Sid Roth on December 10th, 2013


Sid: My guest Don Gossett from Blaine, Washington I’m speaking to him by way of telephone.  He is just a prolific writer because one he knew some of the greatest healing evangelist in the history of planet earth. Most of them were in their hay day if you will in the 1950′s.  He traveled with them; he got to know them.  And he also for how many years have you been in ministry?

Don:  I’ve been in ministry for over 50 years.

Sid: Well, for 50 years he has grabbed hold of what God’s word has to say about healing. We were talking on yesterday’s broadcast about William Freeman and how he had a visitation of an angel.  But you know something, I believe that if someone just takes the reaching in your book “The Power of Your Words” they’re going to start just an average person without a visitation of an angel are going to start walking in the miraculous.

Don:  I believe that with all my heart.

Sid: And your teaching has much more than just miracles it’s anything that we need from the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  Now why did you pick E.W. Kenyon’s teaching to go along with yours?  I’ve never seen a book like this before where it’s a chapter by you with “The Power of Words” and then E.W. Kenyon. Why did you pick E.W. Kenyon?

Don:  In my opinion it was one of the most profound Bible teachers and his insight to the word was just so transforming. Many years ago back in the 1950′s as I had begun to read his 16 different books that he had left for posterity; I went to the offices of his ministry and that ministry continues on today very strongly here not far from my office here.  And it’s amazing how a man who went to be with the Lord in March of 1948 past 80 years of age that his ministry has lived very strongly and 1000′s of the people order his books every month, not every year but every month.  It’s an incredible testimony to the power of the printed page when the Lord has put His hand upon something so powerful.  I asked his daughter Ruth who carried on his ministry after Dr. Kenyon’s home going I said “I’ve read many of the writings by evangelical authors, Pentecost authors, charismatic writers, but I’ve never read anyone that had such an insight to God’s word as Dr. Kenyon.  And she said “I can tell you why the answer to that.  If you lived in my home, his home as I did she said the open Bible was all over the home.  She said “He was continually in the word; she said one of the sweetest memories I have is when my dad would be up in the morning and maybe he’d be shaving he was fully dressed except he hadn’t put his shirt on but he was standing at the door would be slightly cracked from him just standing there shaving and he had the open Bible before him and she said “He would get so caught up with insight to God ‘s word that he would break into beautiful rejoicing and tears flowing into the shaving lather.  Well, she shared with me many different accounts like that and he was a man of the word, and lived in the word.  And when I got a hold of the insight that God had given him on the what we call the confession of faith, the speaking forth principal the letting God’s word prevail in not only prevailing in your heart but speaking it with your mouth. To me it revolutionized my life dramatically, I mean I learned that this was the word of faith as Romans 10:8 says “The words nigh you in your mouth and in your heart that’s the word that we preach.” That is the Spirit of Faith according to 2nd Corinthians 4:13 “We then also having the same Spirit of Faith as it is written; I believe therefore I’ve spoken; we believe therefore that we speak.”  So the clear Bible teaching over and over I just quoted a couple of different references but many places where it reveals that faith operates first of all in the believing heart and then with the confessing mouth.  And that’s the reason that the truth of “The Power of Yours Words” has been so relevant and has transferred the lives of multitudes.  I want to say it with a whole heart that putting in the hands of any of your listeners Sid the book “The Power of Your Words” could have revelatory affects.  It could be to the glory of God it can make people who are spiritual pigmy giants for God. And I just say that with a sincere heart and based upon the fact that this book has just been so used by God and I’m grateful.

Sid: Well, as far as I’m concerned there’s a lot of things that people can read these days but someone should grab hold of this book and read it over and over because it’s mostly scripture. There’s such a presence of God on your writing and E.W. Kenyan’s writing.  Just so people get to know you just a little bit I understand that you went to India one time and a man had a boy in his arms and he came running towards you screaming “My child is dead.”  Tell me about that.

