Sid Roth on December 6th, 2017

SID: You know, Joan, there are so many things that I observed about Kathryn Kuhlman that really provoked me to jealousy. I really wanted those things. But I have to say the thing that was so obvious to me is she had such an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. Tell me a bit about that.


JOAN: Yield is the word. Gift is the word. She had total relinquishment of her as a, just a regular woman. And this woman was committed. Her body, her mind, her soul, everything about her walked in that commitment. Now, I don’t know if I am exaggerating the issue, but she would come out of her office and cross Fifth Street there, and she would walk through this traffic. And everywhere she went they didn’t know who she was, but you could feel her, that atmosphere of God’s Holy Spirit in that woman just walking down the street, and it touched people on the side of her. I love that.


SID: So she carried the atmosphere of Heaven.


JOAN: Oh, she did.


SID: Wherever she went.


JOAN: She did.


SID: But guess what, so do you.


JOAN: I love it and I receive it, and I do and I want it always until my last breath.


SID: And so can you. Are you expecting this moment to get physically healed? Are you? Something very special is about ready to happen. When that light came above you, you couldn’t see anything and then all of a sudden, you could see.


JOAN: That’s right.


SID: Something more was deposited. The presence of God was deposited upon you.


JOAN: Yes.


SID: The Bible says, “Freely, I have received, freely, I give.” Would you pray for people to receive what you have.


JOAN: And Father, as this man, Sid Roth, spoke those words, a chill went through my body thinking how real, and what I have received, and what Sid has received, we give to you. Nothing is impossible. The Spirit of the Living God, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is here on you, on you. The Spirit of the Living God is raising you from that bed of affliction. Don’t look back. What the doctors say is all right. They’re good men, but this God, we breathe life into you. Take it back in Jesus’ name, amen, amen, amen.


SID: All I can say is what Jesus said: “It is finished.”

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Sid Roth on November 16th, 2017

ROBERT: So during the Feast of Tabernacles God wants us to experience the overflowing joy of being in His presence. To understand where we get Tabernacles and what it pictures you need to realize when Israel left Egypt they lived in tabernacles, temporary shelters in the wilderness. And God spoke to Moses and said build a Tabernacle for me too so I can live with My people. And so they made a Tabernacle for God in the middle of their camp and God’s glory came down and dwelt among them and He met all of their needs and they experienced His presence. And so the Feast of Tabernacles is the celebration of God’s glory. One week a year God asked His people to leave their normal activities behind and tabernacle with Him. They were to make temporary shelters, Sukkahs, as a reminder of how God’s glory walked with them in the wilderness. And God promised a special blessing for those who would do this. He says if you’ll treat this week as special I will meet with you. So what do we do at Tabernacles? Tabernacles is a time to remember. Remember how God came down. Tabernacled with His people. It’s a time to share testimonies and share stories of the times God has met with you. It’s a time to enjoy the fun of celebration with God more than any other feast this is just a fun time! Leviticus 43: Rejoice before the Lord your God for seven days. Deuteronomy 16: Be joyful at your feast for Lord your God will bless you and your joy will be complete.  Number 3: Bring an offering. It’s an expression of thanksgiving to God. Deuteronomy 16: No man should appear before the Lord empty-handed. Bring a gift in proportion to the way God has blessed you. And then finally it’s a time to anticipate. To call out to God for His glory to come and tabernacle with us again. It’s a week to draw close to God. So in Tabernacles plan to meet with Him every day. Spend relaxed times in His word. Get together with your family, with your friends. Share testimonies of His goodness. Eat your favorite foods. Thank Him for His blessing. And especially if you have children build a tabernacle, a Sukkah. Nehemiah 8 describes when in Nehemiah’s day they celebrated Tabernacles. They said go into the hills and bring back branches from olive and wild olive trees and myrtles and palms and shade trees to make Sukkahs. And so the people built Sukkahs on their roofs and on their courtyards and their joy was very great. So why not build a Sukkah? You know you can be, there can be all kinds of Sukkahs. Wherever you live you can have a Sukkah. Be creative. You can have a model Sukkah. You can have a backyard Sukkah. You can have an indoor Sukkah. You can have a rustic Sukkah. You can have a Sukkah in a tent. You can decorate your Sukkah. You can light up your Sukkah. You can picnic in your Sukkah. You can sleep in your Sukkah. But as you enter your Sukkah remember God wants to tabernacle with you. Enjoy the fun of celebration with Him. Anticipate. Call out to God for His glory to come and meet you in that Sukkah. At Tabernacles God wants to draw you into His presence to experience His glory. Now more than of any other feast I believe Tabernacles is a feast for Christians. The Bible says this is a feast specifically for Gentiles who worship the Lord. Zechariah14: The time will come when people from among the Gentiles will worship the King. How many of you are included in that description?




