Sid Roth on August 28th, 2019

SID: I don’t know about you, but I have been feeling the presence of God, the manifest presence of His glory, on this whole show. Pastor Stovall, you talk about terms like “power in the pattern” and “now you’re in alignment.” Explain a little bit about that.

STOVALL:  It was a very humbling experience in the sense I realized that I had been a ruler in a lot of areas instead of being a steward. But through all this process, I felt like I was given Jesus’ church back. My mindset changed to, “Okay, I’m a steward, Lord. I saw the kingdom.” There were just so many things. It’s things like I begin to look through a kingdom filter. Now, obviously, it’s Friday, which is the Sabbath. It was Friday night. It was also Passover, so it’s the double Sabbath. But then it’s almost like I had this kingdom filter. Then I begin to see, “Well, wait, Sabbath was way before the Abrahamic covenant. It’s back here in Genesis 2. The Sabbath was the first day after Creation. There’s all of God’s family, Heaven and Earth, at the Father’s table in Eden.” Eden was the Bet Av, the Father’s house.

STOVALL:  Here’s the heavenly and earthly family together at His table. That whole language of Shabbat Shalom, this is what it’s all about. This is how everything should be. This is wholeness. Yes, you’re going to subdue the Earth and all that, but nothing is more important than this. I would say I saw this kingdom where the Jewish people have carried them in the context of covenant. But I began to see these things like, “Wait, these are kingdom. I’m not authorized as a steward of the ministry to substitute things that are clearly a kingdom pattern. I’m just not authorized to do that.”

SID: You know, every time you open your mouth, you are unpacking revelation that has been hidden from the church for 2000 years, but let me remind you to get your communion elements ready. In our ISN segment as we take communion together, we will align ourselves with Heaven and Heaven will invade our studio or wherever you’re watching us. We’ll also have more from Paul Wilbur, so stay with us.

Sid Roth on August 16th, 2019

JAMIE: What are they talking about? We are getting our eyes on Jesus! Jesus just healed them of cancer! Jesus just healed them of a broken bone! Jesus just – I mean what are we talking about when we say get our eyes back on Jesus? I think what we’re doing is we’re trying to say well we’ll keep our eyes on the head because we don’t want His hands, we just want His face. But how many of you know that Jesus doesn’t just show up with His face? I don’t want just Jesus’s face, I want His whole body.


JAMIE: I want everything! I want His hands and His feet! Have you ever looked in the Book of Revelation at the feet of Jesus? I want His feet! I want every area of Jesus, every part of Him. And so how do we do that? I believe eyes to see. God wants to give your eyes to see so that what’s going on in your life you can seize the moments and take them, turning them from a moment to momentum!


JAMIE: Here’s a major key. Most of us miss our prophetic moments because we’re looking for a moment! Someone comes to us and tells us you’re going to heal the sick and we’re looking for this moment. It’s amazing. We’re looking for it because that’s what we do! We want physical evidence that a spiritual reality is coming alive in our life! But God’s not just looking for a moment. He’s looking for a MINDSET! He wants to shift our mindset to see in the supernatural. He wants to shift our mindset from just looking at things as the way we do to looking at things as the way He does! How do we do that? No longer am I just going to heal someone, I have become a healer in the name of Jesus!


JAMIE: I am a miracle worker in the name of Jesus!


JAMIE: Listen! Not of my power but as Paul says “I work with all the power that works in me.” How do I work with that power? I become a voice for God! And so He wants to bring a mindset shift. He wants to shift our mindset so that we see the world differently. And many of you are going to start to see the things that are hidden in plain sight! Supernatural moments! Because if we could seize them they will change everything! You know the word in the Greek for “moment” is “atomos.” It’s the word where we get the word “atom.” And our moments are so small they could pass us by. They’re like little tiny atoms but if we could seize them they’ll become atomic and explosive! There’s miracle moments, supernatural moments in your day every single day! The thing is we’ve got to be sensitive, learn to be sensitive to these moments and not be afraid to spiritualize what God calls holy! We’re trained so much to de-spiritualize things but Jesus operated out of a different spirit. Let’s look at this. Mark 8: Jesus, He breaks open the heavens and He multiplies loaves and fish. I would have loved to have been there. I want to be in a moment like that! I don’t know what it is but we’ve seen miracle moments where God multiplies bread, food. And I’ve had a hard time in those moments because I could never really you know get down to the moment that it happens. I know it happened afterward, but it’s never I can never sit there and watch it happening. Somebody in here ever been in a moment like that? I say to my wife we don’t have enough food. My wife is smart. She says “don’t say that! There’s always enough!” And so I just begin to pray. I speak “God! Multiply the chicken! Multiply it! I declare it! You know why we don’t see the multiplication of food in church? Because there’s signs on the doors that say “no food allowed in the sanctuary!”


JAMIE: We have to have it to multiply it!


JAMIE: Bring it! And so I was in a meeting one time and I watched and looked over and there was a woman and she was eating. She was suspicious, looked kind of huddled over and I realized she was eating fried chicken!


