Sid Roth on July 7th, 2019

DONNA: What does that mean? That He wants to change their situation!


DONNA: He came to heal the brokenhearted;

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: He came to set the captives free.


DONNA: Not just be concerned about them, but CLAPS HANDS do something about their situation. And in order to do that, He had to have that mantle that anointing.

LARRY: Yeah; yeah.

DONNA: and that’s what we covet.

LARRY: That’s awesome. Well in the next  segment, we’re actually going to talk about the difference between spiritual authority, and anointing, and how you can actually cultivate a lifestyle of the anointing being SATURATED in the presence of God and then ACTIVATING the AUTHORITY that Jesus has already given you. I am just so excited, because again what Donna is sharing, these are things that she gleaned from her dad, R.W. Schambach. And she was mentioning T.L. T.L. Osborn; I start thinking.[PHOTO BEGINS] of people like Kathryn Kuhlman, and that great ERA of healing evangelists. And you know what? The wonderful thing is. [PHOTO ENDS] that they were wonderful people, and we look up to them; but I believe so much of their lives, and so much of what they learned, is transferrable to you, and to me. And they actually set an example for us of how for us o-our lives today, to be SATURATED in the presence of God, and operate in that same spiritual authority that Jesus has given us. So d- w-we’ll see you when we get back, and we will learn about how to actually start FLOWING in these things, in the anointing and authority.



LARRY: Welcome back to Something More. CLAPS I am here with Donna Schambach, who is the daughter of evangelist R.W. Schambach. We were just talking about cultivating a lifestyle and an atmosphere of the anointing, and here’s the interesting thing: The reality is, as you walk through life whether you’re going into work every day or going to the gym, I believe the Lord wants to use you to shift the atmosphere where you go, because the superior presence of God lives inside of you. Just think about that for a moment. Yeah. yeah, there’s a lot of spiritual static around you; yes, there are principalities and powers, and demons and forces and all those things; but the reality is, Greater is He who is living inside of you than he who is in this world. And in order for you to cultivate a lifestyle where you actually see the atmosphere change around you, you need to know how in your OWN life to cultivate a lifestyle, being soaked and saturated in the anointing. So Donna, just from what you have learned from your father, I mean because you were you really called yourself an apprentice.

DONNA: Absolutely.

LARRY: or student of the anointing. More than even just being a student of your father, you’re seeing the anointing of God rest upon him with power. What were some of the things that he did in his life to create that environment around him, and how are these transferrable to just everyday people like us?

DONNA: Well, I would say number one, he was a man of the Word.

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: You know every time he opened his mouth, it was The Bible says, so that Word became the authority that he knew. You know, Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world; how many times did he say that.

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: He talked about the violent taking things by force, laying hold of the Kingdom of God.

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: and so his confession was very strong. But unless we have the Word on the inside of us, unless we’re spending time in the Word, we’re not going to know it; it’s not going to speak to our need, and the Holy Spirit doesn’t really have anything to work with.


DONNA: We’ve got to have that grounding in the Word.

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: The other thing, though, that I’ve observed in him, that I see rare in in preachers, to be honest with you and that I covet in my own life he had what I call the emotion of the Holy Spirit.


DONNA: and that’s compassion.

LARRY: Yeah.

