Sid Roth on October 12th, 2017

KERRY: Cause that’s either attractive or it’s rejecting at that point. And so the Lord wants to just bring a real healing into your broken heart because if you have a broken heart then you will filter everything through a broken heart and you will pray as a broken heart and you’ll see everybody else as a broken heart and you’ll even hurt other people in the process of that. So I want to pray for you right now who are dealing with a broken heart and are feeling some emotional pain because you’ve not seen what God has promised you but He wants to turn that around. Father God, in the name of Jesus, I just speak over hearts here and those watching by at home right now that are watching with the idea that God has forgotten me. I’m alone. Nobody cares for me. I’m abandoned. I come against that orphan spirit that makes you feel like that you’ve been left out and you’re uncovered and you don’t even have a name that God even names you. I come against that mindset that sees yourself as an orphan, that sees you as an abandoned person and we call that off of you right now and that you would have the eyes of the spirit to see what the Spirit of the Lord says over you and what He’s saying and I pray healing in your broken heart and that you would receive healing in your spirit right now! Let the power of the Holy Spirit begin to open your eyes that you can see! Paul prayed this Apostolic prayer. He said: I pray that your eyes of your understanding, not the eyes of your head, the eyes of your understanding of your spirit would be enlightened. And that word enlightenment is; photizo, which means take a picture. So Father God I pray right now that You would allow every person here, watching by home, watching here in this audience, would take a picture that we could see what You see and that we could understand what you understand and by that we could say what You’re saying and understand what You’re understanding. That You have thoughts for us. You’ve given us a hope and a future and we want to walk in that full design that you have for us in Jesus’ name! Let the virtue of Jesus begin to flow through your heart and life in every way! This brother right here in a green shirt and a bow tie. I like that, man. You just stand up. Yes. Sir. Many years ago there was a sense that God’s hand was on you and called you for a special thing. And you didn’t see it come into its full power and its full place that had God intended for it. And the Lord says you haven’t seen the end yet and some things that you’ve written off God is saying I’m writing it back on! And things that you didn’t think would happen because it’s too late the Lord says I am making up the time and now there’s an urgency and you’re going to see things happen in your favor. It’s no blame on what anybody else did. It’s God’s hand that’s revealing Himself in a fresh way and recently the appetite that you’ve been having for the things of God has come up to such a high level the Lord is saying you’ve caught my attention and get ready for the favor of the Lord. It’s coming to you and it’s coming… Praise God!




KERRY: This lady right here. Yes, in the blue. Yes, ma’am. Uh-huh. Will you stand up? Right behind you. Sorry. Right there. Yes. Right there. The one sitting who’s… This day the Lord wants to make a turnaround in your life. He wants to turn you around in how you see you and give you the eyes of the spirit so you can understand there. And even the relationships that have been so difficult and so hard against you you’re going to see God’s saying I’m going to open your eyes to show you how that I bring covenant together and how I bring things around there. And He’s bringing a sense of healing into your life that you’re not going to wonder saying is it going to happen another time, is it going to happen again? And I can tell you by the Spirit of the Lord it will not come a second time! You can cast your bread on the water now and you’re going to see it come back in a different way than ever before. Faith is going to rise in your heart to be able to see that God is doing what He said He’s going to do and He’s cutting off some relationships that have strung on a bit, holding onto them and pulling on you and when you see them cut off don’t be concerned about it because God’s ready to tie you into some, some really relationships that it’s going to be very helpful. And He’s breaking off at night when this abusive thought come to your mind and the attack upon your mind. He’s saying when you sleep tonight you’re going to see the peace of God just overwhelming you!




KERRY: In Jesus’ name! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Has anybody here that you’ve had a diagnosis from a doctor that says your digestion has slowed down so slow that it’s like your food never empties out, you know there’s a digestion full of that. I just hear the Lord right now He wants to bring some healing to some people. Any digestion problem I want you to stand up right now and I’m believing God just to break through with that. Yeah. Yeah. When I was back in the room there I heard the Lord saying that what it seems like is an obstruction to slow things down. He said I’m going to open things up and that you’re going to be able to eat what you want to and not be afraid when you sit down at the table what effect is this going to have on me because when you bless the food God says you can receive it because it’s good for you. Father, I speak to every part of this digestion system right now and I speak over her Lord that every part of her being would feel the weightiness of the Lord God and we speak into her body wholeness and life. I bless this digestion system that was created by You wonderfully to function exactly what You created it and every obstruction and hindrance to be removed in Jesus’ name and let her delight in all that You’ve created for her to have in Jesus’ name. Amen. Amen. Amen!




