DONNA: What does that mean? That He wants to change their situation!


DONNA: He came to heal the brokenhearted;

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: He came to set the captives free.


DONNA: Not just be concerned about them, but CLAPS HANDS do something about their situation. And in order to do that, He had to have that mantle that anointing.

LARRY: Yeah; yeah.

DONNA: and that’s what we covet.

LARRY: That’s awesome. Well in the next  segment, we’re actually going to talk about the difference between spiritual authority, and anointing, and how you can actually cultivate a lifestyle of the anointing being SATURATED in the presence of God and then ACTIVATING the AUTHORITY that Jesus has already given you. I am just so excited, because again what Donna is sharing, these are things that she gleaned from her dad, R.W. Schambach. And she was mentioning T.L. T.L. Osborn; I start thinking.[PHOTO BEGINS] of people like Kathryn Kuhlman, and that great ERA of healing evangelists. And you know what? The wonderful thing is. [PHOTO ENDS] that they were wonderful people, and we look up to them; but I believe so much of their lives, and so much of what they learned, is transferrable to you, and to me. And they actually set an example for us of how for us o-our lives today, to be SATURATED in the presence of God, and operate in that same spiritual authority that Jesus has given us. So d- w-we’ll see you when we get back, and we will learn about how to actually start FLOWING in these things, in the anointing and authority.



LARRY: Welcome back to Something More. CLAPS I am here with Donna Schambach, who is the daughter of evangelist R.W. Schambach. We were just talking about cultivating a lifestyle and an atmosphere of the anointing, and here’s the interesting thing: The reality is, as you walk through life whether you’re going into work every day or going to the gym, I believe the Lord wants to use you to shift the atmosphere where you go, because the superior presence of God lives inside of you. Just think about that for a moment. Yeah. yeah, there’s a lot of spiritual static around you; yes, there are principalities and powers, and demons and forces and all those things; but the reality is, Greater is He who is living inside of you than he who is in this world. And in order for you to cultivate a lifestyle where you actually see the atmosphere change around you, you need to know how in your OWN life to cultivate a lifestyle, being soaked and saturated in the anointing. So Donna, just from what you have learned from your father, I mean because you were you really called yourself an apprentice.

DONNA: Absolutely.

LARRY: or student of the anointing. More than even just being a student of your father, you’re seeing the anointing of God rest upon him with power. What were some of the things that he did in his life to create that environment around him, and how are these transferrable to just everyday people like us?

DONNA: Well, I would say number one, he was a man of the Word.

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: You know every time he opened his mouth, it was The Bible says, so that Word became the authority that he knew. You know, Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world; how many times did he say that.

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: He talked about the violent taking things by force, laying hold of the Kingdom of God.

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: and so his confession was very strong. But unless we have the Word on the inside of us, unless we’re spending time in the Word, we’re not going to know it; it’s not going to speak to our need, and the Holy Spirit doesn’t really have anything to work with.


DONNA: We’ve got to have that grounding in the Word.

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: The other thing, though, that I’ve observed in him, that I see rare in in preachers, to be honest with you and that I covet in my own life he had what I call the emotion of the Holy Spirit.


DONNA: and that’s compassion.

LARRY: Yeah.

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