Sid Roth on June 27th, 2019

And so then after I became a believer in the Messiah I wanted that supernatural language. So I went to a meeting and someone prayed for me, and they said, well speak in that supernatural language. And I, you know, no one told me that maybe I can’t. I’m glad I didn’t know anything. I was almost like a little child. You know, that’s the way you’re supposed to be. And I started speaking in a supernatural language. But then immediately a little voice in my head said, you’re making it up. Now none of you ever had that problem. Well that little voice I’m sure is talking to many people. And so I stopped. I mean, I love God. I don’t want to make something up. And one day I was with a rabbi that received Jesus, an orthodox rabbi, and he began, he said, he called me over because I had met him before. He said, “Sid, come over here. This woman wants prayer.” This woman was pregnant and the doctor said had a stillborn baby. Now I’m a brand new believer. You’re asking me to pray for a dead person to come back to life? I didn’t know what to pray. And so all of a sudden I started praying in my supernatural language that I doubted was really from God. And after we finished praying she left. And the rabbi said to me, “Sid, where did you learn that ancient form of Aramaic?” I barely speak Hebrew. I did my Bar Mitzvah in Hebrew. And when he said that he not only said it was an ancient form of Aramaic, he told me what I was praying, because he knew that language. And he said, “You prayed that the child, the Spirit of the child is with God the Father and be at rest.” I said that. Now no way I could have said that with my mind. And after that point I never doubted that that language was real. You see, when you pray in supernatural languages, you do what I did, a mind bypass, which means you’re not dropping down, not from your mind, you’re dropping down to your Spirit. And you’re not praying from your mind, you’re praying from, your Spirit. Now since your mind doesn’t know what you’re doing, your mind will argue with you. So you say, mind, be still. I’m putting my Spirit in charge. And so when you pray in that supernatural language there is no doubt, none. None whatsoever. You’re praying with perfect faith. How would you like every prayer you pray with, not 99.9 percent, because that doesn’t span in the faith arena; 100 percent, pure faith every time you pray in that supernatural language. And not only is it 100 percent; see, you’re dealing with the tip of the iceberg when you see someone with a problem. Ninety-five percent of that iceberg you can’t see with the natural eye. That’s true today. You’re making decisions, you’re praying for people on that little bit of the iceberg, the tip that you see, but the action is in the invisible world. What if the Holy Spirit knew everything that would make things right. You don’t know that, but God knows that, and you could pray by the Holy Spirit, perfect prayers, in perfect faith. Do you realize what a weapon that is? Do you realize why someone doesn’t want you to do this? Do you realize why the church, and I hate to say this, even where they believe in tongues has demoted it to the back of the church, and in some churches out of the church? Well it is controversial, yes. It drives the devil crazy.

Audience: (claps)

SID: Of course it’s controversial. Let me tell you something. By the time I finish teaching you. While I’m teaching, some of you are, not be able to stop praying tongues. It’s going to break out within you. But when I come back I’m going to tell you what you’re doing when you’re praying in tongues. And I can tell you this, I’m back. Do you know what I mean by I’m back? It’s not that I’m backslidden. I’ve never been backslidden, and praise God, because of His mercy. I’ve never been backslidden since I’ve been a believer. But I’m back. Here’s how I’m back. I used to pray one hour a day, in the early days in my walk with the Lord. And then I got too busy. Because I didn’t even realize the magnitude of what I was doing. But I’m back. I’m back. I’m praying, one hour a day. And I’ll be right back. How would you like all, get that, A-L-L, all things to work together for good in your life? Well God says that.

Sid Roth on June 17th, 2019

LARRY: laughing Pentecost began; but what do you see God doing right now? And then I want to tell the people how they can really pray and prophesy into it. So what – what is God speaking to you about what’s going on in the world right now?

HAKEEM: Larry, the Lord began to speak to me, even early this year, that He was going to bring an awakening.


HAKEEM: There was going to be, mass revival, that was going to sweep across the nation. And the Spirit of God said that He was going to bring such a wind of change that was going to bring unity, –


HAKEEM: that was going to bring peace, and that was going to bring righteousness. And the Lord said He was going to begin to start in Government, and there was going to be a changing of the guards. And I believe that what is happening right now is only a tipping point of revival that’s about to take place. What we’re seeing right now – in that gross darkness and disunity, and certain things that are happening – God was allowing me to understand that He was going to do the opposite; –

LARRY: Yeah.

HAKEEM: that this was just a place where God was going to raise up a prophetic generation, a prophetic people, and He’s going to release His prophetic Spirit, where they will rise up –

LARRY: Yeah.

HAKEEM: to the occasion, and begin to make a change. They will be voices of change, and that’s what God said. They’re going to be revival; there’s going to be revival after revival. I also saw it, like a perpetual thing that’s going to begin to take place. There was going to be building, –

LARRY: Yeah.

