Sid Roth on July 23rd, 2020

SID:  Now I’m with Aliss Cresswell from Great Britain and she’s a businesswoman but a strange businesswoman! She has a sign in her shops. The sign says, I’ve got it right here. A copy of it: Free! Healings, Miracles, Dream Interpretation. And people wander in that are non-believers in the Messiah and better than 90% of the people that wander in, wander out healed. THAT is normal! THAT’S where I want you to be! And I just happen to have 3 x-rays. Explain these to me.

ALISS: Yeah, they’re, they’re actually MRI scans. It’s from a lady in Germany who, she’s the ligaments have come away from her knee and they’d reattached it with an operation and a screw that she took the ligament, you know the screw went into her knee. 18 months later the screw comes loose and it— she could actually feel it under her skin, this screw. She was in agony because the ligament had come away again. So she goes to the hospital and they say well we’re going to book you in for an operation on Tuesday when we put it back in again. But she hears about this cafe that we’re working within Germany and she went to see if Jesus could do a miracle on her leg. She was prayed for and was told in 2 days’ time you’re going to be healed. Well exactly 2 days later she’s, suddenly she’s healed. She can walk. There’s no pain. She can’t even feel the screw anymore under the skin where it was—

SID:  So explain, first of all explain these MRI’s to me.

ALISS: Okay. So the first one is showing the, the screw in the knee actually going into the bone.

SID:  I see.

ALISS: The second one is the side shot where you can see the screw is going right quite deep in.

SID:  And it is very obvious.

ALISS: It’s going deep in there. Well what happens is she goes back to the consultant.

SID:  Wait, wait. Let me just show you something. Can you see this screw there? No doubt this is an MRI.

ALISS: This is from the front. She goes back to the consultant and she says to the consultant I don’t need the operation tomorrow because Jesus has healed me. And they, the doctors laugh. They think she’s joking. So they say well we’re going to take another MRI before your op anyway. So they do another MRI and this is what they see.

ALISS: No— I mean—


SID:  Where’d, where’d the screw go?

ALISS: The ligament, the ligament is back on the knee. The, the screw has disappeared. Even the screw hole has disappeared. That’s my Jesus!

AUDIENCE: Yes. Amen!

SID:  That’s our Jesus! Go for it!

ALISS: She was back at work the next day! Yeah, that’s your Jesus too! (laughs) Thank you. So I’m from Chester in the Northwest of England. And I’ve, I read the Bible and I see that we can do miracles today. And so I just believe what the Bible says. I believe that God, His word is the truth. And, um, that you know if you know Jesus you are filled with His Holy Spirit. You have the same Holy Spirit living in you that raised Jesus from the dead. The same power that created the universe, the galaxies is within you. And as you submit your life to Jesus you can do the same things that Jesus did. And in John 14:12 it says we can do even greater things than He did. One day in our cafe we had this young woman came in. She was only 19 year old and she was pregnant with her fourth child. That happens a lot in our neighborhood. They seem to start early. And she brought in her little two and half year old daughter with her. And she said we’ve just been to the eye clinic round the corner and my daughter they think that she’s blind in her left eye. And as I looked at this little girl’s eye I could see that the lid was really far down over her eye and also her left eye was looking that way and her right eye was looking this way. I mean it was like so— you know such a lazy eye, you could just— poles apart. So she had only come in for a glass of water. She’s not heard about the miracles in our cafe. But I said to her I said well Jesus likes to do miracles.

Can I pray for your daughter’s eye and Jesus will heal her? She says to me she says well I don’t believe in Jesus. So I said well He believes in you. So can I pray anyway? She’s like oh go on then. You know? So she let me pray. And I just very gently put my hands next to this little girl’s eye. And I said in the name of Jesus. Cause at the name of Jesus every name has to bow. It’s got to do as it’s told. So you just, you can just use that authority. You know I just like everybody else to be walking in the same authority that Jesus would walk in when He was on the earth. He demonstrated to us what we can do. So I said I command the eyelid to open and for the eye to go straight. Suddenly this young woman the mother she’s saying Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! And I was like what is it?? And she said look at her eye! So I looked at her eye and the eyelid just went “bing!” Well it didn’t make the noise—

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Sid Roth on July 16th, 2020

JERAME: :There’s two types of prayer. There’s intercession prayer where you’re praying and you’ve got your list of things you’re believing God for a breakthrough or you’re praying in the spirit. But then there’s also a second type which is called listening prayer. And how many of you know that as much as you intercede you need to learn how to wait. And you need to wait there and that’s when you come before the Lord and say Holy Spirit, Here I am! I’m making myself available to you right now and I’m just going to love on Jesus and if You want to speak anything to me then, then, then here I am! Speak, your servant’s listening! And so I’ve just learned to start to develop that every day. And you got to understand some people they go well I don’t got all the time in the world. Listen, I remember one time in my life I had this season where I was, where I was super busy and I was beating myself up, you know, condemnation and the whole thing and I remember I was beating myself up because in a season before that I had a lot of time. And I could spend 5 hours a day with the Lord but then I got shifted into full-time ministry.

