Our Guest Ben & Jodie Hughes

SID: I have been caught in the rain. I don’t know about you. But this is ridiculous. You’re inside an enclosed mall and it starts raining on you. Explain.

BEN: Yes. I was walking through the mall in Brisbane, Australia one day and I started feeling this dripping, of all places, on my inside, right ankle. Just hitting my ankle. And I thought, what on earth is going on? I knew my bladder was intact, everything was okay. And I’m like, God, if this is you, would you do it somewhere else? As soon as I said that, it started dropping on my head and on my hand.

SID: Okay. I have felt rain, but I have never been soaked and it’s never made me wet. But it feels exactly like rain.

BEN: Well, simply it begins to physically rain inside our car, and both Jodie and I have physical water beginning to fall on us. So we’d been experiencing that a lot where there was no water and we’d feel this rain continuing to fall. But then we were driving out of this parking lot and the rain started to physically fall on us inside our car.

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