Sid Roth on January 18th, 2019

SID:  Okay. Another question.

QUESTIONER #3:  Thank you. Do you think we are living in the time where the Bible speaks about the great falling away from the word of God, from the truth?

CRIS:  Absolutely.

SID:  He said “absolutely,” if you didn’t hear him.

CRIS:  Well, I mean what he was talking about with the seven parallels to the “Days of Noah” that Pember wrote about I mean those are just, I mean the reason I use that as an example is that it’s just exponentially worse. But I mean now we have 3 of the big denominations in America, the Episcopal Church, The Presbyterian USA, the Evangelical Lutheran Church, they’re all ordaining homosexual pastors and putting them in front of their congregations. Now if you look at 1st Corinthians [chapter 6, verse 9] it says that people who live that lifestyle unrepentantly will not inherit the kingdom of God. So we have mainline churches putting leadership, modeling this leadership in front of their people, modeling a behavior that the Bible says will lead you to hell. So if we haven’t abandoned the word of God, I don’t know how else to put it.

SID:  Next question.

QUESTIONER #4:  First of all it’s really a privilege and honor to be here listening to what you all said because it’s really been very informative to say the least. You know you can see how Star Trek and things began back in the 60’s really gave the world an appetite for these things that are happening. And what my question is with the fallen angels, you know one third of heaven fell, and of course we have angels in reserve for darkness for the End Times, do you think these beings, these supernatural beings now will be incarnated by these, those fallen angels, one third of heaven? Is that what’s going to be representative of this? Thank you.

TOM:  Well, it’s interesting because there are prophecies that talk about a return of the “Nephilim.” When you read in the Septuagint, for instance, in Isaiah, God gives a command, and this is right when Babylon is going to be destroyed, which is still a future event, utterly destroyed so man can’t even walk there. And at that very moment God says through the prophet, through the prophet, he says: “Open the gates ye ruler, I give command, and I bring them. Giants are coming to fulfill my wrath.Æ And so we see that at a time in the very near future, according to the scripture, there is going to be a return of the Nephilim. And in fact that’s what George Hawkins Pember that the seventh and most fearful sign, he said, would be the return on earth of those illegal spirits that came down from the principality of the air. Now it’s interesting that in theology, and Chris could explain this better than I can, there is the idea, there is a name for these underworld spirits, it’s an Amorite term called “Rephaim.” But the Raphaim are associated with the shades of the dead, spirits in Sheol, Hades, but the belief was that they can come back and some believe that’s what happened. That the flood occurred, but there’s some methodology, under some system they have the ability to come back into a temporal body. Not an eternal glorified resurrection like we’re going to experience at the return of Christ or at a Rapture if you believe in that theology. But they have a method for coming back into a temporal body. They can come back again. So with hybrid humans, some believe that that’s exactly what is happening. That there, and it sounds, I mean it sounds so far out I can’t believe I’m standing in front of an audience and even saying it, right? But we found that there are true academics, even secular academics, people that teach in university, and they are having a serious behind the scenes discussion right now about the possibility that the earth is being integrated with an unknown form of humanity, and even some samples, people talking about hair tissues and stuff that have been found that are currently trying to be peer-reviewed that show part human but part something entirely else according to these DNA samples.

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Sid Roth on January 6th, 2019

SID: Joshua, what is your best description of the glory? What is the glory?

JOSHUA: Well, the glory is God. God is the glory. It’s His essence. It’s His nature, His character, all that He is, all that He has. That’s the glory. When we speak about the glory, the glory’s a Person. The glory’s also a place.

SID: Now, you did a study that I actually haven’t heard anyone do. From the Hebrew and the Greek, there are three different words for glory and they give you an understanding when you understand the Hebrew and the Greek of really what the glory is or how it manifests. Let’s start with doxa.

JOSHUA: Doxa is a realm of glory. It’s a Greek word, but it’s a realm of glory that literally means the majesty of the honor, the renown, of God.

SID: Give God the glory.

JOSHUA: Exactly. When the doxa glory comes into an atmosphere, it brings a revelation of who He is. It brings a revelation that Yeshua is Messiah. It brings a revelation that He’s the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. When I was in Natchez, Mississippi several years ago, we were doing a healing meeting and I was on the keyboard leading worship. I should have only been leading that worship for about half an hour, 45 minutes, but somewhere in the midst of worship, I felt the whole atmosphere shift. I can feel that same atmosphere when I talk about it because my eyes were closed and yet I knew that I knew that I knew that Jesus Christ, the person and presence of Jesus Christ, walked in from the left side of the room. He literally walked into the auditorium and began ministering to us.