I’m travelling all over the world. All of these things and the Lord said to me you know I remember complaining to Him. I’m like God, I only got 40 minutes with You and I just don’t have what I had before. And He spoke to me and He said listen. I can do more with 15 minutes of heart-devoted time to Me than you can striving for 10 hours trying to get into My presence! He said to me it’s not about your striving. It’s about you having contact with My glory, with My Presence! He says it’s Me who touches you that changes you. It’s not you touching Me! He said, He said your hunger can touch Me and then that makes Me come but ultimately the thing that changes your life is when you get into His presence and you allow Him to touch you. And, and so what’s amazing is that when you’re in a time of busyness here’s the key: Speaking in tongues!

AUDIENCE: Amen! Yep!

JERAME: Cause how many of you know in your car you can drive down the street 30 minutes to go meet your friend for lunch or a business contact and you could be

JERAME: [speaks in tongues] you could be praying. Listen I prayed for like 3 hours on the flight over here and people think I’m crazy. I just don’t care! You know why? Because it doesn’t matter what they think!


JERAME: And not only that nowadays people don’t even know what you’re doing anyway! Just put your earphones in. They go oh that guy’s from Lebanon. They don’t know!


JERAME: You just, you know you just go [prays in tongues] but my point is this is that what we have been experiencing in the outpouring that we’ve been seeing is tremendous miracles, tremendous signs and wonders, dead raisings. But I wanted to give you the meat of what I believe He’s releasing, which is this: An abiding glory!


JERAME: An abiding glory to the Church. A glory that abides and rests upon His people and it empowers us to be the best version of who we’re called to be! And you got to understand when you start to focus on the King of the kingdom, what you focus on you empower. And so if you’re always focused on the devil and all the strongholds and all your sin and things that you’re messing up on how many of you know that you’re not going to empower anything! In fact you’re going to be discouraged. But if you focus on the King of the kingdom and you focus on worshipping Him. Listen, the times you worship Him the most is when things are going wrong! I mean you got to understand you can give nothing to God that He doesn’t already own except for one thing. You want to know what it is? Your praise!


JERAME: Everything else He already owns. But when you begin to give Him the sacrifice of praise, like David said, and you begin to worship Him, you begin to focus on the King of the kingdom then what happens is the devil becomes itty-bitty and God becomes huge and before you know it the kingdom of heaven starts manifesting in your life. People see it and they go what is it you got? You know I want to have it! And what happens is all of a sudden it doesn’t mean you don’t have trials and tests going on and things happening in your life but what happens is God starts to rub off on you because you start to attract Him in everything and everywhere you go! And so listen I want to just pray with you guys real quick. Just put your hands out like this. So Father, I thank You for everybody right now that’s watching and we decree even in their living rooms, we decree even in this place right now that anointing of the Holy Ghost coming, that marking of signs and wonders. And we release that realm of tangible glory! Even 200 nights plus that we’ve been seeing the Holy Spirit mark people and so we decree it now in the name of Jesus! We invite You to mark us with Your glory and love that we would tangibly carry it like Peter did in Jesus’ name! Amen!

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Sid Roth on July 9th, 2020

JERAME:  God does everything with purpose. And He wants us to understand His heart with it because as we understand His heart with it then all of a sudden we can co-laborer with Him. Because we’re in the kingdom for a reason. Do you guys understand that? To give a, a harvest to Jesus and, and to give Him the reward of His sufferings. Amen? And so, anyway, what’s amazing though is, is that God wants to open up that sense of feeling. I believe even as I’m talking about this some of you may be getting to feel things in the spirit. And, and even, some of you in times of prayer at home you may be feeling things in the spirit. You know there’s been times where, I, I felt an angel come into the room as I was praying and I just had a knowing. It was like this inkling in my mind. I said Wow there’s an angelic being here. And, who’s ever had that? You know? Or, or, or who’s ever just known something in the spirit? See, that’s – You’re a Feeler.

