JAMIE: And so I knew – I knew I’m like I shouldn’t be saying this right now or you know maybe she wants me to do – you know maybe this needs to happen here. So when I’m with the Holy Spirit there’s such a connection we don’t even need to say much. We’re just hanging out with each other! But one of the biggest ways I’ve found to connect is just laying down. Getting on your back whether it’s on the bed or something comfy and just saying speak Lord. I’m listening! I had $17 I think it was. $17 in my pocket when I first started and I thought I need to go get a chair. I’m going to buy this chair and I thought I’m going to sit in it. I’m going to rest. And it’s going to be my heaven chair. I’m going to go -I’m going to wait until God shows up and heaven shows up with Him! Right? I went to Walmart. I thought I was going to get a Lazy-Boy.

ART: [laughs]

JAMIE: You know I was like man I’m going to get something good! $17 doesn’t buy you much but there was this ugly green lawn chair. It was discounted. I bought this thing. Took it home. Unfolded it, and layed, in that thing for 2 hours, 3 hours a day waiting for Him to speak. In those encounters by sitting still, and staying alert, sometimes even letting myself fall asleep.

ART: Hmm.

JAMIE: That may sound totally opposite of what anybody else feels like. When you’re praying, you know you press in. Don’t fall asleep. You know God will punish you! That’s so wrong. God put Adam in a deep sleep. Sometimes we need sleep.

ART: Yeah.

JAMIE: And that’s when He gives us dreams.

ART: Now we’ve got a couple of minutes here. I want you to just minister to the people watching. Minister to the viewer and I want us all to be having these encounters with God. I know you do too. So I’m just going to hand it off to you and let you have at it! All right?

JAMIE: Yeah!

ART: Yeah.

JAMIE: I’m going to pray for you because I believe God wants to give you encounters with Him. He desires to be with His kids. And you are one of His children and so I’m going to ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you and give you faith to receive from Him in the secret place! Get alone. Shut your phone off. You know maybe even prep yourself with some testimonies. You know you could prep yourself with other people’s breakthroughs and then get in the place of faith by just sitting still. Holy Spirit I ask right now as they sit still in Your presence that You would lead them to Jesus. Jesus, I ask right now that You would take them to the Father. And Father that You would pour out the presence of Your glory on them! God, while they’re waiting in the stillness encourage their hearts to lean in and listen. Give them the ability to hear Your voice! Let them have intimate encounters! Father, I ask that You would break off of our heart the areas that have been built around our heart – the stony hardness that’s been built up. Soften our heart! Rub Your presence in like fresh oil into those that are listening to this right now! And let them come into a place where they can receive You! Become a magnet for Your presence. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Let Your presence come and fill them with refreshing presence!

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