SID: Every day seeing strangers. What about a stay-at-home mom? What about someone, a man that works from his home with his computer and he’s not even crossing a lot of people’s paths?

KEVIN: Well, I’m glad you asked that because I had a vision because I wondered the same thing. But I had a vision of a young lady. She was a single mom with a baby in her arms, and she was watching. She’s watching Sid Roth, she was watching a show and she was pacing back and forth. She got built up in faith and all of a sudden, she said, “You know what? On my watch, we’re not going to have it this way. I’m coming up against the devil.” And she started fighting the devil from her living room with a baby, feeding a baby. And I realized, this is the warriors of the coming year. This is the warriors of this next move of God, it’s the believer. You can do this from your house.

SID: In a moment, Kevin’s going to demonstrate how to use some of these power words from Scripture to paralyze the enemy and fill your book of life.

SID: I’m here with Dr. Kevin Zadai. Kevin is releasing revelation he had on the power words from the Bible, and he got this revelation in heaven. One of the words that people don’t think that much about but it’s so powerful is resurrection.

KEVIN: Yes, sir. Resurrection has to do with Jesus, of course, rising from the dead. But then that power that rose Him and sat Him at the right hand of God is an amazing power too. I also had revelation of the resurrection as far as it has to do with us walking on this earth like Enoch did. Because I saw that the same power that rose Jesus from the dead, the Apostle Paul said is in us and that it would even quicken our mortal bodies. I mean, think about that, that there would be a transference from the spiritual into the physical body.

SID: And then we would be healed.

KEVIN: Right.

SID: And given supernatural strength and vitality.

KEVIN: Yeah. So every day at my job, I had to tap into that thinking about Moses. The Lord said, “Think about Moses and Me being on the mountain.” He said, “And think about what it was like for them to be standing there.” And Moses didn’t age. In fact, God had to tell him, “It’s time to die.” He wouldn’t die. At 120, he wouldn’t die. So Jesus said to me I can walk in divine life. He said there’s healing, there’s divine health, and there’s divine life. Moses experienced divine life. Resurrection power is something that we have not tapped into. But if you study people like John G. Lake and Smith Wigglesworth, just to name two, they learned to tap into this and they had notable miracles in their ministry. But see, how many of us today see those kinds of results? Jesus said it has to do with the power word, “resurrection.” We need to emphasize this. Satan does not want us to mention resurrection.

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