Sid Roth on February 11th, 2018

SID: Clarice, what does it mean to see things from God’s perspective?


CLARICE: Well that means you must ascend on wings of worship and praise, be seated in heavenly places and choosing to agree with God. You must know in the depths of your heart, in your [unintelligible] that you are born again, spirit-filled, tongue-talking, devil-chasing, anointed, appointed individual, standing in the stead of Christ to execute the judgments of God that have already been written.


SID: That’s a mouthful. I don’t even think you came up for air. But what can someone do that is stuck? Their prayers. They prayed for their family’s salvation, nothing. They prayed for some health conditions, nothing. They know God’s Word. How do we get unstuck?


CLARICE: Well first of all, we have to understand you have a great big God and a little bitty devil and the only thing that works on him is his lying mouth. So we have got to understand who we are that our life is hidden in Christ. So when these circumstances and situations that are not in agreement with the holy Word of God, then you recognize it for what it is, then you send an army of words. It’s just an army of words that rise up, and you say, devil, you are old and ugly. You’re defeated. You’ll never know the love of God. You lost your glorified body, for every second you have oppressed me, I claim a soul for the Kingdom of God. Then you begin to say—


SID: You know what, the devil could not take that kind of heat.


CLARICE: Put him up. Don’t let him leave. Say, I’m not through with you yet.


SID: Now I read somewhere, so and so said, aren’t you afraid of saying that? He may come after you.


CLARICE: Well he can’t find. See, I’m hidden in Christ. If he knew where I was, he can’t get me.


SID: Now, you say everything in God’s Kingdom is voice-activated and it has a lot to do with the frequency of our voice. Explain.


CLARICE: All right. Well everything is moving. We look like we’re stable, but everything has got a vibration. Everything has got a frequency. Every now and then you’re going to meet someone and they’re going to say something profound like, hi there, how are you, and you’re going to feel something come, I like that person. There’s something about their voice. There’s something about their gestures. And then you begin to recognize your tribe. That’s a frequency that begins to take place. The biggest problem from my perspective that people have and understand that we’re trying to do something rather than be something. If I be the righteousness of Christ then I’m as righteous as God. If I know that, I operate from a revelation, not an information of a finished work. So I don’t beg and plead, and call that interceding. I open my mouth and let the seed enter into the ever-present now and begin to understand that the prophetic voice of God can landscape the soul of the souls of people that have endured great praise.


SID: How do you handle it when you go to a doctor and a doctor says you got six months to live. What would you do?


CLARICE: Well it’s just really interesting. We were in the airport just the other day and there was a man that was sitting with a dog. It was a big service dog and he didn’t look too happy. And I just smiled over to him. So I said to him, “How are you today? Does your dog bite?” And he says, “He might.”


SID: That’s not what I would expect.


CLARICE: And I said, “What’s his name?” He says, “Murphy.” And I said, “Hi, Murphy.” Frequency…Murphy knew I love dogs. I just love them. God did good when he made a dog. I’ve got two dogs. One’s named Money and the other is named Debt-Free.


SID: She’s not kidding. She’s not kidding.


CLARICE: I’m not kidding. And he says, “Murphy is going to get a new home in two weeks.” And I said, “Well you love him so much. Why are you going to give him away?” He says, “Because I’m going to die in two weeks.” So I go over to where he’s sitting and I sit down next to him, and I said, “Hey, show it to me.” He said, “What?” And I said, “That expiration date. Where is it written on you?” He said, “Well the doctor said.” And I said, “Dr. who?” I said, “That’s Dr. Man. All he knows is what he sees. Thank God for him.” But anyway, I said, “Here, I’ve got something for you.” And I said, “What I’m going to do is I’m going to pray for you. I have an anointed cloth that I’ve held in my hands. I take it around with me.” And I put it on him. And he says, “I have brain cancer.” And I said, “And I have God.” The big C is not cancer, it’s Christ. Anyway, I had the opportunity to pray for him. He was born-again, spirit-filled man that had just made a decision to agree with a bad decision. And we are people making choices. God will not violate your free will. If you want to be over it, suppressed, repressed, depressed or possessed, you certainly can.


