Sid Roth on June 19th, 2013


Sid: Now I’m hearing something in my spirit as just as I’m going on the air. My guest is Rich Vera, and what I’ve found Rich is when I interview someone I sometimes tap into their gifts. Have you ever seen that happen before? I’m hearing something about a black man, about President Obama, now I know you heard a word about him. You tell me what you heard about President Obama. First of all, did you know he was going to win before he became president?

Rich:  Yes, I knew the first time he was elected I was having revival meetings in upstate New York. The Lord gave me an experience where I spent about 7 hours talking with him somehow. It’s like he shared about his life and his upbringing and so on. Then when I was done with that the Lord said “He would not win only one term, but he will be for a second term,” and I got up that night on the pulpit and we declare it, and we record it on a CD which has been all over New York. Surely about, or a month and half later he won the first election, and then of course now the second term.

Sid: Now what have you heard about President Obama that has got me so excited because I have never heard anyone share this before.

Rich:  [Laughing] Yes the Lord shared with me that in this second term that the Lord was going to touch his heart and direct it into a direction that was gonna do some things and favor some of the causes for Christians, and some of the things for Christians. It wasn’t going to be that’s up as opposing as more would believe; so there’s going to be some things going on that are gonna bring definitely favor and help some of the Christian causes, that’s what I heard from the Lord.

Sid: So are you saying that he’s going to be a sold out Christian, and take Christian stands against homosexuality, and against abortion?

Rich:  No that’s not what I’m say, what I’m saying is that the Lord is gonna use him even sometimes without him being aware; the Lord was going to cause some through him some of the causes of Christians to be favored. Some of the things were gonna be done without him even realizing he’s doing them.

Sid: Okay, let me ask you about God showed you what was going to happen this year. Tell me some of the things God showed you.

Rich:  You know I saw that God was going to bless tremendously people that were to invest, or do things when it comes to farming and agriculture. That this was going to be the next thing that God was gonna begin to bless and bring great prosperity to many people that were gonna invest and go in that direction. Also, I saw many people in high positions whether it was politics, or celebrities, or even church leaders that God was in this year was going to remove them out of their post. A lot of them were going to get out of their post whether it was through a sickness, or through different circumstances, or financial situations, but God was get them out and get a whole brand new group of people to go up to that position of leadership.

Sid: You know I’ve been pondering about Christian television, and I believe we’re there is a new generation coming. The ones that were involved the last move of God Spirit, many of them what you prophesied is going to happen. Sin is going to be exposed, etcetera, and there’s a whole new crop coming is what I sense.

Rich:  It’s correct. There’s a change of mantles, if you want to call it. There’s an exchange and an acceleration that’s coming. An exchange because there’s a transfer from one generation to the other, and an acceleration because what took them 20, 30 years to accomplish we gonna be able to accomplish in 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 years. So there’s an acceleration that God’s gonna do it because we’re in the last days so we are gonna begin to see that this year; people accomplishing great things for God in a short time frame.

Sid: What else did you see?

Rich:  You know I also saw that God was gonna answer people that have faithfully prayed and stood by Him. This was gonna be a year where answered prayers are literally going to invade the life of believers. People that have prayed whether it was for family members, sicknesses to go away, loved ones, financials, and have been faithful to the Lord suddenly in this year there will be an incredible amount of prayers being answered that are gonna come to people. Also, this is the year that those women that have trusted the Lord for their wombs to be open God was gonna open wombs of married women by the thousands. It was gonna be a season of great joy, and a season of birthing that was coming this year.

Sid: Did you see any disasters occurring this year?

Rich:  Yes, I saw an increase on water and air, I saw an increase of things caused by the ocean, coming from the ocean. What happened on Sandy, New York it’s one of the first that happened not only in America, but in other places. Just water disasters and air disasters; I saw this happening in the most unlikely of places, and just for the people to be prepared when this occur.

Sid: Did you see anything about Israel?