Don:  Yes this happened in northern India; we went there for this crusade.  The organizers said to us don’t expect more than about 500 people.  They said “Unlike your ministry where you preach to 10′s and 1000′s it’s very different and difficult here.”  Well the very first night about a 1000 people were there.  In fact it caused pastors and leaders to rejoice and I was preaching that night on the blood of Jesus and there came a disturbance in the audience.  Most of the people were seated on the ground and a man and a woman anxiously stood up holding a little child in their arms.  They began to shake the child vigorously and then another woman poured water on the little boy. Suddenly the parents came rushing toward the platform.  This little child lying limply in their arms; they were very agitated and frightened.  It was a Dr. Daniels stepped in and he met the anguished family; it was very emotionally the father dropped to his knees and began to wail in Hindi though I didn’t understand what he was saying. He was saying those words “My child is dead, my child is dead!”  Well, the parents I learned had brought their little sick son to ask for healing; he was running a dangerously high fever.  Then after some Dr. Daniel’s said that he had been dead for more than 10 minutes for sure.  There was suddenly no pulse, no breath.  The child didn’t respond to any stimulus he was dead.  But from the platform I watched this traumatic scene in amazement and I was waiting for the interpreter to explain to me what was going on.  And then we learned the child has died.  Then they came to ask what they should do so I asked all the audience to stand with me and stretch forth their hands for this little boy.  I then prayed a strong prayer of faith and within about 30 seconds later there was a shout of praise from the workers surrounding the boy.  A great buzz of excitement swept through the crowd but I was still waiting for the interpretation and then I was told what had happened.  The little boy was dead for about 10 minutes; Dr. Daniels confirmed that he was dead.  Jesus Christ has touched him; he’s very much alive now.  And think God the word spread throughout that Hindu community like wildfire that a boy has been raised from the dead by the power of Jesus Christ.   Well, the next night more than 10,000 Hindu’s were present at the crusade and it was quite easy to give the Savior’s invitation. And I said to them “I know that you’re here tonight because you heard about this little boy here being raised from the dead, but it’s not the fact that he was raised from the dead that will save your soul.  Your faith must be in the fact that Jesus Christ was crucified, buried and raised from the dead on the 3rd day.  And you must confess with your mouth Jesus Christ as your Lord and believe in your heart God raised Him from the dead and you’ll be saved.” And so that night most of those 10,000 people acknowledged their need of Jesus Christ. I led them in a simple prayer where I said “I renounce all other gods and goddesses, I forsake all my idols and I receive Jesus Christ by faith as my personal Savior.  And I confess Jesus as the only Lord of my life.” Thank God that’s what happened and the results were quite remarkable for the glory of God.

Sid: Now there was one meeting that I understand you had that 17 deaf people either completely deaf or deaf in one ear came forward to be healed.  How many of them were healed?

Don: Well, all 17 of them. I was in a service recently in Texas where a pastor was in that service and the dedication of a beautiful new church.  He wanted to lift up the fact of the authority of the Name of Jesus as he saw exemplified in that service in Champa, India right near the Burma border where I… it happens of course 100′s of times where people who were totally deaf in one or both ears received perfect hearing. This has not been just an isolated occasion but happened everywhere all over the world as a sign of Jesus’ presence being manifested.  For the Bible says He’s does all things well; where He makes the deaf to hear the dumb to speak.  And we’ve seen that happen so often; not only the dead raised but we’ve seen the blind receive sight and the deaf hearing.

Sid: Now Don is there a special gift you operate under or could any born again believer move in this type of healing?

Don: Any born again believer who has confidence in the Name of Jesus.  I usually say that the reason I was convinced my heroes of faith Katherine Kuhlman, William Branham; TL Osborn these are the people that I associated with and was connected for those years.  The reason they were so effective for God is they operate in 3 principals, authority, boldness and compassion.  And any believer, any sincere Christian can operate in this same authority, boldness, and compassion.  And I thank God for that, it’ll happen for anyone that will dare to take their rights.

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Sid Roth on December 6th, 2013


Sid: One new humanity and when you can understand this then you can step out of all the  generational cures going all the way back to Adam. And when you can understand the blessings through revelation knowledge that your supposed to walk into.  I don’t know anyone that can teach you better than Dr. Francis Myles.  On yesterday’s broadcast we found out that Francis was literally wasting away, he was under 100 pounds.  It was painful, he went to doctors, they couldn’t help him; he went to witchdoctors and they couldn’t help him. One night he literally his spirit leaves his body and starts moving up out of his body. And I imagine the freedom you felt Francis had to be so phenomenal when you slipped out of your earth suit.  What was that freedom like?

Francis:  Oh, Sid it was freedom of freedom; you know you have never been any more alive.  I’ve never been any more alive than when I was in that moment; because we have… people don’t realize that we have just how much our fallen human body has been glorified because you know our body will eventually be glorified.  But our spirit has already ascended when you’re born again into becoming one with the Messiah.

Sid: Okay so you’re slipping up and then a golden hand reaches out because you’re involved in warfare with a top demon; a demon prince.  And you don’t know what to do and this golden hand reaches out and then what happens?