ROBERT: Well worship the King the Lord almighty and celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles. This day this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing. So if you’re a Gentile who worships the God of Israel this feast is for you. There’s a second reason why Tabernacles is important for Christians and to explain that I want to answer the question when was Jesus born? We know He wasn’t born December 25th cause shepherds don’t keep their flocks in the fields in late December in Israel. Some say well we can’t really know when He was born. But maybe we can. In Luke 1:5 we’re told that Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist, was the priest of the Order of Aviyah. The priesthood was divided into different orders. Each order was assigned a specific time of the year to serve in the Temple. 1 Chronicles 24 tells us the priests of Aviyah served in the Temple during the 12th through the 18th of the month of Sivan, which is basically in June. And we’re told that during those days when Zechariah was serving in the Temple an angel came to him and told him that when he went home to his wife Elizabeth she would get pregnant and give birth to the forerunner of the Messiah. Now I can’t prove this tells us when Jesus was born but I think it’s very interesting. The angel appears to Zechariah during the 12th through the 18th of Sivan. He completes his time in the Temple, packs up, goes home to his wife and assuming he got busy you know on the angelic assignment right away.




ROBERT: We could think Elizabeth may have conceived around the 25th of Sivan. If she had a normal pregnancy of 285 days John the Baptist would have been born on the 15th of Nisan which just happen to be Passover. The one who came in the spirit and power of Elijah did come on Passover. Now Luke 1:36 says Elizabeth was six months pregnant when Jesus was conceived. So if Elizabeth conceived on the 25th of Sivan and you count six months then her sixth month would have been the 25th day of Kislev and that would have been when Jesus was conceived. That just happens to be Hanukkah, the Feast of Lights. The Light of the world was conceived in the Feast of Lights! So while Jesus was probably was not born in December, He was probably conceived in December. And if Jesus was conceived Kislev 25 and Mary had a normal pregnancy of 285 days the birth of Jesus would have been on the 15th of Tishri which just happens to be The Feast of Tabernacles. Now I think that’s why John described Jesus’ birth this way in his Gospel. In John 1:14: The word became flesh and tabernacled among us and we beheld His glory. It shed some new light on the Christmas story. In Luke chapter 2 we’re told Mary brought forth her child and laid Him, in most of our English translations say, laid Him in a manger. Now the Greek word there is phatne and it can be translated manger but it can also mean a stall or a stable or a temporary shelter. As a matter of fact phatne is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew word Sukkah. Genesis 33 Jacob made Sukkahs for his cattle. So during the Feast there were no rooms in the Inn but there were Sukkahs all over the place. In Luke 2:7 says “And she brought forth her firstborn Son and wrapped Him in swaddling clothes and laid Him in a Sukkah.” And on that Feast of Tabernacles the glory of God came into that Sukkah as Jesus the Messiah was born. Now Jesus gave a promise at Tabernacles. It says on the last day of the Feast He said in a loud voice “If anyone is thirsty let him come to me and drink.” Whoever believes in me, streams of living water will flow from his innermost being. Now to understand what He was saying we need to understand the context. A key element of Tabernacles was the Ceremony of Outpouring. It was the high point of the entire cycle of appointed times. Every year at Tabernacles the high priest performed a prophetic act. He took the golden pitcher. Filled it with water from the Pool of Siloam. Carried it up to the Temple and poured it out at the altar. Huge crowds would accompany him. They would gather around. They wanted to hear the sound of the water pouring. It was an appeal to God for the latter rain in the natural realm. Also an appeal to God for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the spiritual realm. God had said I’ll pour out my Spirit on all people. This was repeated every day during the Feast. Each day the celebration was bigger. Everybody got more and more excited and that helps us understand John 7 when it says On the last day, the Great Day of the Feast, the priest would have brought water from Siloam. Carried it up to the altar. He would have lifted the pitcher high and prepared to pour it and a hush would have fallen on the crowd. And then just as the priest is about to pour the water Jesus cries out in a loud voice If any man is thirsty let him come to me and drink. For he who believes in me from his innermost being will flow rivers of living water. And see that is Jesus’ goal. Overflowing life. That is the goal of the whole cycle of feasts. As you go through these feasts you begin with redemption. You begin, you move into a celebration of God’s provision. You end up experiencing His glory and the Living Water of Jesus bubbles up from inside. That’s what the goal of the Feasts are. That’s what Tabernacles is all about. So this year at Tabernacles receive God’s river of life. Celebrate His glory and rejoice. Lord Jesus, we thank You. Lord, we thank You for Your Feasts.