KERRY: Recently the Lord has really been giving us some real results in the area that people have trouble sleeping at night. Insomnia, that at night their mind just races thoughts and what I should have done and could have done and at night it’s like almost like a torment. I want you to stand up right where you are where you’re not able to get full night’s sleep. And where you’re having to take medication or something to sleep. The Bible says He gives His beloved sleep. And it’s a gift from God and this is a gift that He wants you to be able to receive because while you’re asleep a lot of things take place. While your physical body’s asleep Psalm 16 says that the Spirit of the Lord comes and begins to commune with your spirit. It’s like while you’re asleep you’re getting an upgrade! New software! God’s just changing everything and while you’re asleep the things that God wants to impart to you whether it’s dreaming or any other ways it’s going to come to you and the enemy wants to come at night, the terror that comes by night and to torment and some of you have even said I dread the night coming. I dread having to go to bed and rest. We’re going to see that thing broken tonight! Father, I claim Your Word that says You give Your beloved sleep! I claim the right, Lord, that when we lay down at night that you’re just bringing healing through us! That our bodies become healed right then, recuperated. And that the morning becomes what Your Word says: Your mercies are new every day! I break this cycle of insomnia! No more waking up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep! No more with tormenting thoughts, no more with thoughts of hostility and thoughts of paranoia! In the name of Jesus we pull those strongholds down and those cycles of sleep deprivation in Jesus’ name! And those who are watching at home through the telecast I want to say over you that right now you have the right to be at peace! The peace of God rules over you right now! Some of you are in such terror at night and you just dread for the night to come because of your own safety the Lord breaks that fear off of you and releases to you the peace of God to you to rule and stabilize your heart in every way! Now Father I bless everyone watching by the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that the promises of the Lord are yes and amen because we believe it, we see it and we thank You for doing it! And all we say to you is O God, You are good and You give good things! in Jesus’ name! Amen! Amen! The Lord bless you!

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Sid Roth on October 5th, 2017



KEVIN:  Hallelujah! So I just want to talk to you a just little bit today about Gods angels and understanding how you as born-again blood-bought believers in Yeshua, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, you have the liberty to co-labor with Gods angels to release them to minister for those people who are in your sphere of influence and also in your own life. Amen?




KEVIN:  How many of you believe that you have an angel? Many of you. Praise God. You know Jesus teaching in the Book of Matthew he had them bring a little child to him and he said please do not offend one of these little children because I tell you the truth in heaven their angel always beholds the face of my Father. Now heres a question for you. Raise your hand if you answer yes. How many of you were once were little children?




KEVIN:   Hallelujah. Do you believe just because you grew up that youve lost your angel? The answer is no but what happens many times when were little children we have what I like to call Hebraic mindset. You know when were little children we just have that child-like faith. We just believe. But when we grow up our mind becomes westernized and we get over into a Greek mindset but just because you grew up does not mean that youve lost your angel that always beholds the face of your Father.  Hallelujah. Some people believe those are guardian angels       and I believe we all have at least one angel and I want to share a little bit with you today about Gods angels and how you can have the grace and the authority not only to understand at their presence or discern them like we just did when we smelled that beautiful bouquet of heaven, hallelujah, thank You Jesus, but to learn how you can actually activate them or co-labor with them. How many of you would like to co-labor with Gods angels? Hallelujah! This is available to you today. Now before I go further let me say this to you. In the Book of Revelations 19:10 John the Apostle had a seer experience. God opened up his spiritual eyes and he began to see into the spiritual dynamics and he saw an angel and scripture says in Revelations 19:10 that he fell down at the feet, he said I fell down out the feet of this angel to worship him but the angel rebuked him and said see that you do not do that. Worship Jesus because the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. Amen? Hallelujah. Whos the person here that from time to time you have numbness and tingling in your hands and your hands get cold and you lose feeling in your hands? Is that person in the back? You want to come up here real quick if thats okay. I just want to, I want to minister to you. And everybody I dont want you to be a spectator. Just pray in the Spirit while she comes. Thank you, Father. Thank you Father for healing this precious saint right now in Jesus name. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Just one minute, brother. Is it the left hand or the right hand? Hold my hand. Here it comes. Steve, can you just assist me? Somebody just assist me. Its okay. Here it comes. Thank You Holy Spirit. Father, we just thank You for touching this nerves in the shoulder, in the elbow, and in the hands and in the name of Jesus, Yeshua ha Mashiach I thank you for releasing a creative miracle into this hand, into this arm. It goes down your leg sometimes too, right? Yeah and its going to be healed in that hip and legs being healed right now in Jesus mighty name. You feel the heat in the, you feel the feeling coming back in that hand right now? Begin to move it. Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Lord.


WOMAN #1:  Ive got tingling and pain periodically. I fell on my hand and my wrist has been hurting so badly and the doctor wont do surgery or anything.


KEVIN:  Move it around. Move it around. Is the pain gone? Hallelujah.


WOMAN #1:   And I have arthritis in my hand as well.


KEVIN:  Let me pray again. Thank You Jesus. Thank You for restoring her feeling. And thank You Father God for taking authority over this, we take authority over this pain. Thank You for healing this pain. We take authority over shock and trauma in Jesus name. Precious woman of God I want to ask you just to begin to move your hand. Does it feel like theres any difference there now?


WOMAN #1:   There is!


KEVIN:  Can you say thank you Jesus?


WOMAN #1:   Thank You, Jesus.




KEVIN:  Cmon, give God a handclap of praise.




KEVIN:  Hallelujah. Now Im just believing as we complete this session if youll just keep moving that hand that youre going to be totally healed. Somebody give God praise.




KEVIN:  Brother, just put your hands up. Put your hands up to heaven right now. Father, in Jesus name I just release angels of healing and a miracle to touch that brother, to touch his arm and to touch his hand right now in Jesus mighty name. Father, we thank You for the call of God to preach the gospel the kingdom thats upon his life and I thank You that his hand, the numbness in his hand is being healed right now. Somebody give God praise. Hallelujah.



