Sid Roth on April 8th, 2018

SID: You know, the reason that I’ve selected these great prophets is they’ve been with me before and they’ve had their prophecies out there on the air, and their accuracy is so on target that that’s why I wanted to find out about 2018. Rich, what is God showing you about the number 18, 2018?


RICH VERA: You know, 18 is so significant. Eighteen stands for bondage and judgment. But in the Hebrew, the number 18 is for life and new life. God is bringing us in this year to the finality, to the end of the struggle and the system that has kept us bound, and in 2018, God is judging, not people now. God is judging the system that has corrupted society. The church is going to, the church in America, and that’s where we see all this crazy things going on. And also ’18, we are beginning a new life for those that have been faithfully waiting in the promises of God.


SID: Rich, tell me about the fires in California, the weather things that are going on. What does that mean to you?


RICH VERA: So if you notice the fires, the floods happened on the east coast, Houston and it happened in Puerto Rico, and the fires happened on the west. Now the Lord spoke to me, and I prophesied this a few months ago in my church, and the Lord says the fires symbolize judgment. And the Lord says, “I’m judging the system that is corrupting society in the nations of the world.” And the Lord says everything that comes from Hollywood, from California impacts the nations of the world. Whatever we watch on television, people in Africa, they want to be like the Americans they watch on television. People in Argentina, they all want to be like what they see on television. And literally from that state, it has corrupted the morality of the nations of the world. The Lord was telling me, “I’m judging the spirit. There is a stronghold in California that affects the rest of the world.” And the Lord says, “I’m judging the system.” And then when God is done judging the system and removing those that have been used of the enemy to allow the corruption to continue, God says, “I’m going to strengthen my church.” God is going to empower the church on the west coast. I saw the church on the west coast as a feeble man that could not even move or get out of bed. And the Lord says, “That’s the condition of the church on the west coast.” And God says, “After this great cleansing,  God says, “is going to empower the church to go back to the days of Aimee Semple McPherson, where this lady, by herself, impacted the whole state and souls were saved. Whether anybody liked it or not, she had an incredible impact with the Gospel of that state.


SID: And you know what’s so amazing? Her background, you would say, how could God ever use her?




SID: Divorced, a couple of children.


RICH VERA: And a woman preacher in those days.


SID: That’s true.


RICH VERA: And that’s coming back in this generation. And I want to prophesy to the church in the west coast, this is the season to rise up and to let this fear be put aside. God is going to anoint you with the ability to speak the Gospel with boldness. And God wants to bring back the conviction of the Spirit and God wants you to know that you’ll be protected. If you speak the Gospel, signs and wonders will follow you and you will not be destroyed by the enemy in this season. 


SID: Tell me about you talk about the judgment in sports, in other areas [unintelligible].


RICH VERA: Yes. I saw a lot of this cleansing is going to touch us. The prophets mentioned before different areas of society in America. And I saw in the sport industry, in the different categories, that God was going to humble the proud, especially those that claim themselves to be believers and they have forgotten the God that prospered them. And the Lord told me that many of them were going to be humbled to a place that they would lose everything so they can gain back their work with Jesus. And also, God is going to raise up those with a voice to proclaim the message of the Gospel and the name of Jesus with no shame in spite of the possibility of losing financial. So there’s going to be a shakeup to humble them to realize that it was God the one that made them great, not the NFL, the NBA or anybody else.


SID: Tell me about, you told me that there was going to be a cure for breast cancer. And I just read an article that someone has just developed one.


RICH VERA: Yes. About six months ago the Lord gave me a vision and the Lord says, “I’m going to judge the killer of the babies.” And I saw something that what was going to come out of a secondary resolve that was going to be like a discovery of something that will push back breast cancer on ladies. And as we saw today, two days ago, came an article saying exactly what we’re saying, and you saw that.


SID: What about things like feebleness, Alzheimer’s?


RICH VERA: You know, this is the most amazing thing. What happened in Israel with President Trump proclaiming Jerusalem to be the eternal Capital of the Jewish people, as Chuck says, is a significant thing in the spirit world, because for him to be the man that spoke boldly to the nations of the world, he released a spirit that opened a portal for blessings to be released from Israel to the rest of the world. If you look on Psalms 122, it says, “If you pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” Now, the word “to pray” means more than just pray. It means if you do something about it, the Bible says, “There will be great prosperity among those that love Israel.” So when the President went, and I saw this in a vision, and proclaimed that on television, there was literally a portal that opened up and it began to flush like a waterfall to America. And we are about to experience prosperity like we have never experienced before because the Bible says, when Jerusalem gets blessed or when something happens concerning the peace of Jerusalem, prosperity is the result that follows Jerusalem.