Francis:  So this golden hand reaches out and what I see about the golden hand is there is a nail imprint, you know a big hole where you could see that was a nail imprint.  And I knew instantly this was the hand of the Lord the Messiah. It stays up in the air and as soon as it stayed up in the air the Lord begins to talk to me.  He says to me “Son this is a demonic prince who was assigned to kill you before your time; but you will live and not die.”  And all of a sudden He’s talking to me this demonic prince lashes for me and so we begin to go into a wrestling match right in the presence of the hand of God; of the hand of the Messiah and the glory of God surrounded this entire event.  But again there’s no fear inside of me; while I was fighting this demonic prince it’s that the battle is 50/50 he can’t overpower me, I can’t overpower him.  But there’s no fear in me and then all of a sudden a door opens in the middle of the Messiah and a door opens and a scroll comes out.

Sid: A scroll came out and then what?

Francis:  A scroll comes out a blue scroll comes out of His golden hand; a door just opens up in the middle of His hand a door opens up and a scroll comes out.  And then He speaks to me He says “Son, use My word and the scroll comes out and Sid it went right from the top of my head into the word.  The word went right from my… I caught it; when the scroll came I caught it and the scroll when into me.  I mean completely filled me up and all of a sudden you must remember when this encounter is happening I’m only one month born again.  So I’m a baby in Christ when it comes to the Word.  So the only scripture I know is John 3:16 that’s the only one that I could memorize.  “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever shall believe Him shall not perish.”  That’s the only scripture I know Sid at this point and so I say it; it comes up and I say it.  I was shocked to see the authority of the word.  I was shocked to see the authority of the word, all of a sudden when I said it there was a lightning.  I mean a lightning from one end of the heavens to the next and then it thundered, I’m telling you it’s almost like if you’ve ever had a thunderstorm you multiply that thunderstorm by a million times.  The sound of it was paralyzing I thought everybody in the neighborhood is going to jump out of bed it’s so powerful.  The next moment all I know is that the demonic prince is fallen to my feet lying prostrate before me shaking, shaking literally the demon was shaking from head to toe with fear and I could smell his fear.

Sid: So you’re telling me that demon was afraid of the Word of God.

Francis:  He was afraid of the Word of God because before the Word our fight was 50/50 he couldn’t bring me down, I couldn’t bring him down.  But as soon as the Lord said “Son take the Word,” when the Word came into me and I just quoted just one verse that you don’t even associate with spiritual warfare you know.  Most people we know about that as a salvation scripture but very rarely could you associate John 3:16 to fight a demon but that was what God used.

Sid: The Word is so powerful and you as a baby believer you began to understand.  So the demon shakes and runs away in fear from the Word of God; you slip back into your body, and I understand that before this experience you were under 100 pounds and you were wasting away, you were in horrible pain; sores are all over your body.  When you got back into your body what happened to your sickness?

Francis:  Oh my God as soon as I got back in the body I woke up and I knew instantly something was different about my body.  The pain that I’d lived with for 3 years constantly unyielding was gone Sid, you know and the boils began to slowly wear away; by the morning…

Sid: The boils were all gone by the morning?

Francis:  By the morning everything was gone.

Sid: I’ll tell you the impact that that had on you you end up in Bible school. You have a problem.  They have a camp meeting and it’s a bunch of white pastors and you’ve had so much discrimination in your life you don’t want anything to do with it; but God had something else in mind.  You get up and you go to pray you’re in a nice hotel just before you’re going to speak.  You don’t know what to do except give these white pastors the business for being so anti-black and so insensitive to you.  And all of a sudden you’re praying and you see a white couple right by you what happened?

