Sid Roth on December 8th, 2019

Our Guest Ben & Jodie Hughes

SID: I have been caught in the rain. I don’t know about you. But this is ridiculous. You’re inside an enclosed mall and it starts raining on you. Explain.

BEN: Yes. I was walking through the mall in Brisbane, Australia one day and I started feeling this dripping, of all places, on my inside, right ankle. Just hitting my ankle. And I thought, what on earth is going on? I knew my bladder was intact, everything was okay. And I’m like, God, if this is you, would you do it somewhere else? As soon as I said that, it started dropping on my head and on my hand.

SID: Okay. I have felt rain, but I have never been soaked and it’s never made me wet. But it feels exactly like rain.

BEN: Well, simply it begins to physically rain inside our car, and both Jodie and I have physical water beginning to fall on us. So we’d been experiencing that a lot where there was no water and we’d feel this rain continuing to fall. But then we were driving out of this parking lot and the rain started to physically fall on us inside our car.

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Sid Roth on November 27th, 2019

SID: Many of you know Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. He’s had so many New York Times best sellers. You’re probably familiar with The Harbinger, but this new book, I have to tell you there’s something so special about it. Now tell me the whole premise of The Oracle.

JONATHAN: Yeah, The Oracle is probably–

SID: What is the word oracle?

JONATHAN: Oracle is like a prophet. I mean, there a false ones then there’s the real one, and one who speaks for God. And the ultimate thing is that this is probably the largest mysteries that I’ve ever written about and that this is so big that it lies behind everything from the past, the present, what is yet to come, current events, what is the mystery behind it, even our president, even Trump, it’ll go there too. And it’s really the master template or secret of end time prophecy. And it’s so exact that it actually gives the exact times when things have to happen down to, in some cases, the exact dates.

JONATHAN: There’s several mysteries that are open up. One is the Jubilean Mysteries, which is this based on the jubilee, that every … God has this time clocked, and that at certain times, according to this, that there are prophetic events that happen in the world like clockwork. They happen every 50 years and it happens… It’s gigantic, it’s prophetic. It’s linked actually to the Messiah’s coming. So that’s one of the… It’s affected all of our lives.

JONATHAN: Another one is the Parashah, the mystery of the Parashah, and that is this. There are these appointed words, Sid, that God appointed that are appointed from … It’s the scripture, and that all around the world every week the Jewish people open up the scrolls in the synagogues and there are appointed words in that scroll. And when they are read, things come true, happen in the world when they’re read. And one note, you said about The Oracle. This is… When people read this, it’s like The Harbinger in this sense that there’s a story that all of these things are revealed, but there’s a narrative where a man goes–

SID: You have quite an imagination. Wait till you hear about this.

JONATHAN: … goes to find a man called The Oracle on this mountain. And The Oracle opens up these mysteries of God. And it’s done through these seven doors. And so each door is another revelation that opens up mysteries, many mysteries. We probably will not get to the seventh door. In fact, we’ll probably just be able to touch on it.

SID: Okay, let’s just start with one of them. It’s actually one of my favorites, but I have to tell you, they’re all favorites. But this is about the stranger.

JONATHAN: Yeah, people don’t realize that there was, the end times and what we are witnessing now, what we’re dealing with is real and all. That began… In a sense, the end times were set in motion. What we are seeing now in this particular year, about 150 years ago, around 1867, when all these strange things start happening in the land. It’s like God is preparing for the end times. He’s preparing [for] Israel coming back.

JONATHAN: And one of the prophecies Moses did before he died, he said, “Before this happens,” he says that “God’s going to gather you from the ends of the earth. But he says, “But first a stranger is going to come from across the world. He’s going to come from far away. He’s going to come to the land. He’s going to bear witness that it is desolate. It’s a wasteland. It’s hopeless. It’s cursed. And then God’s going to start doing it.”