SID: Okay. There’s my problem. These prophets have seen so much for this year. And we’re going to have not just information, but activation. 

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Sid Roth on March 17th, 2018

RICH: Now let me say something about iniquity. You know in the Book of Exodus the Bible talks about the iniquity of your… the Lord says I’m a jealous God visiting your children for the iniquities of the fathers. Now this is something that the Lord is still revealing to me. That the iniquity somehow is always connected to the fathers. Nowhere in the Bible it talks about the iniquity of the mothers. If you read the Bible you’ll find out there’s no iniquities of the mother. There’s always the iniquities of the fathers. And I asked the Lord why the fathers? And the Lord says because the fathers carry the responsibility. They carry the authority from God and the fathers they carry the blessing. So now check this out. What happens if when a child, when the Bible says the Lord will visit the iniquities?   Now transgression is an exterior thing. The iniquity is the inclination of the heart that causes you to eventually produce the fruit of sin. Now what is it that God mentions the fathers and not the mothers? Because everything that happens in a house it is the father that has the power to open the door or to close it in a house. And that’s why in America one of the things that the enemy has attacked is homes to be raised without fathers because he knows that the authority lies on the father to shut the door of the devil and to let the blessings in. And that’s why we’re in the state we’re in right now. Brings me to another point. God in this season will begin to heal families. I’m telling you God is going to raise up a generation that is going to do it right. A generation that will be a father, a mother because the fathers are the covering. Now check this out. What if you are born in a house and you are a female and you are experiencing consequences of things that you inherit because of your dad? And we see it many, many, many times. You know the people said well you’re just like your daddy but usually that is being said in the negative way. Right? You know what happens if you inherit that and you get married? You see the Lord showed me this. The moment you inherit that and you get married and you come under the covering of your husband, that husband if you’re living free by God you have the power to cancel that generational curse from your wife and restart your family under the blessing of God. You see a woman in the Bible is not, is never without covering. You see the covering is transferred in a lady when you get married. Of course in America you turn 18 and you go live your own way. Well that’s in America but you know in the Bible there is until your daughter belongs to your husband you’re still under the covering of your father. And this is the beautiful thing about marriage. Not only there’s a union when you become one, but if the man of God, and I’m talking to every male that’s listening to me right now, if you get rid of the issue of iniquity, if you deal with the things in your life and you break that generational curse in your family line when you get married and your wife comes under that blessing it gets canceled out of her life. Number Two: it gets cancelled out of your children. I have a nine month old baby. And I’ll never forget this. The first day she came to my house we put the little crib right next to my bed on my side. And my wife was early in the morning taking a shower and I happened to just look up to see if my baby was okay. You know how I was a new father, just wanted to see if she’s breathing, you know? And then when I’m about to go to sleep I saw this black shadow come around my baby and I turned and looked and it hovered over my baby. And I got up and I rebuked that and I said I command that devil get out! But I saw it hovering and I asked the Lord, said Lord what is it? And the Lord says that’s… you see when babies are born you’re born with an empty hard drive. Do you know what I’m talking about? Babies begin to form who they are by the experiences they have in life and by their parents. So my baby was just a couple of days old and there was that shadow of that generational curses that wanted to come. And when I saw it and when I dealt with it and I command it to go I saw the shadow go away and I understood one thing. When children are born, if the fathers have not dealt with the issue of iniquity in your life the enemy has the open door to come in without being your child’s problem to come in and manifest and visit that iniquity on your children causing them to act out the things that you did when you were younger. I mean if you understand what I’m talking about. I hear a woman who says well I’m divorced. My mom was divorced. I’m just like her! You know and it’s an incredible thing because Isaiah 53 deals with the whole package of wholeness. Wholeness entitles the entire person. Wholeness deals with the spirit, the soul and the body. And when we understand that we carry the power, when we understand that in the cross our sin was dealt with but we still have to make sure that the work of the blood of Jesus goes deep into our life. It’s not just a prayer you pray. You have to get in the presence of God and now let the presence of God transform your nature into the nature that God has for your life. And I believe we’re living in a season where God wants to bring wholeness. Where God wants to bring revelation of what was done in the cross. You know how many times people fly from all over the world to my meetings and say I came here so you can pray for me. And that’s fine. I don’t mind praying. But why didn’t you just raise your hands while you were in Hawaii and you just you know go ahead and worship the Lord and have a vision of that cross of Jesus and you will be healed. You know and that’s one of the things that I appreciate about the Catholics. My ministry is very influential with the Catholics. I’ve been in Rome several times. And people say well the Catholics, they have the cross and Jesus is still hanging out and you know this and that. But you know what? I sat in a Catholic church a few months ago. And I went just to see this beautiful, beautiful four million dollar facility they built in Orlando and I’m looking at the cross they have of Jesus with Him hanging and I’m looking at it and suddenly when I’m looking at it I have scriptural verses going through my mind and I begin to realize and I just stare at the cross and suddenly the presence of the Lord comes on me and I’m in the Catholic church. And I begin to cry and I’m trying to hide now from people seeing me that I’m crying in case somebody knew me from watching me on television and I begin to realize this and I walked away and I said God, what happened? And I remember the scripture in the Old Testament when the snakes were biting the people and the Lord says tell them to build up a brace and pole and put serpents around symbolizing the crucifixion of Christ and tell the people to look and whosoever looks, that word “looks” entitles revelation, not just looking with your eyes, whosoever looks shall live! Can you imagine people being bitten by snakes and they’re dying and all they have to do is turn and look and they’re instantly healed? Now in the New Testament if we can get that revelation. If we can see that the work of the cross was more than just for us to go to    heaven. If we can see that the work of the cross it was more than just for us you know to become Christians. But in that cross all of our sins were dealt with. Our iniquities were paid for. And our torment of our mind was paid for. And all of our sickness were paid for. If we can get a revelation of that I promise you that without anybody praying for you, you will receive miracles from God, you will be delivered from generational curses and you will be free from the burden of your sin. Somebody say I believe it!

