Sid Roth on April 7th, 2019

SID: You know, I have to tell you, I am absolutely in awe, as anybody that is about ready to see what we’re going to show you. But what really and truly does this incredible Israeli harvest, what does it really mean? Here’s what it really means. Jesus is coming back soon.

SID: Now, let’s look at scripture, so I can show you step by step why I say what I say. Romans 11:25 is the key scripture, “For I do not desire, brethren, that you should be ignorant of this mystery.” You know, he doesn’t want believers ignorant or it’s a mystery. He wants us to know. It’s okay for those that aren’t believers not to know, but it is not okay for believers for it to be a mystery. “I don’t desire, brethren, that you should be ignorant of this mystery. Blindness in part has happened to Israel.” What does that mean? There have been Jewish believers in every generation, so blindness in part, not total blindness. “Blindness in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in.”

SID: Now I want to reverse this and see if it gives you a little better understanding. When the age of the Gentiles is at its fullness, the spiritual scales will come off of the eyes of Jewish people.

SID: I maintain the age of the Gentiles is at its fullness, because the spiritual scales are coming off the eyes of Jewish people. Hosea 3:5 explains this, “But afterwards …” What is afterwards? You see, we Jewish people, we’re under a curse, because as you know we were deported to Babylon for sin, and a curse has a set period, of time. When this curse is over, this is what Hosea is talking about. “But afterwards the curse,” of what? Blindness. “But afterwards,” the curse of blindness, “The people will return and devote themselves to the Lord their God, and to David’s descendant.” Who’s David’s descendant? The Messiah. “And to David’s descendant, their king, and in the last days they will tremble in awe of the Lord and of His goodness.”

SID: You know what? Most believers have to understand those two words.

SID: Tremble in awe before the Lord and His goodness. Most people are specialists in the bad going on, but we’re supposed to look on the goodness of God.

SID: We kind of miss this, and I have to tell you this, when I prayed, and you’ll see some of this, when I prayed for these brand new Jewish believers to be filled with the Holy Spirit and fire, no orientation, no grid to understand, their hands were trembling as …

SID: By the way, I told them what the scripture says, lift holy hands to God. Their hands were trembling from the fire of the Holy Spirit.

SID: Now, the lecture in Israel I call a lecture on the supernatural, and there was something different.

SID: It was different. I’ll give you an example. First person I met was the porter at the airport helping us with the luggage. He only goes to the end of the … where, as you exit the airport, he doesn’t take you out. I started sharing about the Messiah. He had never heard what I was telling him before. He was so excited he walked me out of the airport. He wasn’t supposed to, but this is what he said when we left. He said, “You promise someone that knows the same things you know, that lives in Israel will call me. You promise that,” and he gave me his number. I’ve never had this happen before.

SID: There’s something different …

SID: … in the atmosphere in Israel. Now, one of my guests on, It’s Supernatural is an amazing man that operates in miracles, a former Catholic priest. His name is Dr. Francis Sizer, and he gave me this word, “And so it shall be unfolded to you, my faithful son, as I have told you in secret. The times of my people is near upon you. Can’t you see it? Can’t you taste it? I’m opening the door of the nation Israel to be flooded by the angels of heaven now. Stories will begin to pour from throughout Judea and Samaria. Messiah will appear supernaturally to many. At first, a stream of miracles ankle deep from the temple of God in heaven. Then a river of miracles waist deep. Nothing can withstand what I have put in motion. Nothing can reverse my commanded blessing, says the Lord of Hosts.”

SID: This is what we’re seeing right now. Now, first sign, spiritual scales off the Jewish eyes. Second sign, according to Isaiah chapter 60, verse 1 and 3, this is what is also about ready to happen in Israel, “Arise Jerusalem. Let your light shine for all to see.”

SID: “For the glory of the Lord rises to shine upon you. Darkness as black as night covers all the nations on earth, but the glory of the Lord rises and appears over you. All nations will come to your light. Mighty kings will come to see your radiance.” We are going to see the assignment of the Jewish people picked up again. Here’s the assignment. Most don’t know this. Did you know this is the only nation in the world that God gives this one, particular assignment to? Listen to this. Isaiah 61:6 says, “Israel will be a nation of priests.”