Francis:  Oh yes, you know I have gone through incredible racial prejudice as a black man living at a Bible college which was all white for the most part and this is in South Africa.  So what ends up happening is that I become very very bitter towards white people.  I mean extremely bitter and in my hatred for white people my unforgiveness rises. So one of my white pastors calls me and says “One of the All White Pastors Conferences in Johannesburg; and they asked me to speak but I declined and I offered your name and you’re going to be in my spot would you like to go?”  And I’m like “Glory to God because I’m thinking this God vindication of my treatment and I’m going to tell these while pastors what they should have been hearing.”  I mean it was not going to be a gracious Messianic message about the love of God; I was a bitter man.  But on our way to the white Pastors Conference my friend had an idea he said “I want to treat you to a Five Star Hotel in a game park and so we get over there. Fast forward in the evening I feel like I need to go and pray and I’m praying in the bushes of this hotel that’s surrounded with national impact.  I become aware that I’m being washed behind me and I turn around and it was this white couple, and so what I did I just kept quiet I said “Well, I kept quiet, if I kept quiet they’ll just past me and they’ll just go on their way.”  And so and instead 2 minutes go by and they’re watching me and I’m like “God, why are they watching me, why are they watching me and they just pass by me and they go on their way?”  And the Holy Spirit said “That’s because they’re stuck by My power on that spot.”  He said “I will not let them pass you until you minister to them prophetically.”  Sid I was so bad, I said “No to the Holy Ghost” I said “No, I’m not going to do that,” these are the white people, these are the people that have hurt me, why do want me to minister to these people that have hurt me.”  And you know I gave all kinds of excuses, and the Holy Spirit said “No son you have to minister to them.”  And then instantly I had a vision, as I’m arguing with the Holy Spirit I have a prophetic vision.  I see the woman coming out of the doctor’s office and she’s crying and the Holy Spirit said “This man you see, this man you see is here at this resort to comfort his dear wife because this week the doctor told her she will never be able to bare children and she always wanted to be a mother, ‘but you are a prophet. If you pray for her and prophesy the Word of the Lord over her; I will heal her and I will give her a baby boy.’ and I saw another vision she’s holding a beautiful white baby boy.”  This is not what I was expecting, this was not what I wanted but that’s what is happening.

Sid: So you you’re ready to give this prophetic word and pray for them to have a child and after the devastating news they got.  And because of his prejudice he says “No.”  However, a little later the Holy Spirit forces you to go back to him and he said “Yes.”  And you pray for him and what happened?

Francis: Oh yeah, and so when he finally said “Yes, after he said “No and after he said “Yes.” As I’m looking at them all of a sudden did I feel like a vial of liquid love, a vial of    liquid love is being poured from my forehead.  It feels like it was the most overpowering love I’ve ever felt.

Sid: I’ll tell you what, hold that thought we’ll pick up there on tomorrow’s broadcast.  But I can feel that liquid love just as you’re talking about it.

Francis:  (Laughing)

Sid: But the revelation that you have I’ve read lots of teaching on breaking generational curses.  But I have never ever seen such a complete supernatural way of breaking these curses.  They’re not just broken but they’re permanently broken.  It’s not just the curses it’s all of them and then you can get rid of this sickness and family problems and even people’s destiny have been robbed by these curses.

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Sid Roth on November 29th, 2013


SID: Amazing. Between three and 10,000 years ago, our civilization had electricity. How, L.A., is this possible?

L.A.: These stones in my chart, that we just talked about, the stone base of the Catholic Church, had electric properties or highly polished surfaces. They were carved from a quarry, in some cases, granite, a number of cases, anthrocite. These are just stones. And they’re able to sort of like crystal radios in the 20s and the 30s. That’s similar because they conduct electricity. What we believe is that there was an ancient grid system over this planet at one point with points of connectivity. This grid system may have been used not only as a communication, but perhaps to control the weather to bring rain in, all sorts of things.

SID: How could they have all this sophistication? I mean, just sophistication without a wheel moving the blocks. What explanation do you have?

L.A.: Well you have two. You have one, which is the extraterrestrial that they came from Zeta Reticula, which of course, I don’t believe in. The one I hold to and hold to very fast and diligently is we are looking at fallen angel technology. And we get some of this in the Book of Enoch, which tells us that they came and showed the secrets of Heaven to the men and women of Earth.

SID: Tell me about in the United States, in Ohio, the great circle mound. First, explain what is.

L.A.: The circle henge is a mound. It’s a very large circle, over 1,250 feet in diameter.

SID: The word “henge” means—

L.A.: Henge means this. It’s a circle, but it also has a waterway in the inside. And the construction of this is incredible because at least this particular henge dates about 3000, 3500 years ago, which again, fits the timeline of a diaspora when Joshua and Caleb were moving into with the Israelites, into the Promised Land and the Nephilim scattered. They show up there about 3000, 3500 years ago in the Ohio Valley. They create this circle, this henge with a body of water in the middle of it. In the center of it, excavations prove that there was an altar and they found human remains on the altar. And that’s huge.

SID: Okay. Tell me about the American Stonehenge connection with the, we hear about the Stonehenge in England and then a third place. Explain.

L.A.: Sure. The American Stonehenge is in New Hampshire.

SID: How come we haven’t seen this? How come we haven’t been told about this Stonehenge?

L.A.: Well things are coming to light. I believe because we’re in the last days that all this stuff which has been hidden is now coming to light for those of us who are interested.

SID: Well Daniel even says a sign of the last days there will be an information explosion. We always think, well that’s the computer. But it’s also other areas.