And don’t ignore that gift because it’s important. And, and just because it’s different than other people’s doesn’t mean it’s less important. It just means you’re wired differently. But here’s the good news. If you want to move in one of the other realms, you get to. because God is good. He gives good gifts to His children. But what unlocks that realm is revelation knowledge. Understanding of that realm. And, and, you know, one of the, one of the realms that I believe God wants to open up massively to His people is the seer realm. Seeing in the spirit. Jesus in John 5:19 it says that He never did a thing unless He first saw what His Father was doing or heard what His Father was saying. And, and, and I want you to understand this. I believe that we must begin to see in the spirit and I believe that as we get revelation knowledge of what the Holy Spirit does when He heightens the sense of sight I believe we can step into it. See the reason why we don’t step into things is because we don’t know that we can. Or we don’t have revelation knowledge of the fact that they’re real. But here’s what I’ll tell you.

Paul the Apostle said this in Ephesians chapter 1, 15 through 19 he prayed for the church of Ephesus that they would receive the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of God the Father and that the eyes of their understanding will be enlightened. That they would know the hope of Jesus Christ, His calling and the inheritance of, of the saints that would come into the kingdom towards Him. And you see what God wants to do is God wants to release to us, if you would, an anointing to enlighten the eyes of our heart. We need to understand something. We’ve got eyes in the spirit. And that word enlightenment means, it means this, it means to have the eyes of your heart flooded with prophetic light. What is prophetic light? Dreams, visions, encounters, prophecy. And you see God wants to flood your life with dreams, visions, encounters and prophecies but here’s the motivation of your heart that unlocks that realm. It’s to know Christ more!

See, Paul said give them a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of You. In the knowledge of You. In the knowledge of who? The Father of glory. In the knowledge of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. And as we have a desire in our heart that is greater to know God rather than to be spiritual and tell people awesome testimonies, that’s when it unlocks. And I’m, I’m telling you it’s amazing because the testimony Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. It really is. I remember, you know, being around people like Bobby Connor. You know Bobby Connor is a spiritual father to me, a mentor to me. He asked me to travel with him early on in my ministry. And I remember hanging out with Bobby. He would tell me story after story about angels visiting and dreams and visions and encounters and I’m telling you after about 3 days I, I was like, God am I even saved? It was like his experience and my experience with Christianity is not lining up right now. You know he’d be like, hey boy, let’s pray. You know and I’d be like all right! And he’d say what do you see? And I’d say the back of my eyelids! I mean who can relate? Right? And, and there was this frustration in my heart. And, and then the Lord begin to show me.

He said Jerame, look, He said just ask me to begin to open your eyes. He said the problem is you’re looking through the wrong lens. He said you’re looking and focusing on what you don’t have rather than what you can have. See we got to focus our hearts right. We got to focus on what’s available to us. Not in a jealous way say That’s not fair, God, look what they got and look at what I don’t got. See that’s what orphan-minded people do. Orphans focus on lack. Sons and daughters focus on what’s given. What’s given with access.

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Sid Roth on June 26th, 2020

MICHELLE: I don’t think so. So I put her on my lap and I began to just stroke her head. And I asked her how old she was, how long she’d been there, what her name was. And I’d been there for about 10 minutes and I knew I had to leave. And they were telling me, you got to get back because it’s two hours back to Manila. So before I left I thought, I said, I’m going to put my name on these little stickers that she had. I’m going to write, “Jesus loves you, and Auntie Michelle loves you.” So I put stickers everywhere I could. And I assigned someone from the Philippines to look after her. To go and visit because later I found out she was an orphan. So I left her there. I assigned someone to follow up on her. I got an email two weeks later, she was totally healed of her leprosy. Hallelujah.

SID: My goodness. Now, but there’s more. There’s more to this story.


SID: What happened as she grew up?

MICHELLE: As she grew up, she got her degree in teaching. She’s a teacher now. She’s married, and she’s joined my ministry in the Philippines. She prays for people over the phone.

SID: I bet a lot of people are healed when she prays for them.

MICHELLE: Yes. When I go to the Philippines to pray for people and go on my healing missions, she’s part of my team. She lays hands on them and they’re slain in the spirit. She has been completely transformed by the power of God.

SID: I know one thing. I know God is as interested in you, as that little girl that no one wanted anything to do with. No one wanted to touch her. That’s the love of our God. A lot of people, they’ve heard the word, anointing. It’s used very loosely in a lot of circles. Why do people need the anointing? What is the benefit of the anointing?

MICHELLE: The first thing that the anointing that we need in the anointing is that the anointing will make you fall so in love with Jesus. The anointing will give you the power of God to go through anything. There may be some of you, and I’m feeling right now that I’m speaking to someone who’s going through an unbearable trial, and you’re wondering how am I going to come out of this? I want you to know the anointing is like oil. If you pour oil into any substance it rises to the top. That’s what the anointing will make you do. You will bounce back. You will come back after a crisis. The anointing has been given for you to be able not only to bounce back and come back after a crisis, but the anointing is going to make you the head and not the tail.