SID: Why didn’t you open your eyes to look at Him? I would have.

JOSHUA: I wish I could have opened my eyes. I don’t know what to tell you. I couldn’t open my eyes. That moment was so holy. It was so awesome that I just couldn’t do anything but just be in His presence knowing that He was ministering directly to me and to every other person that was in the room.

SID: How many weeks were you there?

JOSHUA: The amazing thing is that we were supposed to only be there for a couple hours of the meeting, but it was all the way from the morning meeting until when the evening meeting was supposed to start. That’s when we began to notice that we’d been in the atmosphere of glory all day long.

SID: Do you think you were changed by just being in that atmosphere?

JOSHUA: I know that I was changed because the first meetings that I went to do after that encounter with Jesus, healing miracles began to explode everywhere. There’s a whole impartation for creative miracles, healing miracles. The explosion happened because that’s what happens when you get into the glory. Something begins to change.

SID: You know, the Hebrew word for glory is my favorite word for glory, shekinah. Tell me about the shekinah glory.

JOSHUA: Shekinah glory is the visible realm of God. It actually means “a settling or a dwelling.” That’s when the glory comes and tangibly, visibly presents itself whether to a person or an atmosphere or situation. In the shekinah glory, we see manifestations of all different kinds. The burning bush with Moses was shekinah glory. We’re seeing this today. I was in Budapest, Hungary, last year and the shekinah glory literally began to open up upon a woman and her feet began to glow like light bulbs. I’m not talking about just a tiny—

SID: Besides you, could anyone else see this?

JOSHUA: There were many people that saw this happen, and not only that, they took pictures of her feet shining like light bulbs through her shoes. It was remarkable.

SID: There’s a third word for glory.

JOSHUA: The third word for glory is kavod. The kavod is the weighty, heavy glory of God. When the heavy glory moves in, you can feel the goodness of His blessing. You can feel the goodness of His strength, His might. You can feel the weight of His favor upon your life. I was in Pensacola, Florida, and a cloud of glory literally moved into the atmosphere. We could feel that weight. Miracles began to happen of all kinds. People began to give their hearts to Jesus Christ. It was awesome. There was something that was so unusual that happened in that moment of the kavod coming. There was a golden hand print that came on my jacket. Now, somebody said to me, “That must be the hand of God.” I told them later, “God’s hands are a lot bigger than that. I think it was my miracle angel that travels with me. I think that was the hand print that was on my jacket.”

SID: Speaking of angels, when you were a child, you saw angels and you had no handle on it. Your parents didn’t tell you about it. You didn’t know anything. What did you see as a child?

JOSHUA: I guess I just expected that when I would go to church, that’s where angels would be because that’s where I would see them. Every time when I was in church in the worship service, I would see the angels literally flying around the sanctuary of the church. I don’t remember them having any wings. They were dressed in beautiful, sparkling, shimmering robes, but they just seemed to fly with ease. It seemed like their movement was worship to the Lord. I know that the more that we praise and worship, the more it ushers in the glory. In the presence of God’s glory is the presence of angels. In the presence of God’s angels is the presence of glory.

SID: But then when you were older, you were shown exactly your angels and they have different distinct functions.

JOSHUA: I had a dream when I was in my early 20s and I met my three guardian angels that had been assigned to my life, that actually came to me and they told me their names, they told me their very specific assignments. The first angel, he was assigned to work miracles, creative signs and wonders, in my life. The second angel is the angel of the new song. He watches over the sounds and the songs of Heaven in my life. He brings them just like scrolls. He’ll bring them from Heaven and deposit them into my life and I’ll just begin to sing the new song and the new sounds. The third angel that God’s given me is the angel of boldness and supernatural strength. I can feel when he comes. Actually, the funny thing is before I met him, I could oftentimes feel his presence although I didn’t realize that’s what it was, because there’ll be times when I’d feel timid in the natural, but when the angel comes I can just feel that supernatural boldness and strength to move into what I’m supposed to move into.