ROBERT: Lord, I thank You that even though they have been stolen away from us in the Dark Ages, Lord, You are restoring them to us. Lord, You are releasing a new level of blessing on Your people, Lord, that will help bring forth a last days revival. Lord, I pray for each one, Lord, that Your Spirit would quicken them as they celebrate the Feasts. That it would not just be a ritual, it would not just be a holiday, it would not just be a religious observance but Lord that You would meet with them individually as they celebrate and bring them to a new level in You. Lord, we thank You, Lord. I pray Your blessing on each one. In Yeshua’s name. Amen. Amen. Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Lord!



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Sid Roth on November 9th, 2017

WOMAN #1: It’s just – It’s my knees. I need total reconstructive –


JERAME: I’m telling you just raise your hands right now. If you need a miracle just put your hand on the part of your body that needs the miracle. Just put it there right now. Right now I see arthritis being healed. Right now in the name of Jesus we take authority over arthritis in the hands. If that’s you just shake it off right now. God’s going to heal you. Just shake it off right now. Oh, I see somebody right now with some sort of an injury to the right shoulder. God’s is healing you. If that’s you just start to move that shoulder around. Somebody else, you’ve got some sort of a hip injury on the left side, could be like a sciatic nerve issue. If that’s you just start moving it around, just start testing it out. Oh, thank you Lord. Thank you, Jesus. Somebody’s right ankle is getting touched right now. Goodness of God’s touching your ankle. You rolled that ankle, you twisted something in that ankle and it hasn’t healed right. Jesus is touching you right now. If that’s you just start moving it. Start testing it out. All the rest of you just put your hands on your body. Yeah, right now we release miracle power in the room. We command sickness and disease to go. We command pain and torment to go. Yeah, we just speak right now life. We speak right now body parts. We speak right now creative miracles in the room.  We just release the love of Jesus! Now I even see eyesight. If you need a miracle in your eyes just put your hand on your eyes. Lord, I thank You for eyes being healed. We declare clarity of sight. We declare clarity of vision in Jesus’ name. Thank you, Lord. Now I want you to start, people here right now, just test your body out. Check. See if the pain’s gone. See if you could do something that you couldn’t do before. Some of you are going to be really surprised right now because God loves you so much. Check it out. Who feels the difference? If that’s you, wave at me like this. You feel the difference, wave at me like this. C’mon, you feel like Jesus healed you, wave at me. Look at that. C’mon look at all these people around the room, friends.


