JOAN: Run! Now watch those crazy shoes that you – all right, take off the shoes. Take off the shoes. Okay, now I really want you to run! Run! Pick up your legs and run over to Sid. Run, run, run, run, run, run, run! Pick up your legs. All right. Come on back, honey. Come on back right now. Stop and jump. Jump! Jump!  Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! 

Audience: [clapping]

JOAN: Oh, come on!

Woman #9: And you know the rest of my – can I testify about Morris Cerullo?

JOAN: Morris Cerullo?

Woman #9: He was on, 2 weeks before we traveled and oh, I had hurt the back of my leg and I don’t know how to tell you – well you’ll feel it now. You’ll understand. Is that I knew that I knew my leg was going to be healed. I prayed for my own mom. She has an ulcer at 87. She’s had many cause she fractured her legs under a fire engine at 27 years old. She’s 87. So I was praying for my ma, huh, and I got healed watching Morris Cerullo about his long ulcer. So I was happy because I’m going to travel and the enemy didn’t want me to travel for almost two weeks. Right? So I got healed. Well, you spanked me, I think because I was naughty at Niagara Falls a week and a half ago.

JOAN: [laughing]

Woman #9: And it says don’t stand on this, isn’t this comical? Don’t stand on this ledge and I was good about it so –

JOAN: On a ledge what would a normal human being do –

Woman #9: Oooh.

JOAN: When there’s a sign?

Woman #9: I’ve heard that transmitter was, you know. So I listened to the wrong transmitter and stood up and I popped my tendon on the back. Stood there and screamed and screamed and my husband’s like “shush!” 

JOAN: In pain?

Woman #9: Pain! Because I snapped at my tendon. I know I did. I really know I did because I couldn’t move. I don’t give in to pain.

JOAN: I want you to run right now again! Run! Jump and run! Run and jump! Run and jump! I think she’s healed!

Audience: [applause] Hallelujah!

JOAN: You think she’s healed, Sid? I think she’s healed! I think – look at this! Look at – 

Woman #9: That pain is gone.

JOAN: Oh, that pain is gone!

Woman #9: Yes!

JOAN: Yeah, that’s wonderful! I love that!

Woman #9: I want to tell 30 seconds on how to keep it.  

JOAN: Sure.

Woman #9: So, now this is just my growth in my walk. Up to that when the pain was so bad and I’m just starting on vacation I have to hold on to people and I’ve got to go up all these steps back up Niagara Falls and I have to hold my husband every step and just crying in pain. And I’m a little upset about it and I said, “Okay, Father, I did wrong and I suffered for it but Your grace is right there for me.” This is a leap for me as far as stretching out more to receive more but I said, “Your grace is right there!” Right there for me. So I take it! I’m healed right now because that grace is there. You already paid it so I’m going to take it right now! And because I believe, not on my part because He put it in me to believe, I believed and so I received it! And I’ve had no pain. Once in a while but I don’t give in. I just shut that transmitter off, right?       

JOAN: Yeah. All right. But now what about now?

Woman #9: It’s good.

JOAN: It’s good?

Woman #9: Oh, and this up here? Gone.

JOAN: Gone! [chuckles] That’s pretty good! Gone! [laughs] [music ends]


ANNCR: ISN, The It’s Supernatural! Network brings you this special moment of worship. [music and singing] You were there when the earth was void and formless. Covered only with the darkest night. You were there stepping out onto nothing. Spoke your word and light began to shine. You were there with gentleness creating in your image man out of the dust. You were there when unity was shattered. And still, you choose to redeem us with your love. 

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