KEVIN:  Let me tell you something. This realm of Gods kingdom is real. Amen? There was a time when I was taken up into heaven and I came to stand before Jesus and he assigned four angels. The second angel he assigned to me was an angel of healing and miracles. Let me just say to you that God has thousands, millions of angels of healing and miracles that he wants to assign to people who believe in Yeshua. Hallelujah. Does anybody in here believe in Yeshua?



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Sid Roth on September 30th, 2017

SID: So I made the statement and you’ve made it. Ignorance is not bliss. Comment on that.


DAWNA: No, I find that so many times that Christians stick their head in the sand and they wonder what’s hitting their rear ends. And it’s time for us to start paying attention. I mean, there are agendas, there are atmospheres talking to us all the time. And you know, Christians need to start actually funding things that actually have an agenda that we believe in, instead of what we do not believe in. Passivity is not going to help us, so just saying, oh I’ll still shop there when they believe in certain agendas you don’t believe in is not going to help.


SID: Okay. You talk about thin and thick places. Explain.


DAWNA: Well you know, a thin place for me is when you just walk in and there’s the Holy Spirit. You can just feel the presence of God. It can happen in different locations in the same building. You might feel a thin place where you’re like, oh there must be an angel standing here or the Holy Spirit is right here. And you know, our pastor tells us, run to the Anointing. Run to where you feel that. We’ve had Glory clouds show up and it’s like, what is that, but you can feel the presence. And a thick place is like almost like when I walk into a thick place it’s like where did the Holy Spirit go? I mean, I know he’s here, but it’s so thick between me that it’s hard to understand that he’s even talking.


SID: You talk about we can tune in or switch off these channels. So you walk into a thick place where it’s just really tough to hear God. What do you do?


DAWNA: Well I first begin to speak in tongues and I might do it under my breath or people think I’m crazy if I do it out loud sometimes. But I find that speaking in tongues actually disengages my mind and engages my spirit. And so what I’m trying to do is I’m trying to fight the right fight because I’m trying to fight in the spirit realm and not in my brain realm. And so we begin to release the Holy Spirit like [speaking in tongues] and you can feel it start to happen. And then you begin to release the opposite of what you think you’re feeling. So if I’m feeling afraid I’m just going to begin to, and as I get my spirit to give me courage, because I’m disconnecting fear, I’m actually going to begin to release peace. I’m going to release an attitude of rest instead of an attitude of fear.


SID: You actually talk about a weapon that works every time, it’s called reject and replace.


DAWNA: Yes. Because you want to reject what’s coming at you. It’s like I see, it’s the whole I see you. I’m not going to partner with you and I send you back. I’m rejecting the signal coming. It’s like I’m turning that radio station. I have authority over the radio stations that I listen to and I think most of us don’t know that. I think the problem is most of us think it’s ourselves, but I tell people when I pray for them, hey, you can hear three voices any time. I said there’s Father God and he’s talking to you, the enemy is talking to you and you’re talking to you. So let’s figure out whose voice you want to listen to.


SID: Now you said that you discern the atmosphere and you can teach others to discern the atmosphere.


DAWNA: Absolutely.


SID: Tell me about the time you discerned an atmosphere of suicide.


DAWNA: Yes. We were on a trip actually and I was kind of given a heads up. They said you’re going to come into a region where they’re having suicides have been happening and we want you. That’s one of the things we want you to do when we put on this conference, we want you to stop this. I’m like, absolutely, let’s go do it. And so we came—


SID: How would you like to be walking in a conference and say, “We have these suicide pacts and everything, I want you to stop it.” Would you say that? Absolutely, let’s do it. I just didn’t want that to pass over.


DAWNA: It’s like, come on. And so we actually went there and we did the conference. And my son has a song that actually breaks the Anointing over suicide. And so he was playing it in the background, and we got people together and we began to pray. And we repented before we ever partnered with death or with thoughts like that, and we told it, you don’t have authority over it, and we released life into the region. And we just began having the whole, everyone that came was releasing life, and they just began speaking the opposite, and it broke over the region.


SID: You know, it’s so sad, people hear these voices and they don’t know they’re tuned into someone else, and they think it’s themselves.


DAWNA: How tortured that must be, torment in the mind. You know, I tell people, if you are tired of taking God’s enemies captive, which we should do, and you just can’t stop it, I’m wondering if it’s not your thought you’re trying to take captive and you might need to just change the channel.


SID: Not only change the channel, when we come back, I want you to talk about shifting the atmosphere. Be right back.

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Sid Roth on September 20th, 2017

AUDIENCE:     Wow!


