Sid Roth on August 3rd, 2017


 LARRY: Welcome to another exciting episode of Something More. I’m Larry Sparks; I’ll be your host. Today we’re going to talk about how to go Heaven – before you die. Y-you heard me correctly. It is possible for you to experience Heavenly realms, here on Earth – before you leave this world and go to the next – before you “transition”, before you die. I know so many people think, “Well that’s when I get to Heaven, and I kinda just have to endure until I get there”. Let me just let you know right now, Christianity is not supposed to be some sort of lifelong endurance race, where you just kind of endure, going through motions, lists of do’s and don’ts; it is a dynamic experience with the person called God. And I believe today an invitation is going out to whoever would receive it; to actually, “Come up here…”, just like John was told on the Island of Patmos. “Come up here,” and actually experience the Heavenly realm. And I have got an exciting guest today, Judy Franklin. She has written

this book, “Experiencing the Heavenly Realm”, which to me is an invitation for anybody.


JUDY: Yes.


LARRY: Not –

not special, super-spiritual people, not Pastors and leaders; yeah, they’re included; but an invitation for “whosoever” would actually receive this invitation. So Judy, how did these Heavenly experiences start in your life?


JUDY: When I first recognized it, it was in February of 1997.




JUDY: And I went to bed, and I just started saying my prayers, and I saw a door open – [music] about a foot –

and something came out, and it laid on me. And it scared me.




JUDY: And I thought, “What is this?”, and then I realized

it felt so good!


LARRY: Yeah.


JUDY: It was just [music ends] – I know now that it was His Presence, and I started worshipping. I had never worshipped before.




JUDY: I’d seen the songs, and I praised, “Thank You God. You’re great; You’re great; You’re wonderful. You’re -“, but worship, in looking at the Word and what it actually means, it means to kiss!




JUDY: It’s uh intimate! And I started worshipping Him; and after awhile, it stopped, and I saw this Presence go back into this door and shut, and I thought, “I’m crazy.”


LARRY: (chuckling) Uh huh.


JUDY: Um, “Don’t know what that is”; but I wasn’t going to tell anybody either. And the next night, go to bed, start to say my prayers, the same thing happened. It happened every time I turned my attention to God, —




JUDY: to Jesus. It would happen, and I thought, “This is really weird”. And I’d have them for about two or three months, and I went

to Toronto.


LARRY: Mm; (chuckling) yeah.


JUDY: And um, the last night we were there, I was singing a praise song, and I had my arms up in the air; and I heard a voice, and it said, “What are you looking up for? I’m right here.”




JUDY: And I brought my head down, looked, and Jesus was standing in front of me. And He put His

[music] hands out, and I took His hands; and I just kept singing! And

I put both of His hands in o- – one of mine, and just caressed His hand, and I felt the nail scars.




JUDY: And as soon as I recognized what it was, He learned forward and He said, “You know something, I did that for you”,

and it was life-changing, — [music ends]




JUDY: at that point.


LARRY: Yeah.


JUDY: The next day, we went home to – I lived in Redding, California, and went to Bethel Church. [music] And I went home to that church, and

Beni, the Pastor’s wife, had me come up and share what had happened, so I went up and shared. And I suppose they both prayed for me; I don’t know; I just know I was down, —


LARRY: Yeah; yeah.


JUDY:  and – for the count – for the whole service. And the Lord was showing me things, and – and that then towards the end, I happened to look up, and I saw God’s Glory. I didn’t know how I knew what it was, but I knew exactly what it was!

It was the outshining of His Presence, and it was coming down to me. And I kept saying, [music ends] “Look at how beautiful it is! It is so beautiful!”




JUDY: And it just kept coming down; and it got so bright, that I was going like this. But finally I had to close my eyes, and it came – kept coming down. And every breath I breathed, I breathed it in; it permeated every cell of my body.


LARRY: Yeah.


JUDY: And it was heavy; and it kept getting heavier and heavier, and I thought, “Well I’m going to die now.”