JONATHAN: Well, what amazing thing said, the stranger comes. He comes from far away. He makes a journey, comes to the land, and he sees it desolate. He records it. He writes a book. He spreads it to the world, and the words he uses are the same words that Moses said he’s going to use. And the man who’s the stranger, we grew up learning about him, he’s part of prophecy, is Mark Twain. Mark Twain actually is fulfilling biblical prophecy.

SID: Was he a strong believer when he–

JONATHAN: He was a skeptic. That’s all the more powerful, Sid. When he reaches the peak of his journey, the last full day and night in Jerusalem, and he’s bearing witness, that day it’s the Sabbath and there’s an appointed word throughout the world that’s being read, all around the world. What’s the word? The word that’s being read, as the stranger is in the land and completes his journey is the prophecy, Moses saying, “The stranger will come to the land.”

JONATHAN: And all around and he’s actually walking Jerusalem and they’re chanting this and they don’t know it’s being fulfilled in their midst and none of that … Let me … Right after this happens, Sid, right after he comes, that’s when all these things start coming in. It’s the beginning of the restoration of Israel and for 2000 years the Jewish people are praying every day, “Lord restore us to Jerusalem,” and they say every day, “Hear our prayer, Lord, hear our prayer,” and they say, “Be merciful to us and build Jerusalem.” Mark Twain, it wasn’t his real name. He was born with a name that was Hebrew. He was born … it was Samuel, Samuel Clemens. Samuel means the Lord has heard and Clemens means he has now been merciful. Who could do that?

SID: I’m going to tell you the effect. I read one of the first copies of this book. In fact, it wasn’t even out yet. And when I read this, it ties together like there’s in the United States, our Congress is debating whether we should be a friend of Israel, etc. I’m going to tell you something.

SID: Anyone that reads your book will love the land of Israel. Will believe that the Jewish people were given a covenant from God himself for that land. Anyone that reads that book will say, “There has got to be a God and this book must be from God.” The center of history, whether you know it or not, is Israel. When you explain these various doors in your brand new book, you don’t just share one tiny little thing. You share layer upon layer. Not just that one fact. We don’t have time to do it, but layer. I mean how could God have … it is mind blowing.

JONATHAN: It is mind blowing and we can only … here, we can just touch on a little bit, but the thing is it’s the same God in our life. He weaves it together the same way whether we see it or not. It’s the same God.

SID: Tell me about the mystery of Israel’s rebirth.

JONATHAN: There’s a prophecy in the Bible from Amos that God says, he speaks about the day that he’s going to raise up Israel. It says on that day it says, “I will raise up the fallen tabernacle of David.” He says, “I will end their exile. I’ll bring them to the land. I’ll bring Israel back as I,” … this whole prophecy. It’s read around the world, so now the Jewish people in the 20th century are opening up their scroll. It’s an appointed day. It’s appointed for that word. They read it and they’re saying, “I will raise up. I will raise up Israel.”.

JONATHAN: Well, what day do they open that up? May 14th, 1948 the day Israel was raised up from the dead. The exact day. When it’s happening, Israel is rising up all around the world. They’re chanting, “I will raise up.”.

SID: Tell me about the jubilean code.

JONATHAN: If I told you that Moses actually knew the, or said these things, when this was going to happen, it would sound crazy. In the original jubilean ordinance that says every 50th year from, through Moses, he says, “You shall return, everyone, you shall return to your ancestral possession.” That’s jubilee. You shall return. But the amazing thing, Sid, the word he uses for “you shall return” is one Hebrew word, teshuvah. Teshuvah … this is … Listen, when you write a year in Hebrew, you write it with letters, you write it with letters. Well, when you put the letters together, you shall return, it comes out to the year 1948.

SID: Not all of you got that. In English, we have numbers and we have at the alphabet, but in Hebrew the alphabet is the numbers. I want you to get this. So, you read that word in Hebrew and it’s a number and the number was …

JONATHAN: 1948, you shall return to your ancestor possession. It’s all there from the….