Rich:  Yes, I was in Israel a few months ago, and the first time. I was able to walk and mingle among the locals. The Lord showed me there was gonna come a spirit… like the Holy Spirit was gonna blow His wind, but it was gonna happen to the Russian Jews. I saw them being visited of God in a supernatural way. Just like when a wind of the Holy Spirit blowing on the Russian Jews and they were gonna go and literally bring a move, an awareness of the move of God to the area. They could not be rejected or cast away because they were just like them, they were part of their people. I saw them big gatherings of people taking place with this community and many of them preaching the gospel boldly; not only in big events, but also on the one to one personal setting. Many many Jewish people that are Orthodox Jewish that were not open to the gospel before because of the witness and the moving of the Spirit through the Russian Jew they’re gonna come to Christ.

Sid: Now when you were in heaven you were given teaching revelation that will help people walk into miracles, move into the glory. Give me on nugget you were talking … tell me something that Isaiah taught you from the 53rd chapter of Isaiah.

Rich:  Yes, you know the Bible declares in verse 5 that “He was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for iniquities, chastisement of peace was upon Him, but by His stripes we were healed.” He’s talking about 4 different things. Wounded for transgressions; transgressions is the act of sin, the exterior thing. Iniquity like we said earlier is that inner sin, the heart, the inclination of the heart. The Lord revealed something powerful, you know a wound “He was wounded for transgressions.” A wound is an exterior cut, and a bruise is an interior damage. So here Jesus His body was externally cut, so any external sins of yours could be forgiven. He as internally bruised so that any internal inclination of your heart could be dealt with. When I saw that, I realized when the gospel comes and the Spirit of God comes in, He wants to set us from the things that we keep doing over and over and over, that’s a transgression. He wants to deliver us from the inclinations of the heart, that’s iniquities. When the presence of the Lord comes in wholeness comes; He deals with transgressions; He deals with the heart; He deals with the chastisement of our peace that deals with the mind. The word chastisement means to be completely damaged and attacked rejected; He deals with the mind. Here Jesus went through all kinds of accusations and rejections so that we can be whole and healthy in our mind in who we are. Then the last result was the healing of the body. So what the Lord showed me is if we emphasize on the wholeness of man, getting rid of the iniquity and the sin, and the transgression the result of that will be a 100% the body will line up and receive healing. We have been focusing on the healing of the body so they walk away healed, but their insides have not been dealt with so eventually down the road it reproduces the spirit of sickness in their life.

Sid: So how do you deal with that?

Rich:  You know simple, first of all it has to be done by the power of the Holy Spirit. It has to be done with our walk with the Lord, we must come to the presence of the Lord and be transparent and be clean and let Him know our most INTIMATE things because the Lord knows the chambers of our hearts. You know when David prayed David says “Lord create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me.” He talked about the chambers of his heart; that’s where iniquity hides. When we allow the Lord to deal with the iniquity and the sins that so easily beset us, as the Bible talks about, we just live in continuous state of cleansing.

Sid: I’m sorry our time is out.

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Sid Roth on June 15th, 2013


Sid: Now only God knows our future and this is an amazing amazing testimony you’re about ready to hear.  I have on the telephone Ricardo Sanchez, he’s won Dove Awards, he’s nominated for Grammy Awards.  And his song that we played on yesterday’s broadcast “It’s not over.”  He had no idea it was preparing him for one of the greatest trials of his life.  But how did you write the song Ricardo “It’s Not Over?”

Ricardo: Sid I was in Southern California preparing to lead worship for The Rock Church in San Diego, California.  I come down to breakfast with my drummer and we ate breakfast as I’m walking out into the lobby my eye caught this young woman distraught sitting down in the lobby of this hotel.  And I could only assume what she did the night before because her makeup was you know blurred and you could tell she slept in her clothes and you could only assume what type of occupation she did.  And I rarely do this but when God speaks to me I have to obey.  So I grabbed Terry and I said “Come with me.”  Terry walks with me in the foyer of this hotel and I say “Hello, my name is Ricardo Sanchez listen I don’t know who you are, you may not know who I am I’m a singer song writer worship leader and I just need you to know that God told me tell you that your life is not over that what you’ve experienced in your life that you are not done, that God has a plan and a purpose for you.”  She allowed me to pray for her, but in that moment the Spirit of God continued to speak to me as I left that conversation I ran upstairs and I wrote on a piece of paper on my guitar “It’s not over, it’s not finished, it’s not ending it’s only the beginning because when God is in it all things are new.” And that’s where the song originated from was in that moment.

Sid: And you know you had no idea, but three months later you’re in an airport and you get a call that no father wants to receive.  You listened and you didn’t get it but you got the message; what was that message?