JUDY: And, I didn’t; —




JUDY: and the Presence withdrew.


LARRY: Yeah.


JUDY: And that night changed my entire life.




JUDY: I no lotter – longer thought the same way. I totally fell in love with God, because with in His Glory was His love —




JUDY: this incomprehensible love – and I was just – I knew I was loved by Him. The next night, I was home; I knew what was going to happen. I go [music] to bed, start to pray, waiting for this,

but instead of the door opening a foot, it opened wide, —




JUDY: and I moved in. And there were two figures; I knew one was God, and one was Jesus – they were shadowy – and I just started talking to them! Whenever I prayed, that’s where I would be – with them, –




JUDY: …talking.


LARRY: Yeah. Well, and you – uh hold that thought right there. I want to encourage you, as we’re getting ready for this next segment. The reason we’re talking about this testimony I wanted to have Judy share is because, will your experience with God [music ends] – in the Heavenly realms – will it look exactly like hers? May not be; God is a personal God. But here’s the thing: I believe God wants to ignite a hunger in you that is so deep, that drives you into a place where you say, “God, there must be something more. Lord, You didn’t create me, you didn’t save me, you didn’t fill me with the Holy Spirit just so I could have a – a static, religious approach to God.” God was never intended to be a concept; He is a person for you to relate with. And I believe an invitation is going out for whosoever would receive it, to encounter God, and to engage Him in these Heavenly places. And when we come back, Judy is actually going to tell you how you can go to these Heavenly places with God in your [music] everyday life.

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Sid Roth on July 19th, 2017

SID: We just don’t understand how [we] can literally create with words. You teach on one of my favorite scriptures, Romans 4:17. Explain


TIM: “The God kind of faith calls those things that be not as though they were.” And Paul was talking there about our father of faith, Abraham. For 25 years, Abraham walked with the promise that he would be the father of many nations, have a son. Then God came to him when he was 99 and he said this to him: “In about a year you are going to have a son.” And of course Abraham laughed and Sarah is in the tent, and she laughed. But something happened in that 99th year and he began to decree or to practice the God kind of faith. And the God kind of faith says, “Calleth things that be not as though they were.”


SID: But wait. I hear people say isn’t that lying?


TIM: No because God said, “New things I declare,” Isaiah 42:9, “before they spring forth, I tell you of them.” If you want to see them you got to decree them. The decree comes first.


SID: I mean, we’re literally commanded, “Call those things that be not that the devil has taken away from you as if they are.”


TIM: Absolutely.


SID: With an attitude.


TIM: With an attitude. “Calleth there” is the Greek word kaleo and it means to bid or to summons it to you and those things that were is “usah”, means to come here. You put them together, it means “come here and come here now” and then it’s repeated. So the God kind of faith says come here and come here now. And this old man begins to decree come here. Think of this. Here’s an old 99-year-old man with a promise and he goes outside of his tent at night, and he literally beings to say…


SID: Yeah, but that is an outrageous promise though.


TIM: …come here, Isaac. Come here, son. Come to us. Come here. Come here. And those words that he kept planting, it did something in him. It rejuvenated him. It rejuvenated Sarah, who was 89 years old, and he just kept saying, “Come here, come here now, come here, promise of God, come here, come to me.” And of course, we know that in a year’s time, miraculously, supernaturally a son was born.


SID: You teach principles of planting the heavens on Earth. And one of your principles you just said: Come. Give me another example of how we call something to come to us.


TIM: It can be in any promise that God makes to us. For example, healing, come here, healing. By the stripes of Jesus I am healed. Come to me. Begin to manifest in me. Cancer, leave my body. Come here healing power of God. Come here financial need. You need money? Come here and manifest in my life. Come to me. Come to my house, salvation, power of God. Come to me peace of mind. Any promise of God, bid it come to you. Decree that it’s yours. Plant the atmosphere around you and lay the foundations around you for it, for God to bring it to pass, for it to be creative. That’s what God did in the beginning. If God, Sid, if God created the heavens and the earth, and we know that he did, how hard would it be for him to create what you need? How hard would it be for God to create what you need? He can do it. He knows how.