JAMIE: It said “no food in service” and she was over there [eating sounds] turning it like it was corn on the cob and I thought to give me some!


JAMIE: Give me some! But here Jesus is. He’s with His disciples and they’re about to see a miracle. Say “miracle!”

AUDIENCE: Miracle!

Sid Roth on August 8th, 2019

SID: Okay, Stephanie, you said there is great importance on what the world calls pizza dreams or crazy dreams. Tell me why.

STEPHANIE:  Well, many times people will write off their dreams immediately ’cause they’ll say, “Well, that was just too crazy. It couldn’t mean anything and God’s not talking to me. God wouldn’t say that to me.” But many times I believe that He allows a dream to attach to an emotion that we have, and an emotion can be fear, even. There’s a Scripture in Job that talks about, “I will wake you in the night with terrors of the night,” but the Lord will allow us to experience an emotion when we have a dream that will help us to remember a dream. There’s many times I would not remember my dream if it wasn’t attached to something, either a startling thing happening or fear or even weeping or even laughter. I’ve had several dreams that make me laugh and that the Lord allows that so we’ll remember.

SID: You had a dream about some cows.


SID: Tell me about that.

STEPHANIE:  Okay. I had this dream one night that I was going very quickly down a river. It was a fast-moving stream. It had banks on either side. It was going way fast. I was swimming as fast as I could with the current. I was going downhill with this. I kept thinking, “I’m swimming away from something.” As I’m doing this, I get to a place where I can turn around and look and I realize there’s a cow behind me.” I thought, “Oh my goodness”-

SID: That’s the crazy dream.

STEPHANIE:  That’s a crazy dream. Well, this alerts everything in my brain to think, “I need to get away from this cow.” I’m going faster and faster, but then I turn around again and I look and he’s laughing. He was about a one-year-old calf laughing. I’m going as fast as I can and I’m thinking, “He’s laughing,” but then all of a sudden, laughter overtakes me because I’m thinking, “This is the funniest situation I’ve ever been in in my life.” I’m still trying to get away from him because I’m thinking he’ll crush me. I get to a place where it’s a little bit still in the stream and I jump out on the bank. I get out on the bank and then I go up the bank a little bit and then I jump over a fence and I turn around thinking, “Okay, now I’m safe.” But no, the cow not only had gotten out of the water the same place, here he comes and he jumps over the fence behind me, and he’s still laughing.

SID: This is getting crazier and crazier.

STEPHANIE:  But immediately in my spirit, I heard “cash cow.” I woke up to that thinking, “Oh my goodness, I have a cash cow,” which to me represented- I didn’t use that in my vernacular. I knew it came from God because I don’t say “cash cow.” I didn’t use that terminology at that time. But what that did in my life is it made me so confident about the provision of Heaven. We as the church need to get to be the very best at understanding our dreams and visions, things in the night hour, because the Lord said, “I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your young men will dream dreams. Your old men”– He reverses that at another time. We will have visions. If that’s going to be happening, I want to be the very best. I don’t want anybody on my watch going to a psychic or somebody else to get their dream interpreted. I want to be the church that says, “I know what your dream means.”

SID: Why would you want that cheap counterfeit when you could go to God Himself and get your dream?


SID: You talk about writing down dreams.


SID: Why is that so important?

STEPHANIE:  Well, the details of a dream will just fly out of your memory. It’s quite shocking. It’s almost like manna from Heaven. Remember how manna from Heaven just disappeared? It’s almost the same with a dream. It just disappears. God has been so merciful to me because one time I did have a dream that I knew was from the Lord and I got up and got into the emergency of my day and forgot the dream completely. That day I repented before the Lord. I said, “Lord, please forgive me. I did not write down that dream and I know you had a message.” You know what? I dreamed the exact same dream again that night. It was so merciful of the Lord. I felt so good.

STEPHANIE:  One other thing that I am really working on getting better at right now, too, ’cause I only sleep four or five hours a night anyway, is when I wake up with a dream I will just rehearse that dream over and over. Sometimes I can really retain that dream. I’m just working to get better at it. We’re practicing. We’re all practicing. That’s what we as the church need to know, that we can practice these things and learn to get better and help each other get better at this.

SID: Now, what about someone that says, “I never dream” or “I never remember my dreams?” You’re going to be shocked when she says, “Have I got a word for you from God.” We’ll be right back.

Sid Roth on July 27th, 2019

BILL: All right. And what did He do for you?

WOMAN #7: It’s not for me. I was the one that asked if I could     in the session. I have a very good friend who has very bad bladder cancer and she spent a month at Mass General and she’s home now for a couple of weeks and then she’s goes back for another month of treatment. And I prayed, you know I stood in the session for her, and the two sweet young boys right over there, 14, prayed, and also Barbara next to me. I felt a heat just pouring in my body. So I feel that’s for her.

BILL: All right. All right! All right.

WOMAN #7: I praise God for it.

BILL: Amen to that! Amen.


BILL: One more. What did Jesus do?

MAN #2:  20% loss of hearing in my right ear and it’s open now! Plus my back and all my neck and all down here. God’s just done a good job!

