SID: I’ve been in Kevin’s meetings.You always carry the presence of heaven because you were there.Wherever you go.But it appears to me, and correct me if I’m wrong,there’s a real increase going on in your life.

KEVIN: Yes sir.And I believe that this is for everyone and I’m not claiming tobe anybody special.Jesus sent me back.He sent me back to a generation that is chosen at the end ofthis dispensation to show the glory of God.To show God out so that everyone in the world sees it.We have a God who is most powerful and mighty.He’s going to start visiting us.  

SID: When?I don’t know why I’m so sensitive to this,but I see so many people today.They’re trapped.They feel like the victims.Victims of circumstances.Victims of not enough education.Victims of not having enough money.Victims of not being parented properly and they spend a wholelife being a victim.When did you realize you are no longer a victim?

KEVIN: This is why you notice a difference in mymeetings because not that long ago,I woke up one morning and what happened was is I was going frombreakthrough to breakthrough, so you would go from break throughto break through, but then once you get through,then you need another breakthrough and then you needanother touch from God.And the Lord said, “That’s over with.We’re going into overthrow which is permanent.”Which means that the enemy starts to know who you are andhe can’t stop you.He cannot stop you.   I realized that morning, Sid, that I was no longer a victim.I woke up one morning, I can show you whereit is in my house.I woke up and I saw into the enemy’s eyes and he realizedthat he had lost me.He no longer had any influence on me and he had become thevictim and he doesn’t even talk to me anymore because I give hima whooping everyday.

SID: Did you hear…?Kevin so much just came out of your mouth.There is a new victim in town.It’s called the Devil, not you.And did I hear you say you gave him whooping everyday?

KEVIN: Yes, Sid.I actually was told by the Lord to take a two by fourspiritually and just give him a good one over thehead every morning.So I just wake up swinging just like Samson day with that donkeyjaw bone.

SID: Seriously, I want to understand this.What do you do when you wake up?

KEVIN: The first thing out of my mouth is I yell,”Yes!”Because I’m saying yes to my books and it wakes my wife up and then she says yes and then we go into warfare tongues.And when we go into warfare tongues,we start prophesied.And then I tell the Devil that because me and God are going to be doing things today.You might want to stay out of the way.And I start to remind him about the Lake of fire.It’s getting really hot, I heard these days.And I start to prophesy his doom and I start to pray for people that their eyes or their heart would be enlightened.And before you know it, fire from the altar of God is coming out of my mouth.And that’s how I start my day.And me and my wife just start praying in the spirit,praying out our books for that day.And we see miracles every day.We have staff members that watch things happen every single day.We have a miracle happen.It’s because we’re synchronizing ourselves with Heaven.

SID: Kevin, saw the plan for creation of everything in heaven before it even began.Fascinating to see how a human life was created.I want to find out, be right back. 

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