SID: You teach another thing that I like.


TIM: Okay.


SID: Don’t give up.


TIM: Never.


SID: Explain.


TIM: If you plant a seed, David said it this way, “I speak with ruling authority as a king and I never negate a ruling.” Wow. God says no maybes. No maybes. Decree and use your authority. Don’t back down. You plant that seed, you just water it and you keep saying come here, come here. I went through a time about two years ago when I was “hope deferred” over a situation, and I read in Revelation where the Angel of the Lord said, “No more delay.” And I just kept saying, “No more delay. No more delay.” This promise is coming to me. Come to me, promise of God. Come and come now.


SID: What is our part to play in our destiny?


TIM: It’s a decree a thing, as Job said, decree a thing that it’s established. Our responsibility is to say what God says. If we will align our self that way then the DNA that is in the seed of that word, because every word produces after its kind, whatever you declare it’s going to produce it. Well don’t back off of that. Never back off. It has nothing to do with feelings. We know that. I don’t always feel like it, but after I say it a few times I start feeling it, but a boldness rises out of it.


SID: Do you know what comes out of your mouth is revelation after revelation, after revelation. I want you to pray the way we should pray at home over the people right now. Would you do that?


TIM: Absolutely. Pray this way: Father God, in Jesus’ name I am decreeing health and healing is coming into my house. I decree that my sons and daughters are going to receive Christ Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. The opposition that is coming against my household financially, I bind it in the name of Jesus and I decree that prosperity is coming. Finances are coming. Prosperity is coming in. Promotion is coming through job situations. I’m getting a better job. My husband is getting a better job. My kids are getting a better job and the decrees of the scripture, the promises that I’ve been believing for and even prophetic promises that I’ve received, I’m planting them. I believe every word that you said to me is coming to pass in my life. Manifest and grow in me. Grow in my household. My house is a house that is blessed. I am blessed. I am free. I am delivered in every area of my life’s spirit, soul and body.


SID: And you know what, I decree that angels of alignment have been sent to your home because your words are causing them to put everything in God’s order in place. So be it!


TIM: So be it!

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Sid Roth on July 12th, 2017

SID: Shawn, you had a life-changing visitation where you saw Jesus.


SID: And when you, you told me when you explain that similar things happen to people. Tell me about that life-changing experience.

SHAWN: Well Sid, I had a visitation to where Jesus, I was standing in front of a hospital and in the visitation I had two suitcases. Now the hospital represented where sick people were. This was all in the vision and the suitcases represented where I was going. So this big bus pulled up, Sid. All of a sudden I got on this bus and I was the only person on this bus. So the driver kept driving and I asked the driver, “Where are we going?” And he would not answer me. He would just ignore me. So I started to get kind of afraid, Sid. I didn’t know what was going on. I asked him, I said, “Sir, please tell me where you’re taking me.” As soon as that guy said that, Sid, he took off his hat and he had a halo over his head and blood was dripping down his face. It was Jesus and I saw his eyes, and I came out of the vision. A week later, I was at a prayer meeting and this prophet passed me, and he said, “God is giving you his eyes.” I fell out and I went back into that vision. And from that point, Sid, every person that I told that vision about would fall out and go into visitations from Heaven.

SID: Now the Holy Spirit taught you step by step on how to tap into the Glory of God and now you’re teaching other people how to tap into this Glory.


SID: Can everyone that is watching us that is a believer in the Messiah tap into this same Glory and get the same results as you?

