Sid Roth on January 16th, 2014


Sid:  Now most of you are familiar with the past revivals that have occurred in the United States; especially the most recent one that happened in Pensacola, Florida, Brownsville, Smithton, Missouri, the Toronto Airport Church.  Well I have an individual here that says that God has shown him that when we combine the glory of God and reaching the Jew there will be an explosion in the spirit like this earth has never seen before. He’s not just talking about it he is demonstrating it.  His name is David Herzog and I caught up with him in Edmonton, Canada.  Now David is a Jewish believer in the Messiah that moves in, and David excuse me for a moment because we don’t know each other well, but I have to say it outrageous signs and wonders. Now David is it really true that you had a meeting in Augusta, Georgia and you had a word of knowledge and a man that was bald instantly got his hair back.  Is that really true?

David: Yeah, it really happened and actually we have a picture of it on our website.

Sid: Did this shock you at the time, did this astound you at the time or did you expect something like that?

David: Yeah, I’m always amazed when God does these things but I had seen it several times before.  We had seen bald heads get hair in different places like Portland, Oregon, and New Zealand but every time that happens it’s just totally amazing to me.

Sid: Now this guy in Augusta notes say that he had a little bit of gray hair but when he had his full head of hair it came back black?

David:  Yeah, the top of his hair was completely bald but at the end of the meeting he had hair all over the top of his head.  The back of his head he had a little bit of hair which was gray and by the end of the meeting I have a picture of that one too; you see where the gray has turned back to the original black hair color and you still see parts of the gray left.  And so God had kind of left a memory of what he had.

Sid: Now we’re on a couple of radio stations in the New York City area and of course there’s the whole diamond industry in New York City David.  And I want to provoke a few of these diamond merchants that are listening to us right now to jealousy; is it really true that diamonds materialize at your meetings?

David:  Yeah, not at every meeting it’s just the Lord kind of chooses which meeting.

Sid: Well, could you tell me what meeting so I could go there and get a few; no I’m just teasing go ahead (laughing).

David:   We had it first in Holland we had it happen and in different countries life in Holland we had a jeweler that was there; so you know the European are the more skeptical anyway.  So when the diamond appeared this girl found it; of course a girl found it because girls love diamonds; and she picked it up and said “Wow, this is really true look at this perfectly cut diamond.”  And a jeweler came and said “Well, let me check it out I’ve got my instruments with me right here.”  He had it with him in the meeting; and he went and checked it out and he was like “Hmm, hmm, hmm interesting interesting.”  And he confirmed it to be a real diamond and said “Worth a lot of money.”  We’ve had it happen once in Miami where 13 diamonds appeared in 2 or 3 days.”  We’ve had people with fake diamonds on their jewelry turn into real diamonds and we’ll have them checked; so it’s amazing thing.

Sid: Oh, my wife will want to come to your meeting too.  Let’s kind of go back a little bit, now you were not raised in a Jewish environment even though your father was Jewish and that makes you Jewish.  And you came to an understanding, the same understanding I might add, that I have come to; but the fact that I was raised in a Jewish environment and then became a believer for the first 30 years of my life at a traditional Jewish environment and then became a believer in Jesus.  You were although you’re Jewish you were raised in a non-Jewish environment; that makes it even more amazing that you came to the same conclusion but before we even talk about that, there’s an operative key word that I picked up in my notes about you.  And that is before any of this every happened you experienced a hunger for more of God; tell me about that.

David:  Yes, when I was 10 I got saved; 13 filled with the Holy Spirit and from that time on just an incredible hunger for more of God’s presence.  You know I grew up in a…

Sid: Now does this come from God or this something we drum up or because I see this as a common denominator with many people that have been touched with an extraordinary presence of God’s glory.

David:  Well, it’s like a cloud; you know a cloud doesn’t produce rain unless there’s pressure put on it atmospheric pressure; so yeah that hunger and that thirst for more of God creates something in the spirit world where God then chooses to manifest Himself.

Sid: What I’m saying right now if we’re talking to people that are not hungry for God; they believe in Him, they love Him but they say “You know the truth is I’m pretty passive in this area. Is there something I can do about that or should I… or does it all come from God and I’ll just wait for Him to make me hungry?

David:  Yeah, well first of all they can say “God,” be honest with Him say “Lord I’m not hungry but I know I need to be; help me make me hungry.” Second thing they can do is repent of being apathetic; a lot of times repentance of being apathetic “Lord, if they’re single I’m just not fired up taking it as I need to be Lord forgive me for allowing distractions or whatever it is it’s hindering me from making You everything Lord.”  A lot of times it’s just making everything in life more valuable to them so they’re not on fire as other people.

