SID: Hello, Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest, John Veal. At six [you] had an experience that no one should have. What happened to you?

JOHN: Well, at six years old, I lived with my mother and my aunt and my grandparents in a home in Chicago and they acquired a Ouija board. Now, Ouija board is something that people use to contact the dead, but it was marketed as a regular board game. So they bought it innocently and so one night they were playing. My mom and my aunt were playing the Ouija board and I never played it, but I was around it and I had watched them and all of a sudden they got something on the board.

JOHN: Now, some of the understanding about Ouija boards is that they believe the dearly departed comes through the board and the people put their hands on what’s called a planchette, the triangular object.

SID: So, this is almost like a séance?

JOHN: Yes, yes, yes. Very much.

SID: It’s the same thing?

JOHN: Yes, very much. And so they placed their hands on it and it moves the planchette around to different letters and symbols that was on the board.

SID: And spells things out.

JOHN: Spells things out, yes. And so they are doing this on this particular night and they got something on the board and it was particularly drawn to my mother. And it said it hated my mother, spelled out that it hated my mother. And then my mother asked it a question, she said, “when will I die?” And it spelled out in the next 10 years. And so that frightened her to no end.

SID: I would imagine so.

JOHN: Yes. And so they kind of continue. My aunt went on and she played with the board and she got something on there and then they went on to doing something else and saying all this foul language and all kinds of stuff. It was really, really bad.

SID: And so you kind of grew up with this sort of thing happening. But tell me about the time you just went into your bathroom and what did you see?

JOHN: Yeah, I was on the back porch at the same house and just have to use the washroom. So, I went to the washroom and as a little guy, I had to reach up to turn the light on. I saw a figure that was darker than how dark it was in the bathroom, and I thought it was my Aunt Helen. And so I reached down to try to touch it. And so it seemed like the figure turned away from me and just disappeared. Now what was so amazing is that I wasn’t fearful at first, I was just in awe because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. And then fear hit me when it disappeared. And I ran out and I told my aunt what I’d seen. She said, “I’ve seen it too.” Very, very calmly. So, it was commonplace within the house.

SID: By the way, did your mother live in real fear for the next 10 years?

JOHN: Yes, she did. She did. This worried her. This upset her as she was 26 at the time. So as she approached her 36th birthday, which was 10 years later, she started talking about the brevity of life. How short life is, telling me to take care of my little brother. So I started to pray with all my might. I said, “Lord, please don’t let my mother die. Don’t let her pass.” And thankfully she did not die. She lived another 27 years.

And there’s movies about ghosts. Are there such things as ghosts?

JOHN: No. No. Hebrews 9 and 27 says, “it’s appointed unto man once to die. But after this, the judgment”. So there is no staying on earth. There’s no purgatory where you’re on the earth and just walking around aimlessly. You either go into heaven or hell. And so ghosts are demons. They’re demons. So if someone sees their grandmother and they appear, that’s not your grandmother, that’s a demon.

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