SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Kynan Bridges, and Dr. Bridges and I’ve been friends for a long time, but you have moved into a new zone in the spirit.

KYNAN: Yes, I have.

SID: I mean, I could see it when you were doing some recording for us yesterday. How long has this been happening?

KYNAN: It’s been happening, I would say within the last year, the Lord has just infused me with a new level of glory.

SID: Can believer’s walk in miracles daily?

KYNAN: Yeah. It’s interesting, Sid, the reality is this, not only can we walk in miracles daily, but what if I told people that it was our inheritance that we do? Not only that, but in these days to come, Sid, we must walk in miracles. And so God began to show me this thing of a church, of a body of believers that are really releasing the presence of God all over the earth, as you call it actually, the global glory. And I believe that the glory of the Lord is about to cover the earth like the waters cover the sea.

SID: I’ve read that somewhere.

KYNAN: Yeah, it’s in the Bible.

SID: I know.

KYNAN: There’s something called…yeah. It’s amazing. See, we’re seeing it all over the world. Everywhere I go, everywhere I go with this message is coming across of the kingdom, people are seeing the most miraculous things take place in their lives. And the beauty of it is it’s not just people with titles and people that are authors or TV figures, but mothers and teachers, and people that work in regular fields of endeavor are seeing the miraculous explode in their lives.

SID: You had a vision of Skittles, the candy?

KYNAN: Yes. Skittles was my favorite candy growing up. It only stands to reason God will use that to speak to me. And in this vision it was just a beautiful field, just plush field and golden, and all of a sudden, these Skittles begin to rain from heaven. All kinds of flavors, all kinds of colors.

SID: You were in heaven.

KYNAN: That’s heaven for me. I know there’re going to be Skittles in heaven. And as these Skittles began to fall, God began to speak to me because I wondered, “What is this?” And God said, “This represents my ridiculous favor and my miraculous provision on His body of believers all over the world.” We’re about to see an outpouring of favor like we’ve never seen it before. An outpouring of miraculous provision like we’ve never seen before. And God says that His children are going to taste His sweetness and His goodness like we’ve never experienced in our lives. We need to get ready.

KYNAN: This is the beauty of all of what I’m talking about. This is not just for me, it’s not just for you, it’s for every person under the sound of my voice right now. It’s for those watching us. And I believe if we will come into agreement that God is saying to His people, there’s no more excuses, there’s no more limitations. In fact, I want to read this word that the Lord gave to me and I want to read it quickly for our audience. This is when the Lord woke me up and He said to me, He says, “I’ve called you into intimacy. I’ve called you to look into Me and see, see My heart, see My purpose, see My plan for your life. It’s time for you to turn away from fear, to turn away from pride, and I will bring you into what I call the manifestation of now. The realm of impossibility is opening to you in a fresh way, get ready, an explosion of glory is here.” That’s what the Lord says.

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