Ricardo:  Sid I was landing in Jacksonville airport and as the stewardess indicated we could turn our cell phones on.  My phone was bombarded with a series of 911 texts from friends, family my pastor that said “Get home 911 emergency.”  And as I called my wife Jeanette whose a graduate from Oral Roberts University a strong woman of faith, powerful woman of God she was hysterical.  She said “They took him, they took him, they took our middle son” whose name is Josiah.  He dove into the shallow end of a friends pool and he broke his C3, 4, 5 & 6, he broke his neck. The paramedics said that “He had a 1% chance to live so call your husband, prepare his heart for the worse; we’re going to air vacuum to Scottish Rite Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.”  They were in Atlanta, I was flying into Jacksonville and that was my message and I was sitting in an airplane with a bunch of people whom I didn’t know, I didn’t have a choir, I didn’t have a pastor, I had nothing but strangers all around me in this airplane.  I remember crawling out practically of this airplane, I got my guitar and my bag falling on my knees as soon as I past the ticket counter of Delta in Terminal A and falling on my face and just crying out to God saying “I need You, I need You don’t you remember me? What about Your promises God over my son, what about the prophetic words over his life, over his situation?”  And I remember throwing my hands over my heard I didn’t care who heard me, I didn’t care if they were going to haul me off somewhere, I just needed a miracle to fall from Heaven and I just begin to weep.  And all of the sudden these blood songs, these old songs “Oh, the Blood of Jesus” all these songs begin to come to my memory and begin to slowly trickulate into my heart.  And the song “It’s Not Over” that I had written just a few months before had begin to find its way into my heart and I begin to sing this song. I begin and it gave me life Sid; it gave me hope, it gave me courage to go on to the next step that we needed to go to.

Sid: Now let me get this straight, you’re in a crowded airport.

Ricardo: Yeah.

Sid: And your oblivious to the people, you have got to get in touch with God for your son. Was there any point you were conscious that people were looking at you?

Ricardo: Well no, not at all and see even right now prophetically I feel there are people who might even be in a crowded place even now and no one around them has any idea what they’re walking through.  No one around them has any idea what their finances are, their relationship status is, or the health and the circumstance in their life.  And just like I did I did not know who was around me, but I want to encourage those that are listening that regardless of your circumstance when God is in it there is no limit.  I threw my hands over my head, I laid on the floor, and shouted to God, I didn’t care who was around me; I needed a miracle to happen, I needed Heaven to shake, I needed the earth to shake for my son’s sake for this thing that we were walking through.

Sid: And what did that song “It’s Not Over” mean to YOU at that moment?

Ricardo: Well, it just became so personal and like you said in the intro prophetically I had no idea what I was doing when I was writing that song, I thought it was all about some woman that we had seen and that God told me to give a word to.  And all of a sudden 3 months later it’s activated in my heart. That song was that rope of hope, that song was my point of contact to grab and to hold to unlock the supernatural; to unlock the Heavenly things that would fight these principalities that were trying to control the circumstance in my family, in my set measure of rule. That song meant that I had a sword in my hand that I could fight doubt and fear and begin to march on in this battle that we are about to face even bigger giants that my son was facing; that song was my rope of hope.

Sid: Today and we haven’t explained what occurred but today do you feel there’s any impossible situation that God can’t turn around?

Ricardo:  Sid I don’t believe… there is nothing impossible with God, when God is in it the song says “When God is in it there is no limits when God is in it regardless of what you’re walking through.”  Politically nations regardless of what nations are walking through, corporations, regardless of what health is going on in your body negative.  Listen when God is in it there is no limit, I don’t believe there is nothing that God can’t turn around for His good and His glory.

Sid:  Well God gave you not just a song but out of what you walked through with your son God gave you a teaching and when you play that song for concerts or teach on the subject and instill supernatural hope where there is no hope; what do you see happening.  Give me a snapshot of after you’ve sung a song like this and taught on the subject, what do you see?