SID: You think about that. Most people miss that. Israel will be a nation of priests. Now, the priesthood stopped for a season due to the judgment, but the judgment is over.

SID: What is the call of the Jew? The call of the Jew, and it’s never, gifts and calling of God are without repentance …

… remember? The call of the Jew is John 4:22, “Salvation is of the Jews.”

SID: The call of the Jew is to be a nation of priests, to evangelize the four corners of the earth, and then the one new man comes in. The Jew joins arm with the Gentile believer, and that one new man, which actually, if you really … The better translation from the Greek from Ephesians is the one new humanity.

SID: Devil’s worst nightmare. The Jew and Gentile become one in Messiah.

SID: Now, would you like to see the glory come on 1,000 unsaved Jewish people in Israel …

SID: … and 400, remember, unsaved Jews before they accept the Lord, 400 instantly healed? Now, many of you, when I speak these words of knowledge to these Israelis, you know there’s something powerful about a word of knowledge. It comes from a zone where there’s no time, and if it comes from a zone where there’s no time, it’ll operate as much for you at home, and you here, as it did in Israel! Be right back.

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Sid Roth on March 27th, 2019

SID: Diane, what is the biggest problem with all your 40+ of helping young people? The biggest problem children have.

DIAN: Fear. Fear. Bible says fear has torment, and over and over and over and over in the Bible you see, “Fear not, fear not, be anxious for nothing.” I think it’s a human problem and it begins in childhood. If we could equip children to conquer fear as a child, that sets them up for life. Right? Because I struggled with fear, I’m very acquainted with how fear can grip you. I got a download and one song, it’s called the “Ooky Pooky Spooky Fear” song, and it sounds like just a silly song but it’s actually be a powerful song in the lives of many, many people including myself.

SID: Now, this is not something that you could think up.


SID: I don’t think anyone could think up “Ooky Pooky Spooky Fear.” Could you think that up? I couldn’t think that up.

DIAN: One day I heard this song in my head and so I came to kids church the next Sunday and I hadn’t sung the song out loud. It was just in my head. I said to the kids, “Listen to this song. It goes, ‘Ooky pooky spooky fear, you have no right to come near. In the King’s name, you get outta here! Fear be gone, be gone! Fear be gone!” We tell fear to go away.

SID: I don’t think that fear stands a chance against a song like that.


SID: Now you’ve written a new book about this.

DIAN: Yeah, the “Ooky Pooky Spooky Fear” book because there’s verses in the song, too. The first time I sang the song out loud at Children’s Church, a little girl in the front row, her name is Danielle, started singing, “Ooky pooky,” just having fun, and Danielle burst into tears. I thought, “Oh, no, did some boy pull her hair? Did she pinch her finger in the chair? What happened?” I stopped. I said, “Danielle, honey, what’s wrong?” She said, I can still remember her face, she said, “I got scares inside of me.” I said, “Alright, well, today we’re going to tell those scares to get out of you. We’re going to tell fear to leave you alone.”

DIAN: We laid hands on her and prayed for her and we sang that song and she remembers that day. After church, I went and found her mom because I would always want to communicate things like that with parents. I said, “Just so you know, this is what happened in kids church.” The mom said, “Oh, praise the Lord! We’ve been up every night for weeks with terrible nightmares.” The nightmares stopped.

SID: You know, this not only works supernaturally for children, it works supernaturally for adults. Tell me about that person who was going to have surgery and this song.

DIAN: I just got this note on Facebook just recently because we were letting people know that the “Ooky Pooky Spooky Fear” book is coming out. This gal, she said, “Last year I was heading in for kidney transplant.” I forget her exact wording, but it was basically she was terrified going into surgery. She said then she remembered from deep inside, she could remember, “Ooky pooky spooky fear,” and she sang that song and she told fear to leave her alone. She went into surgery and it helped her so much to have peace going into that. I get stories like that all the time.

SID: Well, how would you like to hear the song “Ooky Pooky Spooky Fear?” Are you interested at home? Are you interested in the audience? Okay, let’s roll it.

