Sid Roth on September 9th, 2018


PATRICIA: Sometimes I’ll start to have my time with God. I’ll start to worship Him and all of a sudden, you know all of a sudden this thought comes in. Well you better do this or you better do that. And I’m going to be honest with you. Sometimes I’ve given in to that. I don’t know if you ever do that. But sometimes I’ve given in to it and I always feel a sorrow after. And so I’m asking Holy Spirit to help me and every time I’ve been doing that I’ve just repented and say I’m sorry Lord. I don’t want that. I want to stay focused with You. And the Holy Spirit will help. Now there’s different things that you can do to enhance that, that, that focus time.

One of the things that I find is helpful is praying in tongues. Because I don’t have to engage my mind on anything except Him. I’ll just focus on Him and even walk up and down the room sometimes if I need to and I just pray in tongues. Pray in tongues. Pray in tongues. And the other thing I like to do is make decrees of the word of God because it brings me into focus. Another thing I like to do is worship, just worship. Sometimes soak even to a CD. Or sing Him songs or go into, to declarations of praise telling Him how awesome He is. But at some point usually the glory will, will fall. Now what is the glory? It is that, it is, it is that like that essence of His presence.

The glory actually is the fullness of all that He is and all that He has but there’s certain aspects of it that will be made manifest to you and so there’s times when I can just feel His presence come and then you just go into a revelatory place with Him. I like to keep my journal handy so I can write down what I get. And don’t worry about if you take some time to write something down or look up a scripture you just go back in. Once you, once you get into that realm you can go back into it and out of it and back in to it and out of it to write your notes and stuff like that. But I find that once I get there I never want to come out. It’s like I could spend hours once I hit that realm. And it’s worth laboring for. And the more you do it the easier it gets. And my goal is, is to live in continual devotion every minute of my day.

To live in it constantly. Those are a few, um, keys and if you can repent from those things that would hold you, hold you back then you’re ready to receive from the Lord. Now what I want you to do, and, and, um especially for those watching, you know, through your, uh, screen right now just close your eyes for a moment and just focus on the goodness of God and just know that you want to create realms with Him.

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Sid Roth on August 27th, 2018



So let’s say for example that there is conflict in your home. Let’s say that, you know, you have a child who’s rebellious. There was a woman that I knew that had a rebellious son, very rebellious. And he was on drugs and he was playing bad music in the home and everything and she actually felt defeated by that. She had had talks with him. Nothing worked on that end of things. She tried to, you know, put him into some restraints and banned him from going out but he just went out anyways. And she was just beside herself not knowing what to do. And I said do you know what? If you go into your prayer closet with the Lord, if you, if you find God in this and just ask Him for His promise. Ask Him for His promise and ask Him for wisdom. If any man lacks wisdom just go to God and get it. You know, it’s available for you. He will not refuse you. And so she went in and the Lord gave her some promises.

And I said start by decreeing those promises in your prayer time and go into his room when he’s not there and decree those promises and put on some, some praise worship, and you know, I mean the Bible is full of tools on how you can create your world, you know, on how you can make a difference. The Bible’s full of them. And so, um, she, she went and used the tool of praise and the tool of decrees. The Bible says “if you decree a thing it will be established!” In Esther 8:8 it says “if you make a decree in the name of a king it cannot be revoked.” And so we have power when we decree THE word of God. If Jesus said it He will make it good. And we’re not to doubt that word.

We are, we are to believe it. You know we’re not to harden our hearts with unbelief but we are to really believe that what God said He meant and what He meant He said. And so she took the promises that she got in her prayer closet and she started decreeing them, building a framework. Did you know that in Hebrews 11:3 it says “By faith the worlds were framed by the word of God”? Did you know you can frame your future with the word of God? That you can decree the promises He gives you and partner with Him in that and create atmospheres and realms in your life that will just bring light into any darkness? And so she did that and, and she just loved on him and she set boundaries in the spirit. God gave her also some practical wisdom on what to do. She went in and she threw out his music and everything. She’d been too afraid to do it before but the Lord told her to do it and so she did it. And you know what?