Ricardo: Well most of time people run to the altar they need a point of contact.  What I have seen we’ve preached, we’ve ministered this song for the past year and half.  We’ve been in thousands of worship services and I’m going to tell you that every worship service we see 90 to 95% of congregations come to the altar.  Those that are walking through an it’s not over season; those that are walking through a season where the enemy has had his way long enough and they need heaven to move.  Sid we are seeing the presence of God come and fill and minister in the hearts and lives of his people.  We are actually seeing the supernatural take place in families, in bodies, in circumstances and situations.  I tell you I think we’re the ones who allow the things of God to grow faintly dim in the light of our busyness in confusion.  But what happens when we put Him in forefront, when we declare His word, when we begin to acknowledge the promises and begin to believe and activate those promises in faith by worship or prayer or declaration, what we’re seeing is God answering His promise and coming into the hearts and weaving into the lives of every congregation that we’re seeing respond to this song and this message.

Sid: Well Ricardo has got a situation where his 9 year old son has less than a 1% chance of recovery, if he doesn’t recover what would his prognosis be for his life?

Ricardo: They had prepared us, these experts had prepared us, that he’d be in a wheelchair.  That he will be paralyzed from the neck down; that his quality of life will almost be nothing.  And this was what we were fighting, we had known people athletes who and I’m sure your listeners that are listening to us today know of people who are in wheelchairs who have broken…the paramedics told us basically this, the first responders, we have a saying and they were very delicate and I’m just being for time sake very direct, they said “Above the C4, there’s no more, the chance of survival is less than 1%. So we were fighting some serious giants for our son.

Sid: So he’d need a breathing machine or maybe a breathing tube; I mean from a normal son instantly but you proclaimed “It’s Not Over.”  And I tell you that the anointing you’re sensing right now on his teaching, how would you like for your impossible situations to have those proclamations and that anointing from the book and the worship CD and the teaching CD.  That’s exactly what you need right now in your life.

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Sid Roth on June 6th, 2013

Sid: My guest Peter Whitehouse has written a brand new book called “Returning to Normal.”  Unfortunately most Christians don’t even have an image of what normal is.  But I’ll tell you as you listen to him as you read his book a little bit every day, you’ll want to read and reread because your heart will then become convicted and you’ll repent and they’ll be less of you and more of the Lord and you will be used in the greatest revival in history.  Peter Whitehouse you talk about Kingdom Authority explain what you mean by that.

Peter: I believe that God is desiring to teach us this truth and I think that we’ve heard of it and we learned that maybe 10 or 20 years ago but I don’t think that we were ready to walk in it.  I mean that God desires that His Kingdom would come and His will would be done and we’ve prayed that so many times in the Lord’s prayer; I think with very little meaning or very little understanding.  But in this hour God is raising up His sons and daughters to come forth and do exploits.  There is a creative word and I know that the variety of understandings and this whole teaching was high jacked some years ago and people were trying to name and claim material things and the whole teaching went down the tubes, but there is truth in speaking forth words of faith.  There are creative words and the Word of God says speaking forth things that are not as though they were.  And the Lord is now bringing forth His word to accomplish his purposes.  I can give you a few examples Sid we have…our ministry is in the middle of a very depressed area a lot of crime. One of the corners known for drugs, prostitution, violence, even murder.  And it just seemed to go on and on and on but one day lead by the Holy Spirit we went there.  We sprinkled oil on the ground praying, worshiping the Lord, consecrating the ground as unto the Lord.  Then declaring peace and proclaiming that God’s Kingdom be established here and this went on oh maybe for about 5 or 10 minutes.  A powerful presence of God came and just to make a long story short that corner is changed the kids are playing on the street and they are not afraid anymore.  We went to a local high school that had been plagues by problems repeatedly after school violence. On assignment from the Lord, I’m not saying that we just looked in the newspaper and looked for someplace where we could demonstrate authority but on assignment from God we went there and did the same thing on a Saturday when the school was closed. But we consecrated the place as unto the Lord.  Went into the courtyard where the violence took place and worshiped the Lord and declared God’s Kingdom come and broke the strongholds of the enemy and commanded the spirit of violence to get out.  That week the school board after months of vacillation and for who knows what and permitted all this to continue they came up with a brilliant plan.  There is peace in that school now, we had the opportunity the opened a new family court building, we had the opportunity to go there the night before they opened the building and consecrate it blow the shofar and claim this as an instrument, a tool of the Lord this building would be used.  Righteous decisions would come forth here and peace would be restored to families.  And we had an appointment to meet with a family court judge who humbly submitted to being consecrated with oil and dedicated unto the Lord.  We’re hearing very good things going on in that place. We also had the opportunity to go into the New York State Capitol and to anoint all of the assembly seats with oil and to stand at the podium a New York State Assemblyman banged the gavel and opened the session.  And one of our group members proclaimed the Kingdom of God, right in the assembly. We partook of Holy Communion right within the executive area of the Capitol and God unleashed His secret weapon.  There is and always has been authority delegated to us but we haven’t used it. In this hour God is raising up a church who would go forth to demolish the strongholds of the enemy and to bring forth God’s Kingdom.  The battle must be won in the heavenlies before there can be changes in the earth.