SID: But the glory, as you said, is progressive. The glory is increasing to points beyond your wildest imagination and your wildest imagination because Joshua found himself in one country and in a split second, he’s in another country and he didn’t share this for many, many years because, frankly, it scared him. Also, he was afraid that many of you wouldn’t like something so biblical. Yeah, that’s biblical. It’s called translation. I’ll have him explain when we come back.

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Sid Roth on December 26th, 2018

Perry: We don’t preach from it, we don’t mess—.”  But here’s the thing. When you, when you interpret the Book of Revelation, please understand this, the Bible interprets itself. First of all you’ll never go wrong in the interpretation if you know the Old Testament. Because did you know the Book of Revelation uses references to the Old Testament hundreds of times! And this is why I tell people, these people that say “Well the Book of Revelation is an allegory.” I say so you’re telling me every Old Testament verse quoted is an allegory? “Well, no—.” Okay, if it’s not an allegory in the Old Testament, you take it literal that the sun’s going to be dark, the moon’s going to turn to blood, you take it literal the earth’s going to shake but then you going to tell me that when you take the same prophetic word spoken by the prophet of the Old Testament and you put it in the New you going to shift it to an allegory because you don’t like what it says! Okay? Can’t do that, can’t do that. If it’s literal in the Old, it’s literal in the New. Now what I want to do here, I want to show you something that I, that I, that I discovered that I thought was very intriguing. If you take, for example, the prophet Ezekiel, and you read what happened to him at the time when the Babylonians came in and destroyed Jerusalem, Israel and took the Jewish people captive, and then go to the Book of Revelation, let me show you something that’s extremely interesting. Most people don’t know this, but John, the Apostle John was linked according to early fathers, to the priesthood in Jerusalem. They [people] don’t know that— in fact let me saying something about the Book. John wrote this Book from a, from a perspective of a man that understood the priesthood in Jerusalem. There are all sorts of scriptures in the Book of Revelation that you would have had to known how the Temple was set up and you would have had to have known Judaism a little bit to understand what he’s writing.  Let me give you one: Blessed is he who obeys the Words of the Book and when I come, you know He, I find him doing lest I see him and he be, he walk naked. What’s it mean when Jesus is warning us to be careful that you don’t walk naked when He has returned? That does not mean “Oh I’d better watch these Christians, they’re going to have all their clothes off before I get back. You’d better tell them to keep their clothes on.” Now you know that in the West you’re thinking what does it mean? Here’s what He meant. In the time of, of, uh, the Temple, in the time that John wrote this, or in the time of Christ, let’s go back to that, they had what was called “Temple Watchmen” and the hardest watch was the fourth watch, it was from 3 to 6 in the morning. It was hard to stay awake. And what would happen is this, and there are historical references, references about this from, from even secular writers. But what would happen is if the Captain of the House, who was like, he wasn’t the High Priest but he was over the guards, he would come walking with the stick and if saw a guy getting a little bit slumbery, he’d pop him in, in, with, in the behind with that stick, “psssh,” pop him. You know that’d wake the guy up. Okay? That in the New Testament, would be called “chastisement.” Seriously. To chastisement doesn’t mean to beat somebody down. To chastise it means to give him a quick spanking, or, or you know to slap him a little bit to get him, to get him awake to where they won’t go the way they’re going. So he chastised him by hitting him with the stick. Now here’s the thing that’s interesting. If he caught, if the Captain of the House caught a priest sleeping, do you know what they did? They had him stand up, wake up, and they called the other Temple guards together. They stripped him of his clothes, and burned his clothes and made him walk back to the room naked. And it was the biggest shame for a priest to be caught sleeping.

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Sid Roth on December 18th, 2018

SID: Tony, you have spent 26 years in ministry, very few miracles, maybe I headache here or there, and that was it. And then you found out about It’s Supernatural, but why did you watch it so much? Up to eight hours a day for close to two years that’s a lot.

TONY: And sometimes even more than that. Here’s what happened. I became frustrated because I was not seeing in my life what the Bible says. And I knew that there was more. There was something more, and I was pursuing that more. I actually came across your program on accident by God’s divine will.

TONY: I was listening to the guests and they were sharing their relationship with Jesus, their relationship with the Father, new truth concerning faith and the anointing and the glory. And they were giving examples of how they were touched by God, and how other people were receiving signs, wonders, and miracles. I just felt so much hunger and I thought to myself, “They have something I don’t have. I’m going to admit to God and to myself I don’t have it, and I’m going to listen and learn. I’m going to humble myself and I’m going to get the revelation to see the miraculous.” That’s what happened.