Singer:  Have you ever felt so afraid your body starts to quiver? Sometimes ooky spooky fears try to make you shiver. Well, you just have to stop, stop and think, and remember what to do. Every fear will disappear when you sing, and here’s the song I use. Ooky, pooky spooky fear, you have no right to come here. In the King’s name, you get out of here! Fear be gone, be gone. Fear be gone.

SID: Diane, there’s such a wonderful, awesome presence of the Living God here. I believe that you could pray and young people and adults would be set free of all types of fear. Do that now.

DIAN: Isn’t that amazing? Psalm 8:2 says, “From the mouths of children comes praise so powerful, its silence is the enemy.” The voice of the enemy is way too loud in this generation and in your life and praise is a weapon. We’re going to pray the name of Jesus is high above every other name, including fear. Fear has no right to rule your life. Let’s pray. Please pray after me. King Jesus.

Everyone: King Jesus.

DIAN: Thank you.

Everyone: Thank you.

DIAN: Thank your name.

Everyone: That your name.

DIAN: Is above every other name.

Everyone: Is above every other name.

DIAN: You have all power.

Everyone: You have all power.

DIAN: And authority.

Everyone: And authority.

DIAN: And today.

Everyone: And today.

DIAN: I say.

Everyone: I say.

DIAN: Jesus.

Everyone: Jesus.

DIAN: Is the King.

Everyone: Is the King.

DIAN: And the Ruler of my heart.

Everyone: And the Ruler of my heart.

DIAN: The Lord over my emotions.

Everyone: The Lord over my emotions.

DIAN: Fear.

Everyone: Fear.

DIAN: Will not rule me.

Everyone: Will not rule me.

DIAN: Fear will not torment me.

Everyone: Fear will not torment me.

DIAN: In the name of Jesus.

Everyone: In the name of Jesus.

DIAN: I say fear.

Everyone: I say fear.

DIAN: Go away.

Everyone: Go away.

DIAN: Thank you, Lord.

Everyone: Thank you, Lord.

DIAN: Amen.

SID: You know what that reminds me of? I just read this the other day. In Proverbs 18:10-11 says that, listen to this, “The name of the Lord is a strong tower. The righteous run to it and is safe and set on high far above all evil.” You’re far above all evil.

DIAN: Amen. Amen.

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Sid Roth on March 18th, 2019

MARILYN:  Folks, healing, miracles are in your hands. So sending His word is for every believer. Word of knowledge, when God gives you a word of knowledge and you send the word into that person. So sometimes I will speak now in these big meetings, usually I do maybe 7 words of knowledge after I’ve preached from the Bible, and I preach always one miracle of Jesus because faith comes by? (audience says “hearing”) And hearing by the word of God. Then I wait on the Lord, and a lot of times He tells me before I get there and I’ll get a word of knowledge. And I especially like to pray for tumors, growths, and warts. My husband used to say I was a growth, tumor, wart woman. (audience laughs) “Cause I’d– I don’t know how I just especially have faith for this. So you know I’ll say every one with a growth, tumor, or warts of any kind stand up. Jesus is going to heal you. Well I can’t rush down there and touch them, right? I can’t do that. But I can send the? (audience says “word”) Word. So you will see words of knowledge, sometimes words of wisdom too, and sending the word work together. So sometimes God will just give you something special for someone or a group of people. You know like I had all the people stand with arthritis. Are you hearing me? And so I feel that people are going to get delivered from tumors today. If you have a tumor or a growth of any kind I want you to stand up. My granddaughter had a growth on her foot and she stood up like this and it didn’t disappear right away, it was like 3 days and the thing was gone. So sometimes healing is instant and sometimes it is process. “As they went they recovered,” right? Okay, so the Bible says “believers lay hands on the sick and they will?” (audience says “recover”) So that can be process. So don’t be discouraged. Say: “stay in faith” (audience says “stay in faith”). All right, now. I have a great team here. I feel your faith. So extend your hand toward someone that is standing. It’s fine to put your hand on them if you’re close. And pray with me, say: Father, in Jesus’ name, I come against every growth, every tumor, every wart in this body. In Jesus’ name, I curse it! Dry up! Disappear! Don’t come back! In Jesus’ name. Amen. Now don’t sit down. Check yourself. I was in Keith Butler’s church in Detroit and a woman had 26 growths in her breast and all 26 disappeared.