SID ROTH: I would like to have about 5 of you that raised your hand come up here very quickly and testify. Very quickly, please.


JERAME: Yeah, if Jesus healed you, c’mon!


SID: What happened?


WOMAN #2: I was thrown from my horse 3 years ago and I’m in my fifties. And I’d hurt my shoulder and I hadn’t been able to do this and I’m doing it! [laughs]


JERAME: Wow! How long haven’t you been able to do that?


WOMAN #2: since I got thrown. I’d, I’d tore up the whole side of my body. I had a big horse [chuckles].


JERAME: Wow, so for 3 years you couldn’t do this?


WOMAN #2: I couldn’t do this. This wasn’t happening.


SID: Now God is here and there’s power in the testimony. If He’ll heal one, He’ll heal all. He’s not a respecter of persons. He’s a respecter of His Word and faith in the integrity of His Word. Thank you. C’mon.


WOMAN #3: Two years ago I fell and broke my left shoulder. And then in this year, I fell, I mean in July of last and I fell and broke my elbow real bad and had to have surgery. I couldn’t raise this arm up. January of this year I fell, had a bad fall and bruised my whole shoulder and it has been so sore and it’s healed but I couldn’t raise my, either one ‘them up no farther than this. But PRAISE GOD!, Woo. Hallelujah!


SID: Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. Robin, come on. Thank you, Jesus.


WOMAN #4: I had arthritis and my knee was hurting me so bad I couldn’t hardly walk home last night from the shoot and now I can raise my legs up! And He healed my ears too! I, I could turn a certain way and I, I would have like vertigo. And He healed my ears too! Thank you, Jesus!!


JERAME: C’mon!




SID: Thank you, Lord. Anything else? Okay. We’re in the presence of God right now. O God, You’re so good. God You are so good. The world has to know about Your goodness, Lord. Use each person here as Your mouthpiece. As Your spokesman. As Your ambassador. The Lord is blessing you right now! The Lord is keeping you right now! The Lord, He’s smiling upon you right now! The Lord, He’s surrounding you with His favor right now! The Lord, He’s gifting you right now! The Lord is giving you His Shalom, completeness, completeness in your body, and in your soul and in your spirit right now! In the name that is above every hurt, every disappointment, every frustration, every need. Yeshua HaMashiach Tsidkenu, Jesus the Messiah, our Righteousness.

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Sid Roth on November 2nd, 2017

RON: Number Two: The Lord’s coming! You be patient! Huh! Establish your heart for the coming of the Lord is at hand. These things we’re seeing are simply harbingers of the Rapture and of the coming of Jesus! Number Three: Be patient. Quit grumbling! The Judge is on His way!


AUDIENCE: Hallelujah


RON: Now I’m going to tell you what. You can hit the street. Demonstrate. You can do whatever. Holler and scream. Complain. Grumble. Gripe. Write letters. Text people. Be ugly and hateful. You aren’t going to fix Nothing! But there is One who will set it right!


AUDIENCE: Yes! Amen!


RON: One before whom every knee will bow!




RON: And every tongue will confess! He says do not grumble against one another, brethren, lest you be condemned. The Judge is standing at the door! The Greek word for grumble is goggyzo.




RON: It’s an ugly word, isn’t it?




RON: Hey, we got any pastors in here? Well you’ll know what I’m talking about. Out there in the hallway of your church well I’m going to tell you what I think, grr, grr, grr, grr, grr, grr. Well you hear grr, grr, grr, grr, grr, grr, grr, grr. I call it the hall committees.




RON: He’s talking to believers! And can I be kind? Shut up!




RON: We’re walking around the walls of Jericho and we’re about to bring down that national stronghold if you will shut up and get ready to blow your horn, your Shofar we’re about to have a victory!




RON: But we going to talk ourselves, and if I could tell Mrs. Clinton or Trump anything it’d be you all need to shut up!




RON: Cause if you don’t people are going to find out who you are!