SID: Give me a break. You know what I think, Jonathan? I think God is having mercy on planet earth. No one will be able to see him when they leave this earth suit and say, “Well, I wasn’t sure the Bible was from God. I wasn’t even sure there was a God.” No one. There’s just so much. Okay, tell me about the jubilean man.

JONATHAN: Okay, let’s count. All right. We count from 1917 with that last big jubilee. Add 50 … what’s the 50th year? 1967. What’s that? The Six-Day War. What did … when Israel came back didn’t have Jerusalem, but Jesus said you must have Jerusalem because he says, “You’re going to be in Jerusalem saying by, “Baruch haba,” blessed is he, he told the Jewish people, so they have to be back.

JONATHAN: So what happens? 1967 like clockwork all of a sudden the Six-Day War breaks out. Israel doesn’t want … it breaks out. What happens for the first time in 2000 years? Israeli soldiers enter the gates and they’re standing in the Holy city of Jerusalem. Jubilee. Everyone shall return to their ancestral possession. It is their possession. So again, the greatest prophetic event happens according to this. But amazing thing, what happens in the year of jubilee? You sound the shofar. You sound the trumpet.

JONATHAN: So, amazing thing, Sid, at the moment that they reach the Temple Mount the soldiers are there and the Western Wall, a trumpet sounds and who did … There’s a rabbi who just happened to be blowing a trumpet. He wasn’t thinking it’s the jubilee, but he blows the shofar. The rabbi … Well let me say this. On the jubilee, the land returns to its original owner, its original state.

JONATHAN: What was Jerusalem, what was the Temple Mount originally? Originally it was a threshing floor. David bought it, right? In the Bible the word for threshing floor is goren. The rabbi who sounds the shofar on the Temple Mount is named Rabbi Goren, rabbi threshing floor. Born with it, born with it. Not only, not only that, he’s born, that rabbi is born in the year 1917 so it’s his 50th year. It says jubilee and he sounding the jubilee and, Sid, when I looked, I looked even deeper and I looked at his name it has two … the name Goren means threshing. It also has another meaning. It means horn. The one who sounds the horn. Who could do that? Who could do that? The year of jubilee.

SID: I have to ask you a personal question. When you found like the first in some of these stories and you said that is the most amazing … and then you found after that another layer, after that another layer, after that another layer. I believe there is … it’s like infinity. The layers just keep coming in the Bible. It’s like no other book you’ve ever read. Would you believe that these amazing biblical prophecies are even tied into President Trump and even your future? Be right back.

Sid Roth on November 17th, 2019

SID: So, God healed you gradually. It was a process and a lot of people misunderstand. They think when I pray, I come from McDonald’s generation. Everything is instant. That was something you learned.

DR. JOE: So many people quit before they get their healing. Because they think that they get instantaneous miracles all the time and that isn’t true. So, that was something that I had to relearn that I was going to keep going. Because when I finally understood that healing is mine because of the covenant. The thing that Jesus did on the cross bought my healing also. It’s not just healing as the word for physical healing. It’s also this is the word sozo which means healing of all sorts. It means total wholeness in every part of our life. When I finally started understanding that, then I had the tenacity to go after the healing the whole way.

SID: Tell me about your little toe.

DR. JOE: The doctor has said that’s never going to heal. That’s always going to be there. This pain, this shooting pain in the side of my-

SID: So your whole body is healed except that little toe.

DR. JOE: This little toe. It kept coming back.

SID: So, you should have said, “Huh, what a relief, that’s fine.”

DR. JOE: Yeah but I wasn’t going to settle for that. I wasn’t going to settle for 99.99% healing. So, the Lord just had me ask that doctor who was also a believer. He said, “Ask him to undo that curse that he put on you.” So, he called me one day and I said, “Doctor, you said that that pain would never go. I’m asking you to even if you would just say it’s possible for it to go.” He said, “Yes, it’s possible for it to go.” That pain went. It was gone.