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Sid Roth on August 18th, 2018

SID: Now Sandra, I want you to teach us the revelation God taught you about the blood of Jesus starting with the foundation that if you don’t know the Foundation Book, otherwise known as the Old Testament, there is no way you’re going to understand the New Covenant. Tell me about that foundation.


SANDRA: I’ve been teaching healing for years and years, and years, and years. But I got hung up on the scripture in the New Testament that said that Jesus came to fulfill the Old Testament. Then the thought went through my mind, well if he fulfilled the Old Testament then I need to know what he fulfilled, because if he fulfilled it, I got it, it’s mine. So now I’m beginning to flip through and read in particular on the power of the blood. And I began to discover that the priests there, the power that they had and how they could wash themselves in the blood morning and evening, and it would do away with any sin, anything, and even you could take it and apply it to other people, and your being a priest and how you can apply it.


SID: Yes, but those were priests.


SANDRA: But I’m a priest.


SID: I thought you’re a woman.


SANDRA: I know. You thought wrong.


SID: You’re a priest because the New Covenant says you are.


SANDRA: Absolutely.


SID: And that’s good enough for me.


SANDRA: Absolutely. Absolutely. And when I, you know, the Bible says that people perish for lack of knowledge.


SID: You know what, they even went to the priest, went to be cleared of leprosy.




SID: So they were, in effect, they were involved in forgiveness and healing.


SANDRA: Yes. Well the priests were really the guardians, I found out, of health of the community. And I thought good grief, we are guardians, of course having so much to do with healing, we are guardians of the health of our church, health of our area, the health of our family if we just know how to apply the blood and do a morning and evening sacrifice let’s do it continuously. A moment ago we were talking about the hands and the rays of light that come out.


SID: Yes.

SANDRA: When you have rays of light, I discovered, that during praise and worship when people raise their hands, if believers understood and believed, and would begin to raise their hands and use their hands as rays of light it would divide the darkness and clear up the area over you so that you could have a clearer space to Heaven.


SID: What a wonderful way to start your prayer. When you taught this revelation in your church, what effect did it have?


SANDRA: The main thing it did, every area of somebody’s life was touched. It was astounding to me. We did a little survey. We only took about a hundred people, but we did it anyway, and we would go in to the different places. We were going to wash the areas like in your house, wash you in the blood, wash your husband in the blood, wash your children in the blood. If you don’t have any, wash your dog in the blood, whatever needs to be. Hallelujah.


SID: I know some dogs that need to be washed in the blood.


SANDRA: As do I. Wash them. In your office, go wash the area. I just washed it, washed it in the blood of Jesus. We did it two weeks straight and after those two weeks, 85 percent, 80 to 85 percent of everyone who participated saw immediate change.


SID: That is pretty amazing.


SANDRA: Yes, it is.


SID: What in your mind, there’s a visible world and there’s an invisible world. Many people are not seers. A seer can see inside the invisible world.


SANDRA: Right.


SID: But what is going on in the invisible world when you’re speaking the blood of Jesus out of your mouth? What’s happening that we are not seeing with our eyes?


SANDRA: Demons are dialing 911. They are running every direction under the sun because there is nothing. They are afraid of the power of the blood in the name of Jesus. They are.


SID: Now when those demons are running and we don’t see them running, if they can convince us nothing happened, we’ll drop speaking the blood.


SANDRA: Yes we will.


SID: That’s their job to get us off the truth about the blood.


SANDRA: And if you get off the truth you will come back feeling guilty, stained, something is wrong with you, you want to hide. You walk around in a shadow so to speak and you’re feeling defiled. The Lord is defiled. You feel defiled. There’s 16 names for defiled in the Bible. There are about four that really, really matter here. Being defiled means being common. We’re not common. We’re peculiar. We’re not common. And then you feel dirty, you feel wounded and you feel stained. And so those are the things that make Christians not come to be who they ought to be and washing in the blood takes care of all of that. If you stop doing it those four things in particular that makes you be like a wimp and you like the tail instead of the head, you fall into that category, when you back away from using the power that God has given you and that power of God ordained and put inside of you when you were born again is in you ready to be released so that you can operate in the Glory of God.


