BECKY: You can believe in Jesus as your savior without believing in him as your healer. You need to learn how to believe him as your source for your healing. Just like you believed in him for your redemption, for your salvation. So that you could have eternal life. And some people out there, and I know you’ve heard this. Well, let’s talk about it. Some people, many Christians, I’ll say many Christians believe that healing is not for today. We’ll be healed when we’re in heaven. And I say, “no, you’re wrong. There is no sickness and disease in heaven to be healed from. The enemy is not allowed there. We’ve got to get our thinking straight. We’ve got to get back to the Bible; believe in the basic simple gospel. That Jesus is for us, he’s not against us, and he gave everything he had, so that we could be healed and made whole, in Spirit, soul, and in body. Amen? You say, well, “sister so-in-so, or brother so-in-so, or a good friend, or whatever, whoever. I know they were believing, and they were standing on the Word. Let me teach you some things. You know for one, we’ve all lost someone. Right? You know, we can’t undo the past, but we can start moving forward in the revelation knowledge of the truth about healing. He wants that. He desires that. You say, “Well, why did they die?” There are a couple main reasons why people die in these situations. One, they’re not taught about healing. They don’t have the true revelation about healing. To other areas that really stand in the way of some on being healed, is the power of the spoken Word. I teach people this way. If you say that you’re just a poor man, and you continue to say, “I’m just a poor man.” Do you know what you’re going to be? A poor man. The Bible teaches us; Proverbs 18:21. There’s the power of life and death in your tongue. Whatever you say is eventually going to produce. And what your living in today, is because of Words spoken. And you say, “Well, I’m only joking.” Well learn to joke in a way that doesn’t curse yourself. Whatever, your speaking is producing. The Lord really deals with me on this one. It’s what I do, right? It’s my calling. And I get into all these situations with people. And it’s like, they say, “Well, we’re believing, we’re believing. Okay, are you taking the steps? Because not only do your Words have to be right, filled with life, and healing, and strength. All of those things on a constant basis, I know what I am talking about. Our young son, he’s now 14. He’s our adopted son, and we received him when he was 1 day old. When he was 1 month old, he died from sudden infant death syndrome. I know what I’m talking about. I put this into practice. We raised him from the dead because his heart and his lungs were pumping dry, and they built up so much pressure on the inside of him. They didn’t just stop, they exploded; and exploded into little pieces and they came up out, out of his nose with his blood. And he had been pronounced dead. We also had to believe that for a recreated heart. Because his heart, there’s no way he could survive, even though we raised him back from the dead. This all happened in a hospital. This is true. And I wasn’t even there when I raised him from the dead. I was praying in my room, in the Spirit; in the Holy Spirit. And God said, “Now!”

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BECKY: And I didn’t know that he had been pronounced dead even. He spoke to me in an audible voice, and He said, “Now, Becky! Now you come against the Spirit of death over Marcos now!” I didn’t question it, I just immediately heard myself say because I had been praying in the Spirit. And I said, “I renounce this Spirit of death.” See, I’m teaching you that again. I renounced the Spirit of death. I release the Spirit of life into Marcos now.” And then God spoke to me audibly, and He said, “Now, Becky.” Do you hear how He kept saying, “Now, now, now?” He said, “Now Becky, speak to Marcos’ spirit  directly.” Now no one had ever taught me that. It was something I learned when He was teaching me about how to walk in healing. And so I heard myself, I didn’t question it. And I never practiced it before. It was just like it came out of my mouth because I was praying in the power of the Holy Spirit. And I said, “Marcos.” Now, he’s dead. Nobody’s working on him anymore. It’s the most, impossible situation. It would be one thing to revive him, but his heart and his lungs had been exploded, and they’re coming up out of him.

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