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Sid Roth on March 10th, 2018



RODNEY:  Thank you, Lord Jesus. Hallelujah! Listen, my granddaughter, she’s 11, and you ought to hear her preach, I mean she’s on fire. Bring her up, give her the microphone. I mean she goes around laying hands on people. I mean it’s, it is just phenomenal to see what God is doing. It’s time for the army of God to rise!




RODNEY:  Don’t complicate it! It’s not complicated! It is simple! Maybe cause I come from Africa. We’re not complicated over there. I’m an African. I am an African. I’ve become an American so I’m an African American.




RODNEY:  I’ve been adopted by 2 Indian tribes so I’m an African-American Indian. (chants)



RODNEY:  Don’t complicate it. It’s not complicated. It is simple! It’s simple! People make it so hard. I was talking to one preacher. Every year he’s on a forty day fast. I said brother, how many, bless your heart. If I fasted as much as you do I’d be walking on water by now! I mean seriously.




RODNEY:  Now there’s nothing wrong with fasting. But he’s always. How are you? I’m in a fast. Okay, knock yourself out again.




RODNEY:  You know we can live a fasted life. There’s things that we can do. It’s not like feast or famine. You understand what I’m talking about? It’s a relationship. It’s a relationship. Come here. What do you do? You’re a mom? How many children? Two? Five and Six. Come right over here. One little boy and little girl? Come here. Lift your hands. Father, thank You for this momma. Thank You for these two children. Raise ‘em up to be a mighty man and a might woman of God. JESUS! Thank You for that touch. I thank You for that touch. We got to get the children under the anointing. Got to bring ‘em in. Put the fire of God in the kids. That’s where it starts. Amen. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Thank You, Lord Jesus. Come here brother. What do you do? You work where? At a retail department store? Lift your hands. You love Jesus? FIRE! The fire of God. Put it on him. Put it on him. Put it on him, Jesus. Put it on him. Hallelujah. Thank You, Jesus. What do you do? You are? FIRE! FIRE! Jesus touch him. Touch him. Touch him. Touch him. Touch him. Touch him. Touch him. Touch him. Touch him. Touch him. Touch him. Touch him. Touch him. Touch him Touch him, Jesus. Touch him, Jesus. Touch him, Jesus. Touch him, Jesus. Now you know people always get nervous around the power of God. They always, people say I don’t want to look like an idiot. What does an idiot look like?




RODNEY:  Well I don’t want people to think I’m weird. They already do.




