SID: Okay, Stephanie, you said there is great importance on what the world calls pizza dreams or crazy dreams. Tell me why.

STEPHANIE:  Well, many times people will write off their dreams immediately ’cause they’ll say, “Well, that was just too crazy. It couldn’t mean anything and God’s not talking to me. God wouldn’t say that to me.” But many times I believe that He allows a dream to attach to an emotion that we have, and an emotion can be fear, even. There’s a Scripture in Job that talks about, “I will wake you in the night with terrors of the night,” but the Lord will allow us to experience an emotion when we have a dream that will help us to remember a dream. There’s many times I would not remember my dream if it wasn’t attached to something, either a startling thing happening or fear or even weeping or even laughter. I’ve had several dreams that make me laugh and that the Lord allows that so we’ll remember.

SID: You had a dream about some cows.


SID: Tell me about that.

STEPHANIE:  Okay. I had this dream one night that I was going very quickly down a river. It was a fast-moving stream. It had banks on either side. It was going way fast. I was swimming as fast as I could with the current. I was going downhill with this. I kept thinking, “I’m swimming away from something.” As I’m doing this, I get to a place where I can turn around and look and I realize there’s a cow behind me.” I thought, “Oh my goodness”-

SID: That’s the crazy dream.

STEPHANIE:  That’s a crazy dream. Well, this alerts everything in my brain to think, “I need to get away from this cow.” I’m going faster and faster, but then I turn around again and I look and he’s laughing. He was about a one-year-old calf laughing. I’m going as fast as I can and I’m thinking, “He’s laughing,” but then all of a sudden, laughter overtakes me because I’m thinking, “This is the funniest situation I’ve ever been in in my life.” I’m still trying to get away from him because I’m thinking he’ll crush me. I get to a place where it’s a little bit still in the stream and I jump out on the bank. I get out on the bank and then I go up the bank a little bit and then I jump over a fence and I turn around thinking, “Okay, now I’m safe.” But no, the cow not only had gotten out of the water the same place, here he comes and he jumps over the fence behind me, and he’s still laughing.

SID: This is getting crazier and crazier.

STEPHANIE:  But immediately in my spirit, I heard “cash cow.” I woke up to that thinking, “Oh my goodness, I have a cash cow,” which to me represented- I didn’t use that in my vernacular. I knew it came from God because I don’t say “cash cow.” I didn’t use that terminology at that time. But what that did in my life is it made me so confident about the provision of Heaven. We as the church need to get to be the very best at understanding our dreams and visions, things in the night hour, because the Lord said, “I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your young men will dream dreams. Your old men”– He reverses that at another time. We will have visions. If that’s going to be happening, I want to be the very best. I don’t want anybody on my watch going to a psychic or somebody else to get their dream interpreted. I want to be the church that says, “I know what your dream means.”

SID: Why would you want that cheap counterfeit when you could go to God Himself and get your dream?


SID: You talk about writing down dreams.


SID: Why is that so important?

STEPHANIE:  Well, the details of a dream will just fly out of your memory. It’s quite shocking. It’s almost like manna from Heaven. Remember how manna from Heaven just disappeared? It’s almost the same with a dream. It just disappears. God has been so merciful to me because one time I did have a dream that I knew was from the Lord and I got up and got into the emergency of my day and forgot the dream completely. That day I repented before the Lord. I said, “Lord, please forgive me. I did not write down that dream and I know you had a message.” You know what? I dreamed the exact same dream again that night. It was so merciful of the Lord. I felt so good.

STEPHANIE:  One other thing that I am really working on getting better at right now, too, ’cause I only sleep four or five hours a night anyway, is when I wake up with a dream I will just rehearse that dream over and over. Sometimes I can really retain that dream. I’m just working to get better at it. We’re practicing. We’re all practicing. That’s what we as the church need to know, that we can practice these things and learn to get better and help each other get better at this.

SID: Now, what about someone that says, “I never dream” or “I never remember my dreams?” You’re going to be shocked when she says, “Have I got a word for you from God.” We’ll be right back.

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