Sid Roth on June 21st, 2017

SID: You know, as I was saying, Dr. Kennedy does not just teach by what she’s learned. She actually has put this into practice in her own life. That was an awful thing that happened to you. Your nice little doggy bit off your lip. That is not a cool thing to happen.


SANDRA: No, that is not.


SID: And so did you have the lip in your hand?


SANDRA: That’s the first question the nurse asked me in the emergency room, where’s your lip? I didn’t know it was gone. The dog, as I bent down, the dog jumped up by accident, and the mouth of the dog, he was a Sheltie with a pointed lip like that, closed here and closed down on my nose to this side over here, took that lip off. I didn’t know what it was because there was so much blood. I had no idea. So I just grabbed a towel, put it on it, called some friends and said, “I think I need to go to the emergency room.” First thing they said to me is, “Where is your lip?” Well I had no idea if the dog had eaten it or what. I didn’t know where my lip was.


SID: Now you’re talking up, which I understand why because I know what happened. However, at that time I don’t think you were so up.


SANDRA: Oh I wasn’t up at all. Here I am, I was horrified. Horrified.


SID: Can you imagine? You’re deformed now.


SANDRA: I was actually horrified. I’m deformed. And so they told me I needed plastic surgery. The plastic surgeon came in and he instantly said, “I can’t do anything.” He said, “If it was the bottom lip it would reproduce itself. This is the top lip, it won’t reproduce itself.” And he said, “I can’t do anything.” He said, “It’s ragged. I’ve got to cut it again and then pull it together.” And he said, “We’re going to have to have to go to surgery right now and then you’re going to have to have three to six more surgeries.” And I instantly said, “I will never have another surgery.” And he just looked at me like I was crazy. And I said, “On top of that, it’s my lip and I’m going to pray for you.” So I took his hands, never met this guy in my life, took his hand and prayed for him. Went into the surgery, woke up in the middle of him sewing up my lip with black gut stuff. As he’s sewing up my lip I heard him tell the nurse, “I don’t know why I didn’t do this. I normally sew the lip totally up, come back three weeks later, slit it.” And I’m thinking, I’m a preacher. Don’t do this. I’m thinking. I can’t say anything. And I said, thank God that’s why you didn’t sew it up. When I came out my nose was sitting over here on this side because he pulled it. They had to pull it. So I’m lopsided like this, Sid. I’m lopsided. The only part of my lip that’s open is a little teeny hole right over here and I could just talk with a microphone like this on this side.


SID: Yes, but you’re not going to talk on a microphone with people looking.


SANDRA: I had a healing explosion ten days later.


SID: I know, but don’t you know what you looked like?


SANDRA: Yes I did. I knew. And when I went in, the first thing I said was, okay this is how I look. This is the way it is. And what I ended up doing was I went home and I got all the pictures of me smiling because he told me I would never smile again. They would never be able to see my teeth ever again. And I got every picture of me smiling, plastered it all over all the mirrors, all over in the kitchen, everywhere. And then every time I’d go by a mirror or go by something I’d speak to that lip and I would command it in the name of Jesus to move. I’d command it maybe 30 times a day. I command you. He said it wouldn’t move, remember, it couldn’t. And I said, I command it to move. When I go back to see him I kept saying, no I will never have another surgery. I will never have a surgery. And he kept trying. He brought out a book with cleft lips and all kinds of deformities, and he said to me, “I want you to look at this.” I said, “I will never look at this. I don’t want to get it in my mind. I will never look at it. I won’t look at anything except pictures of me smiling and what I want this lip to do.” And the day that I had the healing explosion that I looked so bad, I turned my back to the congregation and I said, “It’s every man for himself.” I turned my back to the congregation and I said, “I command you to move.” And God as my witness I’ve never had a surgery, not one single thing. And see, I think you can count my teeth pretty well.


SID: I see. Well you talk about two things. I want you to briefly comment on it, persistence and actually acting on the Word, not just thinking about what the Bible says.


SANDRA: Remember, it matters what you think. That’s why I wouldn’t get that book in front of me. I wouldn’t get the pictures in my mind. It matters. And when I made the statement earlier that I’m aware that all of God’s healing power is inside of me, and the only thing that’s blocking God’s healing power from getting to my body, that’s anybody who’s listening, the only thing that’s stopping it is my mind what I’m thinking. So I’ve got to persistently stay tuned to the Word of God until it gets my, past my mind into my heart that I believe it more than what I see.


