Sid Roth on November 26th, 2018

SID: What is the purpose of every seer encounter?

JAMIE: So we have to realize the encounter is not the most important part. Just like Moses, when God draws him by the burning bush he sees it, but he has to draw near. And every seer encounter leads us to a greater awareness of who God is and who he is to us. And just as Moses received the revelation of the great I AM, when we have a seer encounter it leads us to know where Heaven is in our life and where God is, where he is, where he says, “I AM” there.

SID: Tell me about the secret of the power of words?

JAMIE: The secret of words is understanding that the link between what you’re seeing in the supernatural and it manifesting in the natural is found in your tongue. It says in Proverbs 18, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” And when I got this download, when I got this revelation, I began to declare this. There was a young lady in the crowd and I looked at her, and I saw, I was seeing in the Spirit, Sid, and I looked at her and I said, “There’s something in your mouth, there’s a miracle in your mouth. I can see it.” There was some kind of heavenly substance forming over her mouth. And she said, “What do you mean?” I said, “I don’t know, what is it?” She says, “Well all I know is half my tongue is cut out.” She had cancer and because of the cancer they had to cut half of her tongue out. And as I prayed, we’re in a group setting, I prayed, she went down under the power of the Spirit. Now when I walked away I said this, but I knew I was saying this intentionally and I needed to do this by faith because death and life are in the power of the tongue. I said, watch her get up tomorrow and her tongue will be completely whole. Now I left from that meeting and the next day, I get a text message from the pastor, and she says, “You’re not going to believe this.” She says, “I’ve known this woman for 20 years and she had half of her tongue missing and I had to see for myself. Her tongue has been completely made whole. She woke up the next morning with the tongue fully made whole in her mouth.”

SID: Jamie, real quick, I want you to pray for a creative miracle.

JAMIE: Father, I ask right now that you would release a creative substance, right now, to reform what is missing. I ask for Heaven to invade that space and begin to materialize from the supernatural to the natural that element, that organ, whatever it is that is missing in their body, let it come, let it manifest. In the name of Jesus, I declare it.

SID: Now I want you to do what I promised. I want you to pray to activate all of us. You at home, don’t you just eat your popcorn or whatever. You participate, activate all of us in this seer anointing.

JAMIE: Yes. And this prayer is in my book, “Secrets of the Seer,” but I want to partner right now with your faith to receive supernatural encounters with Heaven. I pray that the Father would open the eyes of you who are watching that you may see, may he give you ears to hear, eyes to see and a heart to understand. May you step into seer encounters with him by faith. May your dreams be filled with revelation from his heart to yours. May you receive visions of the Father’s love and the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven given by his Spirit. May the angelic hosts of Heaven declare his goodness to you. May your eyes see his Glory and may your whole body, soul and spirit be filled with his light. In Jesus’s name I ask this. Amen and amen.

SID: Amen.

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Sid Roth on November 15th, 2018

TONY: And whoever’s looser come forward. Don’t be a-scared.  Whoever’s looser come up. C’mon, c’mon up, come up here and stand beside me if you’re looser. I’m telling you God’s already… I’m telling you it’s happening right now. And some of you all don’t want to admit that you need to come. I’ve got two people up here. Anybody else? Looser?  Yeah I knew there was more than one person. Get up here, sister girl. Anybody else? Now here’s what’s crazy. Here’s what’s crazy. While they’re talking some of you going to get looser. Oh, you, you’re up here? Anybody else? You’re looser? Uh, I want you to put, uh, uh, if you can put your shirt tail in. God’s doing something over there but… come close, come close, yeah, please… Put your shirt tail in. If you can put your shirt tail in. I’m standing in front, you know. Put your shirt… Yeah, yeah. Umm, you get to go first and stand sideways. Stand sideways and show them how it was before. How tight, and I want you to tell the truth.

WOMAN #8:  Well I’ll tell you what. It was tighter. It still has a ways more to go so I’m still trusting the Lord but I’m praising Him because it’s looser.

TONY:  It is looser?

WOMAN #8:  It is looser.

TONY:  How much looser?

WOMAN #8:  Do I know how much? Well you can see that I have some room in my pants.

TONY:  That you didn’t have before.

WOMAN #8:  That I didn’t have before. I mean I need some more room.  A little…

TONY:  Oh, no, no. We’re going to pray for you girl…

WOMAN #8:  Yeah, but I’m saying I’m trusting Him…

TONY:  Oh, no, no, no, no. I want a man to stand behind her.

WOMAN #8:  That’s why, that’s why I…

TONY:  No, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no… It’s a good start.

WOMAN #8:  Okay…

TONY:  Close your eyes. Say “Jesus.”

WOMAN #8:  Jesus.

TONY:  “I receive more.”

WOMAN #8:  I receive more.