Sid: Well, that’s a good start you got hungry but then God told you and your family to leave everything and go the nations.

David:  Exactly.

Sid: Now it’s easy to read about people that do that but when it happens to you were you excited or were you filled with fear.

David:  Oh, I was excited because I was young about 23 and God said “Just go the nations and we’d been gone to just tons of different nations.  To start off, “He said go to Paris France.” The first place He told me to go which is you know not the easiest place in the world.

Sid: No, it’s known as a very tough place for Christianity.

David:    Yeah but yet but God… we’ve seen God do awesome, awesome things.  We’d been doing glory campaigns and just everything I’m telling you is happening pretty much everywhere we go; you know there’s no difference with God where He goes.

Sid: Okay, so from there you hooked up with a tour with Christ for the Nations to go see Israel and on this tour you too had an experience in the upper room; tell me about it.

David:  Yes I was over there and we took our team and as we were there worshiping the Lord together this man ran in there a Jewish… I think he was a Messianic Jew.  He ran in there and said “Quickly pray for me I don’t know you but the Holy Spirit told me to come here I’m leaving to the nations and the Lord told me someone here would pray for me.”  So we all began praying for him; I began praying for him and the man looked at me and said “Give me a word from the Lord.”  To make a long story short, at the end we just kept worshiping the Lord and I got knocked out onto the floor by the power of God which never happens to me. I usually resist people trying to push me down but this God.  And I began weeping, weeping, weeping, weeping uncontrollably for like a couple of hours after that.  Didn’t know what was happening but something new outpouring of the Holy Spirit was coming upon my life I believe for what we are seeing today.

Sid: And then you were led to go to a renewal meeting in Toronto, Canada; what happened to you there?

David:  Oh I went there actually preached at a Methodist church; my wife’s uncle is a pastor there and I don’t think they’re Spirit Filled.  So we went there to preach in this church.  And on the way I heard about this other move in Toronto and several people told me “What don’t you go check it out?”  It was early in ’94 before it was really well known.  Got up there to check it out and I said “Wow, this is different.”  And different kind of things were happening in the meeting.  And the pastor there said “If you’re a believer or if you are a missionary or if you are a pastor or evangelist or whatever ministry come up here we would like to pray for you.”  So I went up and got prayer; got slain in the Spirit again; it felt like the same thing that I felt in the upper-room which was amazing.  But if didn’t do anything else didn’t laugh or cry or shake or whatever people do and I just felt a peace; so I thought “Well that was good been there done that.” Left, when to the Methodist Church to preach and all of a sudden the power of God exploded into that church, not only were there miracles, signs and wonders. People were just drunk in the Spirit; everything was happening.

Sid:  Now for those that aren’t familiar with drunk in the Spirit it’s not without precedence; that’s what the first Jewish believers were accused at what is known of as Pentecost Shavuot but this was just a non-Charismatic type of environment correct.

David:  Exactly, yeah they weren’t used to anything miracles or people uncontrollable joy or healings or anything like that.

Sid: Now when this first presence of God came on you in the upper-room you started to evangelizing Jewish people.

David:  Yeah, about 13 people received the Lord on that trip; the Lord told me if I would touch Israel, the apple of God’s eye He would give me the nations.  And I thought the best way to bless Israel is not just say “You know hold your fingers up and say “Peace.”  But bring them the King of Glory, Yeshua, and that would make a difference in people’s hearts.  So we had about 3 Arabs receive the Lord and about 10 Jewish people receive the Lord on that first trip.  And it led to about 5 years of non-stop revival after that trip.

Sid: David I’m featuring your book this week called “Mysteries of the Glory.” I want to read a sentence form the introduction.  “Those who seek the new will find it; while those who are content with their anointing and walk with God will not see the next move of God.”  I agree totally with that, what’s happening when people read your book because the intent is to make them hungry for the glory, and then show them actually step by step how to enter into the glory. Give me an example of someone that has read the book or sat under your teaching on the glory and what’s happened.

David:  Okay, let’s say a minister and let’s say your listing and you have a ministry and you’re thinking God I have a ministry but I want to move in a greater realm of God’s glory.  There is a difference between on your life the way I see it and the glory directly from heaven. We all have an anointing when we receive the Lord and filled with the Holy Spirit.  For instance healing; we hands on the sick and they recover but that was just the first way that start healing the sick.  Acts Chapter 2 was one wave of glory where people went out and laid hands on the sick and cast out demons and preached the gospel and people were added to the church.  But Acts 4 it was like a greater glory began to come and it says, “Lord now stretch out Your hands to heal and now let there be signs and wonders.”  So I noticed that in the glory realm as it increases there’s more signs and wonders as opposed to healings, there’s more creative miracles as opposed to just miracles.