SHAWN: Sid, I believe, I’m going to speak to someone right now. You’re probably asking, hey, I’m just like this guy. I want to know what did he do and what did he say to receive this type of blessing. You may be a drug dealer. A matter of fact, you are a drug dealer and God is saying that he can give you a substitution when you come to him. You can begin to do the things that the Lord wants you to do. You can receive supernatural impartation. God will change your life. He changed my life. He turned me from Saul to Paul and I believe that he’s going to touch your life right now. So I just want you to raise your hand right now and I want to pray for you. Father God, I pray right now in the name of Jesus that those who are watching right now, you may be depressed, you may need deliverance, you may be stuck in bondage from drugs. I release a supernatural impartation for you to be free from every drug addiction, every sin and every lustful spirit be broken in the name of Jesus the Messiah. I speak it now over your life in Jesus’ name.

SID: You’re seeing creative miracles.

SHAWN: Yes, sir.

SID: You’re seeing things that actually Jesus said we’d see greater miracles. Tell me one miracle, one creative miracle, briefly.

SHAWN: They had this woman, we were in New Orleans, Louisiana, and this lady’s husband hit her outside of the church. He ran over her with a car.

SID: That’s more than hitting.

SHAWN: Yes, that’s more than hitting. So all of a sudden, the pastor dragged the lady in and we were just finishing up the service. And he called me, he said, “Prophet, come over here. This lady has just been hit by a car.” Now Sid, her arm was dislocated, her bone was sticking out. Her skin was all the way to the white part of her meat and blood was there. All of a sudden she began to look at me, Sid, and said, “Jesus, I know you love me because you always love me.” All of a sudden, Sid, her bone popped back into place, her skin grew back into baby skin. She began to speak in fluent tongues and the drug smell that was on her, Sid, disappeared. It was crazy.

SID: Did everyone in the congregation see this?

SHAWN: Everyone, even some of my family members were there and they got afraid after that. They didn’t know what was going on, Sid. But the crazy thing about it, Sid, it brought the husband in. He came in and he received Jesus as Lord and Savior, and him and his wife mended back their marriage.

SID: Now I want you to pray for a hunger to be a Glory chaser and I want you to pray to release the Glory. I believe that miracles, life-changing encounters are about ready to happen. Do that.

SHAWN: Right now I release the fire of God and I release the zeal of the Holy Spirit to be upon your life. I pray that you become a Glory chaser, that you have the endurance, that you have the desire, that you have the stamina to move in the realm of God’s Spirit. I release that cloud of Glory over you right now in the name of Jesus Christ. Right now I release the power and the fire of God to touch every home, every person that’s listening to the sound of my voice that you will never be the same and that you will run after God with everything you have in Jesus’ holy name we pray.

SID: There’s only way to be free. You may not be in prison, but you’re in a prison and Jesus said, “I have come to set the captives free.” You call out to him in your way and everyone who asks receives.

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Sid Roth on July 5th, 2017

SID: Tommy, you say it’s important in your home wherever you are to not just talk about the blood of Jesus, but sing about it. There’s something very powerful about singing.


TOMMY: Your words are powerful. Words are powerful. You can bless me with your words or you can curse me with your words. But my own ears have to hear the words and the best way I know to do that is to sing about the blood of Jesus.


SID: Give me just a snippet. I know you’re not a singer, but sing.


TOMMY: What can wash away my sins, nothing but the blood of Jesus.


SID: That’s not singing.


TOMMY: I know. What can make me whole again, nothing but the blood of Jesus.


Sid [singing]: What can wash away my sins. [talking] I’d rather sing it.


Tommy[singing]: Nothing but the blood of Jesus.


SID: See, if you can do it, if I can do it, you can do it. And if you can only see what’s going on in the invisible realm when you do that. Tommy, tell me about other areas where you apply the blood, like finances.