L.A.: Absolutely. The typical henge is a circle. And like many of these henges like Stonehenge, it charts astronomical events. What I mean by that, summer solstice, winter solstice, spring equinox, fall equinox. And the circle, when you stand in the center of the henge and you look out, there’s a standing stone, and that standing stone, let’s say is a hundred yards away. And so on summer solstice, the longest day of the year, you watch the sunrise come up over that standing stone. Well Kelsey Stone, a college student, was wondering, gee, I wonder if I extend the line from the center of my henge in New Hampshire out to the summer standing stone to see where it goes. So he begins to extend this line. He extends it further, extends it further across the Atlantic, and to his utter amazement it bisects dead center, the center trilithon in Stonehenge, England. And you can’t do that in antiquity. There’s no way you can’t take a long enough string and go across the Atlantic Ocean. It has to be done from the air.

SID: Audience, do you think thousands of years ago they had anything remotely close to this kind of technology? Doesn’t this show there was a super intelligence, and what the Bible talks about, the Nephilim?

L.A.: And what’s amazing, I talked to a surveyor. There’s no way to do anything like that unless you’re in the air. Who is the principal power of the air? It’s Satan. And this to me, once again, fallen angel technology. But it gets better. When you extend that line from New Hampshire and it intersects to the center trilithon in Stonehenge, when you continue that line, you wind up in Beirut, Lebanon. And Beirut, Lebanon is the home of the Phoenicians, and the Phoenicians are the descendants of the Canaanites, and the Canaanites were a Nephilim tribe.

SID: My goodness. So then you can see where some of them came to America.

L.A.: Absolutely.

SID: And that’s why they’re finding these skulls and these bones. Some of these bones they’re finding show that the people were how tall?

L.A.: Well there’s 9-footers, 10-footers and 11-footers, and even pushing the border up to 12 feet in some of these burial mounts. And again, going back to the Smithsonian, we have report after report from newspapers telling about once a town would exhume the bones and a doctor, a man of letters, would measure the articulated, this articulated skeleton and this dis-articulated skeleton where the bones are just laying all around. But the doctor, a man of letters, a hundred years ago, can read a tape measure. And yet when you talk to archeologist he will tell you they didn’t know how to measure, which is, in my opinion, a bunch of nonsense. So the Smithsonian would come in, they would confiscate the bones and crate them up, and you would never see them again. They were just gone.

SID: What a cover-up.

L.A.: Absolutely.

SID: Now how does this tie in based on all these years of research, and I might add, he heard from God to research the Days of Noah. Because of all the times in the Old Testament, Jesus said, it will be like the Days of Noah. Explain to me with all this research how it ties in with the Mark of the Beast.

L.A.: Well the Mark of the Beast has four characteristics. If anyone takes it or receives the mark on the hand or the forehead, you can’t buy, sell or trade without it. That’s the one we all know. The second one is men and women will seek death in those days but not find it. Well what days? The days of the mark, which coincides back to or points back to the Days of Noah, that lifespan seems to be extended. The third one is if you take the mark, grievous sores appear on the body. The fourth one, which is the most telling in my opinion, anyone who takes the mark winds up in the lake of fire. There’s no grace, no mercy. You’re in the lake of fire. And the same judgment that we see with the Nephilim in Genesis 6, Sodom and Gomorrah and what happens in Israel, the Promised Land when Joshua and Caleb came into the Promised Land, it’s always the same ending. If Nephilim is there the judgment is always the same. It’s total annihilation. There’s never a shred of grace and mercy.

SID: That’s my question. Why would someone in their right mind that knows what the Bible says even consider taking the Mark of the Beast?

L.A.: Because what is coming, this coming great deception, hinges on Darwinism. Darwinism tells us that there is no God, that we just evolved over billions of years. When Ben Stein sits down with Richard Dawkins, one of the premier evolutionists of the 20th and 21st centuries, and he says, “Where did life come from?” Dawkins says, “Maybe millions of years ago in another galaxy a race of highly evolved aliens created us and then seeded us here throughout the galaxy.” That’s what he believes. I call that the alien gospel. This is what’s coming, and it dovetails into Darwinism. Scientists and the masses, when they show up, the coming great deception, and they will show up, they will have two things for us: free energy, which powers their crafts. The second thing is they’ll have this DNA upgrade. And if a person takes this DNA upgrade his DNA will become altered. Yes, he will have no diseases for 500 years or more. Yes, he or she will live and all this, but the problem is you are no longer human. You become Nephilim and that’s why the Judgment in the Book of Revelation is exactly the same as Genesis 6. There’s a correlation between the two.