ALISS: And—but they were too scared to tell each other. They didn’t want to— they were too embarrassed to tell each other they wanted a Bible. So they go into town that day and they said oh, I wanna buy a book today and the other one says well I’d like to buy a book too, actually. And then they discover they both wanted a Bible. So they found a Bible— they get on a bus to go home and they live just behind our cafe in our neighborhood— and instead of going home something as they get off the bus pulled them into our cafe. And so once I tell them that I’d been praying for them all night, and I didn’t know it was them, they said we wanna give our lives to Jesus. So they renounce their sin. They gave their lives to Jesus. They got healed of some physical stuff too. And came off the drugs and everything. And so six weeks later when this little girls eyes healed they’re sitting behind me in the cafe watching all this happen. So when the mother says tell me about Jesus they say we’ll tell you about Jesus—


AUDIENCE:     Yeah—


ALISS: —and what He’s done for us and our lives. So they told her and she says I wanna give my life to Jesus. So we’re all holding hands around the table in the cafe and she’s confessing all this sin and asking Jesus to come into her life and she gets saved. And you know later on her partner comes in to the cafe and he says I wanna thank the people that prayed for my daughter. You know she’s still perfectly well. It’s just like in 2009 this happened. Her eye is perfect. She’s not blind. Has no more problems. But he says I want to give my life to Jesus and so he gave his life to Jesus as well.


AUDIENCE:     Hallelujah! (CLAPPING)


ALISS: Oh yeah! Thank you, Jesus! Whooohoo! Oh, He’s so good, isn’t He! So— but you can do that too everywhere you go. I mean we’ve— you know we’ve have this cafe, we’ve got this shop right in the middle of Chester. But you can just, you can do miracles anywhere.      It’s good isn’t it— you know maybe you’ve been in church and practicing doing miracles and prophesying to people but it’s, it’s a good place to practice but it’s just for everyday life. And I find that you can try to talk to people about Jesus you know as much as you like but really if you do miracle— if you get some supernatural knowledge and tell it to them they wanna know about Jesus. They wanna know the power of that feeling and the love that they can feel that they’ve never experienced in their life before. And they—we just find you know hundreds of people giving their lives to Jesus. But you can do that. It’s easy. It is. It’s easy! You just speak it out and it happens. And if it doesn’t happen you speak it out again. You just don’t give up. You just keep going. You know one of the things I’ve, I’ve found is we have a lot of  people come in and they say well I’ve prayed a lot and I’ve still got this illness and I don’t know— or people will be praying for others and not seeing much happen. But one of the things I’ve discovered is that a lot of illnesses are caused by evil spirits. Even if you are a Christian it could be an evil spirit that’s causing it. I’ll tell you one story that’s quite good as a teaching tool. This happened to me a few years ago. And a friend of mine came round to my house just for a chat and a coffee and we’re sitting chatting. And then she gets up and I get up at the same time. And suddenly both of us have the same symptoms. Like we suddenly we get really dizzy. We have really bad headaches. But we can’t see properly and our ears go deaf and we feel really disorientated. Now if I was on my own I probably would have thought well I just got up too quickly or I’ve got a virus that’s coming or something, you know. But because it was both of us have the same symptoms at the same time we thought maybe this is an evil spirit up to something. So we prayed together and we said we just tell our evil spirit to leave in the name of Jesus. Now all the symptoms left apart from that I still had a bad headache. And my friend went home and I thought      I’m not putting up with this headache any longer. This is from the enemy. I’m not having it. We have authority. We have power over all the power of the enemy, Jesus says in Luke, chapter 10. That’s amazing, isn’t it? Just go away and read it. Just keep reading that verse where He gives us power and authority over ALL the power of the enemy. That’s the truth! So anyhow so I’m there on my own then. I’m in my living room and we’ve got these French windows looking out onto the garden. My headache is really bad. And I’m like in the name of Jesus I command that evil spirit to leave me now! And as soon as I said it there was a big bang. And what happened was there was a woodpecker, just which— they’re not very common really in England. But it was flying through our garden towards our house. The evil spirit must have left me and it entered this woodpecker cause evil spirits wanna be in a body. The nearest body was this woodpecker flying. So it left me, it enters this woodpecker and the woodpecker bashed itself into the window upstairs, fell to the ground just outside the French windows. Dead! I mean dead-edety-dead! Like— dead! It must have broken its neck. I mean it was like its neck was twisted. It was on its back. Its feet in the air. It was like— similar, similar to that. But not exact.




ALISS: So— and I’m like oh no. I’ve killed a woodpecker and I was feeling so bad. But my headache had gone. Like all the symptoms had gone. And I’m like I just felt really bad. And it was just lying there. And I, you know after about 5 minutes— so 10 minutes went by and I’m looking at it. And I’m like should I do something? It’s obviously broken its neck. It’s completely dead. And I thought there isn’t much teaching on raising the dead. So are you supposed to lay hands on it? Or can you just speak to it? Do I have to go outside? Can I do it through the window? I thought well— so after about ten minutes I thinkin okay, I’ll give it a go. So I spoke out loud. Because when you speak out loud it’s very powerful. So I spoke out loud. And I said in the name of Jesus I command that spirit of death, cause it was a spirit of death obviously it killed this woodpecker, or it was some kind of curse or something to do with death. I said spirit of death I command you to leave that bird now. Now as soon as I said that this woodpecker— it’s like this— and it goes— turns around, it sits up, opens its eyes and it’s like— well it wasn’t smiling, but if it could it would be.