Sid: How important is…you talked about communion, how important is communion even today more than ever before in history?

Peter: Oh, I love Holy Communion, and this has come by revelation.  I believe that communion is far more than a ceremony, it is a time of intimacy with God. It is a time for healing, for strength, for encouragement and our course for communing one with another. But even to partake of communion yourself with the contemplative repentance is a wonderful cleansing, healing, strengthening.

Sid: I hear many people are taking communion daily.

Peter:  Yes, I am doing that and may are. You know what Sid I have…I didn’t realize this when the Lord spoke this to me two or three years ago and I’ve been doing this ever since.  In reading some of the journals of the revivalists prior to revival there was a fresh wave of communion, and communion services. So I think we’re right in sync with what God is doing.

Sid: You know what I believe there is not enough anointed teaching on the power of the blood.  The blood of the lamb, what is God showing you about the blood?

Peter:   They overcame him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony and they loved not their lives even unto the death.  The blood of the lamb, the blood of Jesus Christ a powerful weapon.  And I exhort you and encourage you to apply the blood, to declare the blood, to proclaim the blood; to teach the blood.  This is the very foundation of our faith and we must not minimize it.  There have been some teachings that have almost irradiated it because it isn’t politically correct. The blood of Jesus Christ is a powerful tool.  I saw a vision and I saw myself in the ground as it were at the very base of a tree and I was amongst the roots.  I was able to stand in there it was somewhat cavernous and I could see all of the roots and they looked decrepit and they were rotting away and then out of my mouth came this flood of blood. I felt the Lord saying to declare, to apply the blood of Jesus Christ to the very roots of the church for the restoration of the church. And we have been doing this in our prayers and in our times of declarations and proclamations and even when we go to the streets to do warfare and prayer throughout our neighborhood we declare the blood of Jesus Christ and cover over every sin, over every imperfection with the blood of the Lamb.  It’s a powerful weapon.

Sid: The last thought. When you’ve seen an intensity over the last 9 months of fervency of prayer you’ve had the assurance it’s here.  The revival is here, what is your last thought for our listeners?

Peter:  Brothers and sisters God is about to do something wonderful. If you need to get your heart right with God now is the time, and if you’re weary do not turn back, don’t quit press in. Revival is right at the door. If you heard this before and you say “Well, I’ve heard all of this I tell you we are closer now than ever before.”  Seeing beyond the revival, prepare for evangelism, prepare for discipleship, prepare for sending out those who have been brought in.  God is about to do something wonderful.

Sid: Peter why did you write your new book “Returning to Normal?”

Peter:  I believe because I couldn’t contain it, the Lord has placed this within my heart and it had to spill out into print.  And my desire and I believe the Lord’s desire is for others to catch a passion for revival.  And those that have grown weary that their fire might be rekindled.  And for those that have not yet learned what revival is that they might learn a little bit about it and willingly enter in with all their heart, with all their life.  Right now praying for revival should be one of your very highest priorities. And I believe that this book can help that fire burn within you.

Sid: I agree the passion that pours out of this book it’s highly contagious and it’ll reveal your heart.  Remember the heart is the most deceitful of all things according to the word of God.

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Sid Roth on May 30th, 2013


Sid:  Everything, I mean you don’t even have to understand Bible prophecy but you can see everything on the late great planet earth has just speeding up so rapidly, all end-time events. We’re told by the Prophet Daniel that in the last days we would get insight into end-times and I’m so excited to be interviewing David Brennan right now.  Dave before he knew the Lord the Bible was a mystery to him he didn’t understand anything he read but it was as if supernaturally he had such a desire after having a dream and a warning to sell out to God to give his life to God. He couldn’t get enough of the Bible. But certain things started coming into his hands for instance, there was a papyrus, an ancient Egyptian scroll, that came into his hands that sounds exactly like the judgments that hit Egypt.  And again why did they hit Egypt, because Moses said “Let my people go to Israel” and Pharaoh stopped him. He’s seeing a parallel even today of those judgments. But tell me, I mean it’s fascinating, but tell me one in the ancient scroll one of the judgments that it talked about for Pharaoh trying to stop the Jewish people from going to Israel.