RON: And if you haven’t read Robert Morris’s new book on the Words what you say is what you going to get!


AUDIENCE: That’s right.


RON: Are you listening to me? And he looks at the church in the Last Days and said I’ll tell you what. I see a bunch of corrupt people in Wall Street stealing and a bunch of people not being paid right and I see all that mess. And I look down at my church and everybody’s grumbling! You can’t got to tell me, I’ve been pastoring the same church for 37 years. I just decided I’d stay.




RON: Brother Ron, what’s the secret of your ministry? I stayed!




RON: I walked in Æ79 and all I had was white people. And I’d been pastoring a country church in Alabama where we had some people of color. And so I had a deacon look at me and said if you going to let these in the church I’m leaving! And being 32 year-old and not being baptized in the Holy Ghost yet I said don’t let that hit you where it don’t matter on your way out the door! That door over there! Bye!




RON: In the words of Curly Bill and Wyatt EaRON: BYE!




RON: See you! And I said that a lot of times so I could stay there and do what God wanted me to do in the life of that church! And so if I could give you some advice as a church member you don’t know what that man or woman of God is having to put up with! You don’t know why they fired that staff member because in Tennessee personnel is confidential. If I tell you why I had to fire them they could sue me for revealing what happened! You don’t know what’s going on! You know how well I’ll tell you he hurt somebody’s feelings. Well they may have been a whoremonger or an adulterer. You don’t know what was going on! You need to learn in these Last Days and what Brother Hagin said years ago: The only law in the kingdom is the law of love.


AUDIENCE: Amen. That’s right.


RON: That’s right. Just love people. And love them and as a pastor if they won’t be loved I can love them but I’m a good daddy. I can spank too if I need to.




RON: You know what I mean? Be patient. The Judge is coming. Be patient. When your harvest shows up it’s going to be twice as much as you expected!




RON: ! Listen to this: My brethren, take the prophets who spoke in the name of the Lord, this is James, as an example of suffering and patience. Indeed we count them blessed who endure. You have heard of the perseverance of Job and seen the end intended by the Lord. What was the end intended by the Lord? A double portion! He got back twice everything he lost! And he had, he had those children die. And I love the fact that the children he got was the same number that left because the ones that left were in heaven so he hadn’t lost them!


AUDIENCE: ! Yeah! Yes! Praise God! [CLAPPING]


RON: I’ve lost a loved one, not if they’re saved. They’ve just been transferred! [laughs]




RON: This angel’s really bothering me over here, I’m telling you. They’re telling me to hurry up!




RON: [LAUGHING] All right. Number Five: Be patient. Your prayers can change things! He tells them in verse 12: don’t swear. Let your yes be yes. Tell the truth. Then he says anyone among you suffering let him pray. Anyone cheerful let him sing. Anyone sick let him call the elders of the church. Pray over him, anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord. The prayer of faith will save the sick and the Lord will raise him up. If he’s committed sins he’ll be forgiven. Wow! Isn’t it great? You see what got me to this study I’m going to tell you right now. I’ve anointed lots of people with oil and a lot of them didn’t get healed.




RON: How many of you have anointed somebody with oil and they didn’t get healed? Yeah, a few of you won’t admit it but –




RON: Does that bother you?


AUDIENCE: Yes. Sure.


RON: Well I know the Lord didn’t tell me to heal them just to anoint them. And we do like some and blame it on them say well you didn’t have any faith.




RON: But you know you can get healed without any faith! Remember that man borne by four? It doesn’t say when Jesus saw his faith! It said when he saw their faith he said to the man their faith has made you whole. Get up! You can believe God for somebody else. But what I want, I believe in anointing with oil all the time but what I want you to understand is everything God tells us depends on the atmosphere we’re in. That’s what He was talking about a minute ago. This is a promise for the Last Days. And when you feel the drops falling and you’re in a Latter Rain movement which I believe we’re in right here today in this house, everybody that’s anointed, this verse indicates that everyone that gets this gets healed.