SID: Now you said that the priests in the Old Covenant cleansed themselves twice a day. I know you do this. I want to find out exactly how you do it for yourself, when we come back, and I want to find out the twin of atonement of sin, forgiveness of sin. I want to find out that same blood how that operates in healing. We’ll be right back.

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Sid Roth on August 8th, 2018

SID: Julie, what did ancient Israel, King David know about supernatural breakthroughs that’s almost been lost to believers today?


JULIE: You know what? I believe what we found is it’s the power of singing the scriptures, and we’ve lost that key, which a tool that I called singing. And it’s not just for singers, it’s actually for every single person that needs breakthrough. And I just began to think if you want to be supernatural, sing the Bible. If you want to release the supernatural, sing the Bible. It’s all through the Word on the power of singing the scriptures.


SID: You know, many years ago, today I operate mostly in words of knowledge, but many years ago, I laid hands and prayed for everyone that wanted prayer. And I don’t know how I did it, but I started one day singing, “they’re healing” rather than praying normally, but just speaking it. And I felt, I could feel there was a greater presence of God when I sang “they’re healing” than when I prayed “they’re healing” and everyone was getting healed. Is that what you’re talking about?


JULIE: Yes. And I feel like when that element of song is used it bypasses all of our thoughts, saying, oh that’s not me, and it just literally goes to where it needs to go. And what I found out in some of my research, because I’ve always sang. I love to sing the Bible. But when I would do some workshops on singing the Bible, people that weren’t even singers, they began to experience freedom. They began to get healed.


SID: But they’re not singers but they could probably at least carry a tune.


JULIE: That’s what I mean.


SID: I can’t carry a tune.


JULIE: It didn’t matter. It was just that tone of “ah”. It was just that tone. And what I found out, because I thought, why is this, why is this? And I found out that doctors and scientists are now doing medical and scientific research on the power of singing. So when we talk we’re actually using the left side of our brain. But when we add the element of tone, [singing] when we add that ah, [talking] even if you’re singing it on the same note, both of these lobes are working together. When you add the element of rhythm, [singing] now I’m going to sing with rhythm, [talking] so all of these lobes, they’re working as one. And then the front of your brain actually is the emotional response, so it’s as if when you sing it’s like you have this barrier in your mind because your lobes are working together that all the negativity and all the I cant’s, they can’t get in because your lobes are working together. The only thing that gets in is what you’re singing, and that’s the Bible. And I’ve seen people go from hating themselves to loving themselves, people go from not being healed to being, people with addictions stopping and they credit to singing the Bible.


SID: You told me about a homeless man and he couldn’t even look into your eyes. He just, you went to a shelter and he’s looking down. How in the world did you coach him to sing?


JULIE: I’ll tell you what. I started taking, we call it our music class. I go to the homeless shelter. I said, “Get out your Bibles and we’re going to sing.” That day it was Psalm 23. I put on my “Sing” CD, which is going to be available, and when we put on one of the tracks, and at first, he was kind of just looking at his phone. And then as other people just began to sing, I said, “You can sing it or you can rap it, whatever it doesn’t matter.” But then he just started listening and I think it was just that song just going into his heart. And then suddenly he put his phone down and he began to write. And I went over to him and I’d look over a couple of times, and I’d say, “Raymond, hey, can you sing what you wrote down.” And at first it was must a mumble. [mumbling]. And I’m like, that’s great! Oh my God! That’s awesome!


SID: Can I hire you as a cheerleader.