SID: Yes, but what if it wasn’t you. What if someone is listening to us right now and they’ve done it all wrong. They have a picture in their mind of them dying of a dread disease. What can they do?


SANDRA: They can do exactly what I did. They’ve actually got to change their thinking. The thinking is the process. You’ve got to change your thinking. They need to start visualizing themselves. They need to see themselves healed. They need to see if they’re skinny and emaciated, they need to see their body getting weight on it again. They need to believe that Word of God that it’s released in their body and that there’s something happening in their body. And what it is the power of God that God has released in you. They’ve got to just speak to that body, keep speaking to it. Say I can’t lift my shoulder. I command it in the name of Jesus, shoulder, you will lift. You will in the name of Jesus. The number one healings that we see are cancer, percentage-wise, are cancer and we curse it. We curse it and we tell that cancer it will die in Jesus’ name, and we keep seeing it go, seeing it go. And the secret, you release your faith by praise and gratitude. So I have to say, Lord, I’m so thankful healing is inside of me already. I thank you it’s in me. Isn’t that wonderful? I thank you it’s in me and, Father, I just release it now.


SID: So what you’re telling me, if I’m understanding you right, it says it says in Proverbs that the Word is medicine. You take as much medicine as you can.




SID: If you knew that you had a medicine that would heal you and you could have as much as you want, what would you do? When we come back I’m going to find out what a woman did that was diagnosed with cancer and got a hold of this teaching. Be right back.

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Sid Roth on June 14th, 2017


Is there a supernatural dimension, a world beyond the one we know? Is there life after death? Do angels exist? Can our dreams contain messages from Heaven? Can we tap into ancient secrets of the supernatural? Are healing miracles real? Sid Roth has spent over 35 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of It’s Supernatural.


SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. So many people have so many sicknesses and so many of these people have tried everything the medical world has, everything that they’ve read about, books up to here about healing, and they’re stuck. They believe it’s true, but they’re stuck. Well my guest has so many incurable people healed that 16 hospitals and their doctors send incurable, the ones that medical science has given up on, patients to her and she says healing is simple. Would you like it to be simple? Get unstuck. Tens of thousands have been healed under your ministry, many miracles, many bonafide miracles. But you’re special. You must have special gifts and powers.


SANDRA: I’m not special at all. What I do, anyone can do. Anyone can do.


SID: You’ve proven it. You’ve trained anyone to do it.


SANDRA: Yes, I’ve trained anyone and they can do it.


SID: Well you say something that some people get upset with, Sandra. You say healing is simple.


SANDRA: Yes, I do.


SID: So how come when I ask audiences, how many of you need to be healed, 99 percent of the hands go up and that extra one percent they’re just liars.


SANDRA: The biggest problem, Sid, is that most people are trying to get from God something God has already given. And so they are begging God, pursuing God, crying out to God, reading books, trying methods, trying this, trying that to get God to do for them what God has already done. So therefore, they put all of it on them. It is a big [unintelligible] mentality.


SID: You said one of the keys is to fall in love with God. Elaborate on that for us.


SANDRA: I actually tell folks this, and, Sid, it’s the truth. If I can get you to fall in love with Jesus, that’s my job, to get you to fall so in love with him that you just take from him what he has already given you. Most people know about God and don’t really know God. They don’t know what God has done. They don’t know what God has provided. They don’t know the blessings of God. They don’t know what God has already, as I said, given to them. So if I can get you to fall in love with him just from his Word, get you to fall in love with him, you will automatically be able to take what somebody you love has given you.


SID: You know, a lot of people approach this as almost formula.



SID: And that is, to me, that is the missing ingredient. It’s not formula.


SANDRA: It’s not formula at all.


SID: It’s God of love.


SANDRA: Right.


SID: And getting to know him. You like to teach a lot about Proverbs 4:20.


SANDRA: You’ve got to get into the Word. You’ve got to understand what the Bible has to say about healing. And when the Bible says that healing, that the Word of God is medicine then you will take a scripture. He said in his Word, “Heal me.”


SID: My translation doesn’t say, Proverbs 4 doesn’t say “medicine”, but I know that’s what the original Hebrew says.