TONY:  Here it comes. Three, two, one. There’s the anointing for it. That’s it. Take it. One guy needs to stay with her. What is happening with you? Stand sideways. Show them how tight it was? Tell the truth. Where was it before?

WOMAN #9:  It fit perfect.

TONY:  And now?

WOMAN #9:  It’s loose, and it’s loose in the back. (laughing)

TONY:  It really wasn’t… It wasn’t that loose before?

WOMAN #9:  No.

TONY:  Are you telling me it was a little tighter?

WOMAN #9:  Yes. It fit perfectly. Now I can pull it back far.

TONY:  You couldn’t do that before for real?

WOMAN #9:  No.

TONY:  Somebody ought to give the Lord a praise!


TONY:  Come over here and stand. I need a man to stand behind her. We’re going to pray. Do you want to lose some more?

WOMAN #9:  Yes.

TONY:  Say “Jesus touch me.”

WOMAN #9:  Jesus touch me.

TONY:  Okay, I release it. There it is. Oh my, take it.

WOMAN #10:  My blouse got looser first.

TONY:  First?

WOMAN #10:  First.

TONY:  That means something else getting ready to go on.

WOMAN #10:  And my pants they were already loose when I got here but they’re looser. I can feel it in the back.

TONY:  You can feel it in the back. They’re looser?

WOMAN #10:  They’re looser. But it’s mostly here in my blouse.

TONY:  Are you happy about that?

WOMAN #10:  I’m happy.

TONY:  (Laughing) I can’t help it, okay? I’m just going to, I’m going to have some fun. Okay? Are you ready to lose some more?

WOMAN #10:  Yes, sir.

TONY:  Umm, I feel like about 15 or 20. Are you ready?

WOMAN #10:  I’m ready.

TONY:  She’s committed. Stretch forth your hand. Here comes the miracle power. There it is. 15 or 20 more pounds. Receive it. Anybody else? Check yourself.

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Sid Roth on November 6th, 2018

TOM: Well the, the Birkbeck School of Law put out a press release not long ago and they said as we start going down the human enhancement revolution there will come a time when we’re going to have to create new classes for crime scene investigation. Why? Because if we are looking at a crime scene that, let’s say was a violent rape episode, and the man that perpetrated this is part wolf, everything we know about forensics and profiling may have just gone out the window. And folks, that those kind of questions are going to have to be asked sooner than later was actually dramatically illustrated by a professor by the name of Evan Balaban who was doing research at the McGill University in Montreal Canada. And what Balaban did—am I hypnotizing you?… What Balaban did was he took the developing brain matter of embryonic quail and he genetically engineered it into the developing brain matter of embryonic chickens. And when the chickens were born and they begin to grow they started exhibiting the head bobs and the vocal trills of quail.

And what his experiment illustrated is that very, very complex behavior patterns can be transferred from one species to another species through genetic engineering. Well how big, and with this one I’m going to rush to get done, how big might the implications from Professor Balaban’s research be? Here is the front cover of the “Global Governance 2025: At a Critical Juncture” report. This is a report filed not long ago by the United States Office of the Director of National Intelligence working with the European Institute of Security Studies. So in other words, the top intelligence agencies of the U.S. working with the top intelligence agencies of, uh, Europe and produced this report. Now what’s this report about? This report tries to imagine by 2025, so within 12 years of, between now and the next 12 years, what might be a threat that would cause all of the nations of the world to suddenly have to come together in a one world government in mutual defense of one another. What might the scenario be that would suddenly cause all of us to have to rush together to try to protect ourselves from some unprecedented, uh, threat? And so they talk about the possibility of suddenly we detect an asteroid and an asteroid is headed towards the earth. It’s going to be here in one year. All of a sudden we need everybody on earth to come together to try to come up with some kind of a defense. They talk about biological warfare.

They talk about, uh, the collapse of the global economy. But then on page 35, things get a little bit interesting. Here’s what they say. No forum currently exists for dealing comprehensively across the scientific community, industry and government on measures needed to diminish the risks posed by the bio-technology revolution. In addition, bio-technology can drive new forms of human behavior and association creating profound cross-cultural ethical questions that will be increasingly politically contentious. Few experts believe that current governance instruments are adequate for these challenges. For example, direct modification of DNA and fertilization is widely researched with the goal of removing of defective genes, however discussions of future capabilities open the possibility for designing humans with unique physical, emotional and cognitive abilities. So in other words, ladies and gentlemen, when the top intelligence agencies of the U.S. got together with the top intelligence agencies of Europe and said what within the next 12 years could pose an existential threat to all life on earth among them they included the emergence of a new form of mankind. And not long ago in California a whole series of House Foreign Affair Committee hearings were held.