SID: Are you saying to me that you had a word curse spoken over you and that word curse had to be reversed in order for you to manifest your healing? Is that what I’m hearing you say?

DR. JOE: In my case, it was absolutely so. Until that man who was a believer, because believers can get word curses as well as blessing. We do it all the time, Sid. What we speak happens. It’s only by the grace of God that a lot of things don’t happen that we speak. But we’ve got to watch our words. Because when we speak the word of God, we speak the truths of God the supernatural happens.

SID: I want you to pray for people that are hopeless, like you were. I want you to pray for people in devastating pain like you were. I want you to pray for people that are suicidal like you were and I want you to pray for those that think it just takes a special person. You are an every man.

DR. JOE: Right. I’d go to work every day like everybody else does. I have a family like everybody else does. I’m not a head of a church. I’m not an evangelist. I’m not a missionary. I am the church. I am an example of the church of what God wants every last one of us to be. Father in the name of Jesus, I just ask you to dispel the lies of the enemy that these people have been taught who are in sickness and disease and can’t seem to get relief. I just ask you God to speak your truth by the power of the Holy Spirit to them right now to give them hope that they don’t have that even the words that I’ve spoken have given them hope that they can be healed and that they will continue to pray and command their sickness to leave and even if they don’t have faith, they will find people who believe that will pray for them and continue to pray for them until they see their healing. I pray for those right now God who are contemplating suicide, believing that you’ve abandoned them. Believing that you don’t even see them because you love them.

They’re your favorites. We’re all one. So God, I believe that you want them to understand that the enemy had tried to perpetrate them against them and he’s not going to win. They need to turn to you and say, “Father show me how much you love me and that you will envelop them by the power of the spirit of God,” the truth that you love them so much that you gave your only begotten son just for them. They’re not just part of the church. They are an individual son and daughter of God that you love and have an incredible destiny for your life and the enemy knows it. He’s trying to keep them bound. I just speak to that today in Jesus name and I break that bondage and give them freedom in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord that they would rise up and be the church that Jesus called to go out there and put it back against the enemy.

That they would heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out devils and cleanse lepers and tell people, “See, the kingdom of God is here because of Jesus.”

SID: Say this prayer with me out loud and believe it to the best of your ability out loud. Dear God.

DR. JOE: Dear God.

SID: I’m a sinner.

DR. JOE: I’m a sinner.

SID: And I’m so sorry.

DR. JOE: And I’m so sorry.

SID: I believe.

DR. JOE: I believe.

SID: The blood of Jesus.

DR. JOE: The blood of Jesus.

SID: Washes away my sins.

DR. JOE: Washes away my sins.

SID: And I’m clean.

DR. JOE: And I’m clean.

SID: And now that I’m clean.

DR. JOE: And now that I’m clean.

SID: Jesus come and live inside of me.

DR. JOE: Jesus come and live inside of me.

SID: Give me experiential knowledge of you.

DR. JOE: Give me experiential knowledge of you.

SID: Amen.

DR. JOE: Amen.

SID: That means so be it. It’s finished.

Sid Roth on November 7th, 2019

ADAM: You should ask the Holy Spirit. Say, “Holy Spirit, give me insight and show me what are you expressing here; what are you trying to tell me?” And it’s best to look at the whole overview dream first. And as I dream, saying earlier in the day; context is the actual key. So you look at the whole context and the book you were talking earlier about, “The Divinity Code” doesn’t interpret your dreams; it’s the Holy Spirit can express it. So, you always ask the Holy Spirit, and also it’s good to share it with other people too, your dreams. People who are mentoring you, and ask what they think as well. They might confirm what the Holy Spirit is saying. So, it’s sort of like, interpreting a dream, is sort of like how you see these little children’s books, where it’s called ‘join the dots’.

SID: Connect the dots.