AUDIENCE:  Whoaaaa!

MARILYN:  My husband one night, it was a midweek service, I felt led to pray for tumors and growths, and he had a little growth on his eye and it fell on the floor. Can you imagine the person who cleaned, picking up a growth? Say “yuck” three times. Yuck, yuck, yuck. Now check yourself, check yourself. Is it gone? Check yourself. Is it smaller? Has it changed color? There are instant miracles here, but there’s also process. Stay in the process, keep your faith. Okay? How many of you definitely can tell a difference? Wave at me. How many of you say it totally gone? Wave at me. Totally gone. Okay, tell us a little bit about how long had you had it?

WOMAN # 1:  Just a few weeks ago. I developed a growth in my mouth and I just kept speaking against it and claiming Mark 11: 22 and 23.

MARILYN:  And it’s gone? Not there? And not coming back. So put up your hands. Say: “Bye, bye growth. You’re not coming back!” Amen. Amen. Stay in faith. Let’s see, was that four?


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Sid Roth on March 6th, 2019

Francis:  He said whatever good you’ve seen in your ancestors is the little bit of good that’s left from what I have. Every part of good, he says anything good comes from me. So when you inherit what is of me you inherit everything that is good and perfect. Okay. Then secondly, I said to him then what do we become to our natural families? And this is what really gets interesting for me. You know– He said to me you know when you denounce your allegiance to your ancestral bloodline, He says your stature in your family changes immediately–. [I said] what do you mean? He says you become an ambassador to your own family. He said because an ambassador is a diplomatic official from another kingdom representing God on foreign soil and has diplomatic immunity. So even though they might be family members dealing with cancer– you have diplomatic immunity. Because– c’mon somebody– because you renounce your allegiance to those corrupted genetics– c’mon somebody, now you’re an ambassador to your own family. You are representing the kingdom of God in your family. Are you with me, somebody? How can your family look to you if you are terrorized by the same problems? Are you with me? How can your family want to jump in your ship if the same diseases are also missing with you? Somebody has to become an ambassador. They’ve got to come to you and say, ‘We all get sick, we all get this, it’s been in our family except you!’ ‘Huh, I’m glad you asked me. Uh– I’m an ambassador of the kingdom. You still holding on to those bad genes, I gave them up. That’s the difference!’ That’s what we’re getting ready to do right now. Amen? So I want you to stand up wherever you are. Miracles are in the house, Sid Roth, miracles are here. There’s a lot of miracles that are going to happen right now. Okay? So listen, glory to God, here’s what we’re going to do. Now, if you don’t have a bloodline in front of you, c’mon, if you have a belt–  hello, somebody your husband’s got a belt just get it out– say honey take your belt out, you know– or if you have a Bible– If you don’t have a line in front of you then what you can do use a book…You know I like using the line–I have had people who have jumped over a book – And had one woman twenty years praying for the man, praying for the man. She got divorced from her husband who just treated her very horribly– she loves the Lord, and for twenty years tried believing God, 65, now maybe I’ll just give up the dream. She had me do this, talk about this teaching and I talked to her over the phone. I said–  put a book in front of you. Just let your mind let the book represent the line. And she jumped the line and within about ninety days the Lord reconnected her with the born again high school sweetheart she had not seen in forty years. And now they’re married in Texas. Ha! C’mon now. She just jumped over the book. She’s like this thing works! C’mon now. And I met the guy by the way, I was in Texas and she brought the man for me to see him. The last time she saw him was forty years ago. And when she jumped the line in ninety days the Lord reconnected them, he was single, and it was like they never left. And you should see those people together. He’s 67 and she’s 65 and they look like teenagers. Hello, somebody. Are you catching this? So, here’s what we’re going to do. Now this prayer that we’re going to pray is in my book that Sid Roth is offering to everybody, particularly the people that I am in the mentoring group. So you can actually do this. We have had people take the prayer and take their family members through it and get miracles. Because anything of God is transferable. Anything of God works for anybody because the Father is no respecter of persons. Amen? So we’re excited for what God is able to do. So–here’s a prayer, I’m just going to lead you in a prayer. Now, here are the instructions for the prayers. Quickly, quickly. Hallelujah, hallelujah [silence]. Sid Roth doesn’t know this.

