Sid Roth says, let me just mention something before I pray for you. This new mentoring kit is a baby. It’s new. Yet it’s already growing. I have ideas for it next year that we’ve going to add to the kit. –I’ll tell just tell you one of the thoughts I had, it was actually yesterday. Anyone of you get “tweets?” Raise your hands if you get tweets. Or do the rest of you have to learn how to do that? (audience laughs) Here’s the thought that I had–if you have a computer, get one of your grandchildren and they’ll show you how to tweet– (audience laughs) I’m going to give you one scripture, not every day, one scripture every week. And I want you to think about that all week, my whole staff is going to have that same scripture, I want you to say it out loud. I want you to meditate on it, I want you to chew on it. Do you realize that one word from God can change your destiny? One word from God! That’s all it takes.

What if you had one scripture every week knowing our staff is doing the same thing you’re doing. And meditating on that ‘til it becomes part of you. ‘til the word becomes flesh. Maybe we’ll put it on the web page if you don’t want to tweet (laughs). If you can find a web page… But I want you to do it with us. According to Sid Roth, He really have such a passion to mentor you to stop being a couch potato, to mentor you to stop being a spectator, to mentor you to do the works of Jesus! That’s what He wants right now more than anything

Our Guest Mario Murillo

SID: Mario, you have to tell us about Joe in Fresno.

MARIO: Okay, a young man, 19 years of age, introduced to heroin by his parents, he’s going to a pizza parlor because it’s one of the only things that he can do as an addict, so he’s going to work there, and he drives on Highway 99, the river, the corridor of glory. There is our tent right alongside the highway, and a voice says to him, “Get in that tent.” He pulls off to call his boss and say, “I can’t come to work today. I got to get in this tent.” The boss says, “If you don’t show up, you’ll be fired,” and he said, “I guess I’m fired because I’m going in that tent.”

He got there at about 4:30, and we had to start early because the tent filled up, so I walk out and I keep looking at this young man and, just like that, the Holy Spirit downloaded, cirrhosis of the liver, failing kidneys, heroin addiction, he’s not saved, so I woke up to Joe in front of all the people. I said, “Young man, stand up.” I said, “You’re addicted to heroin, aren’t you?” and he nods his head, very humble, and I said, “You have kidney failure and, your liver, you have hepatitis C,” and he acknowledged all of it, and the Lord healed him, and he knew he was healed.

He knew it, so then I put my hand on his shoulder, and I said, “Joe, repeat after me.” He says the Sinner’s Prayer, and he’s born again, so I turned around. A demon came out of him. His body was healed, and he’s saved, so I’m going to do a victory dance. The Lord said, “You’re not done yet,” so I turned around and I said, “Joe, I know what I’m about to tell you makes zero sense to you, but put your hand on your stomach because, out of your belly, something’s going to flow, and you’re going to hear a phrase in your ear that is a language you don’t understand. All I’m going to ask you to do is focus on Christ and repeat that phrase you hear in your ear,” so he put his hands on his stomach, threw his head back, and this heavenly language started coming out of him.

I’m no dummy, so I took the mic. I put it right down by his mouth, and I told the sound man to turn it up, and that language of prayer filled that whole tent and shifted the entire atmosphere of the place. That is not the end of the story. We have a wonderful work with a guy named Frank Saldana out of Stockton called Inner City Action, and Inner City Action is so powerful, and they set up our tent. They send workers, and they have a place for the homeless, and they train people.

Joe leaves, comes back the next day when the tent was being taken down, because that night was the last night. He sits there, and he says to Jesus, “If I’m asked to leave my city and join this team, I’m going to do it,” and so Frank Saldana walks up to him and says, “Son, would you like to come with us and be trained as a Christian worker?” and then, four months later, we happened to be there, my wife and I, and Joe comes running up, gives us the biggest hug. He said, “I’m going with Jesus all the way,” and you know what? We’re going to get a million more. We’re going to get a million more.

SID: You know what? I agree, and I know. I more than agree. I know you’re going to do that. Tell me about what is our purpose and what is our assignment?

MARIO: If you look at Joe, what was he? He was a junkie on his way to work. Now, today, it’s a universe of difference. If I could just look at the camera for a moment and tell you, “That’s the way it is for you.” You have no idea who you really are, and God wants to give you a purpose, and one of the ways that I found out… I began to write and give people insights. It took me 50 years to get to about how we are living in an hour when God is creating a new breed of Christian. He’s not changing Christianity. What he’s changing is our perception that we go to church and listen to someone else be used of God. We are now a signs and wonders army, and there is healing in our hand. That’s right.

SID: There’s a scripture for our purpose. What is that scripture?

MARIO: Oh, my goodness, it’s 1 John 3:8, where it says, “For this purpose was the Son of God revealed that he might destroy the works of the devil.” You see, I believe the church today has lost its excitement. Where it has lost it is because it is giving the people inferior reasons to serve God.

Serve God so that you can be happy. I mean, give me a massive break. Serve God so that you can know who you are. Really, I’ve tried to figure out who Mario is, and I’m not impressed with that. That can be a real cul de sac, but when it comes to thinking that I can lay hands on the sick, that I can take a suicidal teenager and deliver them, that is it, and what am I? I’m an extension of Christ’s purpose. First and foremost, I’m on the earth to destroy the works of the devil, and that’s what you are. You are a destroyer of the works of the devil.

SID: When I heard about one of the greatest miracles that you’ve ever witnessed and that, when you share this story, major miracles erupt, I said to you, “You must tell the full story to our audience on the extended version of this show to watch this amazing, I mean, extraordinary release of miracles.” Now, go to

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