SANDRA: Yes. It says “medicine,” absolutely, it’s medicine for you. And if you keep that word, keep applying, like you do medicine, take it morning, noon and night, you take the Word of God and you talk to yourself what the Bible says to you until you get it, Sid, from your head down into your spirit. Now people get stuck, and I know we’ve talked about this a lot, people get stuck because they’re stuck in their head. They know how to parrot it back. They know how to say it back to someone what the Word of God has said. They know how to parrot what a book has said. They watch somebody, but they don’t know, it’s not real to them. So all I have to do is have I have a pain, all I have to do is have something change and I automatically go with the problem instead of what Jesus has said. But if I believe him, if I really believe him then I’m going to start saying back to myself, well this is what the Word of God says. What am I going to do and who am I going to believe here. You know, the Bible says this, my symptoms say this. You know, I tell people sometimes to take their doctor’s report, for instance. You take your doctor’s report and then take your Bible and put it on top of the doctor’s report. Now you got to believe one or the other. You’re going to believe one or the other and the one you give all your attention to is the one you’re going to believe. So you’ve got to give your attention, everybody here, everybody you know who needs healing are begging God to do something that he’s already done, every person you know.


SID: Tell me about that man in the coma that your team, not yourself, people you just trained, what happened?


SANDRA: The man was in a coma, had very little time to live at all. Went in there. His wife was there, and I mention that because she thought they were crazy. They went in there, three or four people went in there and they began to speak, remember, we don’t speak to the flesh, we speak to the spirit. We go in because you’re a spirit. You have a body that you live in, that’s what’s sick, and you have a soul and your mind, your will and your emotions, and it’s your thinking that’s messing up your body. So you got to get your thinking right. So they go in and they talk to the man as if he were not in a coma. They begin to say what the Word says over him.


SID: By the way, your spirit can hear no matter what’s going on in the physical.


SANDRA: No matter what. So you’re talking to the spirit. And so you go and talk to him, hello John. His name happened to be John. “Hello, John, I’m so and so and the Bible says this, and by the stripes of Jesus you are healed, and God sent his Word in you, took all your sickness and all your diseases.” And you begin to speak to that spirit, “Spirit, come on, come out of that coma. Come on, bring yourself and let the healing power of God push out the sickness.” Oh I love saying this. The healing power of God, Sid, when you got born again, the healing power of God, Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, moved inside of you, so you have inside of you right now all the healing power of God already in you, every, it’s in you now. When you got born again all of God came in you, which means all of his healing power came in. But I’ve got to get it from the inside to my body. My body is sick, my spirit is not.


SID: All right, I want to talk about that when we come back. But what happened to the man in the coma?


SANDRA: The man came out of the coma days later, weeks later…


Woman: Thank you, Lord.


SANDRA: Showed up at the healing center, walked down the street and the person who happened to say, “Hello, my name is such and so,” she was walking down the street, and he said, “Hello Velda.” Her name was Velda. “Hello, Velda, my name is John,” which meant he heard her in that coma.


SID: My goodness. When we come back I want Sandra to step by step tell me what she had to do, not when someone else needed a creative miracle, when she needed a creative miracle. Anyone can teach it. Anyone can speak a good game. What happens when you need a creative miracle? Be right back.

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Sid Roth on May 17th, 2017

SID: Well the last time Rich Vera was on It’s Supernatural he said some pretty outrageous things. He said he that saw we were on the brink of a cure for Alzheimer’s, we were on the brink of a cure for cancer. Guess what we’ve been seeing in the headlines? Exactly what you prophesied.


RICH: Thank God for that. You know, the prophetic is not about releasing words, it’s about releasing Spirit. And we are in the same spirit, the prophetic spirit, there is a spirit that’s being released upon the people. And I believe today, around the world, you in your houses, God is releasing of what we’re talking about that’s going to impact your life, is going to impact the nations of the world. I see an incredible uprising in nations that is going to take place starting this season. I saw Egypt coming to an incredible revival. In Egypt, there’s going to be a Holy Ghost bomb that’s going to be dropped on Egypt and the Holy Spirit is going, I mean, the miracle, signs and wonders that are going to come out of Egypt is going to shake the entire region. This is the season for the nations and it’s going to be an incredible time to behold.


SID: You talk about something you call or God calls the law of attraction. Explain that.


RICH: Christmas, I woke up with this vision and the voice of the Lord spoke to me and said, “I’m releasing the law of attraction over my people.” And the Lord just downloaded information and it says we’re living in a season where all the seeds that have been sown, I’m not just talking about money, prayer, faithfulness, people that stop the church faithfully, all the seeds that we have shown in love, in kindness, this is the season that God is going to literally activate us, that is going to come back the seeds that we sow. The Lord spoke this to me and said and those that have been unfaithful.