Sid: Now, are you seeing more results instantly happen when the glory comes then when you lay hands on the sick?

David:  Yeah, well before I would only lay hands on the sick and then God told me when My glory overshadows your anointing that’s on you when that glory from above comes in yield you’re anointing to my glory. When that would happen then God would say “Don’t lay hands on them now; Acts Chapter 4 “Let me stretch out my hand directly.”  So I wouldn’t lay hands and God would say “You just say these few words of knowledge and whatever it is and tons of people.

Sid: Whoops we’re out of time.

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Sid Roth on January 9th, 2014


Sid:  My guest and friend Dr. Gary Whetstone has been a guest before and Gary told us about an encounter.  Now Gary shame on you all the years I’ve known you you’ve never told me about such a life changing encounter not just for you but every member of your church.  Not just for you and every member of church everyone that’s listening to us.  How could you’ve have kept it quiet so long?

Gary:  Oh, I’m not keeping it quiet Sid it’s shouted from the house tops.

Sid:  Okay but I wish I had known this earlier I can’t wait to make this available to my Mishpochah. You see in 2005 Gary was in Israel, my favorite country, and he was  planning to have a tour and he was doing a little video clip to encourage people to go to Israel and it’s a beautiful view and he’s looking over the I believe it was the Mount of Olives; and he and his wife Faye are telling how wonderful and by the way you are wetting my appetite to go to Israel again when you were describing what you were seeing.  But then all of a sudden he went into an open vision; just out of curiosity Gary does this happen often to you or was this a highly unusual thing?

Gary:  This was a very highly unusual event; I’ve had many visions of the Lord that are visions in spirit and consciousness where you can perceive what God is doing but you’re still aware of your environment.  But an open vision removes you from all natural senses; you are identified as a person in it but you are completely enveloped totally in an entirely different environment that God reveals.

Sid:  Now how long did this vision take?

Gary: Well, this vision only lasted maybe two minutes but it felt like it was four or five hours of it; I just felt like I was just in this.

Sid:  You know I’ve heard this happen to a lot of people where it’s short period of time but so much is downloaded in them that because they’re in a realm where there isn’t any time.  So we’re the only ones stuck with time.

Gary:  Absolutely, time is gone in the revelation of God; time is what God owns it’s not what rules Him.

Sid: Okay, tell me what this vision was, and by the way I noticed your wife was looking at you as if she understood something very significant was happening or did she?

Gary:   Faye knows when the Spirit of God is moving in my life; I mean we’re one in covenant and spirit; we’re married 41 years; we had nine months off for bad behavior but 41 years and covet marriage now and she knew God was revealing.  And so she was aware you could see in the video she’s looking over at me and I’m standing on the Mount of Olives looking over at the Eastern Wall of the Old City and all of a sudden the world just vanished.  And I watched humanity by like marching in streams of 10,000′s upon 1,000′s upon 1,000′s of people just marching.  And something was very unique with it because I could see the masses but I knew them individually. And they came from barbarous times in the very beginning and they went from the very early days of humanity like from Nomadic atmosphere of living with animal claws on and things of that nature.  And every single one of them God was speaking “Hear My voice;” and I’m watching.  I’m standing there but I’m not standing any longer on the Mount of Olives I’m standing in an open manifestation of God speaking “Hear My voice; hear My voice.”  And as I heard His voice speak to people some completely were oblivious to it and just marched on and lived their life out and I watched everyone march.  And some went into a fire they were just completely consumed.  I watched person after person whole civilizations; I watched them some very awesome things that happened where people heard the voice of God ignored Him and they built entire civilizations.  I mean built not just castles and servitude of people like a pharaoh, or one of the mullahs, or the leaders of the religious group, but the reality of God giving them the power to create an entire civilization out of their ideals and values.  As they march forward no matter how good it was, not matter how excellent it was; how much benefit it created humanity everything that God did not say was completely consumed as they walked forward.

Sid: Now did you have any insight as… this is going to be a difficult question maybe it’s too difficult, but when Christians were involved what percentage would you say of Christians are following God verses following good things with their whole lifetime?