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Sid Roth on September 13th, 2017

SID:  Hello, Sid Roth here with Something More.  Dr. Randy Clark is on the telephone.  He’s uh sitting uh outside and uh at his home in uh Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.  Uh, and for those that aren’t familiar with Dr. Randy Clark, uh he – he’s the guy that went to a little storefront on January 20th, 1994, and that little storefront church turned in, uh to –


SID:  th-the Toronto outpouring that is uh –


VIDEO:  RANDY CLARK:  … so that He can put power onto the leaders, the pastors, evangelists, and missionaries –


SID:  I-I think I’ve heard that that’s the l- – was the longest standing revival in North America.  Is that right Randy?


VIDEO:  RANDY CLARK:  as a SIGN of healing anointing.  And the electricity that Paul, the Apostle Paul said I –


RANDY:  Thats correct.  It went 6-nights a week for 12-1/2 years; the longest protracted meeting in North American history.


VIDEO:  RANDY CLARK:  w-we laid up on all of his energy, which works divinely within us, and so got on us.  And now, arms toward Heaven, –


SID:  Uh, you told me something that absolutely got me excited.


VIDEO:  RANDY CLARK:  let the Holy Spirit fall.  Release the angels of God, and release the anointings and the gifts –


SID:  Uh, when you were on TV with us –


VIDEO:  RANDY CLARK:  of the Holy Spirit.  Release them unto here …


SID:  Uh, we air of course in London – and a woman was watching you on television with us – in London – and what happened?


RANDY:  Well this – when we came to the time of impartation, the power of God came on her.  She fell out of her chair, fell into the – onto the floor – and uh couldn’t move; she was there for hours.  Her husband gets home, sees her in that state, thinks she’s had a heart attack –




RANDY:  or a stroke or something.  He’s scared; she can’t [CHUCKLING] communicate to him yet!  She – he calls an ambulance to take her to the hospital; and once she’s at the hospital, then finally, the Spirit of God lifts off her enough that she can communicate; and there’s nothing wrong with her.  And th-that just blew me away when – when I – when I got that information.  And I – and one other one that I didn’t tell you about uh Sid was uh talking about the power of impartation over TV or radio.  And uh, I c- – several months ago, the person – actually we ended up hiring the father of this boy uh in – in one of our positions at the – in our ministry.  But uh, his boy was 7-years old; and I was speaking on television, and he uh – the boy’s watching at 7.  He gets slain in the spirit; he’s lying there, and uh you know, it – he can’t get up!  And he gets – he’s there for several hours, and uh, the – he told his parents, “I’m hungry!”  [CHUCKLING] “Bring me something!”  And uh, but anyway, he was uh, he said to his dad, “Dad, I don’t know what happened, but whatever that man is talking about, it jumped through the TV and got on me.”  [LAUGHS]


SID:  Wow!  Well you know what Randy?  That’s what I think television was created for!  I don’t think we’ve even GRASPED the POWER that God has put before us, with being able to go on a computer – in someone’s computer, or their iPhone, or television, with the power of God!  Could you imagine if 2,000 years ago Jesus had uh the iPhones to work with, a-and prayed a prayer [CHUCKLING] of impartation?!


RANDY:  That – it would have been amazing; it’d been amazing.


SID:  But – but that’s where were at right now!  In fact, you and I were talking just before we went on the air, uh, and I-I said, “Randy, uh, what do you see?”  I mean, most prophets see uh a “great awakening” coming.  They see a lot of “shaking”, but they see a “great awakening” coming.  I choose to focus on the “great awakening”, personally.  Uh, but describe to me what you believe, with every fiber of your being, w-what is almost upon us, if not upon us now.


RANDY:  I believe, Sid, that – that there’s going to be a move of God, and that it’s already started actually in different countries; I believe it’s going to come here too – [PHONE CLICKS] uh, where the – the people are just being touched.  There’s going to be a lot of healing in it, going to be miracles in it, going to be people set free of uh demonic oppression in it.  Uh, and it’s going to be the uh accompanying of the seeing the signs and wonders.  Seeing the healings is going to cause people’s hearts to be softened – we see this a lot – and uh, and come to the Lord!  Uh, I know [PHONE CLICKS] since Toronto, we saw –


RANDY:  Uh, a million people come through Heidi Baker’s ministry to the Lord, when she – after she was touched.  And Leif Hetland, after he was touched, there’s a million people got – uh came to the Lord through him in Pakistan where different –


SID:  N-now y-you – t-this is so powerful Randy.


SID:  I-I want to make sure everyone gets this.  Uh, Randy lays hands on two people; through these two people, a million-plus people have come to the Lord!  Uh, as – as a matter of fact uh, I-I remember listening to this, and I’ve – I’ve interviewed her – Heidi Baker – in Mozambique.  Uh, when she got back after her impartation, she had about a dozen uh elders or so; and SHE laid hands on them, and every one of THEM carried the impartation!  A-and – and you say it’s what, it’s over a million [CHUCKLES] have come to the Lord through them!


RANDY:  Just – just through Heidi, and another million is r- – is -there’s actually a million each; a million through Leif; and that’s two million.  And then –




VIDEO:  RANDY CLARK:  [IN KIEV]:  Hallelujah!  And when you start speaking healing with the laying on of hands [unintelligible].


RANDY:  I prayed for a church in uh Kiev, and Henry Madava is the Pastor of a great church there of several thousand people.


