JOHN: So if you say, “John, I want fear of the Lord” I want you to just, if you’re watching by video or if you’re in here tonight, just lift up your hands right now. And so Father, we come before You. You are the spirit of wisdom, You are the Spirit of might, You are the spirit of understanding, the spirit of counsel. You are the Spirit of the Lord God, but You are also the Spirit of the fear of the Lord. It is that manifestation we desire tonight, we ask You for tonight. I’m asking, Heavenly Father, in Jesus” name, that You would baptize every one of us with a fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit of the fear of the Lord. May Your Presence manifest— in Jesus” name. There’s His presence right there, just lift your hands up.

In Jesus” name. There’s His presence right there. Father, thank you, for what You’re doing in here right now. Even as people are being filled, their bodies are being healed. There’s chronic pain that is been suffered in someone’s back and you will not suffer that chronic pain any longer because it’s like oil that is pouring right down your spine even right now. Others of you are having joint problems, arthritic problems, we curse it now, because the fire of God is literally revitalizing those joints.

The presence of the Lord is in this place, somebody’s foot’s being healed. I don’t know what’s wrong with your foot but your foot’s being healed right now. I break the power of nightmares, reoccurring nightmares that have plagued you, no they’re not messages from God and they are not condemning messages to you. They are a demonic attack and I break that attack off of your life in the name of Jesus. Now Lord, I thank You for freedom in this room and I thank you for your presence manifesting, In Jesus” name, amen. Amen. Can we thank God for what He’s done? Amen, Amen, Amen. God bless you!

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