Gary: Sid as I could see time and man through time going on this march and then I watched people that experienced the Living God; I watched them in old times; I watched them in new times as time marched on. The people that heard God and did what He said as they marched forward there was no fire they just marched on and life went into Glory they just continued.  Then I watched people that heard God and received what He said but did things their way; acted out of the natural environment; did things out of pressure, listened to the voices of others.  And they marched forward but everything they built was burnt.  I watched whole corporation’s mammoth city structures and edifices completely consumed build by believers because their works were not from God.  It wasn’t that they weren’t from God; it’s what they heard wasn’t from God; the values; the motivations the instruction path, the thought patterns that they had adopted. They wanted God to engage what they were doing but as they went on in life God kept on speaking to them “Hear My voice, hear My voice” and they just did what they wanted to do and everything they did was burnt.  The shock was these people I knew at the end; I’m coming up to the era of my life and I watched people that I knew spiritual leaders in the Body of Christ, and I watched when they heard the voice of God and they obeyed what He said and the power and the majesty and the multiplication that took place out of what they said when God spoke what He said in them and they said and God did.  And then I watched them listen to marketing plans to outreach areas to things that they could build that would enhance what they’re doing.

Sid: I have to tell you I’m in the midst of Christian religious media and it stinketh as King James would say; but most people are doing these things.

Gary: Yeah, and that’s exactly what I’m watching; I’m watching people at the end of this vision that I know and I’m shocked in my spirit because I’m seeing where they went off and how when they marched through life I watched some of them completely have everything burnt. They themselves went on into God but what they built was burnt, even though it had the name of Jesus.

Sid: You know we have one life; who would want everything you worked for your whole life whether you have a gigantic ministry or whether you’re a layman standing up for Jesus; who would want your whole life’s work burnt?

Gary:  Sid, this is so serious in the spirit, I mean my life shock to the core of my being as I’m watching and I’m seeing people that I knew.  The most incredible overwhelming thing that happened at the end of this I saw myself and I’m walking; I’m hearing God’s voice and God is taking me as I’m watching myself through time and there’s myriads of people when God speaks to me; there’s plethora of people being affected by what God says.  Then I watched me listening to the voices of men that I trust but the voices that they were speaking from was not the voice of God.  It was a voice of reason, it was a voice of logic, it was a voice of how it works in this world.

Sid: You know what scares me so many believers are led by prophets and prophesy rather than the Spirit of God.  Who says those prophets or the prophecy is even God.

Gary:  Oh, that is so critical I mean I just I shook when I watched myself because I knew when I watched that if wasn’t God speaking.  And your answer to that question is you can never follow prophecy, you can only follow the written word of God and the voice of God in your spirit.  If by some grace that God has given a person that speak to edification, exhortation or comfort it is accurate it will always confirm, it will never lead you.

Sid: And that’s the key it confirms it’s under the New Covenant; under the Old Covenant we needed prophets.

Gary:  Yeah.

Sid: Now we need prophets only to confirm.

Gary:   To confirm, to encourage us, to comfort us, to empower us.  But we cannot rely on man; we cannot have our confidence in flesh.  I don’t care how glorious and how powerful, how effective God uses them out confidence must be in Christ Himself…

Sid: Okay bottom line, because we’re running out of time right now Gary before you started teaching this to others you implemented in your own life.  Tell me two or three bullet points of the changes that occurred in your life very quickly.

Gary: Well what happened when I saw that God was speaking and I did things that God didn’t say; I built things God didn’t say build.  I came back to America when we came back from Israel and we shut down.  I closed churches, I sold buildings, I shut departments of ministry down; I cut all kinds of things off because I knew where they came from.  I knew that the origin of the information that I was acting on as much as I wanted God to bless it God was not speaking it.

Sid: Okay, because of time we’ll pick up here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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Sid Roth on January 2nd, 2014

Lance Wallnau

Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Dr. Lance Wallnau. I’m speaking to him at his home in Cranston, Rhode Island. Just before we went on the air, and it’s too good Mishpochah for you to miss it, I took Lance back to 1975. He was on a 40 day fast and someone gave him a prophetic word. Which has literally, it startled him, but put a bit of destiny into him. Tell me about that prophetic word Lance.

Lance: Well you can imagine, let’s see I am 48 now so that’s a while back in my 20’s, at a Full Gospel Businessman’s meeting in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The speaker is Burt Singer who spent his missionary career in Israel. He comes bounding off the platform and grabs me by the hand and says “Yong man God is going to use you to reach your people.” Curious thing was my father has a Jewish background but he had hidden that from me. So I looked him and I said “I’m going to be reaching Episcopalians?” [Laughing]

Sid: [Laughing]

Lance: He shook his head “No you’re going to reach Jewish people.” I said “Why would I be reaching Jewish people?” He said “I want you to go home and talk to you father and ask him about you.” So I thought “Well okay.” So I called my dad up who was an attorney in Philadelphia. I said “Dad I had a crazy experience. This missionary from Israel comes and tells me I’m going to reach my people the Jews.” There was an awkward silence. [Laughing] He says to me “Maybe you want to come home we’ll talk about that.”