RANDY:  They have had over a million uh, since we went there in ’99, –


RANDY:  and uh – uh a lot of my friends were touched in the same move of God.  There’s like scores of thousands at Chayon (sp?) over – churches at Chayon overseas in the Asian area, and there’s revival going on – and it was one of the biggest revivals in the world as far as growing the fastest – in the mission field of Cambodia.  There’s great things happening right now in – in uh –


RANDY:  Uh, Thailand.  Uh, there i- – I just talked to a missionary from Thailand.  We went over there and did a – a meeting, did – laid hands on people, prayed for people, and took a team with us and did prophetic uh ministry on the streets.  They went into a bar – one of the teams; we’d broke up and we went into the streets.  They went into bars – they went everywhere – and they wanted to do prophetic re- – you know, giving prophetic words on the streets.  But in the bars, they went in and said – just announced, “We’d like to pray for people”.


RANDY:  And this – an American was there and told them to sit down, a-and the – and the Cambo- – uh the Thai said, “No!  No!  Let them talk!”  And after two people got healed, they were lining up all the way onto the street in that bar.  And some of them – and they’re praying for free, and someone said, “No!  W-we’ll give you money!  Let us – let us be prayed for!”  They was afraid they wouldn’t gonna get – wasn’t gonna get prayed for.  And today – that was several years ago – that’s happening all over uh Thailand.  And the – and the city that happened in was the world’s large – most famous – or infamous – city for tra- – human trafficking –


SID:  Hm.


RANDY:  and prostitution – Patiya – in – in – in uh Thailand.  And now, there’s just lots of people getting saved!  And those are just SOME of the stories that we’re seeing, so around the world –


SID:  U-uh but – but – but you know what – you know what I’m thinking as I’m hearing you say this, Randy, is anyone that watches the news is pr- – i-is – is a great candidate for being depressed, and a great candidate for not having hope.  Uh a-and – and but when I just listen to a little bit – just a-a few MINUTES of what’s happening before your very EYES, I think that trumps anything negative we see in politics, economics, terrorists, or anything else!  What do you think?


RANDY:  Well I know that theres a revival going on in Iran.


RANDY:  You talked about terrorists; but as people are seeing what the terrorists are doing, Mu- – some of the Muslims – actually quite a few – are coming to the Lord.


RANDY:  I was just in eastern, uh, eastern part of Germany a few days ago, and there was Iranian groups there.  And they had – they had es- – you know, escaped and – and some from Afghanistan and stuff.  And a lot of them are – are accepting the Lord.  Uh, and – and almost every one of them that accepted the Lord had had a vision of Jesus, a dream about Jesus, when He just said, “I Am the Way” [CHUCKLES], you know, “[It is Me; I am the true way to God]”, and there’s this – but it’s the supernatural side that’s drawing the people.  It’s uh, you know, for a long time our way of defending the faith – or apologetics – was based on reason.  Now what’s – we’re seeing’s SO much more successful – and fruitful – is just the New Testament way; that your faith may not rest on the reason of man, but on the power of God.


SID:  Uh whats going to happen with our universities?  I – I have two granddaughters in college, so I have a pretty good handle of what’s going on i-in uh universities in North America.  Uh, and [CHUCKLES] short of a miracle of God, I don’t see how these kids can survive!


SID:  Uh, but huh, I believe that God has a plan for our universities!  What do you think?


RANDY:  Well I’m – I know so; um, as a matter of fact, I saw –


RANDY:  um, Heidi and uh Chai on Heidi Baker – they went to where um, Harvard – to MIT, Harvard, Yale, and s- –


SID:  Uh b-b-by the way, whats that noise I’m hearing in the background?


RANDY:  Well I went inside.


SID:  Aah.


RANDY:  Youre hearing somebody blowing the – they – they just – they’re doing landscaping outside; I’m moving away from it.


SID:  Okay.  Okay; you’re “instant in season”.  Go ahead.


RANDY:  Going inside now.


SID:  Okay.  Alright.


RANDY:  So, but they did this meeting at the um, a – a place –


RANDY:  well actually in Harvard, but they did – they had done them in other places too.  And a lot of young people are –


RANDY:  getting just really touched by the power of God.  So we hear of the bad, but there’s also a, uh, I think a move amongst young people.  Um, I-I also believe that one day, we’ll see a lot of these people in the New Age; they’ll be a great harvest field like the hippies were at the Jesus movement time; that – that that people – uh, looking  all the wrong places for peace and love.  But anyway, then once the Lord started moving, there was a great revival!  The Jesus movement actually started there.  I think something like that will happen in America, around the world, right presently with people that’s involved in New Age.  They’re going to be like Simon the Great One, in Acts chapter 8, who was a sorcerer.  One Philip showed up and he saw the more power than he had, he switched sides!


SID:  Well a few weeks ago you had a very interesting prophetic word.  What was that?


RANDY:  That God was releasing uh, to me, and to the ministry of Global Awakening; uh, that it was turning into a movement.  And uh, a significant angel; uh not just a normal angel, but like uh, uh much stronger.  And this particular angel would prepare a way; it’d break through it, prepare it for enlargement, for growth, uh for favor.  And things that would be impossible to uh see in the natural, the – this angel was just going to take some of the opposition away.


