SID: And I got the scare of my life. This voice I heard inside of me. I didn’t know it, but the guy that gave me the free office says, “It’s a demon. You have a demon in you.” And I had seen the movie, or perhaps you’ve read the book, The Exorcist. And I lived it. So what does a Jewish guy that’s got a demon inside of him do? If you go to the rabbi, he’ll send you to a psychiatrist. If you go to your parents, they’ll send you to a psychiatrist. If you go to most Christians, they won’t know what to do for you. But I wouldn’t do it because I’m Jewish.

SID: I got to the bottom, the absolute bottom. I’ve messed up every arena of my life. And now I had something evil. I didn’t want to die, but I didn’t want to live with this entity inside of me. And so my Christian friends said to me, “Sid, if you would pray to God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, in the name of Jesus, he’ll set you free.” And the worst night of my life—I really didn’t remember the young boy with the question of what happens when you die. I didn’t want to die, but life was too difficult. I couldn’t live this way. So I said, “Jesus, help.” It was a two-word prayer. I went to bed that night, I woke up in the morning, and just as there is a presence, and I think Larry you’ll confirm this, of God in this studio and perhaps going through your television right now, or your iPhone or however you’re watching us right now. That presence of God came on me. I had never … I experienced a lot of feelings in the new age. I had never experienced pure love undefiled by humans. Pure love of God. It was like my whole room was filled with this pure love of God.

SID: And then I heard the audible voice of God after I had prayed, “Jesus help.” And the voice said to me, quoted Malakai. I’m Jewish, but I didn’t need to know what Malakai said. The Jewish prophet Malakai said, “I hate divorce. Return to your wife and daughter.” And I did instantly. And I’ve been a follower of Jesus ever since. I’ll tell you what. You’ve tried everything, then before this show is over, you’re going to have your own experiential knowledge of God.

LARRY: I love that powerful encounter that you had, where you gave your heart to Yeshua. You just said, “Jesus help.” I’m amazed though said at the rapidity, how God accelerated things for you. Less than a year of you coming to [      ], you were on the front page of a major newspaper in Washington DC, and that opened up a major door. What happened as a result of that?

SID: I have to tell you, the reporter was Jewish, that did this article for this major newspaper in Washington, DC. And I was interested in him coming to know the Messiah. And so I would say, because I’ve seen enough TV, I would say, “Now what I’m telling you is off the record.” He said, “Of course it is.” Everything I said that should be off the record was in print. My father saw it, my uncle saw it. Oy vey. In any event, I was teasing a little, but it was a tough situation for me. But someone else saw it. Catherine Kuhlman, who had one of the first believing television shows on secular TV throughout the world. Her staff saw it.

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