But at the same time, I saw structures of man falling down. I saw governments that were based on men falling. I mean, in the middle of the wave, you could see the buildings. And the Lord said, it’s going to be a great and terrible day. It is going to be the greatest move of God we’ve ever seen. But for those that are not looking, and waiting, and wanting, it’s judgment, right? This wave is going to come and heal, but it’s also going to correct. So I believe it’s coming. And for us that are looking forward and believe, amen, the greatest days are ahead. I promise you the greatest days of the church are upon us. We are in the days of Awakening.

SID: So now you thought he blew you out of the water on that dead baby. Wait until you hear this… Real briefly, I asked and just, you never even brought it up. I was just minding my own business. James, have you ever been translated in the Spirit? And you said yes. Briefly, what happened?

JAMES: God uses you with these questions. I was a new believer, and I was in prayer and I found out there was a tsunami that hit India. It was a massive one and people were dying and getting hurt. And all I could tell you is I went right next to my bed. I was in this prayer mode on my knees and I was weeping, and weeping, and weeping, and travailing, and crying out, and praying in tongues. And all of a sudden, I left my body, and I’m telling you this wasn’t a dream. I literally showed up there. I could see the waves, people crying for help, people in the water holding onto trees. And it was like overwhelming. But I felt the Lord say, just take care of the ones in front of you.

And so there was a little girl that I helped. There was a mom. It was actually a whole family that was sitting on a rock that needed to jump over to the ledge. There was somebody that got hit. Their neck was all torn up from the… And I laid hands and it got healed. And in the same time as I’m reaching for, I’m getting cut up. And it was like one hour of helping people. And then when I came out of it, I was standing ready to go help someone else. And I came out of it. And I came back to my knees in prayer, and my arms were bleeding. I had cuts on my body from that experience. It was unbelievable.

SID: So you had absolute conclusive, empirical evidence that this wasn’t a figment of your imagination.

JAMES: 100%.

SID: I’ll tell you what, when we return, James is going to pray, only if you’re interested for the fire of God. Are you ready?

SID: James, God said to you, he spoke, and I’m quoting. “I do not want any filter placed on me.” What did he mean?

JAMES: Wow. I was in the Netherlands. I was in a place called Harderwyk, and I was ministering to a lot of people. And as I was preaching, I had a vision. And it was like on the wall, I saw Jesus. But it was weird. He was on the cross. And as I’m preaching, I see this and I’m not really sure what’s happening. So I stop. People are looking at me. I’m literally looking at the wall, wondering what’s happening. And then what I see in the vision is people came up, started tying his feet again, people came up, started nailing his hands again, people came up, somebody stuffed his mouth with a sock, taped him with tape, covered him with blinds.

And then they all started going on next to him and going, “We want a word from you. We want a touch from you. We want a prophetic word.” And the Lord said it will not happen until they remove the restraints that they’ve placed on me. I want to be seen with no filter, says the Lord. And, and we can’t restrain him with our theology. We can’t restrain him with our beliefs of men. Jesus is saying, I want you to see me the way I am. Right? Because there needs to be nothing in between us. I want to be sovereign. I want to be holy and it’s on his terms, not ours, right?

SID: You had a very critical situation happened in your life. Your son was dying from the flu.

JAMES: Yeah. It was—

SID: And the fire of God showed up. Tell me about that.

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