David: You know in Al Arish there’s a shrine and the shrine has on it the hieroglyphic that were deciphered and it talks about a time long ago where Pharaoh had gone before the sea; the Red Sea to the same place the name is same as in the Book of Exodus tells us is the town where the Jews fleeing Egypt had first camped before crossing the Red Sea.  Then as it goes on it talks about how Pharaoh ended up in a whirlpool of water and lost; he was lost he was killed in a whirlpool of water just outside of that particular city that the Bible says is the place that the Jews launched into to the Red Sea.  So it’s just absolutely fascinating from a secular perspective you know that it was recorded exactly what the Book of Exodus is telling us.

Sid: Now just out of curiosity, and we’ll talk hopefully a little later on in the week about what’s coming up which is a replay of what happened in the Exodus as countries try to divide the land of Israel.  But before that, how in the world did you get this revelation you have in your two books on Zachariah and the four horns and the four carpenters how did that evolve?

David: Well I’ll tell you as I was writing I began looking at various prophecies that relate to Israel’s possession of the land. This particular prophesy talks about how four horns will eventually come against the land.  Well we know that horns are actually political powers. These horns will go after to scatter the land.  But a funny thing will happen, that’s not funny for them, is that the Lord will respond with what he calls four carpenters.  And amazingly we do have today four political entities that have united under the name Quartet; that is the legal official international name.  The United States, the European Union, the United Nations and Russia have come together to form this Quartet.  They are now actively seeking to remove the land from Israel.  Now some Bible scholars in Israel’s history, I’m sorry in the churches history would come out and say “Well no that was nations in Israel’s past,” But of the four nations they would utilize to fulfill that prophecy two of them did not scatter the Jews, Persia restored them and Greece did not scatter them. So we know that the prophecy has not been fulfilled.  We also know this that when we read the scripture it refers to the horns going forth to scatter; it says horns in the plural several times right until the end Sid it says lifted their horn indicating the plural goes to singular the four will act as one.  And that’s exactly what we’re seeing today, it’s not only that we’re seeing this four acting as one that says “Yes, this prophecy is fulfilling right now.” But when you look at the warning associated within that prophecy it talks about how the Lord showed Zachariah four carpenters and then He asks “Where are these coming to do?”  And then he flat out says “That they’re coming to fray the horns of the Gentiles that have come to scatter the land.”  And so that takes us to events that are unfolding today.                             

Sid: So what do you define carpenters as?

David: You know I’ve given that a lot of thought. I think huge powerful angels I would have to say; sophisticated angels capable of doing quite a bit to the nations that are trying to scatter Israel.  And we see actually if we go back the very first day that this quartet, this group of four political entities or four horns met was April 30th 2003.  Consequentially and I say that tongue and cheek on that particular day the worst weather in US history began on that day.  It was a tornado rampage like which had never been recorded.  It was 562 of them over the course of about three weeks and when that ended, then a heat wave was launched in Europe which was the worst in 250 years tragically 52,000 people lost their lives.  The worst one in 250 years.

Sid: So let me get this straight when this quartet which you believe very clearly is the four from the book of Zechariah when this quartet came together this horrific thing happened.  When you saw the in quotes as you put it “The coincidence of the timing,” what did this mean to you?

David: It mean that that’s further confirmation that this prophecy is actually unfolding and this is a prophecy given 2500 years ago unfolding today.

Sid: Okay, give me so more understanding of the four horns and the four angels or carpenters.                                      

David: One thing is this replacement theology tried to put the four horns in Israel’s past because they had to because they didn’t think Israel was coming back into the land. There’s another incident that took place, you know we’re told in the prophecy that the carpenters will go forth to fray these four horns.  Okay, here’s another event of this fraying, this biblical fraying…

Sid: When you say fray you mean destroy.

David: Oh, yeah do great damage.