SID: I was just going to ask you. There are many people, they haven’t given to God. They haven’t prayed. They just show up.


RICH: God is going to give them a chance to push that reset button and start all over again. This is the season we reset our lives. God is going to give us a chance to go back to sowing good seeds that we may reap the harvest of blessings that God is going to draw to us. I mean, the seeds that we sow, we’re going to attract what we sow. It’s just a fact of life. And even the election of President Trump, last time I was here I prophesied that and I got thousands of haters, but I love you anyway.


SID: Now you are Hispanic and I imagine you have a problem in your Hispanic community.


RICH: I have a problem.


SID: So how can you be for Trump as a Hispanic?


RICH: Because if God is for it, I’m for it. Now when he speaks to me and says, I’m going to give him not only the authority to change government, but I will give him an anointing that he will pray and things will change. And God told me that the spirit of prayer was going to come over President Trump. And I want to declare over you, Mr. President that God is going to use you to change the landscape of politics. God is going to use you to change, God is going to use you to raise up a new breed of politicians and even leaders in the church that will stand for the people and not for themselves.


SID: We’ve been talking about the year 2017. What has God told you about 17?


RICH: In this season, breakthroughs are coming. Restorations are coming. You know, family members are going to be saved. Miracles are going to take place in families. Curses are going to be broken, generational curses. And I’m going to release right now over America and the nations of the world that this is the season where the curses that the enemy put on your families for decades and years are coming to an end. The curse of sickness, of poverty, the curse of fear, we break it out of your life in the name of Jesus. And I declare that a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit is coming over your life today in Jesus’ name.


SID: This really is your breakthrough. This is your miracle. No compromise. And this year the law of attraction is about to be released in your life. Are you ready?

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Sid Roth on May 10th, 2017

Sid: We want everyone everywhere to be so filled with the love of God that a world that is broken and hurting can see the reality not the false witness that so many have seen but the real Yeshua, the real Jesus, the real God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. You know my good friend Dick Reuben, and he’s the one that’s credited with laying the foundation for the great revival that occurred in Pensacola, Florida at Brownsville Assembly of God, makes this statement, “When the pattern is right the glory comes down.” Is our pattern for New Covenant Christianity right? Another friend of mine a pastor of a large church in Jacksonville, Florida said to me “Sid one day I was in Jerusalem in the giant synagogue and I was just praying.” This is a traditional synagogue, “And I was just praying and all of a sudden the Lord came to me and He said ‘I would be more comfortable in this synagogue than in your church,’” and my friend has a wonderful church. He was shocked but the more that you find out about how changed, what we call the church today has become the more you realize what this revelation meant, what Yeshua, Jesus, meant when He spoke to my friend. I have on the telephone Kevin Howard. Kevin is a Hebraic scholar and a wonderful Bible teacher. I was given a gift of the most beautiful book by a couple that really have a Jewish heart, they’re not Jewish but they really have a Jewish heart. It’s one of the most beautiful books I have ever seen on the Biblical festivals. The title is “The Feasts of the Lord.” One of the reasons that it’s so beautiful is it is a hardback book is the artwork. There are over a 150 full color photographs, or paintings, or charts that help you to understand the history and the customs of these Biblical feasts. I have on the telephone as I said Kevin Howard. Kevin why did you write this book?

Kevin: Well Sid it’s a pleasure to be with you today and I’m glad to speak about the book and answer that. Really the passion, or purpose, for writing the book was so that readers could understand two basic important truths concerning the feasts, that’s just basically it. First that feasts are vitally important to us because they are owned by the Lord. Hence that was title for the book “The Feasts of the Lord.”

Sid: Now when you say they’re owned by the Lord why do you say that?

Kevin: Well in Leviticus chapter 23 God commanded Israel to keep 7 annual feasts, 4 of them in the spring and 3 in the fall. However, He just didn’t give them cultural observances, you know the world is full of cultural observances, but He appointed these feasts and He owns them in this sense. He calls them in Leviticus chapter 23 He said “These are My feasts.” So the Lord appointed them and He owns them. So when I say “The Feasts of the Lord” they are the feasts given by the Lord but they are owned by Him, they are in other words collectively God’s divine appointment calendar with Israel.