Sid: [Laughing]

Lance: Home I went. My dad got up and shut the study door and he explained to me his life growing up in the south and how persecution, he wasn’t a believer at that point either; I got a chance to pray with him later. He explained how persecution cost he had seen it hurt many of his friends and careers. So he made a decision that he would marry a Gentile and that he would try to distance himself from the repercussions of the Jewish roots. Then he went on to say something interesting Sid; he said “You’ll always know there’s a part of you that is Jewish; for the first moment in my life somewhat mystical spiritual if you will. There’s a part of you I can’t explain where it is you’ll just know it, and you’ll always resonate with Jewish people. Then he said this salient warning “Whatever you do don’t tell your brothers you found this out by sovereign circumstances I’d like them to discover this on their own. If you don’t mind I’d like you to respect their privacy.” So now that I’m on the radio it’s out of the bag.  [Laughing]

Sid: [Laughing] Oh for sure! Okay, now you had a couple of more supernatural things happen in reference to this call, and it is a call. You were in swimming pool in Israel and what happened?

Lance: I was in Arad, Israel and I had gone down to visit some friends and family down there. When I was there in the pool I was disappointed because I thought there would be some kind of divine appointments, receptivity to the gospel; I didn’t know what to expect I was looking for a rendezvous with destiny with my own background. As I was in the Holy Spirit came upon me and I saw children splashing and He spoke to me and said “The day they become the generation in control of Israel is the day you will see the move of God they will be receptive to Messiah.” It was so clear to me that I looked and I thought “Woe” so they’re about 5 years of age 6 years of age playing in the pool. I made a note of that. Frankly Sid I hadn’t really talked about it till you brought it up.

Sid: What I said to Lance, Mishpochah, is that I recently had been to Israel and witnessed with my own eyes a move of God’s Spirit. I mean I’ll never forget this one Jewish woman because over 50 Jewish people in 2 nights made first time professions of faith in the history of modern day Israel, this is unprecedented. One Jewish woman said to me, and here’s the exciting thing Lance, after she received the Messiah she said “For 3 months before this meeting I’ve been thinking about Jesus.” So what I’m saying is yes I’m a 5-fold evangelist, yes I move in signs and wonders, but everything is God’s timing and God went ahead of me on this trip. Then I have friends, I told Lance this, that have… for native born Israelis it’s only in Hebrew and in his congregation for the first time every Shabbat one or more Jewish people are coming to the Lord. God is even opened up a door in the land of Israel for me to go back this year where potentially there will be 25,000 I think mostly young, get that Lance, Israelis that potentially could come to know the Messiah. Literally the world is in turmoil over what’s going on in the land of Israel. We’re talking about “Should there be 2 states. Should there not be 2 states. What to do with the Palestinians situation? What to do with the Israel?” In the meantime God is up to something on His own track. I am so excited… Oh but there’s one more thing that God told you about what you’d be doing with this generation of Israeli’s that are coming the Lord.

Lance: Yeah you know Sid the day after the pool incident I was in the Sea of Galilee in a tour boat and I was praying for Israel. I was thinking “If this isn’t the generation Lord when is that generation coming?” The next thing the Lord said to me, and these are the 2 times that He spoke while I was in Israel. He said “Lance that generation when it comes of age is going to be receptive to my prophetic voice and to the laying on of hands. You will return to Israel lay your hands upon that generation and help set them in position as the end time army.”

Sid: Well I’ll tell you Lance it is now! So you be seeking from God as to the circumstances of getting back in that land because I tell you this is God’s time for mercy on Israel.

Lance: My God.

Sid: I believe it’s also God’s time for mercy on Muslims. I can’t say this by experience but I can say this by faith, I believe when Paul talks about the One New Man the wall of separation coming down there cannot be a more graphic representation of that when Jews and Muslims become one in Messiah.

Lance: Hallelujah.

Sid: Lance, I want to take you back to another providential time, 911 most people believe that was a change in our whole way in life in the United States and even the world. Where were you on 911?

Lance: I was in Kona, Hawaii at a high level management training conference with about 2,000 people from all over the world including Palestinians and Israelis.

Sid: That must have been quite a time emotionally for everyone involved in that meeting when you found out about it. Then you heard about a story of a group of corporate executives trapped in an elevator in the World Trade Center.

