PATRICIA: But she’s been dead for 10 years, you know? And I just heard them say this. They said, You know you’re Patricia! You have the capacity to bring light to dark places! Our race is over and our time is done but tell them of this place and tell them He’s worth it all! He’s worth it all! And I was just such a wreck and I, and I – you know the whole thing about the great cloud of witnesses? 

PAT: I thought about that!

PATRICIA: It became very clear to me that some of the great clouds of witnesses are people that know us! They’re the ones that have gone before. But also about living for forever now! So whether you’re a parent or not or whether you know what. It’s just like let’s live for Him! He’s worth it all! And so investing in the next generation. Investing in anybody around us. Helping to bring people into a relationship! With the recent passing of Billy Graham, I just think God is pouring –   

PAT: I believe his mantle is falling –

PATRICIA: Oh. He is –

PAT: On others!

PATRICIA: We’re seeing it!

PAT: Yeah!

PAT: In Canada.

PAT: Yeah!

PATRICIA: We’re seeing much more effectiveness, in evangelism just in these last three weeks! And so anyway. So I just feel like for all of us whether we’re parents but we can all affect and be spiritual parents to somebody.

PAT: But what about. You know the Lord spoke to Karen and me at the beginning of the year that this would be the year of the prodigal awakening.


PAT: This would be the year that those that need an encounter with God He’s going to meet them where they’re at. That you can have an outpouring of God in your home. What about the mom or dad or single parent or grandmother. Because you know grandparents are becoming patents today in this generation.


PAT: Talk to the prodigal’s parents, grandparents out there that are praying, “God, bring my, bring my baby home!”


PAT: Restore my baby! Talk to them.

PATRICIA: You know one thing I would say is this is to make it a point of prayer. But the Bible also says but be anxious for nothing! And so I’ve seen some parents like aah! You know in this great anxiety.

PAT: Yeah.

PATRICIA: I would just say let the peace of God fill your heart! I believe it’s like God sends out the hound dogs of heaven after that prodigal son or daughter!   

PAT: Yeah, yeah!

PATRICIA: We’ve seen it how they turn. I gave the story of my grandmother. And even we do a lot of prophetic evangelism on the streets. It’s like God sends us to the one that has a praying parent. I’m convinced beyond convinced that God is moving on behalf of the prayers of moms and dads out there! I agree that it is a time of the prodigals coming home. We’ve seen that. I also feel it’s important just to declare over them! You know my son, my daughter will walk in the fullness of God’s love! And I just want to pray that! Lord, we bless every parent out there now with a son or a daughter that’s not walking in the ways of God! I also see somebody with a child who is injuring themselves. Who doesn’t like themselves? Who is really even contemplating suicide? We say, God, thank You that the god of this age that has blinded the eyes of the unbelieving is bound in Jesus’ name! And we pray for these parents right now to see a turnaround, a turning of the hearts of their sons and their daughters to the Father in heaven who loves them so, so much!    

PAT: Wow!

PATRICIA: There is hope!

PAT: You know we’re getting ready to end this show but you know I believe with all my heart that there are people that are watching and they’re watching and they’re going I want this for my home!


PAT: I want to fix the generation! So before we close you know one of the things I felt when you were praying, I felt the Spirit of the Lord say to me that as you were praying because of the mother anointing, the parenting anointing, that there are people that depression is breaking off of them right now! I believe that there are people that watching right now and as you’re sitting there you’re going to begin to get phone calls, text messages, knocks on the door! You’re going to hear the sound in your sleep of your children coming home! I believe this with all my heart! This is the moment where you begin to declare it! And I’ll just, if I can add to it, go to the front door of your apartment, trailer, wherever you live and open the door and say, Holy Spirit, come on! Bring them back into my house! Would you pray that over them as we leave? That God’s presence will hover into their home! 

PATRICIA: Absolutely! Holy Spirit, we thank You! Your glory, the chabad weightiness of Your presence let it come and fill every person watching right now! In their home, in their office, wherever it is let the weightiness of Your presence come, God! That You are a miracle working, all-loving compassionate Father! You care! You see! You know! And Lord, I thank You for miracles! Miracles unfolding! Even in this, this is a special year! I’ll tell you this a year of a turnaround! And we just declare that over those seeking that breakthrough! It is a turnaround season! A turnaround time! In Jesus’ name! Thank You, Father!

PAT: [Music] Come on, generations! Let’s rise up! Let the remnant rise up and lead a movement! Hey, thank you for joining us on Something More! Fantastic time together! God bless you! Have a great day!

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