Sid: You know it was pointed out to me a few years ago when it says in the English, but it’s from the Hebrew “That we are to have holy convocations.” The word convocation could have just as easily been translated rehearsals.

Kevin: Hmm.

Sid: And I really believe there are insights into future events in these Biblical feasts that the church is going to miss if they don’t understand these feasts.

Kevin: That’s exactly right. In fact that was the other purpose for me writing the book and I’m very excited and passionate about that. These feasts are so important because they are prophetic. As you said the Bible speaks of them prophetically, in fact the Bible likens them to shadows which prophetically point to the person and work of history’s most stellar individual the Messiah of Israel.

Sid: Well I’ll put it another way, how in the world can someone understand the gospels, the New Testament, which were written by Jews in a Jewish culture, for Jewish people without understanding the culture?

Kevin: I agree, I agree. In fact you see for example Passover you see paintings of Passover and Jewish men setting around the table, or the Last Supper, you know the Da Vinci painting and it’s very Roman it’s not a Jewish Passover you know. We’ve got to understand the roots and foundation, and cultural context to fully understand the events of the gospels in the New Covenant.

Sid: Why do you have… I mean the pictures are beautiful, but what is the real motivation of these gorgeous full color pictures with every festival?

Kevin: The photographs, the original paintings, the sketches I really wanted in the book to bring it to life, to put another dimension into this so that it wasn’t just another book, you know a reference book on the feasts but something that would be an experience for the reader to visualize and feel the worship of the ancient temple and how the feasts were celebrated Biblically as well as how the feasts are celebrated today in a modern Jewish home. All of those to bring about the experience in a visual side of the feasts that these are real and incredibly beautiful things are taking place here and ultimately pointing towards Jesus the Messiah.

Sid: You know since most Christians were not raised in a Jewish home like say Yeshua was.

Kevin: Right.

Sid: What you do when they read this book it’s going to help or remedy the situation of not even being able to visualize a Passover Seder. I mean with the pictures and the inscriptions you have you take someone right into a Jewish home for these observances.

Kevin: That’s exactly right. That was my motivation was to give an experience. Obviously we can’t go to the temple in Jerusalem of ancient Israel, but through artwork we can step back in time in our mind’s eyes and experience that as well as step forward to the modern Jewish home today and see these things. Even if we’re living in Timbuktu away from any Jewish community we can see what’s going on in the feasts.

Sid: You know some that very few Christians are aware of are the different calendars that it’s necessary to understand to understand the Bible itself. I wonder if you could briefly describe them.

Kevin: Sure. Often times people wonder why Passover seems to move, sometimes it’s in March other times it’s in April. Why it moves around on our secular calendar? The answer is found in that it’s tied to the Jewish calendar. The Jewish calendar has typically 12 months but the months are arranged or calculated or determined differently than on our standard secular calendar. These Jewish months on the secular calendar begin with the new moon. Without getting too technical the moon goes through its phases roughly every 29½ days. A new Jewish month comes up either every 29 or 30 days whenever the new moon occurs and it’s dark. So…

Sid: As you explain in the book which I found fascinating they actually had 2 people to verify that it was a new moon?

Kevin: Yes the Sanhedrin as really in the case of all Jewish law there had to be 2 or 3 reliable witnesses and 2 witnesses would verify that they had seen the new moon and therefore the new month would be declared. So the Hebrew calendar, the Jewish calendar, is lunar whereas our modern calendar is solar. So the Jewish calendar is corrected every so often with an extra month, a 13th month to kind of bring it back into correction so that Passover always stays in the Spring it doesn’t continue to cycle through into the wrong season. So it’s sort of a lunar solar calendar instead of our strictly solar calendar that we use.

Sid: Now we’re coming into what are known in Judaism as the high holidays, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. As a matter of fact, Rosh Hashanah begins this Friday evening and we’ll be talking about these 2 festivals.  Just out of curiosity I mean doing a book like this, going to Israel so much what is your favorite Biblical festival? Is that a fair question?

Kevin: Well yes it’s a fair question. I guess whatever holiday I’m currently celebrating that seems to be my favorite holiday. So it’s kind of hard to say “This is my favorite,” but I guess if I were hard pressed to say “What is my favorite?” I would have to say it’s Passover, I love Passover.

Sid: Out of curiosity do you have a Passover Seder with your family?

