SID: Well, I just found out my guest, Tracy Eckert has a special anointing to heal people with coronavirus and later I’ll have her pray that, and whatever else God shows her. She’ll also pray for you to hear God clearly. I know you want that. In 1995, Tracy escaped her abusive husband in Mexico, fled to the U.S. with her two daughters. She remarried, had a blended family of six teenagers. Listen to this, as a non-Christian having never read the Bible, she began hearing the audible voice of God. What did God say?

TRACY: Well, I was getting ready for work one day. And again, like you said, I’d never read the Bible. In fact, I didn’t even know where the Bible was located in my house. I had one that someone gave me 10 years prior to that, but I didn’t even know where it was. And so I wasn’t pursuing God. I wasn’t pursuing the Lord. And one day I’m getting ready for work. And I hear this breaking in of this audible voice. And he said, “Rebuild my temple.”

Rebuild my temple.

TRACY: And to me, I was like, I was thinking to myself, “What? I’m not Jewish.” But I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, because I knew it was God. I knew that it was my Father. And so it was almost like something like an arrow broke into the atmosphere and opened everything up. And there I was, I just sat there for two hours. I was supposed to be on a conference call and I couldn’t believe what I heard. And so then after that, for seven days after that, I heard the same thing every morning when I woke up, “Rebuild my temple, rebuild my temple, rebuild my temple.” And again, not having ever read the Bible, not knowing the Lord, not pursuing the Lord, I had no idea what he meant by that.

SID: But you knew it was him. So you actually, not just that, I mean, it’s you began seeing in the invisible world.

TRACY: Yeah, it was really crazy because you know, I living this worldly life. And when I say worldly life, I mean, my husband and I, John, I mean, we both had these huge careers. We had these six kids, living this incredibly abundant life and this right here wasn’t anything that I expected. And so I didn’t have a grid for it. So on the seventh day I started going into this open eyed trance-like vision. And again, I didn’t know anybody that ever heard from God. I wasn’t even a Christian. I would go to church on Christmas and then rarely I would take my children to church. Really, if you have six teenagers, you really need some help. And so I was looking for some behavioral management really. So the Holy Spirit broke in on me on the seventh day. I was laying in my bed and I was getting ready to go to sleep.

TRACY: Something came upon me, and today I know it was the Holy Spirit. And I couldn’t move, I was truly physically frozen. And all of the sudden the scene appeared, like everything in front of me disappeared in my bedroom and this scene appeared, and I could see that I was in New York and this was back in 1999. So I’m in this scene where I’m in New York and I can see angels and demons over the city, and they’re warring over the city. I see these planes, I see explosions. This man walks up to me and he’s closer to me than you are. He’s about right here. And I can see the skin on his face is melting off of his face. And I can see inside the cavities of his eyes. And he was so sad and he knew he was dying, and his skin and his whole body was covered with, I didn’t even know how to define it, but it looked like an ash or a sud or even maybe chemical warfare.

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