ADAM: Well, you actually have all the metaphors come together, and when you ask the Holy Spirit to bring all the metaphors together, you start to see the picture come into play.

SID: That has to be a very exciting, rewarding moment!

ADAM: It is.

SID: When that happens.

ADAM: And you start to get the revelation. You go, “Wow. God is speaking to me!” Whether it’s a warning, or whether it’s the promises of heaven to be revealed to you, or whether it’s deliverance for your family or healing for your family. And it’s not just about the dream, we can activate it and see it manifested on earth, and that’s what we see. We see the actual dream become substance, through healings, miracles. Of course, we’ve seen so many amazing things happen, with dreams, and visions.

SID: Give me just one that comes to mind and what happened? Whet my appetite so that I’ll really be happy about writing down these parables and codes. [laughs]

ADAM: I think, well, there’s many of them. But one that comes to my mind is the one with the lady in Canberra with the child. Do you want to share that?

ADRIAN: Now this is not a dream that we had, but somebody bought the book, and 6 months to a year later, [music] they are on the bed. They woke up, and there was a Gynecologist on the end of the bed from when they had children. And the gynecologist said to her, “What does this person mean to you?” And the person that had the dream happened to be a care worker, and that person’s name was one of her old clients, and it meant that she had to drive to the other Side of the city to go and visit that client. Now, the name of the client; look the name of the client and then the name of the suburb that that person lived in was the daughter’s surname.

SID: Mm.

ADRIAN: So she put two and two together, and she said, Gynecologist and my daughter. My daughter’s pregnant, and she asked her whether she was pregnant or not. And her daughter denied it, so she tried the next trick and that was to, ring up her son-in-law. And she said, “Congratulations, I understand that so-and-so is—

SID: Now, that woman’s got chutzpah! That’s a Hebrew word that means nerve, boldness! [laughs]

ADRIAN: [laughs]

ADAM: [laughs]

ADRIAN: She did, and he denied it. But that night, her daughter rang up crying saying, “You and God have undone me. I’m booked for an abortion tomorrow, and you’ve undone my plans!”

SID: Wow—

ADRIAN: Wow, isn’t that incredible?

SID: That is wonderful.

ADAM: We have so many testimonies like that. We wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t testimonies.

SID: You know, again I see—[music ends] how necessary it is. What do you do to someone who says, “I never dream.”

ADRIAN: Well, probably smack them around a bit. [laughs]

ADAM: [laughs]

SID: [laughs] No, no, no. No, we don’t do that! You’ll know my disciples by their love. [laughs]

ADAM: He’s only kidding—[laughs]

ADRIAN: Some people do that, and I ask them, “Have you ever prayed the prayer, and said, stop this”? You know, “I don’t like what I’m receiving in the night.” Because sometimes it’s what they’ve actually confessed with their mouth.

SID: So, it’s almost a curse, because if you’re blocking God’s speaking to you, to me, that’s a cure.

ADRIAN: Yes, it is. And when you realize that God wants to speak to you every day in a poetic language. This is one of the reasons why it is parabolic, why it does come in metaphor because if you know the Scriptures, a third of the Scriptures is poetry. So in our modern bibles, everywhere you see that ragged edge. So we know Job to Song of Songs is poetry, but did you know that prophets are poetry too? Because all that raged edge says it’s not in prose, it’s actually in poetry.


ADRIAN: And so if a third of the Bible is poetry, and it’s the language of love as we would recognize in the secular world, if you’re speaking to your loved one, you might us a bit of poetry because it envisages, it brings a picture to mind. And so wouldn’t God, and the kingdom of love speak to us with images from that love?

SID: Mm-hmm.

ADRIAN: And so that’s another reason why he uses poetry.

Sid Roth on October 28th, 2019

SID: Okay. I have a question for you and then I want to make a statement.


SID: The question is, what you just described, if you didn’t have a prayer life, would that have happened?

