JERAME: :There’s two types of prayer. There’s intercession prayer where you’re praying and you’ve got your list of things you’re believing God for a breakthrough or you’re praying in the spirit. But then there’s also a second type which is called listening prayer. And how many of you know that as much as you intercede you need to learn how to wait. And you need to wait there and that’s when you come before the Lord and say Holy Spirit, Here I am! I’m making myself available to you right now and I’m just going to love on Jesus and if You want to speak anything to me then, then, then here I am! Speak, your servant’s listening! And so I’ve just learned to start to develop that every day. And you got to understand some people they go well I don’t got all the time in the world. Listen, I remember one time in my life I had this season where I was, where I was super busy and I was beating myself up, you know, condemnation and the whole thing and I remember I was beating myself up because in a season before that I had a lot of time. And I could spend 5 hours a day with the Lord but then I got shifted into full-time ministry.

I’m travelling all over the world. All of these things and the Lord said to me you know I remember complaining to Him. I’m like God, I only got 40 minutes with You and I just don’t have what I had before. And He spoke to me and He said listen. I can do more with 15 minutes of heart-devoted time to Me than you can striving for 10 hours trying to get into My presence! He said to me it’s not about your striving. It’s about you having contact with My glory, with My Presence! He says it’s Me who touches you that changes you. It’s not you touching Me! He said, He said your hunger can touch Me and then that makes Me come but ultimately the thing that changes your life is when you get into His presence and you allow Him to touch you. And, and so what’s amazing is that when you’re in a time of busyness here’s the key: Speaking in tongues!

AUDIENCE: Amen! Yep!

JERAME: Cause how many of you know in your car you can drive down the street 30 minutes to go meet your friend for lunch or a business contact and you could be

JERAME: [speaks in tongues] you could be praying. Listen I prayed for like 3 hours on the flight over here and people think I’m crazy. I just don’t care! You know why? Because it doesn’t matter what they think!


JERAME: And not only that nowadays people don’t even know what you’re doing anyway! Just put your earphones in. They go oh that guy’s from Lebanon. They don’t know!


JERAME: You just, you know you just go [prays in tongues] but my point is this is that what we have been experiencing in the outpouring that we’ve been seeing is tremendous miracles, tremendous signs and wonders, dead raisings. But I wanted to give you the meat of what I believe He’s releasing, which is this: An abiding glory!


JERAME: An abiding glory to the Church. A glory that abides and rests upon His people and it empowers us to be the best version of who we’re called to be! And you got to understand when you start to focus on the King of the kingdom, what you focus on you empower. And so if you’re always focused on the devil and all the strongholds and all your sin and things that you’re messing up on how many of you know that you’re not going to empower anything! In fact you’re going to be discouraged. But if you focus on the King of the kingdom and you focus on worshipping Him. Listen, the times you worship Him the most is when things are going wrong! I mean you got to understand you can give nothing to God that He doesn’t already own except for one thing. You want to know what it is? Your praise!


JERAME: Everything else He already owns. But when you begin to give Him the sacrifice of praise, like David said, and you begin to worship Him, you begin to focus on the King of the kingdom then what happens is the devil becomes itty-bitty and God becomes huge and before you know it the kingdom of heaven starts manifesting in your life. People see it and they go what is it you got? You know I want to have it! And what happens is all of a sudden it doesn’t mean you don’t have trials and tests going on and things happening in your life but what happens is God starts to rub off on you because you start to attract Him in everything and everywhere you go! And so listen I want to just pray with you guys real quick. Just put your hands out like this. So Father, I thank You for everybody right now that’s watching and we decree even in their living rooms, we decree even in this place right now that anointing of the Holy Ghost coming, that marking of signs and wonders. And we release that realm of tangible glory! Even 200 nights plus that we’ve been seeing the Holy Spirit mark people and so we decree it now in the name of Jesus! We invite You to mark us with Your glory and love that we would tangibly carry it like Peter did in Jesus’ name! Amen!

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