Lance: You can imagine this Sid we had people that were right live playing voice messages from people from people that were coworkers of theirs that did not attend the seminar they were back trapped in the World Trade Center. One of the stories that emerged from that experience, which is worth observing, is 4 bankers had got into an elevator along with a window washer. Around the 58th floor, I think it was the 2nd building, and as they were going down the elevator the elevator jammed and froze and the lights went out as soon as the plane hit the building. So these 4 bankers, world financial experts, and a window washer were all in the dark hearing the yelling in the halls and things like this. Of course immediately everybody went to do what they could do in order to get out of the situation. The bankers were on the cell phones trying to call management and get data. The window washer on the other hand looked at the door and began to pry it open with the mop. As he broke the mop… he opened the door and then as the door opened he realized that the wall in front of him was solid, it froze between floors, so now he’s stuck at drywall. The bankers are still looking in dismay trying to contact people on the phone; the window washer then breaks the mop down to the metal handle and begins to pound on the wall to see if he can locate a hollow place. Then he notices the top of a number 2 at the bottom of the doorway. He says I believe they were putting in a men’s room on the 52nd floor. So he pounds down there and sure enough there is a hollow sound. He uses the metal handle on the mop carves a hole about one and half feet square and crawls through under the sink in the men’s room. Pulls his hand out and starts pulling these bankers through one at a time leads them through the smoke to the stairway where they all made it out of the building and survived. The power of that moment is the description of what I call a classic case of emotional intelligence in action. It’s the ability of people to recognize that in the situation they’re in they have choices, they have options, and whatever state they are in they will determine how resourceful they are. As that story came to me I realized the church, the Christian, the believer, has shifted into an age of terror, an age of fear. While we have a parenthesis around it here in the United States what happened in Great Britain is a wakeup call, but we’re not that far away from trauma within 24 hours. The church must be a people who have such an understanding of the time, and such a walk in the anointing that they can be the people in the elevator of life who utilize God given direction to find a way of salvation for those they are about to take with them.

Sid: I have to tell you, your teaching that we’re making available this week “In a Heartbeat” is so essential for these last times. What did God tell you about this teaching?

Lance: Well basically what He told me was is that His people as a whole have been taught, they have not been trained. The difference between teaching and training, is the difference between what you heard in school and what you do under pressure. This experience in Hawaii then the training I was going through that stage in my life convinced me that we as believers have got to go from information into application. We’ve got to be people to have the skills to manifest the supernatural and not merely delight in the dialogue about it.

Sid: The thing that is so exciting to me is you teach us how we can move from the circumstance that looks so bad into the Spirit realm, and that’s where you got the title for this teaching series “In a Heartbeat.”

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Sid Roth on December 27th, 2013


Sid: My guest Apostle Maldonado and we’re teaching this week on one of the most misunderstood areas which is separating you from being a demonstrator of God’s power to being just someone that has a lot of information inside of your head.  Guillermo you told me that it’s revelation that causes the miracles.  Give us some revelation; teach us some revelation on the kingdom of God and the resurrection.

Guillermo:  Okay, 2 things Sid, I thank you Sid.  Actually 2 things are very important to understand the prerequisite for God to demonstrate power is revelation not information because God would not have allowed for his power to be based on fallen knowledge.  I can give you any kind of knowledge natural knowledge is what I call fallen knowledge and I cannot produce power.  One of the reason we don’t see the demonstration today is because number one there is no revelation; people have information on the Kingdom and after they preach that’s where you draw the line nothing happened.  Second they don’t want to take a risk they don’t want to risk their reputation, they too big.  Number three they don’t want to pay the price; I think those three things are very important to understand why there is no demonstration.  Let me give you a very quick revelation about what the Kingdom; where’s the Kingdom?  The word Kingdom is the word Vasalia which means government which means rule.  In other words it’s God’s rule; God’s dominion worship and will influence the earth.  I’m going to say it again; it’s just the government of God is an invisible government is not something that is visible and that’s why Luke 17:20 and 21 says “You’re not going to see the Kingdom and ask for observation.”  In other words you’re not going to see the Kingdom as a building but you’re going to see it…”  And Jesus said “But the Kingdom is within you.”  What does that mean?  It’s inside of us by through the Holy Spirit. So it’s an invisible Kingdom; number one it’s an invisible Kingdom and invisible government.  And when I’m saying government that means it has its rules, norms, constitution which is the Word of God.  So the Kingdom of God first of the Kingdom is a kingdom is a supernatural Kingdom, it’s above and it’s beyond any circumcise.  If you’re facing any circumstance right now there is a Kingdom within you don’t wait for me to pray, don’t wait for somebody else.  The Kingdom is within you; that invisible government is in you through the Holy Spirit.  So it is supernatural; what does that mean?  Supernatural means above and beyond; you can be above and not beyond.  You can be beyond but not above; but the supernatural Kingdom the supernatural of God is above and beyond sickness, beyond deception, beyond devils, demons, beyond fear, beyond depression. So this Kingdom, this government is within the believer.  Luke 17:20–21.  Number two it’s unshakeable kingdom; if you live in obedience, if you walk in obedience there’s nothing can touch you.  And Sid this is important for people to understand, anything that is established by a supernatural means cannot be shaken.  I’m going to say it again; “Anything that is established by supernatural means cannot be shaken.”  So if you see anything shaking today if your marriage is shaking if something is shaking denominations are shaking many things.  In fact economies are shaking because it was not established by supernatural means.  So the Kingdom of God is supernatural, the Kingdom of God is unshakeable and number thee the Kingdom, the government of God is also not in words but in power.  And that is the big difference today; we know good preaching, we come to church looking for good preaching and they say “Oh my God that Word was good.” but now what happened after they preached did they demonstrate it.  In America we don’t have any pressure of the man to demonstrate anything because we live in a free country, there’s no demand from people as a matter of fact we used to live without the power; we are used to live without the power for so long that we don’t miss it that demonstration we don’t want the demonstration.  We don’t miss that demonstration so the Kingdom of God is not in words but in power.  If you see any Kingdom being preached without demonstration that tells you that it is a motivational kingdom.  God never sent the church to preach without demonstration; in other words….