SID: You know, you really, not only do you rhyme, what you say is so profound.


CLARICE: I say it so fast.


SID: For instance, listen to this, I have to write it down. God is not asking you to be some, to become something you’re not. He’s asking you to become who you already are.


CLARICE: Already are.


SID: When we come back, I want you to answer that.



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Sid Roth on February 4th, 2018

BOB:  You see there was chaos, darkness and emptiness but God saw the light. And so I said I see the scripture says that I hear Rachael weeping over her children but I hear the Lord turning weeping into laughter and joy. And what was tears for Rachel is going to cause a lot of children to rejoice. And then I saw this picture of a hand go on top of her head like in this picture and I said God is going to heal many children with a brain trauma and brain tumors through your ministry, Steve, through the sounds they’re actually going to heal children that have these brain injuries. Now if you know my friend Steve he’s got a big smile. He was smiling and he was crying at the same time. He said Rachel actually passed away from a brain tumor. He said I would go to her house and I would sing over her and pray that God would heal her and God just took a situation that looked like chaos, darkness and emptiness and He saw it a different way. And He said look, for the seed that fell and died into the ground I’m going to bring life. I’m going to bring many joyful children out of tears. I’m going to bring many healings out of this disease. See I believe that’s what God does when we see from His perspective. And so there’s an exercise that I do I would like to do with you. And you guys at home doing this. This is something you could do in your personal devotions. We’re going to do it here. And actually you could do this with someone outside, someone outside of the church. And in the Bible we see many analogies for prophecy. Like Jesus is called The Lion of the tribe of Judah. The Lamb that was slain. And we know that many animals have become sorta symbols in the Bible for things. So here’s what I want you to do and actually I do this, I’ve taught this thousands of times and I’ve never failed to marvel at what God can do with something simple. Sometimes we want to be profound but the world doesn’t need profound. It needs authentic. Now I’m going to say something simple but profound. The anointing is attracted to authentic. God loves what’s real. God loves to be around people that are real. And you know what? Sometimes you just need to be real with people. Just love people. And so I do this exercise. I want you to do it with me for a second. Okay? You don’t have to write it down. Just think this in your head. Is that if animals are used to be analogies in the Bible, like a lion was a kingly animal, so Jesus it was a demonstration of His kingship. So a natural symbol, an application. So think about this. Just ask the Lord this question in your heart? In this season of my life Lord, what animal do you want to use as a symbol for what you want to do in my life? Well I heard some of you oh no, Lord, not that again. Right. (laughs) Well Jesus had a donkey but let’s not go there let’s just say. So what characteristic of that animal do You want to use in my life? To bring strength in my life and to show me? And what we do is we actually pair people up and we have them look at each other and we say now what animal comes to your mind when you see them? Not from a worldly perspective but from God’s perspective. Can I tell you? Just last week I was in Oklahoma City. I just got the video of this. There was a young man who had just been new to Christ and he was paired up with a gentleman who had just been healed of a very bad back damage, damage in his back. And he looked at him and he said I see you like this horse and a horse is strong and a horse is powerful. And so they came up and they shared this and I said now I’m going to add to this. And this video’s just beautiful what happened. And when he said I see you like this horse I saw the horse that was wild. You know how you have to break a horse that’s wild? But I saw this horse that was broken that became free again. Became wild again and I said you were the broken horse but God’s setting you free from addictions. You were in prison but God’s setting you free because the enemy tried to lock you up in your addictions and in your prison but God set you free. And right then this young man just fell to his knees because he had just been released from jail because of drug trafficking. Now what can God do with something simple like that? He can use a simple analogy like that. So here’s what I want you to do. If you just in this moment close your eyes for a second. Say “Lord, what symbol do you want to give me right now?” Just pause. Go quiet. Whatever comes to your mind. Now say Lord, what characteristic do I need in this season? Let Him speak to you. Now I’m going to pray for you and then we’re going to do something in these next couple of minutes. Father, I pray that this characteristic just like this young man was being taught that you gave him freedom, that you set him free to set other people free. God, I thank you that You’re using this characteristic to bring freedom to somebody in this place. In Jesus’ name. Okay. Open your eyes. Now I’m just going to throw this one out. This is not a word of knowledge. It’s just called a “guess of knowledge.” Okay? Did anyone have a squirrel come to their mind? Did anyone use an animal like a squirrel? All right, like a small… anybody like a small animal that size? Okay. What was yours? A snail? Oh, that’s a good one. Can you stand to your feet? All right. Here’s what I just heard the Lord say. You’ve been feeling like you’ve been going through a season that’s really slow but God’s accelerating you right now. And I really feel like the Lord is actually like greasing the rails in areas of training in your life and I feel like that you’ve gotten a lot of like natural training but you’re one that’s going to help other people go farther in their education and their training. And I see you working with people who have like, they need vocational skills, and they need social skills in order to get to the next place in their life. And you’re going to be one like in the spirit like a human resource director that would help people to find their gift and their calling and get them into that place and even people who have made mistakes in relationships and marriages in the past you’re going to help them get back on track in their relationships and you’re going to see families restored, homes restored. And… Is this making sense to you? Yeah. And so I also feel like the Lord says He’s got a higher degree in the spirit for you and I feel like there’s even a step in education  that you want to take in this season that it seems like you don’t have the resources to do it. But I hear the Lord say you’re going to master your Master degree and you’re going to doctor your doctorate degree and I’m going to make a way where there seems to be no way in Jesus’ name. Amen. Amen.