GUILLERMO: Not at all. Not at all. And I was playing to you why? Jesus, when he came to this earth, the closest that he was to the father was through prayer. In other words, the looked closest he was to haven was through prayer. So if you see in the Bible, you see Jesus, the disciples asked him one time, they never asked Jesus, “Give us more faith.” Or, “Give us more anointing.” Or, “Give us more power.” They asked for, “Teach us to pray.” And what was the reason? Because they saw the results. They saw that Jesus spent … My God, I feel the presence of God. He spent hours in prayer.

SID: But most believers can’t do that. They won’t do that or they don’t feel like it. Or you’re tired and you deserve to …

GUILLERMO: Okay, because the reason is you can’t spend all that time because it’s bored, it’s boring.

SID: Yeah.

GUILLERMO: Because you don’t have that close relationship. People don’t have that close relationship with God, so we need to understand. First of all, Jesus teaches the other father prayer. He said, “When you pray, you pray, our father there’s in heaven.” That means there’s a connection, but this is important. Okay, so Jesus, he was the closest to the father through prayer. He said he prayed. He prayed all night, and I said to God one day, I say, “What do you mean pray on all night? Does a take all night?” He said to me, “Son, there’s prayers that I can answer immediately. There’s some prayers depending on what you are believing, that have to accumulate and that will see an accumulation.”

What I mean is. The Lord said to me, “If you had done any prayer in my will, none of those prayers not … You will not going to lose none of those prayers.” In other words, I heard those prayers, but they’re coming to pass. And then he said to me, “This is the season, where I will answer all my prayers. All the peoples prayers.”

SID: So there’s a tipping point it’s got to do—

GUILLERMO: There’s an accumulation.

SID: … the accumulation, but there’s something extra going. It’s the season for the tipping point.

GUILLERMO: Right.  This is the season. And there’s a lot of people, Sid, over there asking, “Well, I’ve been praying. Nothing happened.” But there’s a key for your prayers to be answered quickly, and now.

SID: And not one prayer was wasted?

GUILLERMO: Okay. Yes. Okay, quickly. Number one, the Bible says, 1 John, “If you pray according to his will, he hears us.” And he hears us. We have the petition we have made to God, but now every prayer in my own life has been according to the will of God. Every prayer we have done, that’s the pattern. And the Lord said to me, “The moment you are aligned with my will, I accelerate those prayers.” There’s so many people praying, frustrated because they said, “I’ve been praying, I’ve been praying.” But not amount of time that you pray and pray. If it’s not according to the will of God, it will not be answered.

So sometimes you need to know what is the will of God. This is four things. First, you must align with what … You must know the will of God. Is the will of God for you to be healed? Yes. Is the will of God for you to prosper? Yes. Is the will of God to be delivered? Yes. Is the will of God to be a carrier of the presence of God? Yes. As a matter of fact, there’s somebody there. You just had a heart attack and you’ve been having those … something that they put in the heart-

SID: Pacemaker.

GUILLERMO: … a pacemaker, right. Right now God is healing your body right now. As a matter of fact, God is creating a new heart. I see somebody with a leg and you’ve been having … Like you need a brand new cartilage in your leg, right now … and your knee. God is touching your body right now. Is not the will of God for you to be sick. Is the will of God … If you want your prayers to be answered now, if you want your prayers to accelerate now, you must align with the will of God. You must align with heaven. So I see somebody with blindness because of diabetes. You are something … Oh yes Lord. You’re somebody, there’s a weird disease I think is a one in 100000.

There is a weird disease in your skin. God is touching your body now. As I minister the presence of God is falling on you.

SID: I want you to be so hungry.


SID: To get into the secret place.


SID: It’s the secret place that the Bible talks about, and few Christians ever enter it and I’m going to tell you the thing that caused Jesus after ministering all day and being tired, to be up all night and then be energized. He went into this secret place. I want Guillermo to tell me how he entered the secret place, and when we come back, I want to … Not we are now, but how he started. I wanted the ABCs be right back.