BRUCE: And the cartoon character in the middle. So we know our thoughts come from one of three places. From us. From the enemy. Or from God.

KYLE: Oh. Okay.

BRUCE: The angel representing the Holy Spirit living inside of us. Right? And so we know God is never going to contradict anything He ever says to us in the Bible.

KYLE: That’s why we got to be in the Word!

BRUCE: So we have to be in the Word. That’s our litmus test. Right? To know, you know? But then there’s times that God speaks to us about things that are not in the Bible.

KYLE: Sure.

BRUCE: The enemy lots of times will lie to us. Try to convince us. He will contradict the Bible. He will say things against the Bible. And so being in the Word to know that litmus test. And recognizing that our thoughts come from one of three places. I mean that’s the best place to start from!

KYLE: Tell me about your friend Tim.

BRUCE: So you had mentioned at the beginning of this, you had mentioned at the beginning of this show how I was a prodigal.

KYLE: Right.

BRUCE: And so part of my growing up you know after being molested as a child and different abuses and different things going on as a child one thing unfortunately that I picked up was smoking pot, doing drugs to medicate the pain that I had inside and I struggled with that for years.

KYLE: You were in upper teenage years by this time?

BRUCE: Exactly. Upper teenage years and I started smoking marijuana and it was a way to minister, you know to medicate the pain. And I didn’t realize what I was doing at the time but it was suppressing that pain. And so it turned into adduction and I suffered with it for years. And my wife and I we get married. You know we get married. We started going to church. We started becoming active. We’re doing things. I’m not in ministry by any shape or you know any form at all. But God is using me. The gifts are in operation. There’s words of knowledge. There’s dreams. There’s visions. Different things are happening. But yet I still got this skeleton in the closet of this marijuana addiction.    

KYLE: It was an addiction?

BRUCE: An addiction. It was fighting against me. And so I went to my pastor and I talked to him about it. And you know men’s group and told them. I just was honest. I said look, I’m struggling with this addiction. We talked about it. So one day the pastor gets up one Sunday morning and he said, “Hey, when I’m struggling with different things.” He goes, “I have a prayer partner, an accountability partner. And I pick up the phone and I call him. And he said I just suggest to you guys, to the congregation if you have issues, you know, find somebody that you can really relate with.” So after the service one of the guys from the men’s ministry, this man named Tim comes up and he said hey, I want to be your prayer partner and he said can we get, you know when you’re feeling like you –        

KYLE: He comes up to you?

BRUCE: Yeah. He approached me. No, I didn’t.

KYLE: You didn’t invite him in necessarily?

BRUCE: No. And he said I’ll be your prayer partner. I’ll be your accountability. And he says if you feel like you need to get high call me instead. And I thought to myself no, that’s not going to happen, you know? And so a week or two goes by and I was at a point in my life where I was no longer owning drugs. I no longer had the stuff on me. And what I did was I was only getting high when I was around other people that were doing it. Friends, you know? Because you surround yourself with a circle of people that do it. So one day the phone rings and I’m just about to get high. I’m at this guy’s place. I’m just about to get high and the phone rings and it’s Tim. And I said to this guy, oh just a minute.

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