BILL: All right. And what did He do for you?

WOMAN #7: It’s not for me. I was the one that asked if I could     in the session. I have a very good friend who has very bad bladder cancer and she spent a month at Mass General and she’s home now for a couple of weeks and then she’s goes back for another month of treatment. And I prayed, you know I stood in the session for her, and the two sweet young boys right over there, 14, prayed, and also Barbara next to me. I felt a heat just pouring in my body. So I feel that’s for her.

BILL: All right. All right! All right.

WOMAN #7: I praise God for it.

BILL: Amen to that! Amen.


BILL: One more. What did Jesus do?

MAN #2:  20% loss of hearing in my right ear and it’s open now! Plus my back and all my neck and all down here. God’s just done a good job!

BILL: Yeah! Thank You, Jesus! That’s wonderful! Just give thanks to the Lord. Come on! Thank You, Lord!


SID:  A wise man once said people look for the spectacular and miss the supernatural. Let me repeat that. People look for the spectacular and miss the supernatural! This is what I know. I know that a seed, a good seed was just planted in everyone at home and everyone here!


SID:  And I know that if the miracle did not manifest as long as you do not dig out that seed, do not say I didn’t feel what some of those other people felt, that seed will grow! And if you keep watering it with the Word of God, every time you take communion, you should do it at least, I don’t know, how often do you take your medicine? Three times a day? Do communion three times a day! And by the way there’s a particular prescription in the Bible that we don’t even need Medicare for. It says “a merry heart is good medicine!”

AUDIENCE: That’s right! Amen! It is!

SID:  So laugh every day!

AUDIENCE: Yes! [laughing]

SID:  Laugh! And if you want to find out who to laugh at it’s the devil! Laugh at the devil every day!


SID:  We’re coming into such a time of a manifestation of miracles that I know people will be coming in this studio, whether they’re in wheelchairs, whether there’s a missing limb, I mean this is all going to  be normal very, very soon! So why not contend for normal right now?

AUDIENCE: That’s right! Yes!

SID:  Right now!


SID:  In Yeshua’s name! Amen!


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