RODNEY:  Get over yourself. Just get over yourself. You’ve got a program “It’s Supernatural” and you want to be normal?

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Sid Roth on March 3rd, 2018

RODNEY:  But it will reflect in your life. It’s going to reflect in everything that you do. The anointing’s not going to make you weird. Goofy. The anointing’s only going to make you more real. Amen. But we have to be careful in these areas because the devil knows how to manipulate. The Bible talks about he comes as angel of light and he comes to deceive. So how do you know the Word? Everything before through the Word. That’s the plumb line. That’s the plumb line. And if you stay with the word you’re going to be safe and you will never be led astray. Amen? Jesus said “My sheep know My voice, the voice of a stranger they will not follow.” But that’s why we’re not just looking for something supernatural. We’re looking for something that is supernatural that was birthed in the Word of God. As the Virgin Birth was. As it took place when Mary conceived. Where the Word was spoken unto her. The divine sperm of God, the Word of God that caused Jesus to come about in the womb of Mary and that also carries a reproach to it because how do you explain that you are a Virgin and now you’re pregnant. Who’s going to believe you? Thank God that an angel appeared to her and spoke to Joseph in a dream. And so when we are born again of the Spirit of God it’s the Word of God that causes that new birth. And when that takes place it’s going to bring a reproach cause family members, friends, people are not going to understand you. But that’s part of taking up your cross and following Him and persecution will come especially when you start to move in the power of God to set the captives free and you start casting out devils and laying hands on the sick and seeing miracles and signs and wonders. But I must just say this. That apart from the gifts of the Spirit that are available to every believer there are the nine fruit of the Spirit that’s available to every believer. So we want to see the equal production of the fruit of the spirit along with the gifts of the spirit. Amen.




RODNEY:  No excuses! No, well I’m just not really a person that loves. Well come here, we’ll get rid of that thing that’s stopping you from loving. I’m not really a person that has much peace. We’ll I’ll get rid of that thing. No, we’ve got to work on these things. Why? Because there’s 17 works of the flesh. So God’s given us 9 gifts and 9 fruit that cover the 17 works by one so we always supersede what the enemy’s endeavoring to do. So you’ve got the “five-fold ministry” then you’ve got the anointing that’s really on every believer. The church, the believer, how many believers are there in the house here today? Some of you took a little time in raising your hand. Come on, you need to be quick at this. The anointing is on every believer. To do what? What did Jesus tell the disciples to go and tarry at Jerusalem to do what? To be endued with? So they could do what? Sit on a pew? Show up in church next Sunday? No, so they could be witnesses. What’s a witness? Somebody on a street handing out a tract? No. A Witness is a demonstrator of the resurrection.

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Sid Roth on February 18th, 2018



CHRIS: Yay! I hope you’re well. Hope you’ve had a good day and I hope now it gets better. Cause I want to talk about you being fully free. Fully free. Wouldn’t that be nice?




CHRIS: Huh! Wouldn’t it be nice if physical things you didn’t have to deal with anymore? Or fears you didn’t have to deal with? And there’s, there’s a couple of books in the Bible with a guy named Timothy. And Timothy didn’t write them. It was Paul writing to Timothy. Timothy was a son in the Lord. And in 1st Timothy 4, he says, cause I remember I got saved at 19 and there weren’t very many fathers around. This is back in the Jesus Movement back in the early seventies. So to a 19 year old a father was a 22 year old. You know they had finished college, that was like, wow, you’re old. There weren’t many fathers around. And so there’s Timothy and I think he was probably kind of finding himself in the same kind situation and Paul says to him in the 4th chapter of 1st Timothy he says “don’t let anyone despise your youth.” By the way that works both age. Both sides of the age screen. Don’t let anyone despise you because now you’ve got some gray hair. Okay? I started… I got my first one at 15 and now that I’m 27…