SID: Tell me about that recent press conference of the UFOs.

L.A.: That was in Washington, D.C. Senators, congressman, governors, Air Force pilots, people with top secret clearances all came on the record basically stating that the UFO phenomena is real. It’s burgeoning. It’s not going to go away. It’s increasing in numbers. This is the coming great deception. One event can change everyone’s worldview in a second. You see a mile-wide craft over your city, unless you know what you’re looking at, you will be deceived. And Jesus warns us that even the elect will be deceived if that were possible.

SID: Well you know, you started out talking about the Days of Noah. Well Jesus says, it will be like the Days of Noah and you will not, he will come at an hour you do not expect. So the issue is not what we’ve been talking about. The issue is are you ready. That’s the issue. You can only get ready with God’s supernatural change of DNA, and that is make Jesus your Messiah and Lord. Ask him to forgive you of your sins because he died for them, and ask him to live inside of you. It’s not complex. And I tell you, your DNA will be changed to be the way God created you to be. If you like the way things are right now then don’t change. But if you believe there’s something better, make Jesus your Messiah and Lord. Do you agree?

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Sid Roth on November 18th, 2013


Sid:   We want everyone everywhere to be SO RED HOT for the Messiah. I believe that God has given us keys for increase, and keys for blessing that the devil has literally taken out of Gentile Christianity. I have Pastor Robert Heidler on the telephone; he has a Master’s degree from Dallas school of theology. He’s pastor of Glory of Zion Outreach Center in Denton, Texas. We’re featuring his unpublished manuscript that is so important especially to what God is doing this year with the body of Messiah. It’s called the “Cycles of God.” It has to do with the Biblical festivals that have been stolen from the church that are coming back, not in bondage, not in tradition, but in truth and in “chofesh,” that’s a Hebrew word that means freedom. Now what did you mean that these cycles of God, Robert Heidler, are God’s key to increase and blessing?

Robert:  God has given these as keys, not as legalistic structures that we have to obey, but He’s given them as keys that He wants to use in our lives to bring us closer to Him every time we go through them; closer to His blessing every time we go through them. They will cut off the strategies of the enemy in our lives, and they’ll open us to receive the blessing that God has for us.

Sid:   See your book is a real how to book; to understand these blessings; understand the festivals; how to go about, and actually examples of how you have gone about celebrating these Biblical festivals. Well left off yesterday speaking about the fall feasts, explain.

Robert:  Well every fall you’ve gone through, the year started with Passover in the first month, then there was Pentecost in the third month, then you go through a long hot summer and come into the fall. There is a cycle, there are 3 feasts clustered together in the fall because God wants us to end the year, to end the cycle of feasts in His presence, in His glory with the experience of His power. The fall feasts are really designed by God to move into that place of His presence, His power, and His glory. It’s interesting it begins with the Feast of Trumpets; the main thing that God asks of us in the Feast of Trumpets is that we hear the trumpet blast; it’s the day of the awakening call. Most of us over the course of a year we get to the point where we need an awakening call. We need to be called to alertness. So God says “Begin this time by listening to the trumpet blast. Let it do something in your spirit to wake you up to say this is the time to press in to the presence of God.” This is a time God has set to move to experience His glory. It’s interesting the 10 days after Trumpets, in the Jewish calendar are called the Days of Awe, they’re also called the Days of T’shuvah, which t’shuvah means to turn; to return; to repent. It also is the word for springtime, and God is saying “I want to bring you into a new season. I want to bring you into a season freshness of life.” That’s what Trumpets calls us into.

Sid:   You know I also think of that when I think of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, I think about the shofar blast there is something so supernatural of the sound of a shofar.

Robert:  Yeah it does something in our spirits when we hear that blast it causes something to activate in us to press into God.

Sid:   Tell me a bit about Yom Kippur.

Robert:  Well Yom Kippur is the holiest day of the year, it is just a special set apart day. It is the only day that God has on the Biblical calendar that’s a day of fasting and not a day of feasting. It’s a time to do serious business with God; it’s to make sure that every sin is under the blood if there is anything not confessed that’s not dealt with. It’s a time to make sure that there is nothing that stands between you and God; nothing that would hinder you from coming boldly into His presence. I think the verse I love for the Day of Atonement is Isaiah 44:22 when God says “I have wiped out your transgressions like a thick cloud, and your sins like a heavy mist. Return to me for I have redeemed you.” That’s what God is saying on the Day of Atonement. “Atonement has been made return to Me receive the full blessing, the full benefits of that.”

Sid:   Now tell me one Yom Kippur that your church family observed and what you did.