BOB:  Keep standing. All right. Everybody just reach a hand toward her and say “Let there be light.”


AUDIENCE:  Let there be light.


BOB:  In Jesus’ name!


AUDIENCE:  In Jesus’ name!

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Sid Roth on January 19th, 2018

ART:  It’s okay. It’s okay. So this is good. This is a good thing. Now Jesus could not heal anyone. That’s what He said. The Son could do nothing by Himself. And that’s also why He could say the works I do you will do also plus greater works. All right? Now additionally Jesus consistently healed everyone who came to Him. And I’m going to read to you nine different scriptures that in my experience this has awakened people to the truth of God’s will to heal. It’s something that it’s always been in our Bibles but for some reason we don’t catch it and when don’t catch it we don’t believe it. But I’m going to read them to you in a row and it’s going to be hard not to catch it. Is that fair? All right. Matthew 4:24: News about Him spread all over Syria. Pause there. Syria’s a big place, right? Okay. News about Him spread all over Syria and people brought to Him all who were ill with various diseases. Those suffering severe pain, the demon possessed, those having seizures and the paralyzed and He healed them. Matthew 8:16: When evening came many who were demon possessed were brought to him and He drove out the spirits with a word and healed all the sick. Matthew 9:35: Jesus went through all the towns and villages teaching in their synagogues. Preaching the good news of the kingdom and healing EVERY disease and sickness. Matthew 12:15: Aware of this Jesus withdrew from that place. Many followed Him and He healed all their sick. Are you noticing a pattern here? Yeah. All the sick. All the sick. Matthew 14: 35 to 36: And when the men of that place recognized Jesus they sent word to all the surrounding country. People brought all their sick to Him and begged Him to let the sick just touch the edge of His cloak and all who touched Him were healed. Mark 6:56: And wherever He went into villages, towns or countryside they placed the sick in the marketplaces. They begged Him to let them touch even the edge of His cloak and all who touched Him were healed. Luke 4:40: When the sun was setting the people brought to Jesus all who had various kinds of sickness and laying His hands on each one He healed them. Luke 16, I’m sorry, Luke 6, verse 18b through19: This is my favorite one. Cause it’s just ridiculous. Are you ready? Those troubled by evil spirits were cured and the people all tried to touch Him because power was coming from Him and healing them all. I love that. I love that. And then Acts 10:38 says: How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power and how He went around doing good and healing all who were under the power of the devil because God was with Him. Now this is an important verse because we know from John 1:1: “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” Verse 14 says “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” Right? So Jesus was God. He was with God. He was there in the beginning. We know from the Book of Colossians that He was there at creation. “Nothing was made that has been made without Him.” That’s from John 1:3. So we know that Jesus is God. But Acts 10:38 says “God,” meaning the Father, “anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power.” All the miracles Jesus did were not performed by the second person of the Trinity, Father, Son, Holy Spirit but by the third person, the Holy Spirit. In fact it says “He went around doing good and healing all who were under the power of the devil because God was with Him.” If Jesus did all those miracles because He’s God we’re exempt. If He did all those miracles because God was with Him… is God with you?