Kevin: Yes we do every year we have with our family and also sometimes with the local congregation. It’s a wonderful time of food and fellowship and just pointing towards Jesus as our Passover lamb.

Sid: I wonder, we won’t have enough time, but I wonder if you could kind of give us a thumbnail of the 7. It’s an interesting number that’s God’s number for perfection of the 7 festivals.

Kevin: Sure, and you’re exactly right the 7 annual feasts were no mistake. It’s the Biblical number for perfection and completion as you’ve said. So God gave Israel 7 feasts, 7 annual feasts. It’s interesting that these feasts occur 4 in the spring and 3 in the autumn, or the fall of the year kind of bunched together 2 major times a year.

Sid: Why is that?

Kevin: Well I would say a lot of them are tied, looking back to some agricultural, or farming purposes, or feasts of the harvest, but I think ultimately and most importantly these feasts are prophetic in nature and they look towards the work and person of the Messiah. The Messiah has 2 comings a first coming and a second coming. Just you so know I am not Christianizing the feasts or reading something into them we have absolute full weight of New Testament scripture that say these feasts are prophetic speaking of the Messiah. Paul himself said these are shadows but the real body or the substance is none other than the Messiah Himself. So that the feasts he taught us were simply the shadows of Messiah’s work of redemption throughout history. So Messiah had, it’s interesting in His first coming Paul said in Corinthians “He is our Passover Lamb.”

Sid: I’ll tell you what Kevin our time is up.

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Sid Roth on May 1st, 2017

Sid:  I have on the telephone Mrs. Ella Brunt. I’m speaking to her at home in Texas City, Texas. It was a nice day nothing so unusual happening, the sun was shining and her nephew offered to take the family out on a sailboat; it was July 2, 1997. So Ella took her 2 children her 6 year old boy by the name of Cody, and her daughter by the name of Britney and they go for a wonderful sailboat ride, certainly not bargaining for what occurred, but all of a sudden what happened Ella?

Ella:  Well it was clear warm day it was almost in the 100’s the water temperature was probably in the 90’s. We were just getting started the kids were in their lifejackets, my nephew Wallace was just putting up the last sail and getting underway. All of sudden a breeze blew and the boat tilted to the right which was on Cody’s side and it just started going over and my nephew handed me Britney and I was holding onto her but it happened so fast I couldn’t really give Cody any instructions…

Sid:  Now how old was Britney?

Ella:  She was 8.

Sid:  Okay.

Ella:  And Cody was 6. So they had had swimming lessons and I really wasn’t worried about Cody not being able to swim. They both had on lifejackets as a precaution. All I could see was Cody’s eyes you know just staring at me and his hands reaching out for me like “Momma help!” It was our first time on a boat so this was all new to him. So it happened so fast that I really couldn’t say “Well Cody it will be alright just swim out.” But whenever he was told to stay up in the front part of the boat until we got everything underway he was obedient, and he stayed there until the boat rolled over and it was dark underneath there and he just started I guess trying to swim to the top. He was using his arms but his arms were getting entangled in the extra ropes that were up in that compartment and literally got him so tangled up that he was attached to the boat. My nephew started diving for him immediately and he would come up to the surface and get his breath and go back under immediately so there wasn’t any talking in between there I was holding onto Britney. This happened several times and what I didn’t realize was he was finding Cody but Cody was kicking and trying to get loose and then Wallace was trying to pull on Cody to get him loose…

Sid:  Now was Cody all this time under the water?

Ella:  Yes. The boat rolled over so there was no air pocket or anything underneath there. He was actually under the boat and the boat was under the water, you know capsized so to speak. It was quite a while, in a situation like that a minute can seem like an eternity.

Sid:  What were you doing while this was all going on?

Ella:  I was holding onto Britney and after a time or two that Wallace came up empty without Cody I told Britney I said “Now Britney Cody is in trouble we need to pray.” So immediately Britney and I started praying and we just have some beautiful children that they’ve been trained in the ways of the Lord. Whenever you don’t know what to pray for we’ve got an intercessor, the Holy Spirit that prays for us. So Britney and I immediately started just praying in the spirit. The Holy Spirit will pray the perfect will of God for your life every time. So we didn’t know specifically what to pray for but the Holy Ghost did…

Sid:  All this time he’s under the water what’s going on with Cody?