Robert:  I think one of the most significant ones we did…

Sid:   And again, Yom Kippur means Day of Atonement. Go ahead.

Robert:  We celebrate the feasts differently every year. There was one year we talked about the 2 goats; there was a goat that was the sin offering which was fulfilled by Jesus, but then there was a second goat. In celebrating Yom Kippur they would take that goat and confess over it the sins of the people then lead it out into the wilderness. It was a tangible reminder to the people that your sins have been confessed, they have been removed. So we had a time at the end of the service where we had the lights dimmed a little bit, and we gave everyone a sheet of paper that had 1 John 1:9 across the top “If we confess our sins He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins, and cleanse from all unrighteousness.” We said “Ask God if there are any sins that you are supposed to confess, anything that would hinder your walk with Him, and just write them down.” We gave people some time to do that. Then we said “Now turn your paper sideways and write across… claim 1 John 1:9 and write the words of that verse out across your list. ‘If we confess our sins He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse’” We had a trashcan up front and we said “Now take that list and tear it up and throw it away.” People walked out there saying “I know there is no confessed sin, there is no sin God wants me to confess that I haven’t confessed. There’s nothing that would hinder my fellowship with Him.” It was just a time of sort of recreating the Day of Atonement of realizing we have dealt with everything that needs to be dealt with and we are ready to press into the presence of God.

Sid: Now you’re talking about my favorite fall feasts, Tabernacles.

Robert:  Oh it is, it is the celebration of God.

Sid: In Hebrew it’s Sukkot.

Robert: Yes. The name comes from the fact that when Israel came into the wilderness they came out of Egypt and they dwelt in temporary shelters. God basically said “Build a temporary shelter for me too and I will come down into your midst and dwell with you.” So Tabernacles is a reminder of that time when God came down and dwelt in the midst of His people and they saw it and experienced His glory. That’s what Tabernacles is, it’s a time to remember the experience of the glory of God in the past, it’s a time to press in and to re-experience that manifestation of His glory.

Sid:   Tell me about a Tabernacles that your church family observed.

Robert:  I think the most memorable one, we took the whole week we decorated the inside of the church like a tabernacle, and we had 24 hour prayer and praise going 7 days a week through the entire week. We had a table where there was just continually food for feasting. Every night we had a different pastor in from a different church to do a message. During that week I’d go down to the church at three in the morning and there’d be 20 or 30 people in there singing and celebrating. By the end of the week there was such an experience of the presence of God there. I think that’s a picture of what God wants us to come into; He wants us to see “You can come into My presence, you can experience My goodness.” You know a lot of people don’t understand what the glory of God is, but glory is a tangible manifestation of His presence. I think all of us can remember those times when we knew God was speaking to us we were feeling His presence with us. God came down and touched us in a very significant way. That was the glory of God, and God wants us to remember the times in the past when we’ve experienced His glory, and He wants us to know there’s more glory ahead. He wants us to know more and more of His presence.

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Sid Roth on November 11th, 2013


Sid: I just recently got such encouragement it’s almost like at times I feel like I’m a voice calling in the wilderness and wondering is anyone getting it, is anyone out there beginning to understand God’s plan for the next move of God’s Spirit. See I was involved in a move of God’s Spirit; I came to be a believer at the end of the Charismatic movement as a Jewish person that Jesus walked into my bedroom and He became real to me. I was one of the pioneers in what became known as the Messianic Judaism; I know what it is to fight for a vision, but I see something bigger, something greater, something that’s about ready to happen that doesn’t make any of the former moves wrong, they are right, they are of God. There is something bigger that is coming, and some of the missing blanks to my questions have been filled in by my guest. I have him on the telephone; I’m speaking to him at his office in his church, Glory of Zion Outreach Center in Denton, Texas, Pastor Robert Heidler.  Robert it was an interesting God coincidence that I got to meet you, at least by telephone; that is a mutual friends the Schneier’s who have a Messianic Congregation in Odessa, Ukraine; told me about an unpublished manuscript and the more they told me about it the more I said “Can I borrow it?” They lent it to me; I devoured it and got you on the phone, and I said “We have got to get this to our Mishpochah.” You have a picture from your studies, and I might add, you have a Master’s in theology, from Dallas Theological Seminary. You have a scenario from your study of the scriptures and history of what the first church was like. Many times I wondered this, what happens when a thousand, two-thousand, three-thousand Jewish people that don’t even have a copy of the New Testament are struck with the reality of Jesus, and believe there can’t be much organization; there’s certainly aren’t church buildings; what was the first church like? If we can grasp what that first church was like maybe we can get some of the power that’s been missing for too long.