AUDIENCE:  Yes!  Amen.


ART:  I mean what does the name “Emmanuel” mean?


AUDIENCE:  God with us.


ART:   God with us. Amen. Wow. So He’s with you. This agrees 100% with the nature of God, the life and ministry of Jesus, the fullness of the Bible and here’s one of my favorites here to make this just a little bit brighter for you. It wasn’t only Jesus. In Acts chapter 5, verses 12, or verse 12 first, it says that the believers, the Church, was all meeting together in a place called Solomon’s Colonnade and in verse 16 it says that the people… “Crowds gathered also from the towns around Jerusalem bringing their sick and those tormented by evil spirits and all of them were healed.” Jesus had ascended into heaven. He was gone. And now this was the Church ministering in Jesus’ name. Everybody healed. Now some of these objections we have one of my favorites is John chapter 5, the Pool of Bethesda. All right? There was this angel who would come down and trouble the waters. And when that happened, the New King James version says that whoever got in the pool first was healed of whatever condition they had. Now there’s a few things important about that. Because Number One, God would not give more authority to an angel than He would give to His son. So if that angel is authorized to heal whoever of whatever you’d better believe Jesus can heal whoever of whatever. He wasn’t just led to some people and not to others. But that’s what some people bring up as an argument about this passage because it says here a number of sick, diseased and injured people used to lie. And Jesus shows up on the scene. He sees this man who’s been crippled for I think it was 38 years and He has compassion on him when He finds out how long he’s been in this condition. And He goes up to him and asks him do you want to be made well? Of course I do. Lays hands on him. Get up. Take your mat. I don’t remember what He did but He told him to get up. The guy gets up and he’s healed.     Jesus slips away into the crowd. Now this guy is walking through the Temple courts carrying His mat and the people that are there, the religious folk look at him and they say what are you doing on the Sabbath carrying a mat?

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Sid Roth on January 12th, 2018

BRIAN:  You have a hope of glory this moment. And inside of that hope of glory is healing, miracles, its communication with God. What father would never speak to his son? What father would never speak to his daughter? You’re cherished. You’re loved. And our heavenly Father is going to speak to us and He’s going to give us divine impartation. If we will ask Him He will speak. So every time I go to bed at night. Most of the time I go to bed at night. Sometimes I’m so tired I forget. But I consec… you know what I do? I consecrate my pillow. And I say Lord, I touch this pillow. Make it into a pillar of glory. I want to go up the divine stairway. Now Jacob had a dream like that, didn’t he? Jacob was running from his estranged brother Esau. And do you know where he ended up that night? He ended up at the very place his grandfather had built an altar. Bethel. And he had taken one of those altar stones, Jacob took an altar stone that had been anointed by Abraham his grandfather and he put that stone under his head and a stone became a pillow. And that anointed stone, who’s the anointed Rock? We need to put that under our head, don’t we? You know we need to get out of our minds. You need to be out of your mind for God. And it’s my mission in life, one of my assignments in life is to help people get out of their minds.       It’s a very limiting place to put God, believe me. He wants to permeate every part of our being. Our soul, our emotions, our conscience, our will, every activity, every stirring of our heart He wants to hold the reins to that. So Jacob goes into a trance. It’s like a vision and a dream and a trance all rolled into one and he saw the divine escalator. I’m very visual so here’s the picture I want you to see. It was a strand of DNA going up into the heavenly realm. It was the DNA of heaven. God’s DNA. And Jacob saw. What did he see? Angels going up. Angels coming down. Right? These are not the angels you think. Did you know half of the time in the Bible when angels are spoken of it’s men? The Hebrew word, and interestingly the Greek word for “angel” can be either human or angels in the heavenly realm. What Jacob saw was not simply celestial angels. He saw people. Where did they start? They ascended and descended. Where did they start from?