AUDIENCE: ! That’s right! [CLAPPING]


RON: Now we’re not quite there but you hear me well. And I hope it comes before the Lord takes me home but before the Rapture comes there’s going to come a season things are going to get so bad out in the world but so good in the Church.




RON: And in kingdom ministries that people [laughing] people are going to flock, I know they’re going to flock in the Church, people are going to flock into the Church!


AUDIENCE: That’s right!

RON: And EVERYONE who we anoint will get out of the wheelchair. Their blind eyes will be opened.




RON: They’ll bring them in on stretchers and they’ll walk out! Two years ago at Collide Jeff and Bekki Smith who pastor down here in South Carolina their boy was nearly killed in a car wreck. Couldn’t move, couldn’t walk. Was all strapped. They brought him into the church on a stretcher to a conference where he was laying out on a conference and Damon Thompson preached on that Thursday night and all of a sudden we looked up and he’d been, he’d been in the military but he was in that wreck where that military truck was hit by that tractor trailer over here in Kentucky and nearly killed him. And all of a sudden I looked there and bandages an all he’s running around the auditorium.




RON: Randy Clark walked into our church and at our conference about four years ago. This girl had come in from Dayton Tennessee. She was facing surgery. She had the metal, already had metal in her, in her, in her mouth that they were going to take out, it wasn’t working. And so she’s standing on the platform and the metal falls out of her mouth and she’s healed instantly on our platform.



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Sid Roth on October 19th, 2017

SHAWN: I will say this. That as I?m training you or teaching you in just a few minutes of inspiration that God really wants to give away this ability to hear his voice for the world around us because it? the quickest way for people to be grounded in who He is. They?ll read the Bible forever if they feel like they know the God of the Bible. They?ll seek out Jesus forever if they feel like they know that Jesus personally is talking to them. And He gives words to people all the time who don?t get saved through our ministry and through our friends and it?s just another seed sown but man when they get saved and they remember all the times that God spoke to them, as a matter of fact, you know we gave the word to the girl in Honolulu if you read the book ?Translating God,? it was a little prostitute girl who is no longer a prostitute that we gave a word to that many of you just heard this story about. But she was a girl who I asked her to listen to God and I said what is God telling you about your future? Let?s ask Him about your calling. And she heard from God. I didn?t hear from God for her. So it?s not only transferrable but even people who aren?t saved under our tutelage, under our like just spending time with them are going to hear from God. You?re going to be an intercessor for the whole world around you. So I want to talk a little bit about ?words of knowledge? specifically. That?s what was on my heart to teach today and just share with you today because I feel like this is a lost art in the body of Christ. As a matter of fact we?ve so advocated the position that when I do it many people will accuse who haven?t been around me before like that?s ?cold reading.? Haven?t you heard of Jonathan Edwards? Haven?t you heard of and I?m just laughing going haven?t you ever heard of Jesus! He was way before Jonathan Edwards!




