ROBBY:  —for the community and so the city’s a very broken city and we wanted to see transformation.  

SID:  Okay Robby. So she has the wife in tow, the two kids, the pregnant wife in tow and the two kids. She’s going out of the apartment and who does she bump into but the father!

ROBBY:  And she, and she’s carrying their youngest child. My wife is carrying their youngest child. And they go down and right across the street as they walk out of the building was the guy and he had, he had his cell phone and he had his arm up against the telephone pole but his, but his back was you know was towards the building. He was facing the opposite direction. And my wife looked at the— and the girl burst into tears as soon as she saw him cause she was scared you know cause he had just beaten her. And my, and my wife looked at the girl and she goes you stay here and the girl said please you know don’t approach him. And she goes he’s very dangerous. And she goes as a matter of fact he carries a gun. And the street term is he “straps.” But she’s saying you know he’s “strapping.” He’s carrying a gun. And so my wife said she goes you wait here! She goes I’ll be right back. And so my wife walked across the street, grabbed him by his shoulder and spun him around. And she’s holding, she does it all with one hand—

SID:  Is your wife a big woman?  

ROBBY:  — and she’s holding his baby.

SID:  Is your wife a real big woman. Intimidating?

ROBBY:  Oh, no! She’s like, she’s like you know 5-4, you know and you know not— just average build, you know and she’s—

SID:  Did she really poke her finger in his face?  

ROBBY:  Yes. She, she spins him around and not only that, Sid, she slaps the cell phone out of his hand.  


ROBBY:  And then she sticks her finger in his face and she’s—

SID:  This guy with a gun that’s just beaten bloody his girlfriend?

ROBBY:  Yes. Yes.

SID:  But doesn’t she have a child?  

ROBBY:  And she’s shaking her finger.

SID:  Doesn’t she have a child in one hand? His child?

ROBBY:  She’s holding his youngest child who was just probably about ten months old you know in her arms and she shakes her finger in his face and she goes, she said if you know what’s good for you you’ll stay away! She said I’m taking you know the girl and the children. They’re going to come live with us. And she goes I will deal with you later! Do you understand me? And he just froze. He didn’t move. And she turned around and walked back across the street and told you know the girl and the, and my children and the girl’s jaw was just dropped. And she told my wife later she said I’ve never seen anybody, much less a woman talk to him that way. And she—

SID:  That had to be supernatural! The way, the way—

ROBBY:  It was absolutely supernatural!

SID:  The way he— I mean he really froze?

ROBBY:  Yes, he didn’t move at all. He just, he was, you know and I had asked him later you know were you in shock? Or were you— He goes, he goes I couldn’t move. He said I just, I couldn’t move. And so she loaded the kids up and she took ‘em back to our house.

SID:            Because, because there’s so much we want to talk about and I believe there’s going to be a move of God’s spirit on “Something More!” Bottom line, today are they married?

ROBBY:  Yes, yeah. They’re together. They, they moved back home. He was—  

SID:  Is he a—

ROBBY:  —actually on the run from the law—

SID:  Is he a believer?

ROBBY:  —and so he moved.                  

SID:  Is he a believer today?

ROBBY:  Yes, yes. They’re, they’re active in church last I heard, which was not long ago. And they’ve, they’ve been just it was totally transformed. And he, yeah, he just had had, and for the next several days you know he couldn’t, he would try to use drugs and they wouldn’t work.


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