Sid Roth says, let me just mention something before I pray for you. This new mentoring kit is a baby. It’s new. Yet it’s already growing. I have ideas for it next year that we’ve going to add to the kit. –I’ll tell just tell you one of the thoughts I had, it was actually yesterday. Anyone of you get “tweets?” Raise your hands if you get tweets. Or do the rest of you have to learn how to do that? (audience laughs) Here’s the thought that I had–if you have a computer, get one of your grandchildren and they’ll show you how to tweet– (audience laughs) I’m going to give you one scripture, not every day, one scripture every week. And I want you to think about that all week, my whole staff is going to have that same scripture, I want you to say it out loud. I want you to meditate on it, I want you to chew on it. Do you realize that one word from God can change your destiny? One word from God! That’s all it takes.

What if you had one scripture every week knowing our staff is doing the same thing you’re doing. And meditating on that ‘til it becomes part of you. ‘til the word becomes flesh. Maybe we’ll put it on the web page if you don’t want to tweet (laughs). If you can find a web page… But I want you to do it with us. According to Sid Roth, He really have such a passion to mentor you to stop being a couch potato, to mentor you to stop being a spectator, to mentor you to do the works of Jesus! That’s what He wants right now more than anything

Our Guest Kevin Zadai

SID: Well, you, during the break for “Something More,” Kevin told me that he is having trouble sitting in the chair because there’s so much heat on him. Explain what you said.

KEVIN: Well one of the things that that people don’t understand is the Holy Spirit can move on a person very strongly, but there is a ministry of Angels as well. And we were talking in the last segment about the Angels. And sometimes Angels are sent for a specific purpose that a person is supposed to do, so they’re actually there to help you Sid Roth, like the Secret Service would be. So you’ve got an agent that will come; he expedites, so I actually call him “Expediter” sometimes. They are enabling they’re expediting and so for my Angel to come, and burn like that, it means that there’s a fiery message that he wants to speak; he wants me to speak. See, he can’t speak it for me, but he can influence me; and by the Spirit of God, that I’m freed up by him standing with me. Now a lot of people, they talk about demonic influence, and they say, “I feel the devil”, and then and they talk about that.

KEVIN: I was always bothered by that because there is not as many, demons as there are Angels, and I was wondering why people were always focused on the f- the fact that they felt demonic presence all the time. But you know Sid Roth, I never had anybody tell me that they felt an angel around them,

SID: I’ll tell you what, I want you to speak, face-to-face with the people, what you’re being told to say, right now.

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