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Sid Roth on October 29th, 2018

SID: David, I’m going to take you back to a friend of mine, Ruth Heflin, who had a camp place where people would stay, and meetings, and she was teaching all over the world about the Glory. And David wanted to learn about the Glory, the manifest presence of God, Heaven on Earth, so he went there as an observer, but you didn’t stay an observer. What happened?

DAVID: I walked in. I had just finished a six-month revival, non-stop. It was great, but I was tired. I wanted something new from God. I knew she had it. I go over there. It was January the 2nd, 1999, I believe. And I go in, and I said, “I can’t wait to be here.” I walk in the door and she’s at the door waiting for me. And she says, “Oh by the way, young man, you’re speaking tonight.” I said, “Oh no, no, no, I just spoke for six months, I really am tired, I’m hungry, I need something new that I don’t have. You have it. I want to hear you.” “No, I’m a prophetess. You’re speaking tonight.” So she insisted. I was like, I was really, I really insisted no, she insisted yes. She won. So I got up. All right, I’m just going to preach Isaiah 6 and 61. The Glory of God hit me on the stage. I sang two chapters of the Bible. That was my message.

SID: Wait, when you say the Glory of God hit you on the stage, use more descriptive words. Explain what that means.

DAVID: Yes. I was getting there. And so I got hit by the Glory. As I’m reading it, I start singing. The power of God hits my body. I’m covered in gold and demons started coming out of the—

SID: Covered in gold?

DAVID: This gold dust thing just covered my face and body. I didn’t know until after. All I knew was I never sing my message. I preach my message. I’m singing, [singing] “Arise and shine for your light…” [talking] and I’m thinking to myself, what are you doing? This is so embarrassing. It wasn’t me at all. It was not me. And my wife was looking at me. And then I was in just ecstasy. And I look back at Ruth and she’s just smiling. She knew if I would get on that stage it would propel me into a new dimension. And after that I was in like heavenly realm for 24 hours a day for about a week. I didn’t even think I was on the earth. I was just like, I can’t, this can’t be real. This presence, I didn’t even know it existed. I’ve taught on the Glory, but I had not really experienced that dimension of Glory until that day, and I didn’t know that was even possible to have that. I had been around. I traveled the world, I had been on the mission field seen revivals and miracles, and salvation. I thought I pretty much know how this works. But there was a whole other dimension that not even compared to anything I experienced before, had nothing to do with even desiring to preach. I didn’t care about it. I just wanted to be in that realm.

SID: For someone that’s watching right now and they definitely know Jesus, they’re born again, they’re even filled with the Spirit, but they’ve never been in this Glory realm, I wonder if you can talk to them right now and tell them how they can get into it.

DAVID: Sure.

SID: But not a one-line answer, but not a long one either.

DAVID: Okay. All right. So you’re hungry, you’re desperate, maybe you’re dry. You’ve seen some things, but you’re like, how you get that you’re talking about. One of the things was I was just desperate, not even hungry, desperate, like beyond hunger, like if you don’t come here, God, and touch me, I’ll go up to Heaven and get it if I have to, that desperateness that comes. And then out of that there’s intimacy. You just, God, I just want to be with you. I’m not coming to you to get something from you, I just want to be with you. And then worship, worshiping him in your own intimacy, not just songs you know, just worshiping him, singing to him. It’s just that deep longing for him, a desperateness. And from that something starts to come in. A new presence starts to fill your being, your room, your life. And then from there he takes you to the higher and higher realms. So be desperate, number one, intimate with him like you’ve never been before. Remember the first time you were saved, that intimacy you had, go back to your first love and then start to worship him with all your heart and just wait until that Glory floods your room, that manifest presence, and you’ll be addicted. It’s like a holy drug. Once you taste it, the powers of the age to come, you can’t go back to what people call “normal Christianity,” which isn’t really normal anyway. It’s dead.

SID: Now you told me that you used to do this sometimes for hours. But now, you’re instantly in the Glory.

DAVID: Yes. I always say to people, they say, well how do I stay in this after a great weekend in the Glory, in your meetings? I go, here’s the secret. Ready, take notes. They take notes. Don’t get out. So the greatest way to stay in the Glory is never get out of it. Maybe you had to fast your way into it or you worshipped for five or ten hours and you were in a great conference. Well when you go home, stay in that realm. Worship him, love on him, intimacy. Just stay in it. Don’t go back to normal of just like compartmentalizing God and then oh, when there’s another meeting, then I’ll get spiritual. Stay in the realm on the way to work, changing your baby, going to the office. Just be in the realm all the time and when something comes up, like, like I was in Israel in the other day and a guy came out of the elevator and he was sick. I think it was an Arab guy, maybe he was Jewish, I can’t remember, and I just noticed his arm was hurting. He said, “Yes, I can’t left my arm.” “Well let me pray for you.” Boom, instantly healed, and I just kept going. You’re just in the realm. You don’t have to go, let me go pray and fast for a week, so I can pray for you. You’re just in the realm. And then as you go, God uses you.