BRIAN:  That’s where we live. They came from earth up that strand of glory into the heavenly realm. Received their destiny, their mantle, their scroll. They got their visitation and they came back. God wants you to ascend the hill of the Lord. The secret stairway of the sky, Song of Songs 2:14 speaks of. The highway of holiness that Isaiah presents. But you know that stairway is presented again in John 1. And Jesus sees Nathaniel and says here comes a true Israelite that has no guile, no bitterness. Remember that encounter? And Nathaniel is so astounded he said well how do you know me? And Jesus said I saw you under the fig tree. He had a word of knowledge. Jesus had a word of knowledge. I saw you before you came to me. You were sitting under a fig tree. And Nathaniel was so astounded Jesus said you think that’s something? You will see heaven open. And the angels of God ascend. Where do they start?




BRIAN:  Ascend and descend. Last Days intercessors are going to be mighty champions of God that have ascended the hill of the Lord and have gone into their place of visitation. You see unbelief limits us. Unbelief says well I’ve never been taught that. Well let’s start getting it. And we are, we are His chosen ones. We are His favored ones. How does it feel to be the fiancé of the son of God? You married up.




BRIAN:  Can’t get any higher. You know it’s as though the Trinity, it’s as though the Trinity were making room for the Bride to come as a mighty partner, a co-signer to the title deed of the universe. You know writing a commentary on Genesis I discovered how many encounters Abraham had. You flip every page. And the Lord appeared to Abraham. The Lord appeared to Abraham. Acts 7, verse 1 and 2 the God of glory appeared to Abraham. So the entire Hebrew family began with divine encounter. This is why in the DNA of the Jewish people there is a passion and a longing to encounter this God of creation. This God that appeared to their ancestor come to me Lord. The longing to appear before God and to have Him come to you. It’s legit. It’s okay. It’s legal to want. David said when will I come and stand before You? What about Moses? What about Jacob? We already talked about the stairway of glory, the escalator that went up. What about Isaiah, the throne room encounter. I mean for 5 chapters he speaks woe unto you, woe unto you, woe unto you. We’ve got a lot of the woes going on today don’t we? But in Isaiah 6 who did he speak the woe unto? “Woe unto me!” Until you have a throne room encounter all you have to say is “woe to them.” But when you see the Lord high and lifted up it’s not the whole earth is full of sin. The whole earth is full of glory. What are you made from? The whole earth is full of His glory. What about Ezekiel? I mean by the third verse of Ezekiel he’s in a whirlwind. The glory’s coming. I mean he couldn’t even wait to tell us. On his 30th birthday when he should have been a priest there was no Temple. He was in exile by the River Kebar which means the river of eternity, the river of long ago and he on the shore of that river, the bank of that river  he has this vision and he sees the glory. What about Ezekiel, Daniel, Joel, Zechariah? The entire book of Zechariah is eight visions in the night and it even gives us in the early verses he gives us the date. We can actually pinpoint the date in Zechariah’s Journal, one night and he gives us the day I had eight dreams and visions and the entire book of Zechariah is one night’s visitation.