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Sid Roth on February 27th, 2019

BARBARA:  So you see, how do I do that? You know I do that by faith. I didn’t rehearse this. I didn’t pray 97 hours and God give me all this in advance and I wrote it down.  (Barbara gives a word of knowledge: There’s somebody here whose right hip has been just killing you. I want you to stand up right now. You’ve hardly been able to move, it’s your right hip, God’s going to heal that thing right now. Start moving it, just right now, just start moving it, bend it, do whatever you couldn’t do with it, and I just speak to that hip right now in the power of the name of Jesus to release that sickness, that disease right now. Now just keep going, you just stand there, keep going, I’m going to ignore you, but don’t sit down. How is it? It’s good already? Okay, is it fine? Do everything you can do. Just stress that thing to the limit. And it wasn’t fine when you stood up? Hallelujah! Okay.)


BARBARA:  But see this is normal Christianity. Abnormal Christianity is to go to church every Sunday and be taught out of your tree and never do anything with it. That is not– God is trying to literally turn the United States church upside down. We are not to be holding pens, we are to be equipping centers where people should come in, we equip them, and then we send them out into the world. Listen, most of you are not called to a pulpit ministry, you’re called to literally change the market place realm. You’re to change the realm out there. We have man in our church who is the vice president of the United Way for all of southeastern Michigan. –He’s been noted by Crain’s Business Review, which is our big business paper there, they evaluate all the businesses, started as a result of the automobile industry. And he’s been recognized as one of the most up and coming young entrepreneurs in all of southeastern Michigan. What’s this guy done? He’s gone into Detroit where there was a 25% graduation rate from High School and he has literally made it his mandate, well God gave it to him, to go in and to begin to transform the schools. And so already the graduation rate is coming up. They started one school that had a 99% graduation rate. And so you see, what’s God doing? He’s using somebody to go out in the marketplace and lift up people who people say– what do they say, they say Detroiters are retarded and you all don’t want to come to Detroit because what do you hear [in] the news about Detroit. Listen to me. Detroit is filled with brilliant people, there’s just nobody with any faith. That’s the problem. But you see that God comes along and He says– (Barbara gives a word of knowledge to audience and a woman; [God] just says stand up and become who you’re able to become, become that woman of destiny that you’re capable of becoming. And it’s literally the power of God’s coming on her. Just watch her. Just look at her. Just the power of God– I didn’t push her, I just touched her forehead.) To audience: I want you to hold up your hands and say: The power and presence of God is in my hands because it’s coming from my spirit. And Jesus said “out of my belly shall flow rivers of living water.” What is that” That’s breakthrough! Because where living waters touch– (Barbara gives a word of knowledge: Yeah, you prayed for your grandchildren. You prayed until you’re blue in the face. And the Lord said: You’re going to see a fulfillment of that which you prayed. And there’s one [grandchild] that’s particularly difficult that you’ve even wondered if your prayers are even working concerning this one and the Lord said: Don’t give up, watch and see what I’m going to do with that one, because the enemy is opposing him– because he knows what that, I believe it’s a boy, because the enemy knows the destiny on that kid. But I declare today, I command every chain and rope to be broken off that young man and I say he will fulfill his destiny and even as he’s been entrapped he shall free many others out of the freedom that he gets.) To audience: I don’t know about you but you need to just shout to God, you need to shout!


BARBARA:  See, listen, some of you out there are just looking, you’re not shouting, and I don’t want to condemn you, but there’s power in the shout. The word says that the shout shatters the power of the enemy!  If you look up the word “shout” in the Hebrew it literally shatters what’s in the second heaven that’s standing against you! Some of you need to stand up and begin to shout because it shatters what’s in the second heaven that’s standing against you!


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