BILL: Yeah! Thank You, Jesus! That’s wonderful! Just give thanks to the Lord. Come on! Thank You, Lord!


SID:  A wise man once said people look for the spectacular and miss the supernatural. Let me repeat that. People look for the spectacular and miss the supernatural! This is what I know. I know that a seed, a good seed was just planted in everyone at home and everyone here!


SID:  And I know that if the miracle did not manifest as long as you do not dig out that seed, do not say I didn’t feel what some of those other people felt, that seed will grow! And if you keep watering it with the Word of God, every time you take communion, you should do it at least, I don’t know, how often do you take your medicine? Three times a day? Do communion three times a day! And by the way there’s a particular prescription in the Bible that we don’t even need Medicare for. It says “a merry heart is good medicine!”

AUDIENCE: That’s right! Amen! It is!

SID:  So laugh every day!

AUDIENCE: Yes! [laughing]

SID:  Laugh! And if you want to find out who to laugh at it’s the devil! Laugh at the devil every day!


SID:  We’re coming into such a time of a manifestation of miracles that I know people will be coming in this studio, whether they’re in wheelchairs, whether there’s a missing limb, I mean this is all going to  be normal very, very soon! So why not contend for normal right now?

AUDIENCE: That’s right! Yes!

SID:  Right now!


SID:  In Yeshua’s name! Amen!


Sid Roth on July 18th, 2019

BECKY: You can believe in Jesus as your savior without believing in him as your healer. You need to learn how to believe him as your source for your healing. Just like you believed in him for your redemption, for your salvation. So that you could have eternal life. And some people out there, and I know you’ve heard this. Well, let’s talk about it. Some people, many Christians, I’ll say many Christians believe that healing is not for today. We’ll be healed when we’re in heaven. And I say, “no, you’re wrong. There is no sickness and disease in heaven to be healed from. The enemy is not allowed there. We’ve got to get our thinking straight. We’ve got to get back to the Bible; believe in the basic simple gospel. That Jesus is for us, he’s not against us, and he gave everything he had, so that we could be healed and made whole, in Spirit, soul, and in body. Amen? You say, well, “sister so-in-so, or brother so-in-so, or a good friend, or whatever, whoever. I know they were believing, and they were standing on the Word. Let me teach you some things. You know for one, we’ve all lost someone. Right? You know, we can’t undo the past, but we can start moving forward in the revelation knowledge of the truth about healing. He wants that. He desires that. You say, “Well, why did they die?” There are a couple main reasons why people die in these situations. One, they’re not taught about healing. They don’t have the true revelation about healing. To other areas that really stand in the way of some on being healed, is the power of the spoken Word. I teach people this way. If you say that you’re just a poor man, and you continue to say, “I’m just a poor man.” Do you know what you’re going to be? A poor man. The Bible teaches us; Proverbs 18:21. There’s the power of life and death in your tongue. Whatever you say is eventually going to produce. And what your living in today, is because of Words spoken. And you say, “Well, I’m only joking.” Well learn to joke in a way that doesn’t curse yourself. Whatever, your speaking is producing. The Lord really deals with me on this one. It’s what I do, right? It’s my calling. And I get into all these situations with people. And it’s like, they say, “Well, we’re believing, we’re believing. Okay, are you taking the steps? Because not only do your Words have to be right, filled with life, and healing, and strength. All of those things on a constant basis, I know what I am talking about. Our young son, he’s now 14. He’s our adopted son, and we received him when he was 1 day old. When he was 1 month old, he died from sudden infant death syndrome. I know what I’m talking about. I put this into practice. We raised him from the dead because his heart and his lungs were pumping dry, and they built up so much pressure on the inside of him. They didn’t just stop, they exploded; and exploded into little pieces and they came up out, out of his nose with his blood. And he had been pronounced dead. We also had to believe that for a recreated heart. Because his heart, there’s no way he could survive, even though we raised him back from the dead. This all happened in a hospital. This is true. And I wasn’t even there when I raised him from the dead. I was praying in my room, in the Spirit; in the Holy Spirit. And God said, “Now!”

AUDIENCE: [claps]

BECKY: And I didn’t know that he had been pronounced dead even. He spoke to me in an audible voice, and He said, “Now, Becky! Now you come against the Spirit of death over Marcos now!” I didn’t question it, I just immediately heard myself say because I had been praying in the Spirit. And I said, “I renounce this Spirit of death.” See, I’m teaching you that again. I renounced the Spirit of death. I release the Spirit of life into Marcos now.” And then God spoke to me audibly, and He said, “Now, Becky.” Do you hear how He kept saying, “Now, now, now?” He said, “Now Becky, speak to Marcos’ spirit  directly.” Now no one had ever taught me that. It was something I learned when He was teaching me about how to walk in healing. And so I heard myself, I didn’t question it. And I never practiced it before. It was just like it came out of my mouth because I was praying in the power of the Holy Spirit. And I said, “Marcos.” Now, he’s dead. Nobody’s working on him anymore. It’s the most, impossible situation. It would be one thing to revive him, but his heart and his lungs had been exploded, and they’re coming up out of him.