HAKEEM: and people are going to be raised up –


HAKEEM: as unique voices in this hour. There’s going to be such a glory that’s going to be released upon the Church. I believe that those that have been in hiding, God is about to bring them to the forefront.

LARRY: Yeah.

HAKEEM: Whatever their discontentment is, whatever their dissatisfaction is, whatever their – they’re frustrated about, right now what’s happening – not to revert, but this is a season where God is going to use them as revivalists; prophetic revivalists –

LARRY: Yeah; yeah.

HAKEEM: to bring change, and the change will be in their mouths.

LARRY: Woo! I feel – I feel the Holy Spirit right now.


LARRY: And again, I want to take the rest of our time together just to pray and to prophesy into what God is doing. And, you know Hakeem, you’ve written this book, Heaven Declares. And just to let you guys know out there, I mean I know sometimes when we talk about decreeing and declaring what God, you know, certain things, there is a strategy there, and Hakeem just shared the strategy. The prophetic word that Hakeem has received about what God is doing right now, those are the things that we are called to decree and declare. When God shows you something – when God shows you something from His Word – that gives you a basis to decree and declare something with confidence. Just like Jesus said, My words are spirit – and life. Why? Because Jesus only said what He heard the Father say first. And I believe God is raising up people like Hakeem – legitimate prophetic voices – and He’s given you the ability to hear what He is saying; through different language – the different languages of God, through the Word of God – so you can speak what He is saying. Not only to the darkness of the world, and the crisis, and the chaos; but in the darkness of your life.

HAKEEM: God wants you to declare Light, be into every single dark situation. Hakeem, could you just lead the folks watching into some prayers and declarations over their lives, over however the Holy Spirit leads, because I believe that’s the key to actually unlocking the things you’re talking about.

LARRY: Yes. Father, we just release, right now, –


LARRY: those who are watching. [music] We release such a prophetic anointing, Father, that even now in this hour where there’s gross darkness, Father, that You will begin to raise up light bearers.


Sid Roth on June 6th, 2019

SID:  I believe that God wants to flow. He wants to flow like a river. He’s already healing people. The people whose backs, if you’ll just move you’ll see, in the studio audience and also you that are watching right now. Ha, just don’t be–You’re just such a spectator you! C’mon now, if you have a back pain, bend over. You have a hip pain, do little two-step, three-step, no. (laughing) Okay– arthritis in the fingers, no more, no more, no more, no more. What is God telling you?

KHALIDA:  What I saw is as all of us are worshipping as the music is playing, I kept seeing heart in heaven. I was in heaven. And in my hand I was drawing hearts, you know how the hearts shaped? I started drawing hearts. That’s us, giving our heart to Jesus. You today in your worship gave your hearts to the Lord. That worship came from your heart. Came from your heart. The next thing I was doing is two hearts next to each other, and as was doing them– How many here are husband and wife? Lift up your hands, husband and wife. God was a-drawing you closer together more than ever before! And the one who are seeking marriage– How many are seeking marriage, holy marriage. Lift up your hand, don’t be shy, lift up your hand. The one are asking for the holy marriage, now you started praying for the second part of your heart. Because it’s two hearts becoming one, it’s two becoming one in the flesh. One heart, one spirit, one God. The third thing I saw is Jewish and Gentile, their hearts be coming together. And I was standing with Sid. We present that in the flesh, we present that in the flesh. The forgiveness that happened between my two brothers in here, wanted to happen, and God received it. Faisal, God’s received it. Sid, God’s received it. And He’s drawing hearts, two hearts next– making them one. One nation, one kingdom, one God is going to go all over the world!

SID:  Ho!

KHALIDA:  That’s what I saw. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord!

SID:  Sounds good to me! Faisal, what’s God showing you?