JULIE: Yes I will. We’re talking about singing the Bible. But then I just said, “Will you do it again.” And I went to other people. And then he just stood up, like he took and he stood up in front of everybody, and he goes [singing] “The Lord is my shepherd. I have everything I need.” [talking] But then he was like, [singing] “Yea!” Somebody videotaped and you could hear everyone just start shouting. And I found out later that this guy, he had been a businessman, but he had lost everything. I mean, like by murder and his whole family was gone, and it made him go into a world of drugs and homeless. And he started coming to their shelter, and he would always talk with a mumble. People couldn’t understand him. But that day, when he took that mike and said [singing] “The Lord is my shepherd. I have everything I need,” [talking] that’s the first time they heard him literally sing and speak a word that they understood. That is the power of singing the Bible.


SID: What happened to him?


JULIE: It’s the Word. Well actually, a month later, my friend Eli, Eli Rose called me and, “Hey, I’m standing here with Raymond and I want you to know he’s going into treatment. He wanted you to know that.” And I just talked with her last week and she said he’s doing really good. And this was over a year ago. And this is the power of singing the Word. It’s transforming. But the key is your ears have to hear your sound. That’s when that helmet, it’s almost like we wear the whole armor of God in our brains, from Ephesians 6, when we start singing the Word.


SID: But ancient Israel knew this. They had the most glorious worship time in the Temple. David was a musician. David got rid of evil spirits just by playing the harp in front of King Saul. But it’s kind of been lost or turned over just to the professionals. I meet musicians all the time and I keep saying, how can I sit down at the piano and play. I’m not going to learn how to play piano. I can’t carry a tune. This is the answer. When we come back you’re going to find out that miracles of healing that happen when you start singing the Word. A deaf person started hearing. We’ll be right back.

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Sid Roth on July 17th, 2018



Thank you Jesus; that You died on the cross for me; and that when You died on the cross; You took all my sin; You took all my diseases; and my pain; and Father please will you forgive me; for allowing this thing to have a place in my life; and I renounce every evil spirit; that is causing pain; or infirmity; or affliction; in the name of Jesus; and I command every symptom to go now; I command every evil spirit to leave me now; every pain go; every disease go.


ALISS: Now if you want to name what you’ve got just speak it out and just say you’ve got to go now in Jesus’ name. Speak to it, name it and shame it! So it’s going to leave now and I just… Okay. Now just breathe in the Holy Spirit. Breathe in the Holy Spirit and on the count of three every evil spirit’s going to leave. Just breathe it out now. One, two, three out! Every evil spirit you leave, all those symptoms go. Keep breathing in the Holy Spirit. Keep breathing out. If you need to cough sometimes they get a bit stuck in the throat just cough it out. That’s fine. In the name of Jesus we command every evil spirit that’s lurking around go to Jesus now. Don’t touch anybody else. Go to Jesus. And I release the healing power of Jesus in this place. Complete healing now just receive it into your body. Oh, oh can you feel that? We just thank You, Father, for Your angels, for Your healing angels that You’ve released today in this place. And we just say Father, let Your angels just wander around and touch those, touch those who need healing. Thank You for Your healing anointing, Father. Thank You that it’s Your will for all to be saved and for all to be healed in the name of Jesus. Thank you, Father. Just receive your healing now in Jesus’ name. Okay. Would anybody like some impartation from the Holy Spirit for doing…?




ALISS: Yeah. Okay? There’s no point in getting it if you’re not going to use it. All right? So if you’re going to use it you’re going to step out in faith. You got to pray for people and do some miracles. That’s the deal. That okay? If you want impartation just raise your hands. Just close your eyes. Look to Jesus cause He’s the one that’s going to give it to you. Say thank you Father, we just release that impartation now. Just receive. You don’t have to speak just, you just say thank you if you want but I release that impartation from the Holy Spirit for doing signs and wonders and miracles… whoaaa, I’m feeling that… and healing. I release it in the name of Jesus! I also release boldness! Supernatural faith! O Lord God, I ask that You would just spirit of revelation come, let them know that how much You love them, what You’ve done for them, and what You accomplished, Jesus, on the cross. Just what authority we have through You, Jesus. Through Your name, in the mighty name of Jesus! Amen!

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