miracle. I had a cousin, Ralph, I hadn’t seen in years. He was in Colorado, and one day I heard the name Ralph, and I knew it was my cousin, and I just started praying in this wonderful prayer language that God gave me. I was praying, and suddenly I said “You spirit of heart attack and death, get off of him!” You do it in the authority at the time, so sometimes it’s hard to repeat that. I said “In the name of Jesus Christ, I forbid him to die.” I tried for three days, it was so strong, I kept calling, and the third day I happened to get them. I happen to have looked up at the clock, and it was 10 o’clock Monday morning. I finally got them, and they said on Monday morning at 10 o’clock, he was having open heart surgery and died, but the doctors brought him back.

SID: There’s so much that God is doing for us. When someone intercedes for us, we don’t even know it’s happening, they don’t even know what’s happening, but it’s the difference between life and death. We serve a good God.

JEAN: It connects heaven with earth real quick, and we’re the connection. I was ministering in west Texas. I do a lot of prophecy, because that’s a very strong gift in me. There was a man, about 25 years old, on the back row. Couldn’t really see him very well, but the Lord said “Call him up here.” Now Jesus is pretty funny, He has a sense of humor, because when he got up, I’m going

“I don’t think he can make it up here.” But I didn’t know that. I said “Sir, would you come up here? Jesus wants you to walk up here.” He got up, and his feet were all crippled. He was like this. His whole body twisted. He got up there as best as he could, and Jesus said “Ask him if he’s saved. Has he been reborn?” I said “Are you saved?”, and he said “Umm, uh, well, I think so.”

I said “I don’t think so.” When you know Jesus, you know you know Him. He said “I think you’re right.” I said “Do you want to know Jesus”, and he said yes. I prayed with him. A glorious countenance came, the presence of God all over him. His eyes were shining. I said “Well, you need the power to live the Christian life, and you can’t do it in your own power. You need the Holy Ghost, the baptism of the Holy Spirit. That’s the power. Do you want that?” He said yes.

So I kind of walked him through that, explained it to him. When God moves in this infinite supernatural power, you see it, you hear it, it’s happening. It’s so split-second timing. And the Lord said to me, and I’m telling you it happened just like this as I was saying it, He said “You command those bones to straighten.” And I was doing it as He said it. I said “Bones straighten in the name of Jesus!” This guy’s whole body straightened up. Being that I’m human, I said “Oh Lord, I hope I’m not imagining this. This is pretty creative stuff here.” The pastor got up and said “Young man, I hope you know you’re 3 inches taller now.”

SID: I hope you know that God wants to heal people miraculously right now. Would you pray for those people right now?

JEAN: Yes I will. Lord Jesus, I thank You that You’re the same yesterday, today, and forever. You never change. You have given Your healing power to those here on earth that belong to You and believe in You. Father, I thank You now. I want to speak to pancreatitis. Lord, You’re wanting to touch. There’s cancer in people’s pancreas. There are a number of you, not just one. I curse the cancer. I sever the roots of it. And most of all, Jesus, come in with Your presence and infiltrate now into the pancreas. Let the presence of God come in and bring healing power into those pancreases. The Lord’s showing me, open up your heart again. Don’t make it hard. You can’t earn it, you can’t make it happen. Just open up. Like you’re going to take a glass of water and drink, just drink in Jesus right now. The Lord said every one of you are going to be healed

that have heard this today. We speak complete healing to the pancreas. We command those pancreases to become normal and to function like Jesus Christ meant for them to be. Lord, there is a leg that is crooked, and I thank You right now that same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead lives in me. We speak that same creative power. It’s a young man. You’re probably 5’9″ at the most. You have brown hair, you have dark eyes. The Lord said it’s the right leg. I’m just checking this a little. I’ve got to make sure here. I want to change that, it’s the left leg, and it’s crooked. The Lord said “I’m going to straighten that leg today.” That leg was injured in an accident.

SID: Jean, I want to see… Agree that person’s healed right now. Remember what Jean prayed?

Jesus, help Yourself to my life. That’s what I want you to pray. I want you to say it out loud and mean it. These miracles are real. What you see with your eyes is temporary, but we’re talking about the reality. Aren’t you tired of just seeing the temporary? It’s time to see the reality. Pray out loud now. Jesus, help Yourself to my life. I make You Lord. I repent of my sins. Help Yourself to my life.

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