JOHNNY: My point to the body of Christ is, what was prophesied beginning 2020 by the credible prophetic voices you’ve been following for years or even decades, it was not disaster. It was not doom. It was a major breakthrough year. It was a new era, a beginning of a decade that would be a kingdom age decade. And so the promises that were prophesied to begin this year don’t suddenly get canceled because a COVID storm surfaces. And what looks like is going to destroy us is going to end up being that which catapults us to the other side.

SID: God took you to the Book of 2 Chronicles 20:20. What does that say?

JOHNNY: Well, and it’s kind of obvious in a way, the 2 Chronicles 20:20 scripture. It is again a picture of this year. It’s Jehoshaphat the king, and then he finds out he is surrounded by the Moabites and the Ammonites and the armies are so immense, so much greater than him—

SID: So in the natural, he’s finished.

JOHNNY: He’s like, “Oh, my goodness.” He was fearful, and so he calls an assembly. A lot of what’s gone on around the world, there have been special prayer meetings and church meetings and online, mainly most everything, but there has been many meetings to seek the Lord. What does this mean? What does this mean? What does this mean?

JOHNNY: And there was a prophet named Jahaziel who stood up. Interesting what his name means. His name means, he who watches God and God watches him. And so it’s about seeing things from his perspective, sort of like Caleb vision. What do you see in the same territory is what the 10 spies … The 10 spies are kind of like normal media. They see all the giants, they see all the challenges, and Caleb was able to see in the midst of that challenging situation, he was able to see huge grapes, a land that flows with milk and honey.

JOHNNY: And so Jahaziel says, “Listen, this battle, you will not have to fight. This is the Lord’s battle. You will have to show up in the battlefield, but this is one He will fight for you. So position yourselves in the battlefield.” Jehoshaphat carried out of that, King Jehoshaphat, the strategy of leading with worshipers and praisers. And they went before, and the praisers, as they worshiped and praised God, it says, “The enemy began to kill themselves.” Now we’ve heard that praise and worship isn’t a tool against the enemy, but I believe perhaps why we are called to praise Him at this time is because the enemy is not really the Moabites and the Ammonites, it is fear. And we have to suppress the fear that’s inside of us by praising and worshiping our God, and then the enemy begins to wipe itself out.

JOHNNY: I think we’re going to see that in a practical way. Even in our nation, the nations of the world, there’s clearly a global dark agenda that has come against, conspired against, President Trump because of his assignment before God. It’s come against the United States economy and they’re willing to sacrifice the economies of the whole world. They’re willing to see all kinds of death and destruction in order for themselves to maintain their control.

JOHNNY: So we’re seeing played out in 2 Chronicles 20 the 2020 dynamics. But again, it’s good news. There is the challenge. It’s bigger than us. It’s more than we can handle. There’s a rescue operation from heaven on our behalf, as we hold our ground, we show up in the battlefield, knowing the battle is the Lord’s.

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