SHAWN: Way before these spiritists and these you know people who do all kinds of other stuff. And I just feel like when you look at the scriptures of the Bible how Jesus modeled ministry many times He would say one or two words that someone would respond by saying He knew everything about me! And He knew one detail but they were in a crowd of people that was big enough that all of a sudden they felt so known and connected to the God of all the universe right then. First Corinthians 14:1 says: Follow love like your life depends on it and eagerly desire prophecy. Now this is cool because when you think about like following the love all is that means is the same way you love your kids, the same way you love your spouse, the same way you love your neighbor as your friends you apply that kind of love. You borrow from that bank of love and you apply it to people who aren?t saved or that you don?t know. Maybe there are people in your church who are saved but you apply that same kind of love. Sometimes I have to treasure people and I think that?s why God gives a lot of word association words of knowledge where I?ll see somebody and they remind me of my sister Jennifer and I?m treasuring them like I treasure Jennifer for a moment. Then I?m asking them is your name Jennifer and it is! Or is your wife?s name Jennifer and it is. But I?ve already come to a place of love where I borrowed from the bank of love that I already had towards them. And it just is so beautiful when you can be connected to a person and prophecy grounds us in the moment. You know God is so beautiful. Especially words of knowledge grounds us in the moment! He?s so beautiful because He?s omnipresent but He chooses to come into our time and space and manifest in a moment of connectivity with us. The most beautiful resource we have to give is time! The most beautiful resource heaven has to give is time! So when God comes and brings us into a connected moment, it can happen through worship, it can happen through teaching, it can happen through fellowship but when it happens through prophecy we realize especially through a word of knowledge like when you give a word of knowledge like a birthday to somebody or something of private information to somebody and you ask them is this God? And they all of a sudden feel like the God of all the universe stopped and took a moment out of His time to make me feel special and loved and known. And they are thinking, I?m telling you so many people, especially outside people or in the religious community of the church, and I?m talking about the negative religion, I love the Church but there?s a lot of negative religion where we?ve even we need to deprogram ourselves from religion and program ourselves on love. And I?ve had so many people who are like ?but I?ve done all this bad.? I?ve done so much bad how could God want to minister to me right now? And that?s how we?ve been, the state of our heart has been like God is against me. He?s not for me. And prophecy proves that God loves us even though we have all this stuff in our lives. Despite what we?ve chosen, despite what we?ve done prophecy helps us to feel the God who loves us even though when we still have a chance. We still have a chance for full redemption, a life of fullness and He grounds us in those moments throughout our lives. And if you will choose to prophecy, if you will choose to look at the world around you and say I?m going to treasure these people as though they?re the very gift of God, that?s how Jesus saw them! As a matter of fact Jesus saw everybody around Him as if they were the joy set before Him that He was even willing to go to the cross and pay the ultimate price for it! One of the things I encourage people to do before they even try and get words of knowledge or prophecy is start to treasure the people they?re trying to get words of knowledge or prophecy for. Start to fall in love. Start to say God, I choose to love this person. I choose to be present with this person. I chose to be connected to this person whether we?re with prostitutes in red light districts or whether we?re with business people or people in our own church we?re constantly trying to separate ourselves from technology and what we need to eat later and what we need to do in our busy schedule and we?re trying to have a complete moment that?s for that person where we?re saying you are worthy. You are worth my time!




SHAWN: That?s how prophecy starts. Many of us don?t ever hear that because a lot of people who prophesy they actually just do a gift. They just prophesy to the measure of their gift. They?re not connected in their emotions. You become one of the millions of people they?ve prophesied over. They don?t know who you are. And I?m not saying I remember everybody I prophesied over but I remember a moment that I spent because I was completely invested in that moment with them with God and my love was turned on or else I wasn?t going to do it. I refuse to do something that it doesn?t have to be an emotion but I don?t turn my love on for. Let?s look real fast at First Corinthians 12 where it talks about spiritual gifts. One of them says that there?s a message of the word of knowledge. Now this is incredible because a word of knowledge does this for people and it helps people to understand that they are loved by God and that He had pre-thought them. One of my favorite words of knowledge I ever had I was in Australia and I was with Pastor Bill Johnson. Many of you now him from Reading California. And right before he spoke they had asked me to get up and give some words of knowledge and to give some prophetic words. So I got up and I gave a list. I had pre-prayed and asked God for names of the people there and for whatever. Not names but just whatever He would say. And I pre-prayed and as I had started to try and give the words no one was there on my list! And I was like well you?re pretty, I?ll just prophesy over you. I don?t know. I didn?t know what to do. I was just like ha, ha, ha, does anybody want a word? You know like it was just one of those moments and it was a big sell-out conference and I bombed! You know but I was not a performance. I?m in love. I?m just trying. I?m taking risks. And I?m learning too and it?s not about information in the New Testament. You don?t go get stoned because you have information wrong. You get stoned when you don?t love well.



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