Ella:  Well and I didn’t realize that really until afterwards just the step by step thing. All I knew was that he was underneath that boat. I didn’t know if Wallace was finding him or not but it was too long for him to be under there without breathing and Cody had never come up to the surface during all this time. I knew he couldn’t hold his breath that long. So I knew he was in trouble and we needed help more so than just Wallace diving underneath there that his body could not survive any length of time like under those circumstances. So we just knew to pray to God because God would help us. There was a lot of activity on the lake that day there was people in Wave Racers they call them Jet Skis, but it was like we were in our own little world no body was coming to help us. I don’t if they didn’t realize that we were in trouble or just figured everybody was up out of the water and we’d get things just right eventually. It took quite a while for help to even come and all this time I knew something was wrong so I’d pray in the spirit then I’d pray with my understanding. I would pray that No weapon formed against Cody would prosper that he would live and not die. I even started praying when medical help would come to assist us that they would have wisdom and only do good for Cody anything that would be done for him medically…

Sid:  But in the meantime he’s under the water.

Ella:  Right.

Sid:  I mean and… so what happened with your nephew he’s diving down to find him. Did he… what happened?

Ella:  Well again there was no conversation between me and him until one point maybe 5 minutes into this he came up and just hollered “NO!” I thought he was frustrated he couldn’t find him but later on whenever I was talking to him he said “NO!” because whenever he went down under to assist Cody, Cody was limp and he was not moving anymore. So he knew that Cody was really in serious trouble and whenever he came up to get air that time he just hollered out “NO!” In other words “No Cody you can’t die!” You know please, and I called out to Wallace to please keep trying. So he dove back down and kept trying and I was holding onto Britney and we were praying together. As I was praying in the spirit if anything would come to my mind like doctors and to pray for the doctors to pray for any medical help. All of a sudden a vision appeared to me that Britney and Ted, my husband and I, were joined hands with Britney walking down life without Cody. Then the next picture I saw was Cody in a casket and we were going to his funeral. So I just cried out “Lord have mercy on us!” Then I wanted to put the devil in his place and I said “No devil you are not going to steal Cody from our family!” Kind of like a line was drawn in the sand. So there was quite a few minutes had transpired after that. We were out there on the water probably 7 minutes by this time and a jet ski came up alongside and I said “Please take my daughter back to the dock and call for help. We need help to get my son he’s underneath the boat and we can’t get him out.” So the time went by and as soon as the Jet Ski left then I started diving underneath the boat and all this time just praying to myself because we needed God to intervene for us. It was so dark under there I couldn’t see anything. I came up and there was just a time a space that I just went blank I don’t what happened. The next thing I knew Wallace came up with Cody on his shoulder…

Sid:  How long had this been that Cody was under the water?

Ella:  It was probably close to 10 minutes by the time you know I got to start diving and I tried, but still there was no help that had come from the dock at this point. They had seen the activity and there was some jet skiers that had put up their jet skis and they were trying to hitch a ride from the one that took Britney back on that same jet ski to come back out to the boat and that jet ski had tipped over 3 times, I guess it was really built for one or whatever. Anyway there was so much weight on it that it had tipped over with a lady that had initially taken Britney back to the shore. Then that 4th time it had made it at least out to the boat. Wallace had Cody on his shoulder and he was just blue in color. The Jet Ski man helped come and untangling from the ropes and they tried to put him up on the Jet Ski and the Jet Ski would stall out. So here we are in the lake Cody is trying to be transported back to the shore and the Jet Ski won’t work. It just seemed like everything was against us and nothing was working out right. Then about that time a boat came alongside and asked if he could help. Well they started lifting, transporting Cody from the Jet Ski over to the boat. They all got up on the boat and here I was in the water and I said “Please don’t leave me out here!” So I swam over there and during this time there was a place on the boat where they could lay out Cody. The officer, well I didn’t realize this, but the man that came out to help us, off city police officer from Houston. He checked Cody’s pulse and there was no pulse, he was not breathing and all these things you do before you perform CPU on somebody. So with all those vital signs not there Cody was dead, I mean you could look at him and see that but he actually took his pulse there was none and no breathing. So he had no vital signs and they immediately started performing CPR on the boat.

Sid:  But wait a second now, you had a vision of your son dead, he is dead. Did you give up hope?

Ella:  No I just…

Sid:  How could you not give up hope?

Ella:  Well you know hope is something that you don’t have right now. So I just could not release, I could not release my son to go to heaven he wasn’t…

Sid:  Ella we are out of time we’ll pick here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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