SID:  Well w-within a few days of uh getting that prophetic word, [CHUCKLES] you saw an AMAZING miracle!  Tell me about that woman with schizophrenia.


RANDY:    Well it’s an amazing story, and – and what I don’t want to do is for anybody to take uh away from this story that I’m saying that mental illness is uh caused by demons, or – or usually caused; I think that’d be very naive.  But I also think it’s naive to – to think that it – it could never be caused by a demon.  So, I said that because there’s this woman, and in Oshawa um, Canada, and sh-she went to the uh Embassy Church there by – pastored –


RANDY:  by Doug Schneider, who’s a wonderful man of God.  It’s a Pentecostal uh –


RANDY:  Assemblies of Canada Church.  And um, sh-she got there late; and sh-she was talking about something, that somebody said I got a new book out called uh, uh, a New Testament – oh, no; it’s the biblical guide – “The Biblical Guidebook to Deliverance”, and so she went and bought it!  Took it home, and she didn’t really read it.  What she did, she looked at the Table of Contents, and she saw one chapter heading that she thought that might apply to her, so she immediately went there.  And before she had read four pages, she saw something that was one of the things you can do to open yourself to the demonic; she knew she had done that.  So she went upstairs, and took her Bible; put the Bible on the bed, and made the bed her altar.  Knelt down, began to confess her sin, and – and then she just began to weep.  And then she threw-up, and within 5 – and I don’t think you have to throw-up to be delivered; I’m just telling the story.  Thats not my theology, –


SID:  Um hm.


RANDY:  [CHUCKLES] but I’m just telling the story.  And um, within 5 minutes of that happening, her daughter who is in her mid-20s, who had had 5 years ago (or maybe she’s late 20s), but 5 years ago in 2010, she was in university, in uh – in Ontario, one of the finest universities.  And she was stricken with schizophrenia; and over the last 5 years, it was getting

worse.  And the last 8 months, she had become incommunicable.  She’d say, “yes”, “no”; uh she didn’t want to get out of bed, she was severely depressed.  Uh, she uh, basically her mother felt like she’d lost her daughter.  She just was a very serious – she’d been to 5 mental hospitals, –


SID:  Mm.


RANDY:  including the most prestigious hospital in Ontario, Canada, the province.  And – and so, the girl comes in – who’s been incommunicative – and had not – not basically not getting out of bed – and she said, “Mom, why are you crying?  Why are you sad?  Isn’t my brother coming home next week?  Shouldn’t we go to the grocery store and get some stuff to prepare things for him, and for his visit?”  And her mother w-was telling me this on Saturday night, because it happened on Friday night, and she came to church on Saturday night and was telling me.


VIDEO:  DAUGHTER HEALED OF SCHIZOPHRENIA:  And I took my Bible and went upstairs.


RANDY:  And she was crying, and sh-she was showing me in the book, “This is what I read!  This is what I read!


VIDEO:  DAUGHTER HEALED OF SCHIZOPHRENIA:  And I closed my door in my bedroom and just repented on my knees, and I was just [WEEPING] crying!


RANDY:  This – and this has so helped me!”  And – and -and then she said, “I got my daughter back!”, and she just starts weeping, weeping.  So Sunday morning, –


VIDEO:  DAUGHTER HEALED OF SCHIZOPHRENIA:  And I have such great pride in my Bible…


RANDY:  the daughter comes with her to church.


RANDY:  I’m getting ready to go to catch an airplane; and just as we’re leaving, I – I just get to spend 2 minutes with her, but I’d – I – I give the pastor the heads-up.  He followed-up to her that morning, and then the following week; and he’s had uh I think two; one of them was a half-hour, and another was an – over an half-hour dialogue.  And you know he’s not a psychiatrist, but if – if you’ve met with schizophrenic people, it doesn’t take long; you can – you don’t have to be psychiatrist [CHUCKLES] to know that they’re schizophrenic.  But anyway, he sees – he says, “Randy, she’s normal.  When I talked to her, she seemed normal.  She held a conversation; she didnt’ have that look in her eyes”, you know.  And so this girl, and when – and Doug’s getting it now; he’s getting a video of it; gonna send it to me – is just normal!  She’s been healed of schizophrenia!


SID:  Well now what’s the poten- – what’s the potential of someone that has –


RANDY:  Well, let me tell ya.


SID:  severe schizophrenia being healed uh by a simple prayer?  [CHUCKLES]


RANDY:  Well this is a second one.  Several years ago, we had uh uh another person whose – whose dad was uh in a uh 5,- or 5,- or 6,000 member –


VIDEO:  RANDY:  This is a pastor who’s on the team of a 6,000 member Southern Baptist Church [unintelligible].


RANDY:  Southern Baptist Church, and he was on staff there as a pastor – one of the pastors.


VIDEO:  SCHIZOPHRENIC PASTOR’S DAUGHTER:  … to your prayers, and uh, just to encourage anyone –


RANDY:  And uh his daughter got healed in one of our meetings –


VIDEO:  SCHIZOPHRENIC PASTOR’S DAUGHTER:  just to be very bold in speaking the Good News, because I’m telling you Jesus Christ healed me.