SID: We have these shows, there’s no charge, the archives. You can go to our web page or YouTube or any of these and watch these archives. I have people that watch it every single day, a new show. And there’s something about watching it that activates you so much.

TONY: Yes, I began to listen to the guests, the teaching of the word, I began to receive the breath, the wind of the Spirit. And it was like I absorbed the revelation that they were sharing. And that revelation turned into a personal reality. And then when I began to share the revelation of the word, it became the reality in people’s lives, and they began to see instantaneous or immediate miracles.

SID: Now, this was about how many years ago?

TONY: Oh, let’s see. This was 2008, so we’re going back 2005 and onward, 2004, 2005 onward.

SID: Okay. Now, there is a new tool in town. It’s called the Supernatural Bible. And I put everything in this Bible that I wanted for myself. If you had had this new tool, I believe that it would have sped it up, a lot of what happened in your life.

TONY: Oh, absolutely. Because in this Bible, which I just recently started preaching out of, you talk about the power of the blood of Yeshua. You talk about God’s cycle of blessings. You talk about our need to be filled with the Spirit and pray in the Spirit. There’s teaching in this. One of the great features of this, there’s teaching on healing. There’s teaching on how to receive miracles. I had to minister in the area of miracles. There is teaching on really how to know God and how to receive divine favor, and how to minister to the Jewish people and others. And so, that in and of itself can prepare or catapult a person into the supernatural.

SID: I put in this what I’ve learned in, now it’s pushing almost 40 years of ministry. We have chain references. Dr. Sandra Kennedy, she’s one of the finest teachers I know in receiving healing, and she did a chain reference where she takes a scripture and she highlights it, and then teaches on it in the healing. Her favorite healing scriptures. Then I had my friend, Dr. Michael Brown, and I said, “Mike, I want you to find the most important prophecies as to why Jesus is the Messiah. And I want you to do a commentary.” He writes, “Why the prophecy tells about Jesus, what the rabbis have to say as to why they say it doesn’t, and what the truth is. You will see levels. People are reading this, they’re telling me it’s become their favorite Bible. It’s doesn’t look a whole lot like a Bible. It’s got a menorah on one side and star of David on the other.

SID: What I’ve done is I’ve recaptured the Jewish feel in the Bible. I’ve taken words such as my wife’s favorite thing that she gets upset about is, why do you call Jesus Christ? Why don’t you call him what everyone will understand? Call him his title. That’s what Christ is. His title, he’s not his last name. Jesus the Messiah, that’s what we say in the Bible. Then instead of words like trumpet, every time a trumpet is mentioned, did you know there are many cases in the Bible where it’s shofar. Not all, some it is trumpet. So, where it’s shofar, we recapture what it is. You know what a shofar is. It’s nice to know it’s not the thing with the trumpet that fills the place.

SID: When we come back, we’re going to do what I said we’re going to do. We’re going to find out about his Face to Face with God, and what he means by it, and how you can have a face to face with God.

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Sid Roth on December 7th, 2018

SID: There is an angel that has passed down in your family from generations, and recently he’s been showing up in your message. What’s been happening?

PERRY: When you said that, every hair on my body stood up. It started happening, I saw him stepping out of a wall, literally in Roanoke, Virginia, age 18 at the campground, and it scared me so bad I fell to my knees. But my dad had told me about seeing him in Arlington, Virginia, Church of God with the sword, there were three men coming against my father. And the angel took the sword and touched the pew where those three men, and all three men fell under judgment two weeks.

Because you can’t come against truly godly, holy, men of God and get by with it. And so, my dad would always pray that he would be with me when he passed, that same presence, angel of God be with me.

SID: Perry, I want you to just briefly explain the hidden code in each of the first four feasts.

PERRY: Okay.

SID: Briefly.

PERRY: Passover was the exodus of where they took the blood of the lamb, put it on the doorposts, God protected them from death and healed their bodies. That was fulfilled with Jesus Christ, who was crucified near the Passover season, was placed in the round, and with his stripes on his back we are healed. There’s the healing of the lamb of the Old Testament, the imagery, and redemption from death came through his crucifixion.