FAISAL:  You know our heart, like she’s talking about over here, there’s such an opening. Something is opened up, where the Spirit of God is going to to continue to pour on you. That river is being released in greater magnitude and measure, from the praise and the worship and what’s been going on here tonight. You’ve opened something up with your heart and God wants to open something up for you with His heart. He wants to release His heart through you into this world everywhere. Something has shifted and changed around us. Do not take for granted the atmosphere we’ve stepped into. Something is shifted and that’s really key for what’s happening right now. And still things are being poured out. It’s like I saw this big bag in the heavens and it was being unzipped where there were promises and there was prophetic things that God spoke over your life in previous seasons. And the Lord is saying, Sid, “Now is the time.” Now is the appointed time for the vision, now is the appointed time for the vision and God is releasing from this place provision and vision, the promise, it’s time for the promise. So don’t take for granted the environment we’re in right now. Something’s really opened up here, Sid.

Sid Roth on May 26th, 2019

CHESTER: Thank you, Lord. You know it’s only because of the Lord any of us deserve any applause. Did you know that? And I think about where He’s brought Betsy and I from and our wounded conditions. And Betsy having a very rough start in life and my abandonment by my dad when I was age 2. It’s a wonder any of us make it, but to whatever degree we do it’s ’cause of God and we just so appreciate that. But we want to just share a little bit, name 4 ministry areas or sources of all our problems, and then we want to go into what we call a super stronghold û shame, fear, control û teach on that just a little bit and then minister to you. So how about that?  You up for that? Okay!


CHESTER: Hi, who are you? (to Betsy) Good. We’ve been having so much more fun since we got healed. It’s a whole lot better to be healed. Amen.

BETSY: Amen. [laughing]


CHESTER: Yes, thank You, Lord. So basically God through His goodness drew us into the ministry and convinced us we should go to Bible college. I was a very hard thing for Him to do because we’re so unworthy, you know? We’re tangled up in shame, fear, control. I’m abandoned, why would anyone want to be with me? I’m a full blown victim, okay? I draw victimization to me. That’s what victim’s do by the way, you know? And Betsy?

BETSY: Well, I’m just a basket case. [laughing]

CHESTER: Oh, that’s not quite as bad as me-  [joking]

BETSY: That was kind of the bottom line.

CHESTER: So how’d you get that way?

BETSY: Well I got that way because of my own abandonment and my fears and all of my struggles-

CHESTER: Yeah, anyway God convinces us through some supernatural ways to go to Bible college and during that first year of Bible college He really accelerated our healing, it just took off. And we were around people that God was healing and it was just a wonderful environment and we learned about deliverance, casting out demons, we learned about inner healing, people getting their hearts healed, we learned about, well we didn’t really learn about getting our minds renewed, people, preachers would say that from the pulpit but no one ever told us how. And then we learned a little bit about family curses, generational sins out of the 2nd commandment. One day I was sort of pondering all this and it’s like you know one of those “aha moments.” You ever had one of those? We all have. It’s like ‘OH!’ The reason people don’t stay healed after they go for inner healing or they don’t stay delivered after they get the demons cast out is ’cause we need to deal with all 4 of these areas in a related way because the first 3 give legal rights to the demons. We need to deal with the ancestral sins and curses out of the 2nd commandment, we need to get our minds renewed so we do t believe the lies anymore that the devil has convinced us of. By the way, who’s the father of lies? The devil, right. So when we believe lies, we are actually, folks, this is really awful news, we are actually in agreement with the kingdom of darkness.

BETSY: Mmmm, uh huh.

CHESTER: And it’s like we open up the door and say ‘C’mon in, demons.’ And Jesus talked about sweeping the house out, and 7 worse [demons] would come back because the house was empty. Well we want to get the house empty but then we want to fill it with the Holy Spirit. So anyway those are the 4 areas. The inner healing is important because we sin out of our hurts. When people press our tender points, anybody in here have a- sometimes it’s called a hot spot or a tender point, you know, and we don’t know why but we just erupt, and then we sin against other people out of the wounds that other people have given us as they sinned against us. So we need to deal with all 4 of these areas and get healing of it. But on top of that then lies several different kinds of things, but what we really want to talk about tonight is shame, fear, control. We call it a super stronghold, a 3-in-1 stronghold. Shall we talk about how we learned about it?

BETSY: Yeah, let’s do. So we learned about this in the ministry room as we were ministering one day. And this lady who had shame, had fear, and had control asked Chester, she said ‘Well, how does this all fit together?’