Robert: Amen, amen. You know when I began to study the early church and really began to read what was written about it at the time. It was a revelation because it was unlike anything we have ever seen or even imagined. So many people today think of the early church, you know, the day after Pentecost Peter went out and rented a building and put a steeple on top, and put up a sign that said “First Baptist Church of Jerusalem.” We don’t stop to think what the early church really was because most of the things we think of as church, would not be invented for another thousand years; yet they had a life and a power that the church today has not even imagined.

Sid: Paint me a picture from the best of your research of what the first church looked like.

Robert: Well I think there was several things that would characterize the early church. One was, it was a church overflowing with joy; I mean they met in homes, they met in the temple courts, they met in out in the fields. Basically, the meeting place was not significant; they just met wherever they could. There gatherings were filled with joyful singing and dancing. One of my favorite quotes about the worship of the early church comes from Clement of Alexandria about 250 A.D.; he described their worship this worship this way “The daughters of God lead in a ring dance; the righteous are the dancers; the music is a song of the King of the universe; the maidens strike the lyre; the angles praise; the prophets speak; the sound of music issues forth; they run in pursuit of the jubilant band; those that are called make haste eagerly desiring to receive the Father.” So it’s just a picture of just an overflowing joyful celebration in the presence of God.

Sid: When he spoke about dancing in a circle, the first thing that came to mind is the Israeli dances, the Hora etcetera, they are all circle dances.

Robert: Yeah that was very typical of the early church. They would begin by doing those circle dances. We picture the angles around the throne of God in heaven; in Revelation 4:5 we picture them all standing there, in the early church they picture them all doing ring dances around the throne. So when they got together they would join in with the ring dances of the angels.

Sid: That’s interesting because some of my friends that have the gift of discernment that can see angels, they say when they go into services and they see people dancing they see angles all around the people dancing. Dancing the exact same way that they are, which almost like this quote you had from Clement.

Robert: Yeah. It’s such a different picture of church than most Christians today have because most Christians think of the early church as sad and somber; it really was not. You read the quotes and joyful celebration dancing… St. Basil in the fourth century said “Could there be anything more blessed than to imitate on the earth the ring dance of the angels.”

Sid: Okay, let’s suppose you’re going to visit, and according to your manuscript these were house churches. So you go to a house church, tell me what you see with your eyes as you’re entering.

Robert: Well I think as you come in, if we were to walk into a house church back in the late first century, it would look like there’s a party going on. People are just rejoicing, they’re dancing, they’re celebrating, and after a time of praise and worship the presence of God comes into the meeting. At some point they’ll bring out food and they’ll eat together, it’s a big family celebration.

Sid: You know I was telling you that I’ve just started One New Man Shabbat celebrations. What you’ve just said has triggered me now because there was a presence of God from the very beginning of the last one we had of our Shabbat celebration. There was point where all of a sudden there was a release of God’s glory and healings broke out like popcorn.

Robert: That’s what you see in the early church. It talks about in the early writings, and even in the New Testament that the presence of God would come down… when they came together they formed a temple and the glory of God came tangibly down in the midst and the result was an outflow of the miraculous. Irenaeus wrote about 195, and he said that “When they got together it’s very common for prophetic words, tongues, miracles of healing,” and then he added “The church frequently saw people raised from the dead by the prayers of the saints.”  That’s sort of an exciting church to be in.

Sid: Yeah tell me where they meet and I’ll be there! By the way, when did they meet, the first church?

Robert: Well it’s interesting, first of all they met a lot of times in places, but they had their weekly reunion usually in the first century at least, on Saturday night. It was really sort of a picture, I think, of the Friday night Shabbat where they were used to meeting together in homes for Shabbat, and they would sing and eat together, and praise and worship God, as part of their Jewish background. So on Saturday night, which really began the first day of the week, they would meet back together in small groups and do the same thing in celebrations of Yeshua.

Sid: So to understand the Shabbat dinner in a home on a Friday night, in a Jewish home, would give us insight as to what they naturally did in the first church.

Robert: Exactly. It’s interesting down to details, like if you read early writings there was a special prayer, or a special song that was sung at the beginning when the church came together; it was a special song or prayer as they lit the lamps. Just as Shabbat was welcomed, when the mother of the house would light the Shabbat candles, so they would welcome the presence of the Lord with a special prayer to light the lamps at the start of the church service. So in detail, I think they learned how to worship together as a church through the Friday night Shabbat times.

Sid: This is Sid and I’m speaking to Pastor Robert Heidler about his unpublished manuscript.

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