TOMMY: Financial blessings, take your checkbook, lay it on your table. You and your wife come in agreement, that’s powerful agreement prayers, and plead the blood of Jesus over your money situations. Before you make a financial decision, pray about it and plead the blood of Jesus over it. Use some wisdom and let God lead and guide you on that situation. I had a young man come to me and said I need some help financially, and we prayed for him. And I told him there would be three distinct areas in your life that’s going to happen in the next two weeks. He was a retired military from the Iraq war. Number one, he was hurt in the war. He got his military pension. Number two, his wife went back to work with a better job with more benefits, and number three, he got his Social Security Disability that he had been trying to get for two years. All three happened within a two-week period because I told him start pleading the blood over your financial situation, and God did those miracles. Don’t forget that. Yes, healing, yes, salvation, yes, children, yes, grandchildren, yes, we’re going to plead the blood. Don’t forget financial miracles when you plead the blood of Jesus.


SID: But you know what the greatest thing the blood of Jesus does, without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sin. None. Talk about that.


TOMMY: The blood of Jesus, without that there’s nothing happening in our life. Eternal life we can have when we accept Jesus Christ as our personal savior.


SID: How about you? Have you accepted Jesus as your Messiah and Lord? You know, Jesus puts it this way: This is eternal life that you might have experiential knowledge of me. Say this prayer and mean it, out loud. Dear Jesus.


TOMMY: Dear Jesus.


SID: Thank you for your blood.


TOMMY: Thank you for your blood.


SID: Thank you, Jesus.


TOMMY: Thank you, Jesus.


SID: That my sins are washed away.


TOMMY: That my sins are washed away.


SID: There is total forgiveness.


TOMMY: There is total forgiveness.


SID: It’s a new future.


TOMMY: It’s a new future.


SID: It’s the first day of the rest of my life.


TOMMY: It’s the first day of the rest of my life.


SID: Jesus, come inside of me.


TOMMY: Jesus, come inside of me.


SID: And become my Lord and Savior.


TOMMY: And become my Lord and Savior.


SID: I love, Jesus.


TOMMY: I love you, Jesus.


SID: I want experiential knowledge of you.


TOMMY: I want experiential knowledge of you.


SID: Amen.


TOMMY: Amen.


SID: And now I commission you to pray as God tells you, applying the blood of Jesus, cancers, they are going to flee. That means run as in terror. And remember to put your hand up just as Oral did and think about the healing you had.


TOMMY: Amen. Lord, we come to you today, and we thank you and we praise you for everything we have or hope to have, and we plead the blood. Those of you that are watching today need a healing in your life, if you can’t touch your TV screen, just point your hand toward the TV screen right now. And I plead the blood of Jesus. Cancer, you got to go in Jesus’ name. I take authority over cancer. Leukemia, you got to go in Jesus’ name. Heartbeats, the rhythm of your heart is getting healed right now in the name of Jesus. I see it happening. Migraines are disappearing. Sciatic nerves are getting healed in backs, and that’s a thousand people are getting healed of sciatica in your back right now. That’s because I’m pleading the blood of Jesus. Someone cannot make tears. You got dry eye. God is healing you and you will make tears this very day when I plead the blood of Jesus over you and that healing is taking place. Acid reflux is getting healed right now and many of you are getting healed right now. Receive it today. Point your hand toward my hand in the name of Jesus, and by the blood of Jesus, say this, I receive my healing.


SID: I receive my healing.


TOMMY: I am healed.


SID: I am healed.


TOMMY: I am delivered.


SID: I am delivered.


TOMMY: I am set free.


SID: I am set free.


TOMMY: By the blood of Jesus.


SID: By the blood of Jesus.


TOMMY: And in the name of Jesus.


SID: And in the name of Jesus.


TOMMY: I receive it in Jesus’ name.


SID: I receive it. Amen.


TOMMY: Amen.

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Sid Roth on June 28th, 2017

SID: Some of you are trying to wrap your mind around this concept. It’s so simple, yet so profound. The healer, not a little bit of the healer, THE healer is living within you. You don’t have to run to some place. He’s in you. You talk about, and this is so important, the power of agreement. What do you mean by that?


