JENNIFER: Well, you see, we look at ourselves as coaches. A coach equips the team to play the game. The people who are leading our small groups are actually becoming leaders in their own right who will be equipped to handle whoever God brings in.

SID: Dennis, the two of you are known for a way to hear God, a way to get in touch with your spirit. But you say that this system you’ve developed, that the Holy Spirit taught you, is necessary to implement the teaching of the Didache, the lost teachings of the apostles.


SID: Could you briefly explain what dropdown is and why it’s so important and demonstrate it?

DENNIS: Yeah. We’ve been called how-to people. We’ve had seasoned pastors even say, “Here’s a couple telling us how to do what we already knew what we were supposed to do biblically.” So we said, “What the church needed for proper discipleship…” They even usher them into the Didache and the original teachings. They need some simple how-tos. One of the most important that I feel is head Christianity versus heart Christianity. So we had to find a simple tool, if you want to call it that, but it’s a resource of training people to function from the spirit instead of their head.

SID: Most people, when they say, “Where is your spirit?” They go… like the pledge of allegiance of their heart. But that’s not what Jesus said.

DENNIS: No, no. He said, “Out of your belly will flow rivers of living water.” We coined a term dropdown. There’s always going to be someone that says, “Where’s that in Scripture?” Well, in our New Testament, any time you see the word put on, it comes from a Greek word [foreign language], which means to sink into in order to be clothed. So if the peace of God is down here in my heart, it rises up to guard my heart and my mind.

JENNIFER: Put on the Lord Jesus.

DENNIS: How about this one, put on bowels of mercy. Ask the average Christian, “How do you do that?”

SID: They wouldn’t know.

DENNIS: They can quote the Scripture. But they don’t know how do you do that. You want to put on the bowels of mercy, you go to him. We would say Jesus in you. Your Messiah in you, the hope of glory. Where’s Jesus? Now, we just said in you. They point to heaven. So I said, “There’s a disconnect here that we’re going to have to train people to go to Jesus within as opposed to Jesus far away in heaven.’ Yes, he’s in both places. So are we. But the reality is we’re on earth. We’re supposed to be demonstrating the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. This is our assignment. We’re using that word assignment.

SID: Okay. You guys do a brilliant job in your brand new book to teach you how to live, how to literally live in your spirit all the time. It’s the most wonderful thing in the world. But demonstrate very briefly how someone would drop down to their spirit with Jennifer.

DENNIS: Jennifer was totally intellectual. She would struggle. And I says, “Jennifer, just put your hand down here,” because discerning the human spirit was easy for me from the time I got saved. I think everything I learned, it was out of discerning my own spirit and then others. And I’d say, “Close your eyes.” And I could bear witness—

JENNIFER: Walk me through it just like that, when you were first discipling me.

DENNIS: Okay. All right.

JENNIFER: Tell me what to do.

DENNIS: Jennifer, put your hand down here.

JENNIFER: What else do I need to do?

DENNIS: I want you to pay attention to what’s down here.

SID: I’m going to do that too right now. Go ahead.

JENNIFER: Close your eyes.

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