CHRIS:  …you know, my hair has fully gone gray. But don’t, don’t… whether you’re young or old he says it’s an invitation to not be held back. That’s what he’s trying to say to Timothy is don’t neglect the gift that’s in you then he says that was put in you and prayed over you, he uses the term by the eldership or by the presbytery and I love that. Paul is very, very humble at that moment in 1st Timothy, he’s very humble. I think Paul saw something in Timothy. That he saw a young man who had incredible gifts but for one reason or another needed some prodding. So it’s like hey, have you been through, have you seen Timothy? Oh yeah? How’s he doing? Well, he’s okay. Although we were with each other together. And we, yeah, he’s kind of quiet. Oh Timothy, c’mon boy. So he writes 1st Timothy and then he says don’t neglect that gift that’s in you. You’ve got something unique. You have something special. And the presbytery, the elders laid hands on you. And I don’t know about you but the one thing that the enemy does if he can’t get you to not say yes to Jesus then he wants to shut down the Jesus in you. That’s his goal. That’s his desire. If he can shut you up someone else, someone’s voice through not just what you speak but how you live, someone else, another voice and another face is silenced and pulled away. And I’ve now been… I’ve been saved so many… I mean 41 years and I’ve seen so many people over that time who because of, and I’m just going to say it, because of what I think is one of the enemy’s greatest tools to keep us is the spirit of fear. Now I’m seeing a lot of heads shaking up and down. You know why? Because we all deal with them. We all deal with ‘em. And I remember some years ago I was working with a ministry in Kansas City and during a prayer time, during a ministry time at the end the gentleman in charge, he and I were doing a ministry time and he walked over to me and I thought he was going to say do this song or what do you think we should do and he leans over to me he goes the Lord told me you’re supposed to write a book. I didn’t do books. I was the kid that wrote the book report in homeroom. Anybody else ever do that?




CHRIS:  You wrote a book report in homeroom? You got ten minutes. And you’re going to give… you know the one that always gets the A’s in class and I’m writing there she goes what are you doing? Says writing my book report. She said you just picked up my book. I know, I know, don’t worry about it. And so I’d look at the back of the book I’d figure out and then I’d write a story, put in names, I’d throw a few names, and put it and I always got A’s and B’s and it used to just frustrate her so much cause she spent hours and took two weeks to read the book which I should have done. I’m not proud of that. I’m just saying. And so for me for him to suddenly say you’re supposed to write a book. I said I don’t think so. It took me a long time even to read a book. And so then he comes over in the next conference he comes over and he leans over and he goes hey, the Lord told me you’re going to write 3 or more. That actually there’s a lot of books coming out of you. I just looked at him and said no, no. Well the reason why I didn’t…part of me…. here’s the thing. Is sometimes the thing that we pull back is the thing we want most. Okay? I got out of every oral report. Never did an oral report in class. I didn’t read aloud in class and I’m the only one in the history of my school that went through the entire speech course and never gave their speech to the class.




CHRIS:  Can I tell you why? Spirit of fear. You’re going well, I don’t know. Look at you now. You’re up there doing this and that. I know. Why? It was in my heart to do. It’s always been in my heart to do. But if the enemy couldn’t say and stop me from saying yes to Jesus what he could do was so attack me with a spirit of fear that the Jesus in me I held hostage because of a spirit of fear. Let me tell you something. It’s not too late. You have gifts and callings from God. It’s not too late. And if you’re young you’re not too young. Don’t despise your youth and don’t despise your gray hair. My grandmother got saved at 82 years old. Lived the next 17 years of her life on fire for Jesus seeing visions of Jesus on a regular basis. Telling everybody about what He looked like and how He loved her. I was talking to her one day and she’s looking over my shoulder and I kept talking she just looked at me and went “Shush!” Said why? I called her Monno. That was her name we called her. Why Monno? She goes cause He’s looking at me and I turned around and there was nothing, no one there. And I just said who’s looking at you? She goes Jesus. We look at each other all the time. He’s smiling. And I’m going then forget about me, grandma. Just, just look at His face. It’s not too late. I don’t know what things burn in your heart but you all have something. Some of you are out there and the Lord’s telling you write a book. Well your reaction is I don’t write books. Let me tell you something. I don’t write books. Guess what? I now write books. And at that time one of the things that hindered me, and I’ll just, I’ll just, I was… fear of failure is huge. Why begin a project and spend months and months, even a year, why begin the project if in the end it’s going to fail? Why expend, why give out all of that energy? The fact of the matter is we’re usually not thinking that. We’re usually thinking something else connected. And here’s what is was for me. A lot of my friends were authors. A lot of my friends, especially at that time when I was in Kansas City a lot of them had books that were on best sellers lists and this and that. And I’m going to write a book? Chris DuPre from Marion New York? My town. I remember when I was a kid when my town got a light. It was the big thing. Everybody went into the middle of town to look at the light being put in.


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