ADAM: You should ask the Holy Spirit. Say, “Holy Spirit, give me insight and show me what are you expressing here; what are you trying to tell me?” And it’s best to look at the whole overview dream first. And as I dream, saying earlier in the day; context is the actual key. So you look at the whole context and the book you were talking earlier about, “The Divinity Code” doesn’t interpret your dreams; it’s the Holy Spirit can express it. So, you always ask the Holy Spirit, and also it’s good to share it with other people too, your dreams. People who are mentoring you, and ask what they think as well. They might confirm what the Holy Spirit is saying. So, it’s sort of like, interpreting a dream, is sort of like how you see these little children’s books, where it’s called ‘join the dots’.

SID: Connect the dots.

ADAM: Well, you actually have all the metaphors come together, and when you ask the Holy Spirit to bring all the metaphors together, you start to see the picture come into play.

SID: That has to be a very exciting, rewarding moment!

ADAM: It is.

SID: When that happens.

ADAM: And you start to get the revelation. You go, “Wow. God is speaking to me!” Whether it’s a warning, or whether it’s the promises of heaven to be revealed to you, or whether it’s deliverance for your family or healing for your family. And it’s not just about the dream, we can activate it and see it manifested on earth, and that’s what we see. We see the actual dream become substance, through healings, miracles. Of course, we’ve seen so many amazing things happen, with dreams, and visions.

SID: Give me just one that comes to mind and what happened? Whet my appetite so that I’ll really be happy about writing down these parables and codes. [laughs]

ADAM: I think, well, there’s many of them. But one that comes to my mind is the one with the lady in Canberra with the child. Do you want to share that?

ADRIAN: Now this is not a dream that we had, but somebody bought the book, and 6 months to a year later, [music] they are on the bed. They woke up, and there was a Gynecologist on the end of the bed from when they had children. And the gynecologist said to her, “What does this person mean to you?” And the person that had the dream happened to be a care worker, and that person’s name was one of her old clients, and it meant that she had to drive to the other Side of the city to go and visit that client. Now, the name of the client; look the name of the client and then the name of the suburb that that person lived in was the daughter’s surname.

SID: Mm.

ADRIAN: So she put two and two together, and she said, Gynecologist and my daughter. My daughter’s pregnant, and she asked her whether she was pregnant or not. And her daughter denied it, so she tried the next trick and that was to, ring up her son-in-law. And she said, “Congratulations, I understand that so-and-so is—

SID: Now, that woman’s got chutzpah! That’s a Hebrew word that means nerve, boldness! [laughs]

ADRIAN: [laughs]

ADAM: [laughs]

ADRIAN: She did, and he denied it. But that night, her daughter rang up crying saying, “You and God have undone me. I’m booked for an abortion tomorrow, and you’ve undone my plans!”

SID: Wow—

ADRIAN: Wow, isn’t that incredible?

SID: That is wonderful.

ADAM: We have so many testimonies like that. We wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t testimonies.

SID: You know, again I see—[music ends] how necessary it is. What do you do to someone who says, “I never dream.”

ADRIAN: Well, probably smack them around a bit. [laughs]

ADAM: [laughs]

SID: [laughs] No, no, no. No, we don’t do that! You’ll know my disciples by their love. [laughs]

ADAM: He’s only kidding—[laughs]

ADRIAN: Some people do that, and I ask them, “Have you ever prayed the prayer, and said, stop this”? You know, “I don’t like what I’m receiving in the night.” Because sometimes it’s what they’ve actually confessed with their mouth.

SID: So, it’s almost a curse, because if you’re blocking God’s speaking to you, to me, that’s a cure.

ADRIAN: Yes, it is. And when you realize that God wants to speak to you every day in a poetic language. This is one of the reasons why it is parabolic, why it does come in metaphor because if you know the Scriptures, a third of the Scriptures is poetry. So in our modern bibles, everywhere you see that ragged edge. So we know Job to Song of Songs is poetry, but did you know that prophets are poetry too? Because all that raged edge says it’s not in prose, it’s actually in poetry.


ADRIAN: And so if a third of the Bible is poetry, and it’s the language of love as we would recognize in the secular world, if you’re speaking to your loved one, you might us a bit of poetry because it envisages, it brings a picture to mind. And so wouldn’t God, and the kingdom of love speak to us with images from that love?

SID: Mm-hmm.

ADRIAN: And so that’s another reason why he uses poetry.

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