Sid: You know I’m reminded that, not yours, but some of the most successful churches in the United States teach mostly motivational, positive thinking, they work scripture in it but there are no signs and wonders and people flock to it.  Why would people flock to that when they could flock to where the power is being taught so they can walk in the power?

Guillermo: Okay, I tell you because Sid because again this is to what we are used to live without the presence and the power of God and we think the Word is the most important.  But what about when Jesus said this is what Jesus said “You Pharisee’s you err the word of God and the power of God.”  That tells you we must be a church of the Word, and church of the power, but today the majority of the believers in this country, and even in other countries that have been Sid they don’t bring any expectation for demonstration for the supernatural.  They don’t have any so when there’s no demand for demonstration for the supernatural Sid God will not supply.   

Sid: I want to whet the appetite of people that are listening to us.  Tell me about the person who got a creative miracle I’ve read in my notes someone had a new thyroid.

Guillermo:  Okay I was preaching in Peru maybe 15,000 people, people were coming from everywhere.  And this little girl came into the place into the building and brought her mother brought her in.  And there was a moment when the power of the Kingdom fell onto the place into the building.  And suddenly this little girl was on the fourth floor she was I mean in the building and she was missing the thyroid gland. And suddenly she felt something in her throat. One of my best doctors, which is a Cuban doctor they always certify those kind of miracles they got the instruments to check and the whole thing.  And this little girl came up with her mother; they were running to the altar, they were weeping and they said “Well, you know something happened and I tell my doctor “You check them out.”  And went and checked her out; came back and the Lord had created a new thyroid gland.  In other words instantly one miracle it happened there.

Sid: Tell me about your brand new book “The Kingdom of Power” subtitle “How to Demonstrate It Here and Now.”

Guillermo: Okay, I believe Sid, remember when Jesus said in the book of Matthew He said “Yours…” He ends the Abba Father prayer saying this. “Yours is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory.”  And those three realms of God and that is what the Bible is, you know He the revelation is so much in those three things.  And I have written on the glory, I have written on the supernatural and the power, and the Lord said “I want you to complete those in “The Kingdom.”  Because the Kingdom is the government of God, the power is the ability of that government and the glory is the atmosphere of Heaven.  So what I’m trying to tell you is the Kingdom is God, the Kingdom must be built so we need the glory and need the power to build the Kingdom of God because the Kingdom is forever being expanded on Earth.  So it’s a book that I teach the people how to; anyone that believes that God is alive today and take the books and start reading on it they can start doing the miracles and signs and wonders.  And Sid this is not just to tell the people buy it, I got 1000′s in 50 countries; they have read my books and they read it and the moment they read it they put it into practice because revelation puts you into motion.  It activates what is dormant in you; it stimulates that you said “My God I want to do it; I want to do it I want to pray for the sick, I want to move in power.”  Not only receiving your miracle because most of the Christians today they are just looking for the blessing.  Well, that’s good God wants to heal you now but once you’ve been healed you’re healed God wants you to pray for somebody else.

Sid: You know we probably don’t have time but real briefly tell me about the young man in Mexico who is a Youth Pastor.  His congregation started at about 83 he sat under the teaching that we’re making available and now he has 4,000 youth and the Youth Pastor and his wife put a phone up to a 12 year old boy whose mother had just died and the phone was by the mother and tell me what happened when she spoke in the phone.