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Sid Roth on January 5th, 2018



JAMES: How many of you have got flesh? Then this is for you. All right? If you have flesh it’s for you! I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh. Men and women, right? And young people are going to see visions and older people are gonna have dreams. Amen? Well I like that scripture because I still see visions and I think of myself as a young man of only 70 years so I’m gonna just stay young and keep seeing those visions. And God wants us, every single one of us to begin to see the visions that He’s releasing. He wants us to have prophetic dreams. He wants us to see into the spirit realm. He wants us to see that heaven is open and it’s never been closed! And He wants to release things to you. Spiritual gifts, healing, signs, miracles and wonders and I tell you when heaven opens God does amazing things. For a season there over and over we encountered people that had fused vertebra in their spine. Different locations. But just in that atmosphere of God’s presence, nobody praying for ‘em, nobody laying hands on them, nobody put oil on them, but just suddenly all of the fusion went away and they had new vertebra. All the pain was gone and they had freedom of movement just when heaven was open and God came down. Whoa, whoaa? Halle Hahahaha! He just came down in greater power! Yes Lord. Yes Lord. Hallelujah! Did you feel that shift? Something shifted with that testimony! And right now I believe that God is releasing that same creative miracle to people as we listen to what’s happening today. Okay? God is going to heal the vertebra. Take away years of pain and give freedom of movement and motion. Amen? Whoa! I just got another word of knowledge! God is healing rotator cuffs. And I don’t know if anybody needs that but right now we just release it in the name of Yeshua! If you have a problem in your shoulders God wants your arms to be free to reach up and praise Him and give Him glory and honor and there’s a healing anointing right now to heal the shoulders to make that happen. Receive it in the name of Yeshua ha Mashiach. Amen and amen. Hallelujah! Whoo! (laughs) Wow. You know John 4:12 says something really amazing. Jesus said, how many of you believe that Jesus speaks the truth? Okay? I’m just checking. Okay. (laughs) Jesus said “those who believe in Me will do the things that I’m doing.” That’s pretty good, isn’t it? But then He said “and even greater things.” How many of you are ready to start moving in the greater things?




JAMES: Well go ahead. Just do that. All right? You know what’s holding you back? What’s holding any of us back? Heaven is open. The Spirit of God is moving in our midst. It says in the Book of Revelation that there’s seven spirits of God that have been sent into the whole earth! How many of you right now are in a part of the earth?




JAMES: Anybody here that’s not on earth? If you are in any part of the earth the seven Spirits of God have been released and they are where you are! They’re available to you! And those spirits can minister to you in a way that no man or woman can do. I tell ya when those spirits manifest I like to get out of the way cause God, this’ll surprise you, He’s actually better at this than I am. (laughs) Oh, you’re laughing. Oh. (laughs) So I like to get outa the way when God starts moving. And I just want Him to move. You see I’m seeking God’s face. My name is James and it’s actually the Greek version of the Hebrew word “Jacob.” And one of the definitions of Jacob’s name is “one who follows close behind.” And I wanna follow close behind Jesus. So it says in Psalm 24 we are the generation of Jacob. Right? And we’re seeking God’s face and I think it’s time for us to find what we’ve been seeking. Amen? And God wants that to happen. God wants to open it up for you. Well I believe that God can do that and that God wants to do that. So I’m gonna ask you would you help me do that? Okay? I wanna deputize all of you. Okay? You’re all now official kingdom deputies. Okay? Deputies of the Kingdom! So there’s an anointing today on your hands. Amen?




JAMES: On your hands right now and God is releasing that anointing to you to begin to get this breakthrough that we’ve been talking about. So I’m gonna ask you right now we’re gonna activate our spiritual senses. Okay? Right now if you would take your hands and put your hands over your eyes. Oh, hallelujah! We’re gonna say “Spiritual eyes.”


AUDIENCE: Spiritual eyes.


JAMES: Open wide.


AUDIENCE: Open wide.

JAMES: Right now.


AUDIENCE: Right now.


JAMES: I wanna see heaven open.


AUDIENCE: I wanna see heaven open.


JAMES: Angels ascending and descending.


AUDIENCE: Angels ascending and descending.


JAMES: And to see the Son of Man.


AUDIENCE: And to see the Son of Man.


JAMES: Well, Deputies, God bless you to do the work of the kingdom! Amen? Amen. Hallelujah! Amen!



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