SID: Some people are wondering right now, well, that’s interesting what he’s saying, but what good comes from it? What fruit comes from it? Do you know people when they experience the wind, as an example, their faith is elevated and they get healed. Tell me one person who got healed.

DAVID: One time, my wife and I were shopping and I like to shop, but maybe not as much as she does. And we were in the store. And I finally said, “Honey, I think I’m going to go sit in the car.” I’d put my grumpy pants on that day. And as I was piloting and walking out of the store, I turned around the clothing rack and I saw down the end of an aisle, there was a lady there and she had a pink cast on her foot. Holy Spirit, even though I was grumpy, wasn’t bothered at all, whispers to me and says, “Her.” I said, “Really Lord, can’t you see I’m grumpy?” But I knew that heaven wanted to touch her that day. I wasn’t quite prepared for how extravagant it would be. So I walk up politely and say, “Hey, how’s it going? Oh my gosh, what happened to your foot?”

DAVID: She said, ‘I severely sprained it and I just got out of the hospital.” Ah, I said, “Do you mind if I pray for your foot?” So I leaned down in the middle of the department store to put my hand right over her foot. And as I did, it felt like there was a stream of water blowing across the bottom of the store. And I was shocked. I looked up at her and I said, “Do you feel that?” And she went, “Uh-huh,” I said, “How’s your pain level?” She said, “It’s gone.” She even felt the wind through her cast.

SID: So what happened?

DAVID: Completely healed.

SID: You’re home with your wife. You’re watching TV. Tell me what happened to you, that if that didn’t elevate your faith, nothing would.

DAVID: Even things like watching TV or we’re just getting some natural rest, we never try to divorce ourselves from the awareness of God and what He’s doing even in our home. But we were aware just hanging out and then all of a sudden an explosion of fire wrapped around intro ways to my study, my kitchens here, my intro way is here, it came out of the study, wrapped around, turns into lightening, it flies out through our living room, through the fireplace. And I’m sitting there like, what? But that wasn’t on TV-

SID: Now, did your wife see that too?

DAVID: She saw it too. Yes. And we looked at each other and naturally I jumped up really quick to make sure the house wasn’t actually on fire.

SID: Hit by lightning.

DAVID: Yes. And we went in there and we looked at each other and we’re like, the fire of God, that happened in Pentecost. Even at the Azusa Street Revival, the fire brigade was called several times because they saw flames coming out of the top of the building. And so we sat there in awe and wonder, wow, Lord, the fire of God is present even in our home.

SID: Well, there are such things as counterfeit signs and wonders. How do you know it’s not counterfeit?

DAVID: Is the encounter leading me to Jesus? The devil doesn’t want to lead anyone to Jesus.

SID: Of course.

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