RANDY:  of severe paranoid schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder, and anorexia, and she got healed; so that’s two!  Well I was telling that first story down in Brazil, and I had a psychiatrist –


RANDY:  on my team; we have – often we’ll have doctors.  We have people –


SID:  Um hm.


RANDY:  from all over the world come in on our teams.  We’ve had 5,- 6,000 people go with us; everybody that’s gone, everybody gets a word of knowledge; everybody sees people get healed when they pray, even those who have never done it.  So he’s on the team; and he motioned me over and he said, “You dont’ have any idea of the – how miraculous that testimony is.  This is my field; I’m a psychiatrist.  If I was a normal doctor, the kind of testimony it would take to be as impressive or as miraculous as – as what you’re telling about that girl with schizophrenia, uh the person would have to have their arm or leg cut-off and it grow back.  That’s how – it just doesnt’ happen!”


SID:  Wow!  Th-that – that is phenomenal!  But I – I happen to believe that a lot – a-and I’m zeroing back on the college kids I was talking to you about earlier, uh because I have a particular burden there.  Uh th-they’re into these uh uh oriental Eastern religions; they’re into New Age; they are doing forbidden things, according to Deuteronomy 18, and opening themselves up to familiar spirits.


RANDY:  Um hm.


SID:  And I think it’s going to become common practice in churches that have the glory cloud over them, that one of these kids walks in that’s opened themselves up to the demonic, and maybe theyre schizophrenic by now.  Uh, and they’re going to walk in one door, and walk out the other door totally whole; that’s the day I see coming.


RANDY:  Well my first – several years ago I told old Omar Cabrera, who’s a famous healing evangelist in Argentina – I was talking to his son, Omar Jr., and I said, “There’s one thing I haven’t seen that I’m really contending for, and it’s schizophrenia, because there’s a man in my church who had it, and accidentally overdosed -”


SID:  Mm.


RANDY:  and – and he was only like 32-years old.  And we had this covenant; every time I’d see him, I’d pray for him, because I was just contending we’re going to get a breakthrough in mental illness; in particular for schizophrenia.  And so it was uh – you know it’s – it – I was telling Omar Jr. that, and he said, “Ask the woman – that’s seated across from me at this table – her story”.  And when I did, she had been nominally Catholic in Argentina; she was diagnosed – and has a very wealthy family – and she was diagnosed with schizophrenia.  And they, you know, I mean they had factories; they had, you know, they had – they had lots of wealth; and they went to the best psychiatrists that there were in the country.  And – and he – he was – so she was going to have to be put in an institution; and theyre not nice in Argentina.


SID:  I’m sure.


RANDY:  Uh, and so her friend, who’s a – a Protestant Christian, takes her to church to see Omar.  Now on – going through the threshold into the meeting where the people are worshipping, she – on this side of the threshold, she is mentally ill; severe mental illness with schizophrenia.  She steps across the threshold into the place where the people of God were worshipping; [CLAPS] instantly healed; in her right mind.    She got saved.


SID:  Y-you’re describing what I have only been fantasizing about, but I know it’s coming as real as the description youre giving me right now, Randy.


RANDY:   I-I believe we’re seeing the first fruits of these things now, and we’ll see full-blown – you know, kind of like uh the hors d’oeuvres before the full meal [CHUCKLES], so –


SID:  Well speaking about the full meal, uh, Randy takes a lot of interns with him uh throughout the world!  And these young KIDS, –


SID:  they sit down and they take a course on the supernatural from Randy; he prays a prayer of impartation, and they go through to – uh they go to a place like Brazil, and Mozambique, and uh you know, all over the world, and they start doing –


SID:  what he’s doing!  So he’s FINALLY put together a curriculum for everyone!


SID:  It’s uh brand-new.  It’s called the “Power to Heal”.  It includes the book, it includes uh – if you want to do it as a Bible study; –


SID:  uh a leader’s guide; a s- if you want to do it individually, a study guide; a whole DVD s- uh st- – uh study; and a special bonus book that’s gonna answer a lot of questions that you have.  And uh the new book is “When Healing Doesn’t Happen”, either for yourself, or someone you’re praying for.  And he comes up with ideas uh that I’ve really never seen put together.  Theyre going to be so helpful uh for you, so we’re offering that curriculum package.  And that would be just like him coming over to your house, and personally equipping you uh for ministry.  Uh and of course the best part:  There is a prayer for impartation.  W-we’ll pray sometime on “Something More” a prayer of impartation; but you’ll be able to play this over-and-over again, this prayer of impartation; we’re going to put that in.  It would – uh, the retail value is uh about $120 if you were to buy this, but we’re making it available for an investment; and I do say “investment” because any profits are poured into Jewish ministry.  I mean and I don’t know a more significant thing than right now, when the spiritual scales are coming off of the eyes of Jewish people, and off of the eyes of our cousins – Muslims – [CHUCKLES] as Randy just told you.  Uh, so I really want to get this into your hands.  I’d love you to do a Bible study for your neighbors, your family, uh, if – if you have a Sunday school class.  But if it’s just you, you NEED IT for YOURSELF, so that you’ll be walking in health!  And for, to me, it is the greatest way in the world to evangelize ANYONE from ANY religion.  Uh, and we’ll be back – right back with “Something More”.

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