Sid: Okay fray sounds too mild to me but go ahead.

David: Until you look at the definition it’s pretty out there.

Sid: Okay.                                          

David: You look at the global financial collapse that happened in 2008 and most of us look at that and say “Okay, we’ll it happened in 2008.”  But in point of fact you can go back and you can find out the exact day it began and this is how. The entire global financial collapse centered on banking liquidity or the lack thereof.  It’s measured by the premium banks pay to one another; you can go back to July 26, 2007 and you can see the beginning of the march of that premium that used to be less than 7/100th of 1% marched all the way up to 364/100th of 1% to put that in English, it’s a sigma 6.2 event which would take place once out of every 2.5 million days and that happened, began on July 26, 2007.  Well, you say “What’s so special about that?”  That marks the week that the Quartet launched their next effort to remove the promise land.  Tony Blair the head of the Quartet at that time went to the Middle East to begin gathering the group of nations that would oppose Israel to remove the land on that very same week.

Sid: So you’re seeing every time this Quartet does something notable there’s a judgment.

David: The key is this; when you look at all of these events that transpire, and this is something I know that we’re going to get into in a little bit, we have I have a political catastrophe matrix that I talk about.  And what is notable is that it has to be some advance against the promise land. So if the Quartet meets and it’s a meaningless meeting nothing seems to happen, but when it is a meeting of great substance like being the first in an effort is big.  Or the one that the meeting that ended up taking place based off of the July 23, 2007 visit of Tony Blair to the Middle East was the Annapolis Peace Conference where it was a promise land bazaar where everybody wanted to get their hands on Israel’s land.

Sid: And what happened at that meeting what consequence?

David: They set up a framework that could be used in the future to remove the land, it’s there; it’s sitting there now because of that gathering.  It was a significant gathering.

Sid:  No but what judgment occurred as a result.

David: That is actually that meeting took place in November of 2007 but the beginning move the first week that Tony Blair went to the Middle East to begin the effort toward that Annapolis conference was the week of July 23, 2007; which was the exact week that the global system began to fray basically.

Sid: When you see all of these things, how certain are you that your prognosis based on scripture that you see is about ready to happen; how certain are you that it’s correct?

David:  I am very certain because I believe the Lord is showing us so that we can be watchful and sober. We’re told…

Sid:  Whoops we’re out of time again….This Quartet is on the scene right now, the history we already know the Bible we have revelation on…

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Sid Roth on May 23rd, 2013


Sid: I can feel the Spirit of God just bubbling up right now. I believe that there’s going to be such a move of God’s Spirit. My guest this week is Bill Morford, and I’m talking to him about his translation of the New Testament it’s called “The Power New Testament.” Trust me, I mean you will read concepts in this New Testament translation that you have read previously but you have never understood it, and why? Because there’s these Hebrew expressions that if you take them literally you’ll come up with one conclusion, but they’re really idioms which means they should be taken differently that everyone understood at the time. On yesterday’s broadcast we talked about the expression “Raining cats and dogs.” Well it’s not “raining cats and dogs” but you understand what that means. So there was no need to explain these idioms at the time this was penned, but today the church doesn’t understand the Hebraic understanding; they don’t understand the Jewish customs of the day; they don’t understand their Jewish roots. Bill Morford you’ve done such a service, such a valuable service I think it’s gonna become our Mishpochah’s favorite reading Bible. Let’s give an example from Romans 16.

Bill: Yes that’s one of my favorites and Paul writes “And I am introducing our sister Phoebe to you, since she is also a minister of the congregation in Cenchrea, so that you would welcome her in the Lord as befitting the saints, and you would stand by her in whatever matter she would have need of you: for she has also become a patroness of many, even of me.” See now most translations call her a servant. Well why on earth would anyone need to send a servant to Rome where probably half the population were slaves? She was a minister of the congregation in Cenchrea and a patroness set over even Paul. So this was a woman of real authority who went to Rome to be of assistance to the believers there. It’s a very different impression than you normally get in reading Romans 16. Actually in that chapter there are a number of women, several of others that are named, but their names are not recognized as being feminine. So women had a lot more to do,but here was a really a truly powerful woman in that congregation.

Sid: Why do you think the other translations didn’t catch that?

Bill: I think it’s just modern male chauvinism, that’s my guest.