Unleavened bread is, they did not have time to put the leaven in the bread, but leaven represents sin. So, Jesus Christ, the Messiah Yeshua was in the tomb during the season of unleavened bread, and that represents to us that once we come to him through the redemptive covenant of Passover, through his blood, then we’re able to be sanctified or separated from the sin nature and the sin life.

Then we come to the time of First Fruits where, this is amazing, could we have Passover, you have Unleavened Bread, you have First Fruits, and here’s what that means. When the first fruits of the barley were taken to the temple, to the priest, it meant the rest of the field was sanctified to God. So, when Jesus took the Old Testament saints out of the chamber, out of the earth, and he took them to heaven to present them at the heavenly temple, to his Father, this is all in the Bible, it means that all the other dead in Christ will one day be raised and taken to heaven because the rest of the field is ready because that’s…


Now, there’s a gap period and we come to what is called Pentecost. Now, Pentecost is not a Hebrew word. It’s a Greek word. Pentecost means 50. So, Pentecost is the time of the birth of the church. Now, where we’re at now, because a lot of people ask me, where do you think we’re at now? We are between the festival of Pentecost, which is the church age, or the dispensation of the grace of God as it’s known, and the next festival in order is Trumpets.

Now, if I can say something here, because you told me just kind of go with the flow and obey.

SID: Yeah.

PERRY: There are people who believe, and they’re good people, by the way, but they believe that the Lord comes in the middle of the seven year tribulation period, which means that tribulation begins and then what we call rapture is in the middle. There’s others, and one of my very dear friends believes this, that there’s a seven year tribulation that we go through and then we have the blowing of the trumpets, the sound of the great shofar, the gathering of the elect, et cetera.

Here’s the problem with that. God is such a god of divine order, he never changes his divine order, and the order of the festivals cannot be altered.

Now, here’s the big one. Ready for the big one?

SID: Okay.

PERRY: If you look at the order of the next festival, it is Trumpets. If you have the tribulation—

SID: I tell you what. Before we get to that, I have to ask you this question. Why is it important for a believer to understand what is in the Old Testament? After all, we have a better confidence with a better revelation.

PERRY: The New Covenant message, which is the gospel of Jesus Christ, is the ultimate message to get people saved and into heaven. But what do you do after people have been saved? There’s a depth of knowledge and understanding that can only come through the entire study of the word of God.

Now, I like to say it this way. The Old Testament is the New Testament concealed, and the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed. In order words, let me say it to you this way. Christ, or Yeshua, the Messiah, the reason that we believe that he’s the Messiah, has to be the prophecies. Number one, we have a whole group of people who saw him crucified, who saw him buried, and who saw him raised from the dead. So, we have actually eyewitnesses who give us the reports in detail of what happened when he rose from the dead on the third day.

Then we have something else. We have the testimony of a Pharisaical rabbi named Saul Tarsus who hated Christians to the point he’s murdering them, but all of a sudden he becomes a believer because he sees Yeshua appear to him right there, say, why are you kicking against me? And he has a radical conversion that literally overnight turns him into a believer and a follower of the Messiah to the point he’s willing to be beheaded in Rome.

Something happened that this man saw and experienced that was so real that he could not deny it. I will not name the name, but I have a very dear friend of mine who was a practicing Muslim for 50 years. He can read the Quran, he knows the Hadith in detail. Can quote it like this. But you know what happened? He was in a hospital dying, he had 24 hours to live, and the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to him at the foot of his bed. He thought it was a doctor, and he was laying there saying, “Who are you?” He said, “I’m the Messiah,” and the man said, “Which one?” Because he didn’t know. He said, “Which one?” Because the Muslims have a messiah, the Hadith, the, you know. So, he said, “I am Yeshua, I’m Hamashiach, I’m the Messiah and the only true and living Messiah.”

He said, “Okay, I have some questions for you.” He said, “If you’re the Messiah, how can Allah have a son? How can God have a son?” The Lord explained to him the Son of God and how that worked. Every question that a Muslim, a practicing Muslim would have, he asked those questions to him and he answered it in detail.

The next day, he was out of the hospital. He’s still living today, and loves the Lord [applause]

SID: Perry.


SID: When we come back, this is so important. I want to know a little bit about the future, the last three Biblical feasts reveal the return of Messiah. Be right back.

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