SANDRA: Agreeing with God. You’re going to be agreeing with somebody. You’re either going to agree with the doctor, thank God for good doctors, but you’re going to either agree with the doctor or you’re going to agree with your symptom. You’re going to agree with something. So you need to start agreeing with the Word of God. Get somebody to agree with you.


SID: All right, but do you deny your symptoms?


SANDRA: No. You deny the right for them to be there.


SID: I see.


SANDRA: You don’t deny them, but you deny, you don’t have a right in my body. I’m not saying you aren’t there. I’m saying you don’t have a right. I do that. Now remember, a symptom is not a sickness. Your mouth can make it a sickness.


SID: You’re just describing the power of agreement in reverse.


SANDRA: Absolutely totally.


SID: All right. We have readers that read, we get manuscripts before they become books. We got a manuscript in, your manuscript, and this has never happened before. Our readers read lots of books on healing. This woman was facing surgery and after reading your book something clicked and she didn’t need surgery. Let’s have Lori tell you herself.


[begin video]


Lori: I was experiencing excruciating pain in my shoulder and was diagnosed after an MRI with a torn rotator cuff. The doctor actually said it was hanging by a thread and I would need surgery.


Doctor: I’m sorry to tell you this, but you’re going to need surgery.


Lori: While I was reading “The Simplicity of Healing” it connected with me on a personal level that changed my mindset concerning my own healing. I already had knowledge of the principles of healing, but it helped me to see where I had head knowledge, but wasn’t letting it get deep into my heart and spirit. While reading this book, God revealed to me the moment I came into agreement with the symptoms and how the symptoms actually became a condition because I came out of agreement with what God had said and came into agreement with the enemy. I repented when I realized what I had done and immediately the pain left my shoulder. Look, God healed me.


Doctor: What?


Lori: Yes.


[end video]


SID: You know, Sandra, as she was talking about what happened I could feel the presence of God coming.


SANDRA: I could, too.


SID: What’s going to happen to our people that are watching right now?


SANDRA: If they grab hold of it and will grab hold and begin to agree with God and thank him with gratitude, the healing power of God that is already in them will begin to be released inside of them, pushing out that sickness and disease. They have to continue to praise God, thank you, Lord, God. Most people know the principles in their head. Same thing she was saying. But it dropped down inside of her and it became real to her, and it became more real than the problem on the outside. And you begin to say, if you will do it, if people will do it, if they would just begin to say, thank you, Lord, that I am healed, thank you that you’re doing this in my life, thank you, Father God, that the healing power is in me. I agree with you. You said I’m healed, so bless God, I’m healed. You know, you’ve got to get in agreement with somebody. I’m going to agree with you, God.


SID: Okay. I hear what you’re saying. But again, one of your staff people, director of ministry, develops cancer. How bad a cancer? There’s no such thing as a good cancer. How bad?


SANDRA: Well she totally recovered. The mass was just all the way across her stomach, just totally that way. She just happened to be a nurse, too. And she said that the Word is more powerful than a two-edged sword, and so she went in and let the Word become a scaffold to her and she spoke to the cancer, and believed God to cut that cancer out. No pain. The pain did not leave. I mean, she was hurting just as bad. Every time she’d go back to the doctor.


SID: That took raw faith.


SANDRA: Absolutely. Absolutely. And the pain did not leave until the day she got the full report that she was totally cancer-free. And she didn’t have surgery now. She never had surgery.


SID: [unintelligible]


SANDRA: Yes. The number one healings are cancer. I mean, we get calls from all over the world. We teach people exactly what I’m teaching here: How to believe God, how to get in agreement with God, how to expect God to keep his Word, how to expect God to do what he says he has done. And most of us believe that we’ve got to get God to do something and it’s a whole different concept when you’re praising him, but he’s already done it.


SID: Do you know what I’m hearing, and I’m going to shout it to you: Never give up!


SANDRA: Never give up.


SID: Never give up! Never give up!


SANDRA: Never give up! Amen! Amen!

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