Sid: Now on yesterday’s broadcast we talked about your wife being promoted, and you went through a tough time, which understandably so. How long were you married?

Bill: Forty-nine years and 10 months.

Sid: So you had your first occasion to speak and the prophetic mantle and deliverance mantle just really raised to a higher level. I am so excited about the revelation you got when Moses said to God “Who should I say is sending me?” God said “Say that I AM that I AM.” Explain that.

Bill: “Eh-yehashair Eh-yeh” is the Hebrew. The word “Eh-Yeh” is on the cover of “The Power New Testament.” That’s one of 3 different Hebrew words translated “I AM.” The other 2 are “Ani” which simply means “I AM,” and “Anokhi” which is “I AM” with an attitude. Because when He uses the anokhi God is saying I have deliberately purposed to do this thing whatever it is. The first time He uses that is with Abram in Genesis 15:1 and He says “I AM, I have purposed I have set Myself to be a shield for you.” Before that the first thing He says is “Do not fear I have purposed and set Myself up as a shield for you for your reward will be great.” But to go back to start with “do not fear” that is the negative imperative, a command in Hebrew that you absolutely cannot fear because fear is the opposite faith. You have to absolutely take in faith that God is your protection; that God is looking out for you with all that you have. When we get that in our spirit and we truly walk without fear in the firm conviction that God is my protection, then we know that our reward will be great, and that is really a powerful verse. That we just walk past it time after time not realizing what the Lord has put into that.

Sid: Bill that is so important I want you to say this again, but do it in a different way. What does that “do not fear I AM your shield,” what does that mean to you?

Bill: Well it means He has setup protection over me. My goodness I can think back to times maybe in college, or in the service when I was in some kind of physical danger that I was miraculously saved. One time in Korea I was a helicopter crew chief and we were stalking a mountain top that was just a listening post for the Army, and the helicopter had an engine problem and the pilot said “We’re going down, we’re going down!” Miraculously it just pulled out and we didn’t go down. You know just one of those miraculous things. Anokhi is used in a total of 26 verses…

Sid: That means “I AM.”

Bill: That’s the “I AM” yes but the “I AM” with an attitude.

Sid: I like the way you say that “I AM” with an attitude because you mean that God says “I AM deliberately purposed to do what I say.” Like the last example you said “I AM your shield” that means that He’s deliberately purposed to be a shield all around you. That no weapon formed against you can prosper. Tell me about that Hebrew word “Anokhi” which means “I AM.”

Bill: Well there’s 3 verses where He doubles that, and of course it’s a Hebrew idiom that when you double a word you’re making it a superlative. So when He doubles “Anokhi” I don’t know how you can express that superlative in English. It means “I really have deliberately purposed to do this and nothing will deter Me.”

Sid: Well tell me some of the things He’s deliberately purposed to do for us that nothing’s going to deter God.

Bill: The first one is in Isaiah 43:11 and that is “He is our savior.” That means, like Jesus says in John 6:44, Jesus says “No one comes to Me unless the Father who sent me, draws and attracts and gives him the desire.” So God draws people and see my wife was a good example of that. She was in a family that did not go to church; her parents fought like cats and dogs; separated when she was 5, and yet there was a church 2 blocks away that when she was 7 and 8 years old she walked down to herself because she just needed God, and so she went to church every Sunday, and was carrying the Bible that was given her for consistent attendance to college with her and wrote in it the date she really committed her life to the Lord. That’s amazing, God did that He was determined to be her savior.

Sid: What else is God determined to be?

Bill: In Isaiah 43:25 “He is the Who erases our rebellious sins.” Those are the worst sins, those are sins committed with the purpose of angering God, and yet His desire is to erase those. Isn’t that awesome those are gone. Looks to me like the only unforgivable is to turn your back on the Lord because even sins that are committed deliberately to anger Him He is willing to forgive.

Sid: Give me another example.

Bill: That’s Isaiah 51:12 “He is our comforter.” Boy I am example of that how He brought me out of grieving for my wife who had been promoted to heaven into a fullness of His Spirit just an energy and vitality that I never expected to have at my age. To be 75 years old and stand up and be preaching and prophesying for 4 and 5 hours at a time it’s just awesome to me. That I do and feel good and feel refreshed at the end of the service. He is my comforter.


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