SID: You know, there’s so many wonderful supernatural things that happen to people when they’re in the Glory. For instance, people literally get younger in the Glory. David has seen this. We’ll talk about it when we come back, in a moment. But I can tell you one thing and that is I know what gets you older. Witchcraft gets you older. The Glory gets you younger. I like Glory. We’ll be right back.

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Sid Roth on October 23rd, 2018

SID: I want you to know that my guest Heidi Baker is a very different type of believer, so different than most of the believers that you and I know. But there is a problem. She’s the normal one. Guess what that makes, no, never mind. But anyway, Heidi, I’ve just been observing you, but it’s hard to believe that you were in Mozambique, Africa and served the Lord a year, totally burned out, pneumonia, against doctors’ orders. And I’m sure you didn’t feel like it, your husband had been to the Toronto Airport Church, had such a transformation that as miserable as you were, I mean, what did the doctors say if you went to Canada?


HEIDI: Well I was very, very ill in the hospital, hooked up to IVs and they said you could die. And my husband was so totally transformed that he said he’d sell his camera to get me there, and I knew that had to be God. And I ended up getting to California, going back in the hospital when I landed on a stop-over, pulled the IV again and made my way to Canada.


SID: You know what you sound like? You sound like the woman the Bible has with the issue of blood. Nothing was going to stop you from getting there, and it was an Divine appointment because you got radically touched by God. Tell me what happened there.


HEIDI: The first thing that happened was I was offended by everything. I was offended by it all, and I was a theologian, and I didn’t appreciate the theology or any of it. I was looking at people. I was just, it had been a bad habit, too. But one of them stood up and said, “There’s, God is healing somewhere. You’re a missionary. You have double pneumonia.” And I thought, oh no, did someone find out, how could they know? And they said it again, “You have double pneumonia. Take a deep breath.” So I thought I have nothing to lose. I am so ill and I was at the very, very back, in the corner, holding on to the wall to stand up. And I took a deep breath, and I was totally completely healed. Totally completely healed. It was awesome. Then they said, “You need to come to the front.” And then I thought, oh no, more bad theology because they said if you don’t come to the front you’ll lose your healing. I’m thinking, wow, I don’t even believe that. But God likes to get past a lot of things like that and he sometimes will offend the mind to get to the heart. And that’s what happened with me. He really did. I went forward and they prayed for me, and just as I thought, oh, they have big hands and they’re big people and they’re going to push me down. I did fall down. I don’t know if they pushed me or not and I don’t care because I fell down and I saw multitudes, Sid. I saw people from every tribe, every tongue, every nation.

I saw hundreds and hundreds of thousands, and it went on, it had no end, a sea of humanity. And I was crying out, and I’m sad to tell you this, but this is my journey, and so if my journey helps someone else to say yes, my initial response to that vision was no. I said, no, I don’t want to see them. I’m tired. My husband and I are tired, with 320 children. And he took a piece, in this vision, of his flesh, from the son, Jesus, he did. His eyes are eyes of burning, fiery love. But he took a piece of his flesh and he just handed it to me, and he said, “Feed it to the children.” I said, “I can’t.” I’m thinking, I can’t even speak, I’m sobbing. And in this vision, “How can you feed flesh to a child?” He said, “Feed it to the children. I died that there would always be enough.” Holy. I reached out my hand and it turned into bread. It turned into bread. Then he handed me a cup. It wasn’t jeweled, it wasn’t gold, it was a poor man’s cup.

Water and blood flowed from the side of Yeshua. Really, it flowed from his side. And without speaking to me, he told me heart to heart, it’s a cup of suffering and joy. Will you drink it? And I thought, Lord, if you’re offering it, your eyes are burning fire, your body is so bruised. If you’re offering it, Lord, if you’re offering it, Lord, I’ll drink it. He had ripped the “no” out of me and I drank the cup. He said, “Give it to the children.” And I’m thinking how? You’re going too far, God. How do we give a cup of suffering and joy to a child?” The joy part, that sounds wonderful. The suffering, he showed me the suffering of humanity that every single man, woman and child who doesn’t eat, who doesn’t know Yeshua, who doesn’t know beautiful Jesus, is dying of starvation. Just like the children that I picked up in the garbage year after year, just like the kids in the famine zones that are dying in my arms, they’re dying of starvation, of they don’t know him. They’re dying of lack of water if they don’t drink of him. So I drank the cup and I passed it out. And he said to me a second time, “I died that there would always be enough.” Changed everything. It changed everything.


SID: Now, I wanted to tell you about a blind woman, no pupils, just white in the eyes. And you know what her name was? No Name. Be back in a minute.

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