REBECCA: So everyone knew their name, right? But when I asked you what is your name, maybe some of you heard your name, your mom calling your name, right? Or you heard your name in your head. Like the conversation you have in your head, that voice, that’s probably your own, maybe, voice. Some people saw their name like a handwriting, saw their name or read their name like when you read it on the envelope of your mail. Some people didn’t hear or see anything you just, you knew this is who I am. Right? And some of you are confused because you’re thinking you had none of those, but you still knew your name, right? If you didn’t see a picture and you didn’t hear a sound, you probably just knew, you just had that inner knowing.

REBECCA: Well that was a natural exercise, that was not a supernatural exercise. But me triggering, asking you the question triggered a thought to come to your mind. Correct? And that’s how your mind works. So what’s going to happen? Now we’re going to pray and we’re going to ask the Lord. Everyone is going to hear from the Lord now and I want you to just ask the Lord whatever you’re comfortable with. Ask the Lord to give you a picture or ask the Lord to give you a sound such as a word or ask Lord to give you a feeling or an impression or just a knowing like some of you are like, “Yes, I just know.” Ask the Lord to give you one of those, whatever’s more comfortable for you about you for the next 24 hours. The scripture tells us that prophecy is for edification, exhortation, and comfort. Some good thought. His heart, as Jermaine said so well earlier, his heart towards us for the next 24 hours and we’re going to believe that God’s going to do it. So as believers, everyone will be equipped.

JERMAINE:  Yeah. So those of you that are watching at home, those of you that are in the studio audience, just go ahead and close your eyes right now and I’m just going to pray this prayer of impartation, of just a releasing of that prophetic spirit and that prophetic heart to you.

JERMAINE:  So Father, right now we just declare an opening of their spiritual senses right now, their ears to hear from you, their eyes in the spirit to begin to see you. So Lord, we just break off every hindrance right now and we just released the impartation of your prophetic spirit. So we just release that, you’re speaking, that you’re releasing right now, Lord, in Jesus name.

REBECCA: And so now just let a picture or a thought, a feeling, a word, a simple, subtle, still small voice that is positive, that is God’s heart toward you just for today, for the rest of today, for the next 24 hours. And by now something has hit our spirits. Just as quickly as you knew your name, that’s how quickly something has hit your spirit and so you can go ahead and open your eyes and you may have found that it was vague and you want to spend some time. Journal that, write it out, pray a little more into it, but I promise you that something came. Usually it’s just that first impression that comes, just grab it and let God unfold it. As long as it doesn’t go contrary to the Bible and as long as it fits with what the scripture says, edification, exhortation and comfort. Then let the word release and sort of marinate on that a little longer.

SID: Now, you usually teach long seminars on this, but how many people have you activated over the years approximately?

JERMAINE:  We’ve activated thousands and over thousands of people that we’ve done seminars and teaching with.SID: Okay. I heard a word and the word that I heard was whole. In Messiah, you are whole.

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