ROBBY:  But something happened you know it’s so true because something did happen there and as I was— I got a phone call and I was in a particularly NOT good mood. I just had some tension things that had happened earlier and I just was, I was upset. I was not in a good mood. So there was no—There wasn’t any— you know it’s not like I earned this or deserve it. It wasn’t like I was coming off a 21-day fast, you know? It was just I wasn’t in the best even attitude. And the phone rang and this woman just she had opened the phone book and just stuck her finger on a church name and called.  

SID:  Huh!

ROBBY:  And she goes you know I and my family we’re not church people she said and you know but, but you know something is happening right now that we need help on. And she goes my dad is going in for his third heart by-pass surgery. And she said the doctors don’t have much hope for him. My mom and I had to talk him into doing this surgery. He didn’t want to do it. And she goes I need help. And I’m sitting there thinking this poor woman. She doesn’t realize she drew the short straw when she got, she got me answering the phone for her.

SID:  That’s right with your track record! (laughing) But go ahead.

ROBBY:  That’s exactly right! I thought this poor lady. And so as I started to pray I mean there was not one prayer of, of— absolutely no prayer for healing whatsoever. I was just praying Lord, comfort them. I literally said Lord I pray that he has all his affairs in order. That he has you know the proper insurance in place. I pray that cause everything I’m hearing from her he’s dying. And she wasn’t even asking for prayer for healing. She didn’t even know to do that. And then right in the middle of it I just heard the Lord say clearly to me He said “Get out on a limb.” And I was like get out on a limb? I don’t like climbing trees. I don’t like heights. I’m kind of nervous with heights. And I was like what does that even mean? And then He said take a risk.  And a lot of people say you know faith is risk and I do too now. But nobody, I’d never heard that before. I never heard a teacher say that. I never heard anybody. And I’m like there’s no risk here to take. They’re not even Christians. It’s not like God was going to heal them.

SID:  You know most people approach faith without that aspect. Without risk. In other words to say well if God tells me to do something I’ll do it. There’s no faith there!  

ROBBY:  Exactly, that’s exactly. I say, I say that very thing. I’m glad to hear that you say it too because I say that very thing. And so I was like there’s no risk here. They’re not even Christians. In my perspective at that time I’m like  God barely even likes to heal His own kids, His own followers. Why is He going to, why is He going to heal one of them! And then the Lord spoke to me and said, and this is from the old King James you know from the Book of Psalms, it says “Open your mouth and I’ll fill it.” And I had heard that over and over again. You know my parents had used it as a— but it was always as a passage of provision so I always applied it to food. You know open your mouth and I’ll fill it. And I—

SID:  I had plenty, I had plenty of food. I always applied it to what I said. I mean take a look at me. No, I’m just teasing. (laughing)

ROBBY:  (laughing) I got you beat on that one, Sid. (laughing) I’m the bigger, I’m the bigger guy here.


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