Guillermo: Well, you know he had applied what I had taught him.  I said “I want you to rebuke the spirit of death and then you release the power of the resurrection.”  And Sid and this kind of people the supernatural and the power the supernatural power is very normal. The Youth Pastor and his wife rebuked the spirit of death.  That woman came to life in that precise moment; and this kind of miracle brought so many people saying “Well, this is for real.”  And the youth group started growing and growing and growing to the point now they got 4,000 people.  And now Sid not only is the growth 1000′s of those 4,000 people they moving in the power; they….

Sid: I want the people listening to us right now to move in that power.

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Sid Roth on December 17th, 2013


SID: So God tells Freddie that he’s going to have a voice like Caruso. And all of a sudden, his first voice teacher is one of the best teachers and artists from the Metropolitan, and what did he say about you?

FREDDY: Well Jerome said that basically he’d take me as a student, and he thought I had one of the greatest tenor voices since Caruso and Gigli, and some of those guys in Italy.

SID: What was his name?

FREDDY: Jerome Hines.

SID: You’ve heard of him, haven’t you? Famous, famous opera singer. Well so you’re at home with your wife Annie eating beans and rice with compliments like that, and you get offered to sing for the world at $20,000 a night. What would you do? What did you do?

FREDDY: Well we [unintelligible], at the time I wasn’t sure.

SID: Come on.

FREDDY: It’s hard to turn that down when you’re reading beans and rice, and you have two young girls. But I said, you know, God promised, I promised God a covenant with Him that I would always use my voice to sing His glory, of His glory, and so I just decided, no. And then a week later, I was kind of depressed.

SID: Twenty-thousand a night.

FREDDY: I was like, Lord, where art thou? And so, you know, I had a wife and children to feed. So I got call a week later out of the blue, people I didn’t know from Nashville, now called Sony Christian label, and they said, “We’d like to fly you over to record with one of the greatest singers in the world with the London Symphony and you can sing all the great hymns.

SID: You see, pay attention to God. Father knows what’s best. So tell me about the Al-Qaida terrorist.

FREDDY: Well we wrote these songs and we really prophesied instead of singing them under the anointing prayer and fasting, and these beautiful songs we put together with these great writers and myself all over the world. And so they’re really wedges, spiritual wedges where, you know, in the 1040 window, where in the Muslim world, you can have [unintelligible], you know. This music goes into these places. And so someone got a pirated version, thank you pirate, it’s okay in Afghanistan. And the man calls us up on one of those cell phones you used to see [unintelligible] using. And he calls up and he’s like, on the delay, he’s like, very bad English, and he says, “I’ve been to the throne. I’ve been to the throne.” He says, “I have seen Jesus.” He says, “I have seen God.” He says, “I want to be saved.” And he says, “I am with terrorist group and we work with Taliban in Afghanistan.” So I was like, wow. I was like, okay, I’ll talk to you, you know. And he goes, “We were planning,” they were planning a mission the next morning against our troops.

SID: My goodness. Now have, have you heard, have others heard angels singing along with you?

FREDDY: Well you know, in the Great Awakening John Wesley did in one of his meetings. So I was reading that one day, and I said, “Lord, I’d like that to happen to me.” And were at a meeting at a church in Manchester, New Hampshire, big church, a few thousand people. And the Shekhinah Glory fell and an angel was prophesying, and singing with me on the stage, you know. And a man saw this who was an unsaved attorney from Boston, and he fell and rolled on the floor. We thought we’d have to call EMT to get him worked on. We thought he was having a heart attack. And the man actually saw a 20-foot angel in the meeting. And they saw actual Shekhinah Glory fall in the meeting. And so we were just grateful to God. It was real easy.

SID: Okay. I want you to go to that music set because I believe the angels want to worship right along with you. And this song is called, “The Epiphany” and this is his encounter with the Throne Room of God. And I believe that as you worship God the angels will be worshipping with you. And remember Jacob’s Ladder? Get ready to receive. Studio audience, stand up and reach towards the heavens, and you at home, you do the same.

FREDDY [music, singing]: I see you Shekhinah all around you, adoring angels praise you before your throne. And I sing glory, glory in the highest and a rainbow around the throne of God. And … longing for your presence when you love … for… and we will shout for joy for he has touched his glory, his glory, his glory. After the vision and upon returning the earthly realm… eyes are open to see… peaceful realm of glory… oh how He loves you and He wants you to be with him for all eternity… You are as bright… for Him. [talking] Millions of faces… clear as quartz, eyes glazing like coals, emerald rainbow. The King gazes down and transforms, shining in a sea of glass. You can hear His glory…

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