MICHELLE: The anointing is going to give you the power. The anointing is what the Lord is going to use to prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies. So dear one, whoever you are that I’m speaking to right now, you’ve been going through trials, tribulations. You don’t know how you’re going to make it. I want you to know that the anointing on your life is for a reason. There are purpose properties in the anointing, and those purpose properties are going to come out no matter what you’ve gone through. God’s going to use it for His glory and God’s going to use you for His glory. Hallelujah.

SID: And I’m reminded of the scripture that says the anointing destroys that yolk, or that bondage that you’re suffering.


SID: That persecution that you’re going through, that disease that you’re fighting, that family member that is so far away from God. It’s the anointing that destroys the yolk. Continue.

MICHELLE: Yes. So I just feel today that there are several people watching this telecast that have bondages in your life. Some of you have bondages of fear, others of you have bondages in your body. And the Lord wants to break the yolks.

SID: What about addictions?

MICHELLE: Yes, the anointing is powerful to break addictions. And right now in Jesus name, we release this anointing. It’s transferrable. We command the anointing into your life and Lord God, someone right now is raising their hands and they’re being anointed. The speaking in tongues is the evidence that the Holy Spirit is coming upon you, but there are others right now you’re seeing visions. There are others of you being anointed right now that tonight when you go to sleep, you are going to dream dreams and God is going to direct you into your destiny.

MICHELLE: There are others of you today that there’s a burning fire in your heart, and that fire is the Lord saying, yes, go forward my child. Be used of me for my glory. Someone has been contemplating, do I go into the ministry? Do I continue in the ministry? God wants you to know both of these answers. The one that’s saying yes, the Lord is saying yes, go forward into the ministry. And to those of you who say, I think I’ll give up the ministry, God is saying, go forward, get the anointing. And God is going to use this anointing for His honor and glory greater than you could ever ask or think. Hallelujah.

SID: Amen. That means, so be it.

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Sid Roth on June 18th, 2020

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Kynan Bridges, and Dr. Bridges and I’ve been friends for a long time, but you have moved into a new zone in the spirit.

KYNAN: Yes, I have.

SID: I mean, I could see it when you were doing some recording for us yesterday. How long has this been happening?

KYNAN: It’s been happening, I would say within the last year, the Lord has just infused me with a new level of glory.

SID: Can believer’s walk in miracles daily?

KYNAN: Yeah. It’s interesting, Sid, the reality is this, not only can we walk in miracles daily, but what if I told people that it was our inheritance that we do? Not only that, but in these days to come, Sid, we must walk in miracles. And so God began to show me this thing of a church, of a body of believers that are really releasing the presence of God all over the earth, as you call it actually, the global glory. And I believe that the glory of the Lord is about to cover the earth like the waters cover the sea.

SID: I’ve read that somewhere.

KYNAN: Yeah, it’s in the Bible.

SID: I know.

KYNAN: There’s something called…yeah. It’s amazing. See, we’re seeing it all over the world. Everywhere I go, everywhere I go with this message is coming across of the kingdom, people are seeing the most miraculous things take place in their lives. And the beauty of it is it’s not just people with titles and people that are authors or TV figures, but mothers and teachers, and people that work in regular fields of endeavor are seeing the miraculous explode in their lives.

SID: You had a vision of Skittles, the candy?

KYNAN: Yes. Skittles was my favorite candy growing up. It only stands to reason God will use that to speak to me. And in this vision it was just a beautiful field, just plush field and golden, and all of a sudden, these Skittles begin to rain from heaven. All kinds of flavors, all kinds of colors.

SID: You were in heaven.

KYNAN: That’s heaven for me. I know there’re going to be Skittles in heaven. And as these Skittles began to fall, God began to speak to me because I wondered, “What is this?” And God said, “This represents my ridiculous favor and my miraculous provision on His body of believers all over the world.” We’re about to see an outpouring of favor like we’ve never seen it before. An outpouring of miraculous provision like we’ve never seen before. And God says that His children are going to taste His sweetness and His goodness like we’ve never experienced in our lives. We need to get ready.

KYNAN: This is the beauty of all of what I’m talking about. This is not just for me, it’s not just for you, it’s for every person under the sound of my voice right now. It’s for those watching us. And I believe if we will come into agreement that God is saying to His people, there’s no more excuses, there’s no more limitations. In fact, I want to read this word that the Lord gave to me and I want to read it quickly for our audience. This is when the Lord woke me up and He said to me, He says, “I’ve called you into intimacy. I’ve called you to look into Me and see, see My heart, see My purpose, see My plan for your life. It’s time for you to turn away from fear, to turn away from pride, and I will bring you into what I call the manifestation of now. The realm of impossibility is opening to you in a fresh way, get ready, an explosion of glory is here.” That’s what the Lord says.

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